Major Crimes Recap 11/7/17: Season 6 Episode 2 “Sanctuary City: Part 2”

Major Crimes Recap 11/7/17: Season 6 Episode 2 "Sanctuary City: Part 2"

TNT Major Crimes airs tonight with an all-new Monday, November 7, 2017, episode and we have your Major Crimes recap below!  On tonight’s Major Crimes season 6 episode 2 premiere episode as per the TNT synopsis, “Bull helps a teachers union represent a woman who is being prosecuted for helping an impoverished student pass an important test, but who may be the scapegoat for a larger cheating scandal.”

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The show opens at the scene where the dead boy, Lucas, was found. The team studies the scene and realizes he has been there for only a few hours. It is likely that he died from complications of his diabetes. The team worries that the other two boys are either dead or had a part in Lucas’ death. Sharon heads to the morgue to see if they are any clues on the body. The ME finds fibers on the body that may be helpful. The rest of the team search the church and question the young priest who worked closely with the boys. The FBI appears at the station while nothing is found inside the church or school.

The two FBI agents are upset they weren’t contacted due to the obvious kidnapping. Sharon and her team do not believe it is a kidnapping but the agents point out the million dollars that was found it one of the families homes. They believe it was to be used to pay a ransom and that the family may have drug cartel connections. The captain schools the agents on the way of the LAPD and they decide to step back and listen. Sharon tells them it appears the boys left the field trip of their own volition and got into a car by choice. Lucas died of complications of diabetes and there were no signs of trauma to his body. Sharon tells the agents that they will give the FBI the million dollars to see if there is a ransom request but the team doesn’t think it will happen.

Louie admits to the chief that he was wrong. This case is beginning to feel like a major crime. Lucas’ mother and father are called to the station and told of his death. Mrs. Garza blames everyone for his death, the other boys, the church, her husband, the police. Sharon notices that the young priest, Father Jonas, strokes Ryan’s mother’s back as he comforts her in a suggestive way.

DDA Hobbs meets with Rusty to give him more information about Stroh. The team is convinced that the boys know the person who they left with. They is no way all three boys were forced to get into a car. Sharon meets with the senior priests in hopes of getting a lead in the boy’s disappearance. He agrees to have father Jonas come in for questioning. The team throws several scenarios at him but he offers no help and leaves in anger. They all agree he is hiding something.

Sharon asks the senior priest to try to convince father Jonas to return for more questioning. He reminds her that his mission is to serve the church and she reminds him hers is to find the remaining two boys alive. She asks if he is suggesting that their missions conflict? Rusty asks Andy to get him a gun. He needs to be able to protect himself and he needs Andy to be on his side when he tries to convince Sharon that it is a good idea. He agrees to help.
The LAPD and the FBI agree to form an Ad Hoc task force to try to find the boys. The FBI has learned that the Vega’s got the million dollars one week ago from their older daughter who claims it is from the sale of a house. The FBI suggests that the team get wiretaps on all the families’ devices. They don’t think they are all being honest. Sharon agrees but says it will take hours, not letting on that they have been tapping the devices since the boys went missing. Buzz then enters telling everyone in the room that something of interest just came through on one of the devices.

The tape is of Ryan’s mother demanding that his father, Ian return him immediately. He denies having him but Sharon thinks it is enough to get a warrant to search Ian’s home. As the team attempts to enter the home Ian pushes Camelia and is arrested. Sharon tells Rusty she will support him getting a gun and a conceal and carry permit. She would rather he accept a security detail but will support his choice. Lucas’s parents are upset that his body still hasn’t been realized from the morgue but his body is the only real link they may have to the other two boys.

Ian is questioned in jail but is happy to learn nothing was found at his home. He again brings up father Jonas’ name and says he was too involved in the boy’s life. The FBI learns something of interest about the next door neighbor who has been threatening the Diaz family. He is a white supremacist. While they doubt the boys would have gone anywhere with him they would have gotten into a car with his daughter Kelly. As the team ponders what this could mean Buzz gets more information about father Jonas. He has been transferred 6 times in the last 5 years, twice in the middle of the school year. The team goes to question him again. When the team gets to father Jonas’ room they discover he has packed up and left. The senior priest tells the team he has left the country.


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