Lucifer Recap 5/15/17: Season 2 Episode 16 “God Johnson”

Lucifer Recap 5/15/17: Season 2 Episode 16 "God Johnson"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, May 8, season 2 episode 16 called, “God Johnson,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The prime suspect in a grisly murder at an insane asylum calls himself God, and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) begins to realize that the man may just be his father, leaving Lucifer struggling with his feelings towards him and on a mission to find the truth, all while seeking to discover the real killer.”

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Lucifer begins tonight with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) being taken down a dark corridor on a hospital stretcher while he says he is not the devil but just a man who is delusional and he made it all up. Suddenly we jump to 36-hours earlier, when he is sitting in Linda Martin’s (Rachel Harris) office saying he is doing great but she feels things he said in their previous session raising some issues for her.

Lucifer quickly reassures her he can’t use the flaming sword to cut through heaven’s gates and she is relieved because a fight to the death, between God and his ex couldn’t be a good thing for humanity.

He admits he hasn’t shared things with his best friend and sex thug, Mazikeen “Maze” (Lesley-Ann Brandt) because she would try to intervene and do what she feels is best for him, even though it always ends in disaster. He is thrilled that Maze is pretty much inseparable from her new bestie, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German).

Chloe sneaks down the stairs into her kitchen but is unable to hide from Maze. Maze made severely burnt toast for her for breakfast but admits she should stick to managing the social aspect of their friendship and asks Chloe if she wants to kick someone’s ass; Chloe feels they are hanging out too much lately and should expand their circle of friends.

Chloe meets with Lucifer at the hospital where she tells him he should reach out to Maze so she isn’t around all the time; Chloe says she needs space. They arrive at the murder scene where Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) is already processing the scene, confirming the orderly was killed by blunt force trauma to the head with a board.

Ella says they haven’t spoken to the patients as its a psychiatric facility and the staff didn’t want them freaking out; Lucifer announces that he loves the mentally ill. Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) says a patient named God Johnson (Timothy Omendson) found the body and he actually thinks he is God; Lucifer looks shocked and says he would like to have a chat with the almighty, but Dan tells him he has to wait.

Lucifer sneaks into the room and God greets him as “my son”. Lucifer says he can tell him about the all powerful God this man believes is reigning from heaven but in actuality God is a dick. God places his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder saying he can be angry with him but he can also be anything Lucifer needs him to be.

Lucifer attempts to look into his eyes and get him to say what he desires but God asks him if this is a staring contest and said he is pretty good at those; Lucifer is confused wondering how this is possible; blaming it on the drugs he is on. An orderly arrives to remove Lucifer and God tells him it was really good seeing you, Samiel. When Lucifer asks him what he just said, he calls him “Dad”.

Lucifer returns home and asks his brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) if their dad has ever visited earth before. Amenadiel says God never would come, he would send someone in his place and God Johnson probably knows his real name from the internet; but Lucifer debunks his theory since he never even said his name was Lucifer.

Lucifer isn’t satisfied with his answer and suggests maybe God got bored of watching his favorite toy, Earth from afar. Amenadiel says Earth is nothing compared to heaven but Lucifer feels there is something or someone about Earth he is going to miss.

At the police lab, Chloe wonders if it could really be that strange if God were one of them, even taunting Lucifer that she sees some similarities between him and God Johnson. Ella believes God Johnson is the killer of their victim as all his fingerprints were on the victim’s bald head. Lucifer says by proving he committed the murder they can prove his false idolatry. Chloe says because Lucifer spoke to him without permission she needs a special hearing in order to interview him.

Lucifer arrives at the psychiatric hospital saying he would like a suite for the night, when the nurse looks at him strangely, Lucifer tells him he is the dark lord. The nurse says they are at full capacity so unless he is a danger to himself or others, but before he can finish the sentence Lucifer attacks him through the glass.

Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) comes to see Dan at work, who brushes off her advances; she likes his sassiness. Back in the hospital, Lucifer joins a table of patients playing a game of poker questioning them about God Johnson, when no one gives him anything useful he stands up and walks towards God, only to have another patient throw his underwear in his face; by the time he removes the underwear, God has disappeared sending Lucifer on a hunt.

Lucifer sees what appears to be God choking a nurse, but when Lucifer pulls him off, he says he must save her and he literally brings her back to life, making Lucifer finally believe he is his father and punches him.

