Lucifer Recap 5/8/17: Season 2 Episode 15 “Deceptive Little Parasite”

Lucifer Recap 5/8/17: Season 2 Episode 15 "Deceptive Little Parasite"

Tonight on FOX their drama Lucifer airs with an all new Monday, May 8, season 2 episode 15 called, “Deceptive Little Parasite,” and we have your weekly Lucifer recap below. On tonight’s Lucifer episode as per the FOX synopsis, “Knowing that the flaming sword is the only hope for the family returning home safely, the pressure falls on Lucifer (Tom Ellis) to control what he has never been able to control before – his emotions – in order to ignite it.”

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Lucifer begins tonight with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) confirming Azriel’s blade is their way of returning to heaven permanently. Lucifer (Tom Ellis) smashes his fist through a wall and retrieves it. Charlotte tells Lucifer he is the only one who can light it and reminds him that last time he made it flame he was angry and encourages him to think about his father; he attempts to light it and says he is returning to his drink.

Charlotte tells him and his brother, Amenadiel (DB Woodside) that Lucifer is the light bringer and only he can do it but he needs to get angrier. Lucifer says he can’t just get angry and out of nowhere Amenadiel punches him in the face, so Lucifer tells him to hold the sword, but before he can kick him in the groin Charlotte stops them from fighting. After Amenadiel doubts him, Lucifer grabs the blade back and says he will prove him wrong.

Lucifer goes to visit his therapist, Linda Martin (Rachel Harris) who tries to process what this flaming sword really means, asking if he means actual pearly gates, and old dudes in white robes, Lucifer jokes that his dad is Morgan Freeman but then seriously tells her to help him control his emotions; when she says you cannot control emotions, he is surprised thinking that was her job.

Linda tells him he has a lot of walls up and if he is unwilling to bring down those wall, she cannot help him. She also suggests he may have married Candy to avoid feelings and hide from something, or someone.

At home, Mazi (Lesley-Ann Brandt) comes into the kitchen and complains to Chloe Decker (Lauren German) that she didn’t make breakfast; Chloe says she forgot. Mazi asks her if she is okay, but wasn’t really interested in her problems and proves so by putting an earbud back in her ear to listen to her music. Decker realizes she was hiding the earbud after she tells Mazi she is going to adopt a dozen puppies and let them sleep in Mazi’s room. Mazi says she can’t deal with human emotions on an empty stomach because it makes her nauseous.

Lucifer greets Decker at their crime scene. Their victim is Debbie Lane, an administrator at a prestigious elementary school, Starford on the west side. Decker says private schools are insane with all that money being thrown around. Debbie was stabbed in the back and since there are no signs of B&E, it suggests she knew her killer.

Lucifer checks around the crime scene, finding that she has a PhD in psychology and certificate in behavior therapy; he thought a person like her would have figured out interaction yet she provoked someone into killing her suggesting therapists really don’t know anything.

Decker sarcastically says Lucifer is directing his personal issues on the case, things are truly back to normal between them. Ella (Aimee Garcia) reveals she sees a shrink too, which surprises Lucifer. A moment later, Decker finds a ribbon cutting event plague on Debbie’s wall and the scissors are gone, and assumed the murder weapon.

Decker and Lucifer arrive at Starford where Lucifer is told to put his phone away as they are not allowed on campus; Lucifer tells Decker this case is weird and boring. Once Lucifer learns the school focuses on emotional self-control, Decker tries to sway him to stay on course with the investigation but he tells the dean to bring on the education.

The school’s motto is “Sentio Ergo Sum” – I feel therefore I am. Decker says its fascinating but Lucifer continues his questions, asking how long it takes to gain this self control and is told the parents see it for themselves after one class. Lucifer reads the pamphlets as Decker asks about Debbie and her job.

She finds it weird that Debbie wouldn’t have any conflict with parents trying to get their children into their school. The Dean quickly remembers a fight Debbie had with a set of parents eager to get their child placed there.

Decker meets with the two fathers who reveal Debbie took their money but she rejected their son anyways. She said the school never accepted the donation but their check cleared. She is curious to know why the murder weapon was found in their pool house if they didn’t kill Debbie.

At his bar, Lucifer is reading the book “Your Feelings & You” when 3 women approach him, he quickly realizes his mother is trying to set him up to forget about his feelings for Chloe Decker. Charlotte wanted to see if a different emotion could trigger the flaming sword but Lucifer reassures her its only a matter of time before he has control of his emotions. She doesn’t tell him, but its clear her time is running out.

Chloe is at home, making breakfast when Lucifer suddenly appears in her kitchen and she jokes that one day she is going to tie a bell around his neck. She says the fact that Debbie’s fingerprints are off the handle of the scissors but not her blood is bothering her; she reminds him the weapon was found inside an unlocked pool house.

Lucifer thinks Debbie was lying about the check being cashed and Decker suggests someone could have embezzled the money and could be the killer; they have to check the books for the donation. Decker sees her daughter, Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) still in her PJs so Lucifer offers to take her to school while Decker checks the books.

Lucifer brings Trixie to Starford, saying he never said which school he would bring her to. They are greeted by Mr. Taylor (Ryan Bittle) who tries to give them a tour but Lucifer is only interested in where the children learn to harvest their emotions; he wants to know where they can turn their emotions into something, like a weapon.

Meanwhile, Decker and Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) are in the Dean’s office who immediately confesses to cashing the check and stealing the money. Dan tells the sobbing Dean they are not sure the fathers killed Debbie; he immediately wipes his tears and asks them to ignore his confession.

Mr. Taylor rushes in when he thinks there is a child crying inside. He comments on how great Trixie is and reveals she is in Madison’s (Alison Becker) class with her father; Dan says he’s pretty sure Trixie’s father didn’t bring her in. Decker rushes off saying she will find out what Lucifer is up to.

