Lucifer Recap 5/22/17: Season 2 Episode 17 “Sympathy for the Goddess”

Lucifer Recap 5/22/17: Season 2 Episode 17 "Sympathy for the Goddess"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, May 15, season 2 episode 17 called, “Sympathy for the Goddess,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “The man who had the final piece of the Flaming Sword is murdered and the piece goes missing, so Mom teams with Chloe and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) to track down the killer.”

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Lucifer begins tonight with Lucifer (Tom Ellis) watching his mother, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) from a distance because she thinks the man she is with has a missing piece from the flaming sword. His brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) approaches him believing he is in danger. He shares that Mazikeen “Maze” (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is angry with him and feels he needs to talk to her.

They both see Charlotte hand over the money to the guy without getting the piece from the sword. She is all smiles saying he has what they need in the back safe; Lucifer tells her she has been conned; she suggests they should check just to be sure and as they rush to the back of the restaurant, he is lying dead, the money and the piece of the sword are gone. Lucifer says they need to catch the case before another detective gets it.

Maze rushes into Linda Martin’s (Rachael Harris) office with her blades out making sure everything is okay and barely let’s the chairman from the ethics review board leave the room. Linda admits that she helped Lucifer break out of a mental institution, using her own name. Maze is fuming saying everything is always Lucifer’s fault. Maze tells her that first she learns Lucifer is ditching her to return to heaven and now he is hurting Linda. She promises she is going to fix this and then she is going to have a little talk with Lucifer.

Lucifer sits with Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German), suggesting he should have his own desk right beside her. She jokes about his hovering and offers for him to do some paperwork. Charlotte arrives and Chloe refuses to go with her, saying she isn’t a criminal nanny. She tries to convince Chloe by taking cues from Lucifer; Chloe asks why she didn’t lead with the gunshot.

They are in the restaurant kitchen where Chloe believes he’s been dead for about an hour. Charlotte refuses to leave saying she will enjoy working with her son, Lucifer and Chloe. After police arrive, forensics expert, Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) says they are running tests for gunshot residue and cocaine.

Chloe feels Charlotte could be very helpful in the investigation and wants to know why a man running an import/export company would have her representing him? She knows Charlotte represents the worst of the worst so why was he a client? Charlotte asks if it could be a rival who shot him; Ella confirms he was shot twice and Chloe doesn’t think its a professional hit but more like a robbery gone wrong; but feels it was an inside job. Ella finds a cellphone as the only lead to who the killer is.

Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) gets a visit from Charlotte at his desk, acknowledging he is looking into her client. He wants to know what she wants from him, seducing him repeatedly then betraying him. She will tell him what she wants in a more private place but he says he isn’t having sex with her there; she whines that she needs something to pass the time. They hear music and follow it into Ella’s lab who reveals the symbol on the cellphone was that of a record label.

They learn their only client is Chet Ruiz (Kade Wise) and Chloe is shocked that Chet would kill his mother, Bianca’s (Carolina Gomez) most loyal soldier. Charlotte says Bianca keeps Chet as far away from the illegal family business as possible. Lucifer jokes that Chet’s mother was right since he dropped his cellphone leaving it at the crime scene.

Ella says the phone may be there but it doesn’t definitely prove he is the killer. Chloe escorts Charlotte out of the room now that they know one of her clients is their top suspect. Charlotte announces that Bianca is having a tequila launching party and she is invited and it could be a good time to chat to Chet. Dan suggests Chloe and Lucifer go but Charlotte says the invitation is in her name and perhaps Dan should join her; when Lucifer protests Chloe agrees to go with her. Charlotte tells her to go shopping because this isn’t the party you come to in pajamas.

Lucifer walks into Linda’s office and finds Maze sitting at her desk playing with her knives. He learns Linda has been suspended because he has been a terrible and selfish friend to her. Lucifer says he will do it after the case but Maze orders him to do it right now!

Dan is about to leave the precinct when he sees Amenadiel who is looking for Lucifer or Charlotte, saying he has been unable to reach them. Dan offers to call for him but he says with a brother like Lucifer he should be used to it by now; Dan asks him what he is doing right now?

With the tequila party in full swing, Chloe arrives looking super sexy and tells Charlotte they should get this pajama party started. Charlotte reveals she is helping because Bianca isn’t the woman she was when she first hired her. They spot Chet and Charlotte tells Chloe how to seduce him to get answers. Chloe says there will be no seducing, they will get him talking and get him to flip on his own mother., but once they see his security detail, Chloe has another idea.

Maze and Lucifer meet with the chairman of the ethics board, sharing how incredible Linda Martin is. He says unless there is something specific they can tell him about her, there is nothing he can do. Maze uses Lucifer as a prime example of Linda’s hard work. She belittles him saying he is a backstabbing narcissist, greedy and the worst patient ever; when asked what her point is, she says Linda went out of her way to help him.

He says he appreciates their testimonial and will add it to the notes unless they have more to add. Lucifer then blows everything by admitting he used to sleep with Linda, even when she was his therapist; Maze drags him out of the office.

At the party, Charlotte reveals to Bianca that the police strongly believe her son, Chet is a murderer; Bianca thanks her for the information and promises to get to the bottom of it. Chet readily admits to his mom that he took care of a problem and Bianca says he doesn’t work for her; meanwhile, Chloe is standing next to them listening to the entire conversation.

Bianca admits she knew about the artifacts and Chet lets it slip that he dropped his phone; she pulls him to a more private spot to talk. When they are done talking, Chloe is caught by Bianca trying to leave the place she was listening.

Dan and Amenadiel are drinking at a bar and Dan reveals he uses improve acting to help figure out who he really was by being able to step outside of himself and stop identifying himself by other people like Chloe and Lucifer. Amenadiel says him and Lucifer literally fought over everything but swears they never competed for Charlotte. Dan’s phone goes off and has to leave but tells Amenadiel he likes him a hell of a lot more than he likes Lucifer.

