NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/7/17: Season 4 Episode 7 “The Accident”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 11/7/17: Season 4 Episode 7 "The Accident"
Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, November 7, 2017, season 4 episode 7 called, “The Accident,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “A clinical trial of brain implants in veterans is hacked, and Patton must work alongside his ex-wife who spearheads the project.”

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Several people are out, celebrating with tailgate parties before a football game; a father is very upset that he should have gotten the tickets earlier and when they are rear-ended, he has had enough. The father grabs his loaded gun and shots are fired; security rushes to the scene and shoots the father as the boy screams out for him.

Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) speaks on the phone saying witnesses say all the same thing that he emerged from his vehicle and just started shooting. He finds Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) at the ambulance who says the poor boy is still in shock; LaSalle says they will canvas the scene until the rest get there. Sebastian talks to LaSalle about struggling with the boy, that there was nothing in the manual about talking to the victims but LaSalle says the best thing they can do is find some answers for the family. They don’t believe he snapped over the traffic and just started shooting.

Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) says based on the blood loss one of the bullets severed his aorta and he was lucky he didn’t hit anyone else shooting like that in a crowded area. She tells them she will run a tox screen when she gets him to the lab, but there are no obvious signs of drugs nor alcohol, but it appears he recently had some sort of brain surgery but will know more when she gets him on her table.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) and Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) are at the hospital with Patton Plame (Daryl Mitchell), who is being patched up after he misjudged the landing. Gregorio finds out that Patton likes to go paragliding, she says he could have gotten killed and is furious with him and Pride for knowing, telling him to talk some sense into him. Gregorio storms off as Pride says she isn’t wrong. He tells Patton he is to go home as per doctor’s and his orders.

Sebastian makes the situation worse and tells Gregorio that Patton also goes bungee jumping; she wants to know what his deal is with all this. LaSalle says it is probably better they focus on their dead sailor first, who apparently suffered from PTSS but was making remarkable progress for a while now, according to his psychiatrist. Pride wants to know what triggered him to go off like that, Sebastian thinks he has the answer showing that the surgery was to implant something, that would send electric impulses to control PTSS; it is really cutting edge stuff. Sebastian informs them there is only one lab in Louisiana that is approved for this kind of research the New Orleans Bioresearch Institute – Pride and Sebastian are going to the Institute while Chris and Gregorio are to find out anything they can about it.

At the lab, Pride knows the doctor, who used to work at Naval research, she says they are trying to figure out what happened to the sailor, Gabriel. Prude reveals that the Doctor (Anna) used to be married to Patton. She admits the entire project is hers and Dr. Caleb Lyons (Reece Rios) is the chief surgeon of the entire trial. Pride disagrees with them controlling someone’s brain but she says they are monitoring and stimulating when necessary and could be the biggest breakthrough in mental health in a long time. As they stand there they realize that just before Gabriel died, the aggressive part of his brain was intensified instead of reduced; and they discover they could have been hacked.

Patton arrives at the office to work, knowing his hacking skills are needed. He learns it’s not his ex-wife, Teresa nor ex-wife Jasmine but Anna; he rolls towards the doors saying he isn’t doing this and leaves saying he didn’t think Pride would do him like that!

Gregorio and Chris continue to investigate the competitors who were interesting in buying the “wizard hats”; wondering if one of them didn’t take “no” for an answer and sabotaged the research. Gregorio finds it weird how she didn’t know about Patton’s ex-wives but LaSalle explains he went through a tough divorce with Anna, around the same time as his accident. She says never looking back is one thing, but avoiding the past is a whole different deal and he had to have seen how fast Patton took off at the mention of Anna’s name.

Sebastian thinks he found a suspect, a former test subject who suddenly quit the trial and was very angry when leaving because she felt the treatment wasn’t working for her. She began acting erratically and then didn’t come back. They tell him he did good work and its enough of a motive for them to check out.

Pride goes to see Patton at home, asking him if he should be lifting weights but Patton is so angry he tells him he shouldn’t be doing most things according to most people but that doesn’t stop him. Pride didn’t want to tell Patton in a text that Anna was involved but Patton is furious he didn’t say anything, catching him completely off guard. Patton doesn’t want to talk, especially about Anna and he knows that better than anybody.

Pride says he needs to do it sometime but he is there because a young boy lost his father, because someone hacked into Anna’s project and he is the only one who can help find out who did it and why. Pride apologizes and wouldn’t ask if he had another option; Patton says sometimes it sucks being so good at what he does. Patton says he will meet him at the shop.

Gregorio and LaSalle come to see the Lt and want to know why she quit the trial. She finally admits she started dating one of the technicians working the trial but then she broke it off and he didn’t like it. He started posting horrible things about her, making her look like a slut, but also with the thing they put in her head, trying to piss her off. She doesn’t deny anger issues, but every time he posted about her, she had uncontrollable rage like a switch had gone off in her head and that is why she quit the program and having it removed from her head as soon as possible. Gregorio and Chris agree that Max could have done this to both the Lt and the sailor, destroying the program as two deaths are better than one.

