NCIS: New Orleans Recap 3/14/17: Season 3 Episode 17 “Swift, Silent, Deadly”

NCIS: New Orleans Recap 3/14/17: Season 3 Episode 17 "Swift, Silent, Deadly"

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all-new Tuesday, March 14, 2017, season 3 episode 17 called, “”Swift, Silent, Deadly,” and we have your NCIS: New Orleans recap below. On tonight’s NCIS: New Orleans episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The team embark on a city-wide manhunt after a special-ops Marine assaults six men in a bar.”

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There had apparently been an incident in which one assailant that had taken down five people and had even killed the owner of a bar after a mere dispute led to a blood bath. However, it became an NCIS case once a witness later described seeing a marine tattoo on the assailant. So NCIS were called out to a rough neighborhood and they were told to work a case despite not being given much work with. They just knew that one guy had taken down five and that the security camera showed that the assailant had been shot more than once. And so Sebastian ran a DNA analysis on the blood he found at the crime scene and it had revealed the G.I. Joe’s name.

The assailant was Sergeant John Brossette of the Marine Corps and he had actually been a Force Recon Team Leader. So that meant he had been trained under the harshest conditions and withstand almost anything yet that begged the question of why he was handing out in Terrence Hays’s bar much less why he would kill Terrence seeing as Terrence was a criminal. The guy had a rap sheet about a mile long and the people he hung around with weren’t much better. Though Brosette on the other hand had been a golden boy. He had immigrated to the states from Haiti with his wife Amelia and together they had made a profound impact on their neighborhood.

The two had lived in Clearwater which hadn’t been that far from the bar. Yet, the whole area had been more or less written off by the police. There weren’t anyone patrolling the streets and the criminals had been given a free hand. So what made Brosette and his wife different had been the fact that the two had tried to change things. Brosette had acted like a one man police force and he took care of matters when the police refused to step in meanwhile his wife worked with an advocacy group that helped immigrants adapt to living in the states. And so the couple did everything to help an area that no one else seemed to care about, but that didn’t explain murder.

Brossette had gone to that bar intent on getting information out of Terrence Hays and had even tortured the man to get what he came for. But Patton and Sebastian had needed to run a program that reads lips in order to figure out what Brossette wanted from Terrence. So they heard Terrence mention Emerald Pawn shop and they had gone there expecting to see Brosette however they hadn’t thought they would see him torturing the owners of the store. And so they tried to arrest Rosette and he had managed to take them all down one at a time which incapacitated them and allowed the pawn shop owner to escape.

However, NCIS knew that Brosette would go looking for the guy that got away and so they staked out Reznik’s place. Then when Brossette made his move, they made theirs. So NCIS threw gas into the room to weaken Brossette and that allowed them to arrest him though that’s a decision they later regretted when they found out that Brossette’s wife had been kidnapped and he had been trying to find her by targeting some of the traffickers. Like Reznik and Terrence. And so NCIS eventually offered Brossette their help because they hadn’t even known that there was a problem in Clearwater or that a group had been trafficking newly arrived immigrant women.

So NCIS later interviewed Reznik because he was the only one that could them figure everything out yet they had been interrupted before they could act on the information because Mayor Hamilton had been breathing down their necks and they hadn’t known why. The Mayor has always been about optics and so they could understand why he called a press conference to get Pride’s attention. Though the Mayor was going above and beyond to close the case. He had made it seem like he couldn’t afford the bas press that would naturally happen if the news focused on Clearwater and had used that to justify sicking Rita on Pride’s team.

Rita who was the ADA had showed up at NCIS headquarters because the Mayor had wanted her to take Brossette into custody immediately. Yet, Pride had felt at the time that he would need Brossette’s help to get Amelia back and so he convinced Rita to give him time. He said that what was happening was bigger than what the Mayor telling people and that having Brossette around for just a little while longer could save lives. So she allowed Brossette to stay in NCIS’s care and he had been connected to the traffickers by Reznik. Reznik called up the other guys and said that they had made a mistake when they had kidnapped Amelia and that her husband wants her back.

Which was true. But the traffickers hadn’t been prepared to give Amelia back and they had set trap for Brossette that he and NCIS walked right into. So NCIS had helped Brossette escape with his life however Amelia was still missing and the last connection they had to traffickers was suddenly gone. So Brossette was handed over to Rita and the man was facing murder charges for Terrence as well as the three traffickers that had tried to kill him because the Mayor had painted that picture to the press. And so Rita had questioned that. She had told Pride that she looked into it and that the Mayor was doing a lot to keep Clearwater unstable.

Rita had also added that she didn’t know why the Mayor was going to such great lengths though she still wanted to further look into it and so Pride asked her to be safe. Pride had said that the Mayor could be a slippery man and that she shouldn’t underestimate him. However, Pride had had his reasons for believing the Mayor could be dangerous. The Mayor had been one of the few people that had known when Javier Garcia got arrested and so he suspected the Mayor also had something to do with Javier’s death. So after Pride had warned Rita, he had gone back to the station and he had talked over the case with his team because Gregorio had found them a lead.

