Prison Break Recap 5/2/17: Season 5 Episode 5 “Contingency”

Prison Break Recap 5/2/17: Season 5 Episode 5 "Contingency"

Tonight on FOX in the next chapter of their popular drama Prison Break a new Tuesday, May 2, 2017, episode and we have your Prison Break recap below.  On tonight’s Prison break season 5 episode 5 called, “Contingency,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Lincoln becomes frustrated as he tries to understand what really happened to Michael. (Wentworth Miller) Meanwhile, C-Note has a new escape plan, but fears it will not be executed quickly enough as Cyclops is trailing closely behind.”

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Prison Break: Resurrection begins tonight with Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) going to a payphone and calling her husband, Jacob Anton Ness (Mark Feuerstein). She tells him she is shopping in town and will see him when he gets home. Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell (Robert Knepper) meets her, showing a photo of Jacob meeting with the enemy.

Sara is shocked but T-Bag didn’t hear much of the conversation other than her name, Michael Sr. (Wentworth Miller) and their son, Mike’s (Christopher Michael Cooper) names. She races off to get her son.

Michael and the escaped convicts are surrounded by military upset and must hide as people see the news and recognize them. A mass has gathered to mourn the death of their leader, Abu Ramal (Numan Acar), they vow to not rest until his murderers are captured, saying they have no safe harbor in Yemen. They offer 10 million rial to anyone who reveals where they are.

Michael, his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) and the escapees find a place to hide out from the angry mob looking for them. Michael is giving orders on how to get out of the country when Linc tells him his plans are redundant as ISIL now controls every road and train station in the city.

Lincoln tells everyone the only option is the airport and they need to contact Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin (Rockmond Dunbar). Michael continues to insist his plan will work when Linc shoves him into another room, shuts the door, saying they shouldn’t even be talking about this and demands to know how he is alive and what really happened to him and they are not leaving until he knows the entire truth.

Michael breaks down saying he had to fake his death and go away as part of the deal he made. He had to do deep undercover work for Posiedon, they could all go free. Linc is confused because he thought they were exonerated.

Michael says a few weeks before he was to marry Sara, he received a call where Posiedon said they didn’t have legal jurisdiction to exonerate their crimes, so unless he went to work for him, they could all be thrown back in prison. The other inmates debate on whether they should leave now, or wait until Linc and Michael are done talking; they fear that ISIL is almost upon them.

Michael explains that Posiedon is a psychopath who is in the CIA and felt he could do better than his superiors. He created a cell within the CIA called 21-Void, implementing his own intelligence operations. He needed Michael’s help with breaking out terrorists in prisons all over the world. Michael did it to make sure Lincoln’s record was expunged, the one catch was he wasn’t allowed to have contact with any of them, including his own son, Mike, that is how Michael Scofield died.

He wasn’t allowed to contact anyone and they made sure he didn’t by having Sara incarcerated and beaten; he quickly gave in so no one in his family would have to face a day in prison again. They are interrupted by gunfire and as they run, they argue about airport or train station.

At the airport, C-Note and Sheba (Inbar Lavi) are struggling to get through the crowds with their tickets; she fears people are going to die there today and says they need another option. She says they need to contact Omar, C-Note protests saying they cannot leave because Michael and Lincoln are coming there. She says the airport is no good to them and he remains steadfast in not leaving.

ISIL soldiers jump on their trucks and rush the airport. C-Note notices the pilot and tells Sheba to follow and not lose the pilot. C-Note orders them to stay down as he chases after the pilot; the airport is filled with armed terrorists. The pilot hides his cross as another truck of terrorists point their guns at him and C-Note. Sheba rushes over saying the infidels that killed Ramal are inside the airport. She distracts the two gunmen long enough for C-Note to subdue them.

The pilot wants to know why they saved him, C-Note explains they need his help since the only way out is by air. There is a small plane in the hangar and C-Note wants to use that to escape.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, Sara rushes home to get Mike, but before she has a chance to leave, Jacob returns home. She tells Mike to get into the car and tells him to stay there no matter what. She confronts Jacob about the photo on the phone and he tells her he was sick with worry and wanted to protect the family. He had someone do a deep dive on her phone, once he found the information, he called them. Sara doesn’t believe he did this for her, she gets into her car and quickly drives off.

Michael, Lincoln and the prisoners arrive at the train station. He tells them to keep their heads down as they sneak into the station. Linc says they should go to the airport but Michael says they are loading cargo here and the train will take them straight north without ISIL checking the cargo again. Linc says it is suicide but Michael tells them to keep their gaze down and to be modest and they can get on the train.

Tasser is working with ISIL and figures out that since the roads are all blocked, they would need another way to cross the border and he points to the train route on the map.

Sara takes Mike to her friend, Heather’s (Crystal Balint) place. She is struggling with her life being a total lie. She attempts to calm Sara saying she is traumatized by recent events and lack of sleep. She reveals it was Michael on the video but Jacob is a good man too. While they talk, Jacob calls and leaves a message. Sara feels he is tracking her, but Heather brushes her concerns off asking for information about the computer tech who hacked her phone.

