Love & Hip Hop Recap ‘Firing Squad’: Season 7 Episode 8

Love & Hip Hop Recap 'Firing Squad': Season 7 Episode 8

Tonight on VH1’s hit series Love & Hip Hop airs with an all-new Monday, January 2, 2017, season 7 episode 8 and we have your Love & Hip Hop recap below for you.  On tonight’s Love & Hip Hop season 7 episode 8 as per the VH1 synopsis, “Yandy Smith-Harris’s secret has ripple effects; Remy makes a bold business decision to spend more time with “Papoose; and MariahLynn juggles her personal and professional drama. Later, Peter Gunz tries to restore order to the Creep Squad.”

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On this week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop New York Yandy finally, admits that she is not legally married to Mendecees. She says “I never sent off the paperwork. We signed it but I never sent it off. The person that married us is my best friend and she doesn’t even know that I haven’t sent it off yet.” Yandy says “I’ll be damned if I allow these baby mamma’s to come after my money because of some legal piece of paper.” Her friends are still shocked to hear this. Yandy says “Thank God for friends and spiced lemonade.”

Mariah goes to talk to Cardi about the situation with Bianca. Cardi tells her “To be honest Mariah you look like the shady one here.” Mariah does not necessarily agree with this. Cardi says “Can’t you and Bianca go back to being cool so we can all hang out again?” Mariah says “Right now I just can’t. I have too much on my plate.” She confides in Cardi about the fact that she has her sister and her nephew living with her. Mariah says “She is so ungrateful. She acts like I owe her something. I have to remind her that I don’t owe her anything.” Cardi agrees with her. On top of everything else Mariah worries about her mother returning to her former lifestyle.

Peter sits down with Rich and Self. Self tells Peter about Cisco’s attempt to sign Mariah behind his back. He goes on to tell Peter “I took it upon myself to kick Cisco out of the Creep Squad.” Peter says “Before you kick a man out of the group you owe him a sit down. I’m not necessarily disagreeing with your actions, because he blocked me from an event in New Orleans and that is taking food out of my kid’s mouths and messing with my money, but we should at least sit down and talk about this.” Rich and Self can’t believe what they are hearing from Peter.

Remy meets up with her friend JuJu. Remy tells her “Pap wants to manage me, ny son and daughter because now they want to do music. I want to bring in someone to help so I can have my husband back.”

Yandy is watching a piece that Mendeces recorded for Vibe magazine when he calls her. He tells her “I spoke to Erika and she told me that she had to call the cops. She also told me that you called my son a break baby.” Yandy gets upset and says “Have I ever called her a break baby to you or the world?” Mendecees says “We know that, but we need to let the world know that.” Yandy then drops the bombshell that she never sent the marriage certificate off. Mendecees says “Why did you never send the paperwork off?” Yandy tells him “You know it was a money issue.” Mendeces says “The case is closed and I am not paying the government anymore money so why not send the paperwork off?” Yandy says “As long as there is a commitment between me, you and God in front of our friends and family a piece of paper does not matter because I can rip it.” Mendecees gets really angry and hangs up on her.

Snoop is working with her first artist on Gorgeous Gangsta. His name is Ike. J stops by while she is working. J is left speechless when she is sitting in front of her. Snoop asks her “What’s going on?” J tells her “I just don’t know. I want us to be ok.” Snoop tells her “I do still love you.” J asks her “Will you pray with me?” Snoop tells her “Yes.” The two women pray together. J then proceeded to speak from the heart. She tells her “I see you doing Gorgeous Gangsta and I want to help you out.” Snoop says “All right. Let’s keep this professional.”

Mariah and her sister Victoria are still at odds over the responsibilities that Victoria is not taking with her nephew. Mariah tells her “Mommy tells me that when you and I fight it makes her want to get high because she knows what I went through to get where I am.” Victoria tells her “Just guide me. Be my sister and not my mom.” Mariah tells her “I can’t imagine not waking up to you guys’ face every day.” Victoria responds “I can’t imagine not waking up to yours either, even though it’s not the prettiest.” Mariah laughs and says “Yours isn’t the prettiest either.” The two women laugh.

Remy and Papoose are enjoying a day off in the park. They are having a picnic in the park. Papoose is suspicious. Remy tells him “I feel like you do a really good job as my manager, but I feel like we would have more time to be like this if we brought someone else in.” Pap is not happy to hear this. He asks her “So you’re firing me?” Remy tells him “I’m not firing you. I just want to bring in more help.” Remy also tells him “I have brought in someone to help.” Papoose is stunned to hear this as well. Remy says “This is going to be on a trial basis.”

Samantha and Erika are working on their clothing line when Erika’s lawyer shows up. Erika asks her “Is there anything I can do to protect myself?” The lawyer tells her “No one can change the locks on the apartment and lock you out.” Erika then asks her “What can I do if she escalates? She uses the excuse that she’s the wife to get away with these things.” The lawyer drops a bombshell on the two women. She tells them “From what I understand Yandy and Mendecees may not be married. I can’t find a marriage certificate on file.” Erika and Samantha are stunned to hear this and when the lawyer leaves they gloat over this news. Samantha says “She’s not the wife. She is just baby momma number three.” Erika wants to go put Yandy on blast.J is getting ready to introduce Snoop to a new artist who wants to sign with Gorgeous Gangsta. Snoop is shocked to see Sofi Green. J says “Based on Snoop’s reaction I would consider my master plan a success.” Snoop and Sofi sit down to discuss business.

J is getting ready to introduce Snoop to a new artist who wants to sign with Gorgeous Gangsta. Snoop is shocked to see Sofi Green. J says “Based on Snoop’s reaction I would consider my master plan a success.” Snoop and Sofi sit down to discuss business.

The meeting with the Creep Squad is going down. Self says, “I want Cisco gone. He crossed the line with my business.” Cisco walks in and he is instantly on high alert. Peter says “I have my stones and rather than throw them at someone else I’d rather sit down and talk about it.” Immediately Cisco goes in for Self calling him out about the mess with Mariah. Before the argument can progress to far Peter steps in and says “Let’s talk about New Orleans.” Cisco admits to calling the promoter and tells Peter “I did it because you went into business with Rich.” Peter is angry and says “You took money out of my pocket because I went into the restaurant business with Rich instead of you? That is so wrong. Every dime I get is for my family.” Peter says “This is how this ends. I need an apology and I need my money back.” Cisco says “I’ll tell you what an apology is never gonna happen, but I have five in my pocket so why don’t you come get it?” Peter comes across the table and tries to attack Cisco. The two men have to be pulled apart by security.