Mariah’s World Recap 1/1/17: Season 1 Episode 4 “Mimi’s Anniversary”

Mariah’s World Recap 1/1/17: Season 1 Episode 4 "Mimi's Anniversary"

Tonight on Bravo and E! their new reality show Mariah’s World premieres with an all-new Sunday, January 1, 2017, episode and we have your Mariah’s World recap below! On tonight’s Mariah’s World Season 1 episode 4 episode as per the Bravo and E! synopsis, “A festive Mariah makes special memories with her children and shares some details about her past. Meanwhile, all Molly has done to impress Stella could be for naught when she is nowhere to be found when Stella needs her most.”

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Mariah’s World begins tonight Mariah with her twins Moroccan and Munroe, Tanaka and friends on a plane, they are blowing bubbles and fake snow is falling in the jet. Mariah says it is so festive. She reveals that they are on their way to Copenhagen but since they have a few nights off and she is looking forward to spending time with her kids; admitting its tough to squeeze in a life when she is on tour. Everyone is dancing and singing to Mariah’s Christmas songs.

Once in Copenhagen, Mariah talks to her close friend, Lee Daniels, creator of FOX’s Empire. He has given her a huge opportunity when she played a role in the movie Precious. Daniels informs us that he met Mariah Carey (MC) when he was directing the film Shadow Boxer, saying she was very fragile when he met her. They became inseparable after that, with Mariah giving him all the money he needed to direct his next movie, after everyone said not to lend him even a nickel.

Daniels says that Mariah and him are friends because they understand the dark, they know pain and have had predators do some not very nice things to them. He continues to say that Mariah masks it a certain way with her fabulousness but under that is this “poor thing”, and its messed up!

Molly, Stella’s assistant is gathering things for them to celebrate Easter Sunday in Denmark for Mariah’s twins. They plan on making this as homey as possible for the kids so she is hiding Easter eggs and setting up balloons and she will dress up as the Easter Bunny. Molly says she is not allowed to talk at all, even in an emergency. She says it would be more traumatizing for the kids to learn the Easter Bunny isn’t real.

Antony arrives with his 10-yr-old daughter, Sifare who lives in Amsterdam. He doesn’t get to spend a lot of time with her because her mother and him couldn’t survive him touring 6-9 months a year and he ended up cheating on her. The producer approaches Molly, telling her that Stella and Mariah are arriving with the children and they don’t want an Easter Bunny, they only want to see Molly. Molly is disappointed but changes out of the costume.

Mariah arrives with her twins Roc and Roe and they are busy opening their bags of chocolate. It is not only Easter, it is also Mariah’s anniversary. She doesn’t call it her birthday because that signifies she is getting older, she prefers to be the eternal 12-year-old. Mariah is grateful to have two great children and thoroughly enjoys spoiling them since she had a horrible childhood.

Mariah wants to have a piece of chocolate and when she leans into the basket there is a rooster inside it, but it is ceramic. She sounds disappointed that its not even a bunny. Kristofer her makeup artist tells her it is a cock, but Stella insists its a turkey. Mariah giggles with the other adults. All the adults join in a champagne toast to Mariah’s anniversary.

Tanaka arrives to meet with the people planning the cake for Mariah’s 12th anniversary. He has agreed to pop out of the cake at her party. He tells everyone that he first worked with Mariah in 2005, admitting it was crazy because for 2005 and 2006 they were on tour and she encouraged him to be more than just a dancer when she learned he also wrote.

She invited him to her house in New York, and they listened to songs she hadn’t released yet. He is hoping that with him now back on tour with her, they can rebuild their relationship. Tanaka is nervous about jumping out of the cake for MC.

Mariah is sitting with her friends and says that since it is her anniversary she would like to have something special to eat. Kristofer asks her what she would like; she tells him maybe a Mozzarella stick. Danielle and Stella laugh when they suggest Molly. Kristofer says you cannot ask her for chicken fingers because Molly would look for a chicken that has fingers. Mariah has heard that Molly is very nice but super sensitive and crying every five minutes. Kristofer says he will introduce them tonight.

Mariah asks where her food is and Kristofer says she has to call Molly because she is the best prank caller. Danielle says no, but they call her anyways. Mariah calls Molly pretending to be Pamela from her team, Molly can’t hear her and Mariah asks her if she is doing this. She tells her to get Mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce. Molly says she is getting it right now and Mariah cuts her off asking her where she is.

Molly tells her she is at the location she was told to go, then Mariah asks her what she is wearing; Molly gets defensive and tells her that isn’t an appropriate question; Mariah cuts her off and tells her not to talk to her like that, and she is Mariah’s aunt. Molly asks again what she wants to eat, Mariah tells her chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks and she begins to act very agitated on the phone. She again asks her what she is wearing and Molly tells her in great detail what she has on. All of Mariah’s friends start to laugh and before Mariah ends the call, she tells Molly not to screw it up.

Anthony gets Tanaka ready and he hops into the cake but is freaking out because he is a bit claustrophobic. He ends up taking a shot of tequila and is still hiding in the cake after 30 minutes. Meanwhile, Molly brings the food over to Mariah’s entourage, and Stella asks her who asked her to bring it, she then discovers that Mariah pranked her. Kristofer is laughing but Mariah says anyone who can handle a prank is good with her, she thanks Molly.

