Knightfall Recap 12/27/17: Season 1 Episode 4 “He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God”

Knightfall Recap 12/27/17: Season 1 Episode 4 "He Who Discovers His Own Self, Discovers God"

Tonight on HISTORY their new drama series Knightfall premieres with an all-new Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 episode and we have your Knightfall recap below.  On tonight’s season 1 episode 4 called,  “A pagan helps Landry search his past; Gawain conducts a murder investigation; Princess Isabella is betrayed.

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Knightfall begins tonight with Landry (Tom Cullen) approaching the Sacaren’s body, lying on the table, who had been murdered earlier in the temple. He recognizes the symbol on his wrist. Later, he leads the meeting of the knights, informing them an inquiry will be made into the Saracen’s murder by Brother Gawain (Padraic Delaney), the killer will be found and God’s judgment will come down upon him.

Tancrede (Simon Merrells) talks to Landry about the mark on the Saracen’s body, saying that they should never mark their body and Father Draper (Nasser Memarzia) has never seen it before; but he saw it before as a boy, only he was too young to remember where. Tancrede suggests they go to the University to see if they know, but Landry says he is going alone to see Jonas, as this is outside Christian knowledge. Tancrede disagrees as Jonas is a Pagan and walks in darkness.

Queen Joan (Olivia Ross) tells Sophie (Amelia Clarkson) that she was fortunate to only have minor discomfort from the medicine, and they should brace themselves for her cousin’s arrival. Outside is a huge production when they announce Eleanor, Queen of Catalonia. She is quick to meet her future daughter, Isabella (Sabrina Bartlett), saying she hopes she is as fertile as her mother and follows her inside the castle.

William De Nogaret (Julia Overden) wonders if Rodrigo of Catalonia (Enrique Arce) regrets that Prince Lluis (Marcos Franz) over ruled his decisions. De Nogaret suggests he should inform the Queen about something he knows about the Prince and Princess.

Gawain begins to interview the knights, who says he saw an initiate outside Draper’s room. Parsifal (Bobby Schofield) says he was cleaning the stables but Pierre (Joey Batey) was late returning. When Pierre was confronted, he says he went into the pantry and stole some bread and grapes; Tancrede excuses him and Gawain accuses him of getting soft, but he says that Landry wants him to support the inquiry. The thief meets up with the man who wants Parsifal, but when she objects to having him taken away, she is ordered to do what she is told.

Landry comes to see Jonas, carves the symbol in the dirt asking him if he recognizes the mark but he denies seeing it. Landry says he saw it as a child but doesn’t remember where. He recalls what he can from his past but Jonas assures him he can remember, or he wouldn’t turn to him and his terrifying “gods.” He promises Landry that no harm will come to him, tells him to lay down and to breath deeply, he drops a tonic into his mouth and instantly brings him to his past.

Landry recalls when he was left by his mother and Mother Superior (Isabelle Amyes) took him in. he jumps up saying he doesn’t want to remember but Jonas orders him to let go and remember. He remembers Godfrey (Sam Hazeldine) going to Jerusalem, and Landry being known as the biggest troublemaker there and telling him to remain a child a little while longer. A knock on the door by a man named Malraux (Jack Sandle) disrupts the night, he is looking for Godfrey. Mother Superior reveals where Godfrey went as Landry escapes.

Parsifal goes to the stalls, where he is met by the girl he caught stealing before. He wants his necklace back, telling her it is worth more to him than her life. She says it is outside of the city with her friend and he would have to come with her to get it. He goes with her, through the forest; she apologizes when she learns that the necklace was from his betrothed that was killed by a man named Roland (Cengiz Dervis).

Lluis and Isabella are approached by Queen Eleanor who says they are leaving, calling Isabella a “Strumpet!” They demand to know what is wrong.

