Prison Break Finale Recap 5/30/17: Season 5 Episode 9 “Behind the Eyes”

Prison Break Finale Recap 5/30/17: Season 5 Episode 9 "Behind the Eyes"

Tonight on FOX in the next chapter of their popular drama Prison Break a new Tuesday, May 30, 2017, episode and we have your Prison Break recap below.  On tonight’s Prison break season 5 episode 9 Finale called, “Behind the Eyes,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Dangerous threats keep Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) fighting to protect Sara and Mike in the Season 5 finale. Meanwhile, Poseidon continues to try and outsmart Michael and the rest of the gang, which leads them to the ultimate showdown—and not everyone makes it out alive.”

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Prison Break: Resurrection’s series finale begins tonight with six minutes before the shot was fired as Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) grabbed his son, Mike (Christopher Michael Cooper) as A&W (Marina Benedict) sits on the bedroom chair pretending to be Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies).

Meanwhile, Jacob Anton Ness (Mark Feurerstein) talks to the real Sara he has tied to the chair in front of him. He says what they were doing was advancing their country’s cause but she questions how freeing a man like Abu Ramal (Numan Acar) is helping their country? He admits the missions before him were for the good of the country but Ramal was about her.

Jacob continues to explain that Michael refuses to give up his old life and wanted to hold onto it, and when he caught him watching Sara and their infant son, Mike, Jacob wanted him to go away. He sent Michael to Yemen to die so he could have Sara all to himself. He kept promising the memories would fade as anniversaries went by and he would raise that beautiful child. Sara immediately corrects him saying Mike is not his but he tells her, he raised him and that isn’t a lie.

Sara is angry he is using Mike as bait but he tries to reassure her that A&W knows not to harm Mike. She confronts him saying he doesn’t love her, that his ego is too big because he has to be the smartest man in the room and when he met her husband, Michael, he knew Michael was smarter than him. Jacob scoffs and denies it, saying their love is real, she says that is past tense but Jacob insists he still loves her.

Van Gogh (Steve Mouzaki) joins the couple, saying they are ready; Sara takes a chance and tells him that Michael didn’t kill Gaines but Jacob did, as he was the one who had the motive to do so. Jacob orders her to shut up and when she says Gaines was looking into Jacob, he had him killed, but before she can speak any further, Jacob hits her in the face.

He orders Van Gogh to tape her mouth shut and she says if he does, an innocent man dies. She tells him Jacob killed Gaines and Jacob covers her mouth with tape telling her to just shut it! Van Gogh looks questioningly at Jacob who asks him if there is a problem but they are interrupted by an alarm showing a vehicle arriving. Jacob leans in and tells Sara in 10 minutes the place is going to burn down with 2 bodies inside, and if its any solace, it is their son won’t be one of them. He kisses her forehead and leaves as Van Gogh watches her.

Jacob reveals while the cat’s away, the mice will play as Michael calls his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) saying something is wrong. Mike rushes to Michael who says he got his map and is there to get him and his mother out of there. Mike says he didn’t draw a map and tells him they need to run. A&W removes her wig and points a gun at them when Van Gogh stops her saying he wants to be sure they are getting the right guy. Michael begs them to let his son go and do whatever they want with him; Sara is desperately trying to break free of the chair in the basement as A&W says they are not there to ask Michael/Kaniel Outis questions but ordered to shoot on sight.

Van Gogh says if Michael killed Gaines, they can bring him into the police and do this the right way. He reminds her they can disappear and live a good life, she tells him not to make her choose like this, when he says is there even a choice she says no, shoots him in the head as she says there isn’t even a 21 Void.

Michael grabs Mike and holds the door shut ordering him to run to the end of the driveway where his Uncle is waiting. A&W is knocked out by Sara just as she is about to shoot him, asking where their boy is?

Mike runs to the end of the driveway but Jacob is there instead, Mike says he is scared as they are shooting and Jacob tells him they have come for him and he won’t let them hurt him. He puts Mike in the back of the car and flees as Michael and Sara attempt to regroup with him promising this isn’t over. They rush over to Linc’s car and find him hunched over with bullet wounds all over.

As they rush him into the hospital, Lincoln tells Michael he let him down and should have shot when he had the chance. He tells Lincoln they are close because of him, he is home because of him. Sara rushes him into the stairwell saying they are on to him and Michael has to go leaving Lincoln in stable but critical condition.

Whip (Augustus Prew) and his father, Teddy T-Bag Bagwell (Rob Kneeper) are driving when Whip asks for fatherly advice on how to deal with a father who is him. He asks Whip if the blood is freaking him out as much as it is him? He reveals that Michael told him it would deliver both of them, and all they had to do was get it to him but he doesn’t know why. He hands Whip the original picture sent to him when he left Fox River. He didn’t understand the words initially on it but now he realizes the progeny is Whip and its a glorious thing even though neither of them know how to deal with it.