Chloe visits Lucifer wanting to know why he got himself committed and has a hard time understanding that Lucifer feels their lead suspect may be his father. Lucifer reveals God Johnson is not the killer because another person was attacked last night and God Johnson healed her with the victim revealing Santa Claus is the real killer. Chloe speaks with the psychiatrist who shares Lucifer is her co-worker but they are interrupted by a nurse who says its time for music therapy.

Lucifer finds God, who wants to know what Lucifer thinks he has done and Lucifer goes on a rant of all God’s offenses against him, so God asks Lucifer if he thinks he doesn’t have free will? In the midst of his rant, Lucifer reveals his mother is there and God is surprised, sharing the first time he met his mother but Lucifer doesn’t want to hear it, he demands penance for what he has done. His eyes turn fiery red demanding an apology and Linda walks in to see Lucifer.

Chloe talks to Maze about Lucifer but she quickly tells her about a cruise she has set up and says she just wants to help Chloe; but she insists she doesn’t need any help with dates.

Chloe returns to the lab, asking Ella if she has any evidence pointing to Santa Claus and Ella says the same thing revealing she found a long white hair on the victim which screamed Santa to her too. They look through the photos of the patients and are able to find one that looks like Santa. Chloe frets that it will take forever to set up an interview with doctor’s permission, she calls Maze asking if she still wants to help her.

Lucifer is wheeling Linda down the hallway as she realized that was really God and she should have bowed toward him. Lucifer confirms he isn’t planning on having his parents destroy each other because its clear his father still has feelings for his mother. He suddenly realizes this gives him the opportunity to punish them far worse than death. He tells Linda she is going to help him do it.

Lucifer brings several patients out of their rooms and tells them to liberate themselves; as they begin to run the alarms sound and Lucifer tells God Johnson that is how they are going to get out of the hospital. Chaos erupts with fires, pillow fights and furniture tosses, Lucifer smiles as God points at him and smiles. Doctors and orderlies run pass them and God admits it was a pretty good plan. Linda is at the door to escort them out, she bows to God and he tells her a handshake will do.

Chloe is getting ready for an “interrogation” and hopes Maze didn’t book dinner at any place fancy. Maze says dinner will be at their place as the bed is there; Chloe tells her for the last time they are not having a threesome and Maze smirks saying she is okay to watch. When Maze opens the door, Amenadiel is there and Chloe says an orgy is definitely off the table.

Charlotte arrives at Lucifer’s asking what he wanted to show her. She sees candles lit everywhere and romantic music begins to play while Lucifer and Linda spy from behind the bar as Charlotte walks towards God Johnson. Lucifer explains he plans to parent trap God and the divine Goddess, admitting with his father being on earth he doesn’t need the flaming sword or a trip to heaven to exact his revenge.

Lucifer says his mom and dad together is the worst punishment ever. God Johnson reveals he is her husband, God and she knees him in the groin saying he put her in hell and he’s a bastard.

Chloe, Maze and Amenadiel meet with the doctor from the psychiatric hospital, sharing a pizza. Amenadiel takes the left over crust from the doctor’s plate and Maze tells him she put clean sheets on Chloe’s bed and its good to go; Chloe calls Maze away. Amenadiel tells the doctor he likes the shape of his head while Chloe tells Maze she isn’t Lucifer and doesn’t need what he needs; Maze takes that as Chloe saying she wants privacy.

Chloe returns to apologize but the good doctor shares this is nothing compared to what he deals with at the hospital. In the kitchen, Amenadiel tells Maze he isn’t there for sex; its just there isn’t much time before they are gone. She thinks he is talking about vacation but he reveals him, Lucifer and their mother are going back to heaven. Maze is devastated.

Chloe sits with the doctor and questions him about the white haired patient he has. Before he could answer on whether he is violent, he receives a message saying her co-worker, Lucifer escaped taking God Johnson with him.

Charlotte demands to know what God is doing there since it ruins their plans to return to heaven and destroy him. Lucifer feels they may not have to do that any more as his father sincerely misses her. God says she is an absolute vision and he can’t even recall why they were fighting. Lucifer grabs Linda’s hand and they leave as Charlotte reminds God about the flames and eternal damnation.

He apologizes for her suffering and she is sorry for trying to destroy earth with floods and plagues. Lucifer turns on music as God asks if she remembers how to dance. As Lucifer and Linda watch from the bar she wonders if it is really revenge he is after. Charlotte looks a bit frustrated and tells God that she didn’t think this was possible as it wasn’t part of the plan; God tells her then she should make a new plan and this time they can make it together.