Just as Michael and the men are set to board the train, one of the gunman wants Lincoln’s boots, instead of handing them over, Linc smashes a box on his head and the prisoners escape under one of the trains. Michael yells for the guys to get on the other side of the train as another approaches and they escape into a tunnel on the other side but not before Yasser takes a photo of them. He calls his leader, telling him to bring the guns and he will stay on them as he is the one in charge now.

At the airport, the pilot confirms they have enough fuel to get out of Yemen, but they aren’t sure he can fly the old plane.

Michael and Lincoln continue to argue as Linc admits he resents his brother that all his decisions have cruelly effected everyone around him. Michael says he can’t break down right now and needs to focus on the plan, just like in Fox River.

Linc says the airport is the only way, Michael continues to say the airport may be the right choice but he trusts his instincts and his gut says they can still make it out of the north. Everyone agrees that Michael is the one to bet on since he was the one who got them this far.

Heather and Sara find Andrew, who confirms he did a data dive on her phone and was able to track their signature they left behind; it gave him a cell number and correct location. Heather’s phone rings, Sara takes the call and its Jacob. He is at the Whitney Heights Police Station and begs her to come there.

As they try to escape the city, Yasser crashes into their vehicle and they quickly realize ISIL has caught up to them; the men flee the car and attempt to hide in the buildings. Michael tells them they need to go downstairs to find a way out as everywhere else is destroyed by rubble.

Sara arrives at the police station, where Jacob asks her to come with him. She is brought to a line up and asked to identify who shot up her home and husband. She quickly identifies them, after looking back at Jacob she confirms her answer.

Michael wants to continue finding an excite but Lincoln says they need to fight back. Down in one of the hospital rooms, they search for weapons as Ja (Rick Yune) turns on his music and drinks the bottle of alcohol. Michael tries to push one of the grates open leading to the street, but when they hear the ISIL men enter the building, they prepare to fight.

Sid (Kunal Sharma) shares about his first love and how he was executed. He begs to be killed by his own knife to end his suffering but his lover (Shayan Bayat) refuses saying he is not in the wrong for being gay, they are. Ja returns and takes the cylinder, walking away singing Queen’s “We Are The Champions”.

Michael sobs under the grate, admitting he should have come to Lincoln for help when Posiedon offered him the deal. He wanted it to make things better for everyone but it only made things worst because he became a ghost in his own life. Lincoln comforts him and says he is the smartest person he knows but he cannot carry the load on his shoulders alone. He insists they have to share the burden, Michael agrees.

Jacob reveals the truth to Sara, saying he had to do whatever he could do to protect her. He wanted to be her white knight but failed at it. He thought the killers would respond to money; he apologizes for putting her through all of this and she hugs him.

Lincoln hands Michael a wrench, he scoffs that they have a wrench and a pipe against AK-47s; Lincoln tells him it will be fun since he always wanted a crack at these bastards. Together they barge down the hallway as ISIL approaches but they quickly turn back when they hear Ja singing.

He pours alcohol all over the floor and sings louder, drawing them closer. They begin to shoot at a jacket and baseball hat draped over a skeleton strapped to the cylinder, it explodes as its riddled by bullets; both Michael and Lincoln jump back at the explosion and burning terrorists. Ja continue to sing as the others look on with surprise.

Once outside the building, they prisoners are praising Ja for his actions. Sid says ISIL is like roaches and they will be filling the area soon. Michael says he is taking a break from making decisions and says they are following Lincoln’s suggestion and going to the airport.

Linc calls C-Note, letting him speak to Michael. He says he has a lot of explaining to do, but they need to hurry up. Linc says they will be there in 20 minutes but C-Note doesn’t know if they can wait that long as ISIL men are now outside shooting. Michael tells him to wait for them.

Lincoln tells them they need to get moving and suddenly Yasser shoots towards them. He manages to shoot Sid and continues to taunt him about killing the rest of the infidels. Sid’s lover jumps on Yasser, who stabs him in the leg.

Sid manages to use the handcuffs he found to cuff Yasser to him; when Sid dies, Michael attacks Yasser, beating him almost to death. Ja grabs Michael saying Yasser will suffer for surviving. Yasser screams they will all die.

At the airport, the pilot says they are running out of time. Sheba says she owes Lincoln her life but right now do they really have a choice. C-Note asks them to wait 5 more minutes; the pilot turns on the engines of the plane and doesn’t want to wait. He says his friends could still make it to safety and if they don’t leave now, they will not.

ISIL shoots their guns at the plane as they head to the air strip. Lincoln and the escapees arrive at the airport fence but Linc tells C-Note to leave now to save him and the children; they will figure something else out as they have been through worse. C-Note apologizes to Lincoln.

Sheba attempts to tell Lincoln something, but the phone cuts out. ISIL shines their truck lights on them and they run away to hide.