When Bianca questions Chloe and who she is, she says she loves Chet’s music but when Bianca says his music is garbage and no one listens to it; Chloe begins to sing one of the songs with Chet but is escorted out by security as Chet says he loves her. Charlotte nods her head in approval. Chloe calls Dan saying the phone may have so much more than they realize.

Maze tells Lucifer to just leave as he made things worse. She hits him over and over as he tries to explain to her. He tries to explain but she keeps kicking him in the groin. She says he only keeps people close as long as he has a use for them; he tells her to tread carefully but she says he is exactly like his parents. They both charge towards each other to attack.

After they have broken all the concrete benches and are bloody and beaten, Lucifer says he didn’t know she was that mad at him. She tells him he was going to leave her; but he says he would never do that. She says he was playing his own angle because he needed her to be angry with him so he could sell his story. Lucifer laughs and says all this beating was for nothing but Maze tells him what he did was even worse.

Ella says they are making progress; Chloe and Dan say they need to find a 4 digit code that means something to Chet. Linda asks Lucifer and Maze if they killed the chairman of the review board? Maze tells her that Lucifer told him they used to screw but Lucifer wants to know why Maze is still upset with him.

Linda says since she is no longer licensed she can just tell him. She says, “Maze is pissed at you because you used her!” Lucifer says he considered how she felt in the sense of her killing his mother or castrating his brother. Linda tell shim he hurt her feelings because she thought he abandoned her; Maze is sitting quietly on the couch with tears in her eyes. Lucifer says those things used to never bother her, but he notices her face.

He tells Mazikeen he didn’t realize and he should have. Linda says her job there is literally done and is going to find a very stiff martini; Maze leaves promising to take care of this.

Bianca comes to see Charlotte at work and reveals she knows the artifact is very important to Charlotte and is willing to make a deal. She will give it to her if she gets her son’s phone from the police and if she doesn’t, she will make it disappear forever.

As Ella is working on cracking the phone when Charlotte arrives saying she knew Chet well and maybe she could borrow the phone and try a few combinations. Ella says everyone in the police department says Charlotte is a shark but she sees a light in her and gives her the benefit of the doubt, saying if she hurts Dan again, she will break her legs. Ella gets a call and asks Charlotte to keep an eye on the phone; as she lifts it, Chloe tells her to start talking.

Lucifer is playing the piano when Chloe reveals she just had a very enlightening conversation with Charlotte. Chloe says she knows that Charlotte is Lucifer’s father’s ex. Chloe says she could never imagine raising kids with someone like that and Lucifer asks her if she has sympathy for the goddess. She wants to know why Lucifer never told her Charlotte was his stepmom?

Chloe says something doesn’t add up about Charlotte’s explanation for trying to steal the phone but Lucifer tells her Charlotte will stop at nothing to protect her children and she can trust that.

Charlotte hands the phone over to Bianca who wants to make sure the phone is real and not cloned. Bianca pours Charlotte cheers to a mother who would do anything for their children. Chloe and Lucifer sit listening to their conversation but once the phone is proven to be real, Charlotte ruins the bug. Chloe and Lucifer tell the police to get ready to go in.

Bianca hands Charlotte a key to a safety deposit box and she is furious that wasn’t part of the deal. She hides the key in her hand as the police barge in and arrest Bianca and her associates; Charlotte informs her she will no longer be representing her. Bianca says she is making a horrible mistake. Lucifer rushes to Charlotte’s side but Chloe needs to search her first, she finds nothing. The phone is still unlocked and the key is sitting in the palm of Lucifer’s hand.

Lucifer drops a book onto the bar and Charlotte asks if this is a joke and if this was all that was in the deposit box. Amenadiel suggests it could be an instruction manual; Charlotte opens it and its in an ancient language she can’t read. She hands the book to Lucifer who says he can’t read it; he much prefers tongues over books.

Amenadiel says it is Samarian, and unlike Lucifer who had everything handed to him, he spend his youth studying. She praises him for being a smart boy and he says he can have it translated in a few days; Charlotte tells them she doesn’t have that kind of time. Lucifer asks why she has her knickers in such a twist and Amenadiel asks if there is a reason she is in such a rush.

She says she is just anxious to see the rest of the family and pleads with him to start translating; both Lucifer and his brother, Amenadiel sense there is something going on with their mother.

Maze returns to see the chairman who asks her to move and she says, “Not this time,” shoving him into his office. Back at the precinct Dan congratulates Chloe on her arrest of Bianca “Queen Tequila”. She says Chet is still out there so it isn’t over; they both talk about her teaming up with Charlotte.

Dan says it weirdly makes sense that Charlotte is Lucifer’s stepmom and Chloe tells him to be careful with her because there is something about her she doesn’t trust. She jokes that if he were to marry Charlotte, that would make him kind of like Lucifer’s dad. They both laugh at how messed up that would be.

Charlotte is pacing the floor in her office when Chet arrives and she demands he hand over what the real artifact was. He produces a knife and stabs Charlotte with it saying his life is ruined because of her.

She pulls the knife out of her stomach and the light shines onto Chet’s face, instantly burning and killing him. Charlotte cries out in pain and frustration.

Lucifer plays the piano when Amenadiel tells him that God separated the sword into 3 pieces: the blade of death, the medallion of life and the key that binds them all together. The ancient script says God entrusted the key to his favorite son; Amenadiel stands up and says of course he gave it to Lucifer, as its always Lucifer.

He tries to say maybe the ring Lucifer has is the key but Lucifer tells him to look down, his necklace is radiating towards the sword, revealing he was always God’s favorite son, not Lucifer.