Trixie shares in the class her feelings of sadness and Lucifer learns she can channel her feelings by doing something productive like writing a poem. Lucifer scoffs that he isn’t looking to become Dr. Seuss and if he wanted to take some art, he would at least want one with a nude model. In the class, one of the boys is drawing a picture of his mother stabbing Debbie.

Decker hands the mother’s information to Dan and wants to talk to Trixie. She kneels down and reminds her that she can talk to her mother about anything. She asks if she can ride with Lucifer and make sure he takes her to her actual school this time. She says he is lucky Trixie likes him so much and he says he is really starting to like the deceptive little parasite. He throws her the keys and tells her lessons will have to wait until her mother is gone. Lucifer is punched by a mysterious person in his parking garage.

When Lucifer is thrown into a vehicle he realizes its his mother and she wants to see the blade. He wants to know since when she could hit so hard and she just says her strength has been growing steadily. He wants to know why she is so angry and pushy about firing up the blade.

At the precinct, Decker shows the invitation to Dan about the grieving ceremony happening at Starford school. She reveals Trixie is being considered for admission because of the impression she made during her visit. Dan suggests this may be one too many changes for Trixie but Decker feels it might be good for her since Trixie so easily opened up in class.

Joy (Emily Holmes) says she has said it around her son all the time because she is working so hard to keep her son in the school and Debbie had a million ways to make her feel bad for being a working mom. Her alibi is her affair with Mr. Taylor, the P.E. teacher. She says the man is as dumb as a box of hair but he knows how to move. They learn everyone hated Debbie and everything is phony in the school and they should attend the grieving ceremony to find all Debbie’s frenemies.

Decker is dressed and ready to go to the ceremony but doesn’t want to make Mazi sick with her feelings. She tells Mazi that this school could be really, really good for Trixie but she isn’t sure she wants her in that kind of environment. Decker doesn’t feel Mazi can help her with this and leaves.

At Starford, Decker arrives alone and people begin to look at her when she says she is alone. Mazi quickly arrives saying she is Decker’s wife and Trixie is a handful, definitely a 2-women job. Decker looks horrified. Mazi says she doesn’t let her girl go into enemy territory alone. They both are shocked that networking is the new grieving.

Sonya (Farrah Aviva) approaches them saying hot afternoon yoga needs more volunteers and Mazi reveals Decker is a homicide detective; Sonya says she can’t have a job because she has an exceptional child. Mazi shows Decker what everyone is like and thinking and Decker suggests they give them something to talk about since they are in a room filled with gossipers.

Lucifer comes home to see Amenadiel defeated after he can’t get the flaming sword to work. He seems jealous that Lucifer has all their mother’s attention and angry he is always playing the victim. He wants to know why their mother is so on edge and obsessed with going home. He wants nothing more than their mother going home and his brother says he better work harder since this all depends on him.

Mazi is at the buffet table and shares her wife, Decker is very close to figuring out who murdered Debbie, the evidence is in the car and tonight someone is going to jail; she tells him to keep it on the downlow. Decker and Mazi sit back and watch as the gossip spreads like wild fire through the crowd.

Outside, Madison desperately attempts to get into Decker’s car. Lucifer sees her and asks about more classes on controlling emotions but stops when he realizes what she is trying to do. He had duplicated her keys and lets her in.

Decker comes out asking Lucifer what he is doing and says Madison needed something out of her car. She whispers that Madison is the killer and tells him to get away but its too late; Decker’s gun is in her car. Madison points it at them.

Madison tells them to put down the gun and Lucifer suggests she turn her feelings into something other than bullets; she fires the gun into the air and they both stop. Everyone from inside rushes out after they hear gunshots. Mr. Taylor runs over as Madison tells him it is all his fault and reveals her son, Ranger is his son.

Madison says Debbie knew Ranger was Taylor’s and not her husband’s. She says her son isn’t very smart but Decker talks about her daughter, Trixie. Madison puts down the gun saying she couldn’t control herself; Lucifer is frustrated because she was the one who was teaching children how to harness their emotions and to use them for creativity.

She says it was all a sham and Mazi runs over and plows Madison over, saying listening to feelings is not her thing. Lucifer tells him to take his child out of this school because it’s a terrible place. Mr. Taylor says, “So I am a father?!”

Decker puts Trixie to bed and talks about the school and shares how she felt about being at Starford. She says the other mommies were just like her, trying to pretend that they were perfect; Trixie asks if it is bad to pretend and Decker says no but between them they should never have to pretend. Trixie says she didn’t like the school and Decker agrees.

Lucifer comes back to see Linda and tells her she is right about controlling emotions. She asks if he is ready to become more forthcoming. He admits he plans on using the flaming sword to cut through the gates of heaven but he plans to kicking his mother into heaven and slamming the gates on her backside, trapping her there on her own.

He hopes God tears her apart and they both get what they deserve for manipulating him; making him feel things he doesn’t want to feel anymore. She tells him he has been suppressing his pain between what happened with his mother and with Chloe. She says the only way to get over that pain is to go through it.
Both Amenadiel and Charlotte want to know if Lucifer is sure he figured it out. He grabs the blade and manages to light it, but it fizzles out as he cries over his anguish. His brother is at first glad that he lit it until he sees how much its hurting Lucifer. His mother shouts that he isn’t feeling enough, pushing him harder but Amenadiel orders her to stop and they can fix it because they have plenty of time.

Charlotte heads to the elevator saying of course they have plenty of time, but when the doors close she removes the bandage from her wrist and a red light shines through a slit, revealing she is running out of time.