Gregorio had seen parking stubs for the port on the traffickers’ cars and so she suspected that they were operating near the water. Though Pride had taken things into his own hands and had tossed a man overboard just to find where the women were. So they found the women. The women that have been disappearing from Clearwater had all been placed in crates where they would be held until they were shipped overseas yet one of the women had thankfully been Amelia and so Brossette’s wife had been rescued along with the others. And the trafficking ring had gotten shut down.

But Special Agent Gregorio hadn’t been able to rest for long after closing their trafficking case. She had gone back to her place because she hadn’t been sure about going partying with Percy and her friends at the club however Gregoio had found a nasty surprise waiting for her on her bed – her ex-husband. The same ex-husband that stole eighty million dollars from FEMA that was supposed to help the city rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. So her ex was a wanted man and Gregorio for one didn’t want to stand between him and justice.

So Gregorio had been planning on arresting him yet McKinley had said he had an explanation for what happened all those years ago and that he needed her help now because someone was trying to kill him so Gregorio listened to what he had to say. However, McKinley had told an incredible story. He told Gregorio that he had been forced to steal the money all those years ago by Joe Auferio of Auferio crime family and that he had later testified against Joe in exchange for witness protection. So Gregorio checked out his story and oddly enough it had been true.

Her ex had been part of WITSEC and he was still listed as an FBI informant. Yet, Gregorio had still had a few questions for McKinley and so was forced to wait for them because she had gotten called about a new case. The new case involved Naval Lt. Alex Auferio. Alex had been at the gas station when someone opened fire and the recording of the man that had taken his car had been McKinley. So Gregorio could have said something and simply chose not to because she knew how bad it would look though she did ask her ex about it afterwards.

He had wanted her to meet him for dinner at their restaurant and so she had gone there believing she could finally get the truth out of him. Though her friends showed up and had interrupted that. NCIS had found out that McKinley was back in town and so they arrested him on suspicion of murder because they had identified him as the man fleeing from the crime scene. So Percy and LaSalle had both had questions when they saw Gregorio having dinner with her criminal ex-husband, but Percy had at least been kind enough to warn her that it didn’t look good for her.

Gregorio had been having dinner with a suspect in a case they were investigating and she had known a possible motive before anyone else. What with McKinley believing that the Auferio family is afraid of him and him going to see Alex Auferio after he put Joe Auferio in prison. But again McKinley had an explanation. He said someone had taken a shot at him when he was under protection and that he had gone to see Alex to get Alex’s help to call off his brothers. So McKinley told Pride that Alex had the taken the gunshots that were meant for him.

So Pride did check out that theory and McKinley had been right when he said that Joe’s other sons had been the ones to kill Alex. NCIS were able to trace Alex’s murder back to Vincenzo Moretti who has worked for Auferio’s family for years and so Pride had been hoping that they could capture Vincenzo alive. However, Vincenzo had put up such a fight that he had forced Gregorio’s hand when he pulled a gun on her. And so she had to take the shot yet something about the entire situation was nagging at her.

Gregorio had realized that her ex would never have come back to New Orleans. Not even it was for help because like she said fear doesn’t motivate him though greed on the other hand was different. So Gregorio checked out her theory and she found out that her ex husband had staged the attack on him. Yet, Sebastian and Patton had been the one to help as to why McKinley had faked being assaulted. The guys had looked into Alex’s death and they had found out that Alex’s father had left him all the money he stole from FEMA.

Alex it seems had been his father’s favorite and the one that Joe had wanted to take care over the family business. Though Alex hadn’t wanted any part of that lifestyle and he would have given away the money. So that’s why his brothers killed him, but the part McKinley played had been the same as always. He was still a con-artist and so he had come back to town hoping to con the money out of Alex. Just Alex was murdered and therefore McKinley had fallen back on Plan B in order to get the money without the Auferios getting first.

But NCIS needed his help with getting the Auferios for Alex’s death and so they had decided to trust him by allowing him to access the money while pretending to be Alex because that way they could arrest the money the second it transferred into the Auferios’ account. So NCIS and more importantly Gregorio had thought that they were finally going to make things right by returning the money to New Orleans however, at the last second, McKinley double crossed them. McKinley had warned the Auferio brothers that the feds were watching him which led them to act.

Then at the exact moment the Auferio brothers nearly killed Gregorio – McKinley got away and he did so with the money. The money had transferred back into “Alex Auferio’s” account and that meant McKinley was the only one that could access it. However, Gregoio hopped a plane and flew out to the Cayman’s to arrest her ex-husband. So he was finally going to serve prison time for stealing that money and what was left of the money did go back to the city of New Orleans.