Tanaka is sweating when he gets the call that Mariah is there. They bring Mariah to her chair and Tanaka jumps out of the cake, thrusting and dancing like Magic Mike. Mariah pours champagne all over his chest, and she tells producers to not use this part in the show. Everyone is having a great time but Tanaka stays at her side. Anthony says everyone can see Tanaka all over Mariah and its not a good thing since she is about to get married.

During Mariah’s anniversary her dancers carry her out to the balcony where she enjoys a huge fireworks display. She admits it is bittersweet because it reminds her of the 4th of July, the day her father passed away. Stella shouts that this is all for Mariah and kisses her on the cheek.

Back inside, Molly climbs into the cake; unfortunately Stella witnesses it and is not impressed. She says she is not paying Molly to act like an idiot and wants to wring her neck. She should be doing it on her own time and she looks like an idiot. Stella is furious!

Mariah and her crew arrive in Oslo, Norway where Molly is helping Stella pack all her stuff. Molly admits that she has no downtime, that she works 24-7 and even though she has prepared for this by staying up all night in college or working retail but she says this is different because she is lucky if she gets a minute to sleep or eat or take a shower. She longs for some “me” time even though she loves that she is working for Mariah.

Stella says she would like for all the moms to see what it is like on the other side of the tour; what its like to have two sick children and how much work she has to do. Stella jokes about how glamorous life is for a working mommy. Stella complains that she is busy working triage with her kids and has no idea where her incompetent assistant it.

She demands to know where Molly is, saying she expects Molly to be there at every corner. She is very angry. Molly says she needs a morning to herself and decides to get a tattoo of a globe emoji on her finger to remind herself that she is doing a good job and should be proud of herself.

Mariah takes her children to Hamleys Toys feeling that her tour life is a very demanding schedule but she needs to spend time with them. Her kids are the light of her life.

Back at the hotel, some of the dancers are taking pictures and they sit down and confront Tanaka about the party the other night. Tanaka says they were just catching up when G. Madison says they came there together and then Tanaka disappeared to hang out with Mariah. Tanaka says the Magic Mike moment brought them back together and they were able to reconnect and it was pretty epic.

Stella is in the hotel holding her daughter who has a bad fever and she still can’t find Molly saying this is the final straw; Molly is already on the tour bus. Stella has no more patience and has zero tolerance for this stupidity. Molly is causing more work for her than assisting and says she is going to assist on getting her out of there. Molly asks the driver what is going on, he says they are waiting for more people to take to the venue; she is completely oblivious to what is happening with Stella and her children.

Stella confronts Molly on the bus asking her if she is there to assist her, that she is supposed to email and check in with her. Molly tells her she went to the cathedral saying she didn’t know if Stella needed her. Stella asks her why didn’t she email her. Stella tells Molly to tell her what her purpose is here, and what she wants to be when she grows up. Molly says, “a mother!” Stella says she is done as Molly has tears in her eyes.

Stella tells the cameras that she has two sick children and the answer Molly gave her made her look like a lunatic. She says she has a client who needs to be in a different country everyday, kids that are burning up with fevers and no support staff and then she has Molly who says she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do. Stella says then go home!

Molly is sitting in a stairwell saying that she needs to compose herself before Stella comes out because emotions are running too high right now. Kristofer and Danielle are talking about Stella and Molly losing their senses today. Danielle says she feels sorry for Molly for getting thrown in with the alligators. Kristofer admits that she is out there and different but he likes her. Danielle says it doesn’t matter of he likes her because Stella doesn’t.

Mariah is performing on stage in Oslo and fans say they love turning to her music when the world is falling apart around them. Another fan shows her that she has Mariah’s lyrics from One Sweet Day down her spine. Mariah says her fans are the ones who know her the best and that is why they connect so well. Mariah says that her fans are closest to her songs that are raw and real and those lyrics have changed their lives in one way or another.

Stella asks Molly if she can speak to her for a minute. She admits that she was hard on her but she had told her from the beginnings that she was very demanding and her job is a pressure cooker which is why she demands excellence from her assistant. Stella tells Molly that she believes she is a lovely person but this job is just too demanding for her. She wishes Molly success but she wants her to understand that she needed her today and she wasn’t there for her.

Molly says she doesn’t know what to say, that people they work with told her to not speak unless spoken to and that she was worried about pissing Stella off. Stella tells her if she is afraid to come to work then she shouldn’t come to work. Stella rolls her eyes as Molly tries to excuse her actions. Stella stops her, telling her to stop blaming other people. Molly asks her point blank if she is firing her.

Stella admits she doesn’t think that this is the right environment for her, and Molly says if she is giving her the option she wants to continue working for her and not abandon her and unless she is saying, “Molly you are fired and get your ass back to the United States and stay there” then she plans to stay there. Molly is crying and Stella again tells her there are better job options for her and the job is too demanding for her. Stella walks away.

Stella goes to see Mariah and tells her she had the longest day ever. Stella says she is in shock about Molly not showing up to work and when she does she is crying. Mariah tells her that she heard Molly went to get a tattoo instead of going to church. Mariah shakes her head and says she needs an assistant that can focus and be committed to the job. Mariah says she is a sweet girl but too delicate to the job and they need to be more compassionate towards her.

Mariah tells Stella that she feels bad she has to deal with this and Stella tells her she needs to get some sleep and says Good Night!


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