Michael reveals the plan he had to get back at Jacob and how everything had to wait until he got out and everything lined; at that moment, Whip and T-Bag arrive at the pier where they are.

Jacob, with Mike, meets with his IT guy who reveals there is an even bigger code encrypted inside the eyes on Michael’s hands; he promises they will know really soon what it says; Jacob nods. Mike wants to know what is wrong and Jacob tells him the man he was just speaking to is a police detective who just told him is mother, Sara is dead. As Mike cries, he promises to take him somewhere safe because people are out to hurt Mike because of Jacob’s love for him. Mike wonders why people would want to hurt Jacob, who explains he hasn’t told him everything.

Michael reveals to T-Bag why he sent the letter to him, that Posiedon wouldn’t have watched over people he despised. T-Bag jokes asking Michael to tell him how he really feels about him and whip smirks. Michael tells him that if he showed grace to someone who hasn’t seen it before, that maybe he would be graceful and do something for all of them. Michael promises them normal, every day lives after this. T-Bag realizes the only way they are going to get that beautiful, mundane life is if he kills Posiedon/Jacob.

Jacob brings Mike to a place promising him safety, explaining he is a secret agent and that is why people are after him. He explains that it feels good to go to his fort in the back yard because he knows no one could get to him; well this place is the same for Jacob. A&W arrives, shows her badge and Jacob tells Mike she was there to protect him from the man who SAID he was Mike’s father.

Mike walks up to the computers and sees photos of his father with the name Kaniel Outis under it. Jacob says he has made enemies through the years but this one is the worst since he dredged up the memory of his father. He tells Mike that no matter what he wants to believe his father died 7 years ago.

Jacob gets a call from Michael who tells him he has one more chance to save his life: Hand the boy over or he can’t be responsible for what happens next. Mike hears the whole thing and when Michael says he wants his son back, Jacob says he is his son and Mike yells into the phone at Michael to stay away from his dad! Jacob praises him as Michael is stunned that Mike calls Jacob “Dad”.

T-Bag says a man like that needs to be dealt with and demands to know where he is but Whip tries to reason with him. T-Bag doesn’t care if he gets caught if it means his son will live free; Michael promises no one will get caught, there is a very specific order to this.

Michael says Sara needs to make sure Lincoln is safe and out of harm’s way. Whip and T-Bag are going to collect a wild card for them. When Jacob knows who is out there, he will go to the nest where this all started and the secrets were hidden and blood will be spilled in its rightful place.

Jacob learns Michael’s phone is shut off, so they don’t have an exact location on him; but Jacob realizes he is headed to the Northern New York Regional Zoo and says he is going to find out for once and for all what he was really doing there that night and what he was planning and then he is going to kill him.

As Michael and Jacob walk through the darkened zoo, Jacob has a flashback asking what Michael’s obsession was with zoos? Meanwhile, Thoreau (Devin Mackenzie) is cracking the words on Michael’s eye tattoos. He quietly notices A&W walking through the zoo with her gun drawn as Jacob remembers him telling Michael that the real secret to power is to never show your intentions; to wear nothing on your sleeve and to never let anyone see your face.

Thoreau calls Jacob and says the encryption is a quote from Napoleon “Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.” Jacob looks at the owl in front of him which quickly turns its head revealing bright yellow eyes and he remembers Michael telling him that its what is behind the eyes that counts! Michael arrives at the secret room, places his hands together and on their outside is the eyes and face of Jacob Ness aka Posiedon; the ID matches and the doors open.

Michael calls Jacob revealing he is looking at all his closed servers right now and holding his hard drives in his hand; all his communications, enough to send him away forever. Jacob congratulates him but reveals they are back to game theory since Jacob still has his son. Michael asks if he is going to make a trade or will Jacob try something underhanded? They both say they would do something underhanded so Michael tells him to meet him in the shipyard at 5pm tomorrow.

Sara returns to the hospital and finds out that Lincoln checked himself out; as she speaks to the surgeon he questions her about another gunshot victim that came in around the same time as Linc, she says Lincoln was alone so it must be a coincidence. She overhears the doctor tell the nurse he doesn’t think the patient will make it until morning.

Outside, Lincoln is outside the warehouse, he calls out Luca’s name saying he didn’t do anything wrong as there are no debts in blood money. Luca pulls a gun on Lincoln who beats him, asking if they are clear; when Luca says he will just get more guys and Linc will keep running, police cars arrive and this time they are real.

Sara comes to see Van Gogh in his hospital room, who is barely alive; she says she needs to find her boy and hands him a pen and paper; he writes LET ME DIE but Sara says he has to know someone who can help her get her boy back. She begs him again and he writes down the location of where Mike is, she thanks him and leaves.