Pride and Patton are at the Institute, as Anna approaches he tells Pride she is beautiful but he reminds him they are there for the case. When she says, “Hi” to Patton, he says he is just there for the case. He rushes off to the elevator as Pride won’t confirm whether Patton is still mad at her or not as it isn’t his place to say. Pride informs her they might have a suspect in their tech specialist Max Cahill. She said he isn’t there after he called in sick today.

Sebastian calls them quickly upstairs, informing them they are locked out; Patton said they made a mistake and now the hacker knows they are looking for him so he sent a virus through the whole system. They can no longer control the remaining 5 patients as Patton says they have potentially 5 walking time bombs out there!

Pride gets that Max might want to hurt the Lieutenant for jilting him, but why the sailor, Gabriel? Gregorio explains that Max just got a grant from an organization that doesn’t exist; they wonder if it was a payout to sabotage Anna’s project. LaSalle comes in and informs them 4 of the test patients were brought in safely but one is still at risk. Pride and Chris are going to look for Lt. Krista while he wants the others to find out where the money really came from.

Patton and Anna are coming to the shop to work on his own equipment to work on the hack of her project. On their drive over, they bicker about the past and his nickname and driving. He admits he hasn’t been with anyone since her but just as they arrive, the owner of the paragliding company stops by to see him. When Anna walks in, Gregorio tells her there is no need to explain as she has an ex too but when Anna asks for tips, Gregorio says she threw her ex in jail so probably not. She tells Anna that Patton is doing great as they are one big happy family.

Pride and Christopher arrive at the Lt’s house, where the door is open and the house is trashed, but no one is there. Chris says someone out of control did this and they worry it is because of the implant. Chris continues to feel messing with people’s minds is wrong; he finds her cellphone with a message from Max wanting to apologize but they think his cyber-bullying may have gone too far for Krista. Pride and LaSalle wonder why Max would do all this and then ask to meet and put himself in harm’s way.

Patton and Anna finally begin to talk, as she reveals she is a mother, hoping she is a better mother than a wife. He agrees with her, which causes her to push him to “go there.” She says he just wants to keep running, hiding and blaming everything on her, but she wasn’t the one who put him in the chair; he did that himself.

Gregorio interrupts them and says Pride needs Patton. Pride needs him to shut the program down as Krista is about to meet Max in a coffee shop; Anna sees someone is setting her off the charts and she is going to hurt someone. Pride and LaSalle arrive on the scene when a screaming woman comes around the corner, where they and find Max with his face beaten in and Krista with her hands in the air asking what she has done.

Krista is arrested, but doesn’t remember coming there nor what happened. LaSalle says it will be hard to prove what happened, especially if Max is dead and can’t prove he sabotaged the project. Pride feels maybe Max didn’t do it and someone is setting them both up to take the fall. Loretta says the artificial implant if activated strong enough could have caused such violence but Sebastian comes in with the murder weapon and there isn’t a single fingerprint on it, only traces of latex. He is 100% Krista wasn’t the killer and was set up, so was Max; they hope Patton finds something.

Gregorio comes to see Patton, who says all roads still lead to Max. When Patton wants to go off to investigate where the money came from Gregorio stops him, saying she isn’t going to pretend she didn’t hear him and Anna’s argument. He doesn’t blame Anna, but she encourages him to talk to her; and now that she is on the other side of her own horrible relationship, it could be freeing for him and Anna too. She just doesn’t want him to hurt anymore, saying she’s got Max and he has Anna.

Patton returns to the Institute, not exactly sure why he is there but feels they should talk. Anna is packing up as they decided to end the project for good as every safety protocol they had was violated and this was supposed to help people, not hurt them. He apologizes for blaming her all this time. She is sorry for what she said that night but he said it was okay, he just didn’t want to hear it, drank too much and drove the boat too fast and here they are. He says it is okay, he is good and his life is good! She blames herself for the arguing but he says he is lucky to be alive. She thanks him for the apology and then orders her to get out of the way so he can save the project whether she wants him to or not.

Gregorio learns the money came from Anna’s project, more specifically Dr. Caleb Lyons; feeling he was trying to get the project away from Anna because of the millions of dollars she had already turned down for it. They are worried Anna is now in danger and need to contact Patton who is with her right now. Pride calls him, but as soon as he says they are in danger, the power goes out and gunfire erupts.

LaSalle says there is no answer at the Institute nor Patton’s cell, Lyon continues to shoot as he turns on the gas; Patton wheels over and tells Anna he thinks he is trying to blow up the lab to make it look like they died in an accident. He has an idea, she straps him and shoves him like he tells her with all her might. He flies off the balcony on top of Lyon. Lyon is able to get out from under him but before he can shoot Patton, Pride arrives and shoots Lyon. Patton yells for him to shut the valves off, saying he isn’t broken and all that paragliding helped with the landing. Anna says he is crazy and he says he is colorful and Triple P to the rescue, everyone laughs.

At home, Patton is putting dishes away when Anna comes to see him. He admits, he was going to pretend he wasn’t home but his van was parked out front. She laughs but says she stopped by and is taking his advice and trying to salvage her project, hoping Krista will stick with it too now that the charges are dropped. She also is glad they spoke but wishes it happened 6 years earlier.

Patton is outside with Marlene, waiting to go paragliding. He asks her if she would like to go to dinner with him sometime. She agrees, but first she needs to strap him in as Triple P is ready to fly!


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