Just as they kiss, Chloe arrives with officers who arrest God Johnson and she orders Lucifer outside, leaving Charlotte a bit lost and confused. When Chloe questions him, Lucifer reveals that God Johnson is indeed his father and he needed to do a little match making; Chloe has no idea how Charlotte Richards ties into all of it. Lucifer asks if she caught their killer, Santa Claus. A nurse arrives with his medications and he says those are the perks of the place and Chloe feels maybe its a good thing he has another day on his 72-hour hold.

Chloe comes to see the doctor, apologizing for lying admitting that sometimes with work she gets a little short-sighted and never wanted to use him. He reveals has she simply asked him, he would have told her the patient she is looking at has been there for 15 years and is a teddy bear with no violent tendencies.

He tells her legally he can’t show her his medical files but what happens when he turns away cannot be put on him. She nods and says thank you. Chloe notices a picture in the file with a real Santa Claus and says he could be the real killer. He opens the closet where they hide the Santa suit and both the red hat and beard are missing.

Lucifer is feeling the effects of the medications he was given and as he stares into the mirror a man in a red hat and white beard appears in his room. Lucifer sees him and says he is afraid he has been a naughty boy. Santa knocks him out.

As Lucifer is being carted down the hall, he tells Santa he may need to rethink this as he really is the devil. Santa says he is not a devil but just a man who is delusional in a mental hospital. Lucifer repeats what Santa has just said saying he made it all up. They arrive in a room where his father is also there on another stretcher.

Lucifer says he told the police that Mr Kringle is a cold blooded killer and God asks Nurse Kipsy what really wants to know. She pulls back the scalpel from Lucifer’s neck, removes her mask and wants to know why the drugs are not working on God Johnson; Lucifer says its because he is God. She says now that they both know its her, she needs to kill them both.

Chloe is able to get a fingerprint from the closet and apologizes for having to handcuff the doctor. The doctor reveals the last name from the fingerprint is the same as one of their patients but when Chloe receives a photo they learn its Nurse Kipsy.

Kipsy tells Lucifer and God how much she hated her psychotic mother and that she would pump her full of drugs to drive her more crazy. Lucifer says she is singing to the choir and he agrees that she had every right to destroy her evil parent.

She says she had no choice but to kill the orderly because he found out what she was doing. Lucifer says he was an innocent and will have to punish her for it; but when he attempts to punish her, he can’t break free from his restraints. Kipsy says he can’t break free because she gave him a massive dose of medication and because he is a nutjob. She realizes God is wearing a belt so her plan is to have God kill Lucifer and God will hang himself, she leaves to find a ladder.

God tells Lucifer he didn’t know he was angry enough with him to want him to be destroyed. Lucifer says its because he is his son and he rejected him. God says he doesn’t blame him but can’t remember why he was so angry with him to begin with and says he is truly sorry. He tells him how proud he is of Lucifer and the man he has become.

Just as Kipsy is removing God’s belt, Chloe arrives with backup. Lucifer tells Chloe he has never felt better, but now that God’s belt has been removed he asks who Lucifer is and wants to know what is going on. Lucifer crouches down and realizes the belt buckle is the missing piece for the flaming sword.

Lucifer talks to Amenadiel about the two broken pieces as explained to him by Uriel (Michael Imperioli) when he died. God Johnson found the other part of the blade and when he realized it gave him power and healing, he truly thought he was God.

Lucifer says now that the sword is complete they can get on with their plan. Suddenly the one piece falls off the sword and Lucifer thinks another piece is missing and suggests their mother, Charlotte may know; both wonder where she is.

Charlotte arrives at Dan’s door and she reveals she kissed a man today who she thought was her ex-husband. She said when she kissed him, she knew it wasn’t him but isn’t sure what was more upsetting: the fact that it wasn’t him or the fact that she wishes he was. She says she doesn’t want to be alone and asks him if he could just hold her, with his pants off of course; he lets her in.

God Johnson tells Lucifer he cannot believe he gave all his money away and his last memory is buying a belt buckle in New Mexico and then lying on a gurney next to Lucifer. He apologizes and Lucifer says he was quite lovely and he said things to him he wished his real father had always said to him.

He tells Lucifer to take care of himself and Lucifer says he is not angry with his father anymore but now he is bloody furious because he knows his father would never say those things to him, admitting he hates him more and more. He walks away with red eyes.