Inside the castle, King Philip (Ed Stoppard) is furious, saying someone will hang for implying his daughter’s virtue was in question. De Nogaret says it is for the best as Isabella insists they are lies; he kisses her forehead and leaves as Queen Joan learns the truth. Isabella says she doesn’t care that it was once or if she is pregnant and would love to bear a child that was born of their love; Joan breaks down when she hears that. Isabella apologizes, saying Joan never had the chance for that; but she assures her that isn’t true. Joan promises her they will find a way to make this marriage to work if this is what she wants.

Philip meets with Eleanor, who says a deflowered princess is worthless to anyone else; but there is one solution. When Philip refuses to be extorted he insists that Isabella will pass any purity test, against his wife’s protests. De Nogaret is furious with Rodrigo as he does not want the princess to have to spread her legs to the public.

Pierre is being whipped outside, as Gawain demands for him to confess to killing the Saracen. Tancrede tells him to stop this but Gawain refuses to stop until he confesses, and he does. Gawain says Pierre will hang at dawn. Meanwhile, Landry, as a young boy, travels through the dark forest and finds Godfrey, who admits he stole something from the man looking for him and orders him to never mention the box again. Godfrey tells Landry inside of every man is two wolves: a black and white wolf. The white wolf thrives on love and faith and the black wolf on fear and hate; you have to know which wolf to feed and when.

The next morning, Godfrey and Landry awaken to Malraux cooking Mother Superior’s arm on the fire pit. He tells Godfrey to hand over the Grail. Landry tells him the Grail is in the tree, and as Malraux stabs Godfrey, Landry takes off with the box and the Grail.

Parsifal suddenly sees Roland and learns that he paid the girl to bring her there. She says if she were Marie she wouldn’t want him to throw his life away and gives him back the necklace, telling him they need to go before Roland sees them.

Tancrede gives Pierre some water, saying he is not going to die, as he knows he didn’t kill the Saracen but he did see who left the room and wants to know who he saw leave the room. Tancrede and Gawain meet in the chapel, revealing that Tancrede stands charged with murder and will stay under lock and key until Landry returns.

Landry continues to remember running from Malraux, who shouts that no one will save him out there. He finally finds him, saying it will hurt and prays asking for forgiveness for the sin he is about to commit. Godfrey uses his crossbow and is able to save Landry, who gives the box and Grail back to Godfrey. Malraux yells that Godfrey didn’t come for him but came only came for the Grail. Godfrey opens the box and dumps it revealing only sand inside, calling Landry his Squire.

Isabella sits at the table, remembering her night with Lluis as her mother tells her to have courage as she is the princess of France and no one can take that from her.

Godfrey and a young Landry travel through the desert, where he is told to be quiet and wait as men appear out of the sand and approach them. Landry says, “He who discovers his own self, discovers God!” It means he has met the brotherhood of light.

Isabella is subjected to the test of purity, as both Queen Joan and Queen Eleanor sit and learn that her virtue is still intact; the talks of marriage are back on the table. Joan also tells Eleanor that she can never malign her daughter, Isabella again. Queen Joan gives the lands to the midwife as promised; who then informs her to take care of herself as she is with child.

Queen Joan learns that Sophie switched the medicine, saying she didn’t want her to regret her decision. She tells Sophie to not get another bottle, as she didn’t almost lose one child today to only lose another, that there has to be a way to resolve this.

The girl thief returns to the homeless people and finds many people beaten, saying she didn’t do as she was told and deliver the boy to Roland and promise that he isn’t done with her yet.

Queen Joan comes to King Philip’s chambers that night, quickly derobes herself and joins him in bed. Landry sits by the fire with Jonas who says he wasn’t sure the Brotherhood of Light really existed but their credo kept repeating. They would call on one another by leaving out a simple orange; Landry reveals that Godfrey was called out that way and needs to know what they would have to do with Godfrey.

Landrey places an orange outside and awaits. Princess Isabella comes to see De Nogaret, crying that Lluis would betray her like that, and she was humiliated today in front of everyone. She doesn’t want to marry him, begging him to put a stop to the marriage. She leans into him, calling him “Uncle”, and that there are several things he could do. They are interrupted by an urgent message; he comes out to see a decapitated horse at the front of the castle. It is Isabella’s beloved Sebastian!


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