Kim Kardashian’s Disrespectful Virgin Mary Kimoji Creates Outrage

Kim Kardashian's Disrespectful Virgin Mary Kimoji Creates Outrage

Kim Kardashian has managed to once again anger her followers with a Virgin Mary Kimoji. The reality television star debuted a new candle depicting her as the Virgin Mary. A lot of people are outraged over the candle and have taken to social media to blast Kim.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star debuted a Kim Candle with her dressed as the Virgin Mary. They say it’s both disrespectful and tasteless. They are also criticizing it as sacrilegious.

A lot of critics are also blasting Kim for cultural appropriation implications, as the candle closely resembles the veladoras that are used in Latin culture. A lot of social media users also pointed out that for Catholics the Virgin Mary is Sacred and that many use the candles for both prayer and healing reasons.

Kim Kardashian's Disrespectful Virgin Mary Kimoji Creates Outrage

Clearly, Kim Kardashian isn’t having a very good week. To make things worse, Kim was also slammed earlier this week for telling her Twitter followers that having the flu is the best way to drop a few pounds. Twitter criticized her for glamorizing her sickness when she wrote that she was so happy the flu came in time for the Met. Kim didn’t respond to her critics after they slammed her for her tweet.

For the most part, Kim has been very quiet these last few months following her Paris robbery, in which she was bound, gagged and held at gunpoint inside her apartment back in September. She only recently started posting family photos on her social media accounts again.

But at the same time, Kim hasn’t been herself. She hasn’t done any interviews and has said very little during her red carpet appearances. Her robbery has changed who she is, both personally and publicly.

Kim is doing what she does best and that’s keeping her name in the headlines. As she’s often proven in the past, her controversies help keep her in the spotlight and ultimately, money in her pocket. Slowly but surely it does seem like the old Kim Kardashian is coming back.

Kim Kardashian's Disrespectful Virgin Mary Kimoji Creates Outrage

The candle is on sale for $18 and is expected to ship one week after purchase. So far Kim Kardashian herself has not made any comments about the controversy, although it’s doubtful that she will at this point. Also, check back with CDL for all the latest news and updates on Kim Kardashian right here.

Image Credit: Twitter