Whip and T-Bag talk about the killing, and for the most part it is just bad except for Posiedon. T-Bag doesn’t want Whip to get the wrong impression about his father, he says he is just destroying the negative to create the positive, so the light can be born. Whip says he is out of his damn tree, and T-Bag tells him now he knows where he got it from.

They arrive at Blue Hawaii’s (Duncan Ollerenshaw) hotel room, who greets them as Scofield’s guys. He reveals Michael rescued him from prison after seeing his talents and said one day he would have to return the favor. He is busy painting the re-enactment of JFK’s death when Whip says someone’s incessant need to relive the past will make him crazy and he says enough to make it real.

At the shipyard, Michael promises to get Mike back when Whip, T-Bag and Blue Hawaii arrive. Whip hugs him and thanks him for giving him a family; Lincoln walks in on the exchange and says, “Let’s go!” At the University of Ithaca, Thoreau is telling Mike to not touch things, saying it isn’t an option right now. Mike looks out the window instead.

Jacob says they never left the game and to not ask questions he will never get the answers to; Michael says Jacob isn’t holding the cards and if he gets arrested Jacob’s servers will be exposed; Jacob says he will find and destroy them as he is holding the cards. Michael pulls out a gun and points it at his head, Jacob says that is beneath him when A&W comes in with her gun drawn which Michael says he expected.

She takes his gun, and Whip comes out with a gun; Jacob says they could do this all day and A&W shoots Whip; T-Bag rushes to his side. Jacob feels T-Bag must have been the last of his gunmen and soon they hear sirens with Jacob revealing he called the FBI saying Kaniel Outis would be at that warehouse.

As Mike watches out the window, he sees his mother who points her finger to her lips to shush him. She quickly hides behind the tree again. Jacob screams for the hard drives as Whip starts an argument with A&W. Michael tells Whip not to do it as this is his fight but he protests saying it is their fight. Whip attacks A&W who shoots him, T-Bag begs his son to stay with him as Jacob demands the hard drives again.

Michael points Jacob in the direction of the hard drives with orders to execute T-Bag if he tries anything. Federal agents rush the building and T-Bag smashes A&W into a steel beam. T-Bag rushes back to Whip telling him to go easy as the agents tell him to put his hands up.

Sara manages to get inside the university, but before she finds Mike, Thoreau points a gun at her head. Lincoln knocks him out and Mike runs out of the room into her arms. At the warehouse, Michael says they are up ahead in the next bay, but Michael’s phone rings and Jacob takes it, learning they have Mike. Michael takes a huge sigh of relief as Jacob says its good news for him but now there is no reason Michael would give him what he wants.

Federal agents burst into the room and Michael is able to run out of the building into the exact scene as when Jacob killed Gaines. Michael fakes being shot and Jacob realizes what Michael had done with Blue Hawaii’s help. Jacob admits Michael is smarter than he thought by reframing him for the murder he actually committed; Michael says, for the one he framed him for.

Jacob says it was brilliant but people will never go for it but Michael says the truth is whatever you tell people it is and says Jacob taught him that. Jacob is counting on the Fed finding it but Michael reveals the scene is on the inside of a truck driven by Blue Hawaii. The two fight inside the warehouse after the door is closed from the truck bay. Michael repeatedly beats Jacob and continues to punch him saying this is for the last 15 years.

The agents arrive calling out Kaniel Outis and Jacob thanks God. Michael is handcuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser as Jacob says he is about to leave agents arrest him for participating in Gaines’ death with blood proof in his office that only he has access to. Michael smiles as Jacob is arrested.

Michael shows the videos to the agents, never denying he was there but admits he was forced to do it. The agent leans in and says he is the director of the CIA, Michael says he is aware of that and was the one who sent him the emails; he asks if Michael is manipulating him too?

Michael tells him it depends on how close they want to look; that he showed them the cancer they had in their agency for years and showed them his face. He then reveals that Lincoln turned in Thoreau who fully disclosed 21Void’s conspiracy to frame him for Gaines’ murder and give him the identity of Kaniel Outis. Michael asks what that means and he is told, “Michael Scofield, you are..

He leans back and smiles saying they have no idea how long he waited to hear someone call him that. As he stands up, they offer him a job based on all his skill set. He says he isn’t looking for a job but there is one thing they could do for him.

Michael, Lincoln, Sara, Sheba (Inbar Lavi) and Mike sit in a park, where they enjoy their freedom. Lincoln stands up and walks towards Sheba and Michael tells him he loves him and he says it back; Michael smiles as Lincoln sits with Sheba.

Jacob is placed inside his cell, smiling feeling he won’t be there for long but his cell mate drops his foot off his bed; he jumps down and it is T-Bag. Jacob screams “NO” as the inmates cheer T-Bag on.


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