Prison Break Recap 5/23/17: Season 5 Episode 8 “Progeny”

Prison Break Recap 5/23/17: Season 5 Episode 8 "Progeny"

Tonight on FOX in the next chapter of their popular drama Prison Break a new Tuesday, May 23, 2017, episode and we have your Prison Break recap below.  On tonight’s Prison break season 5 episode 8 called, “Progeny,” as per the FOX synopsis, “When Sara and her son’s safety is threatened, Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) recruit the help of Sheba and C-Note to try and catch Poseidon. Meanwhile, Whip goes on a separate mission and T-Bag reveals a secret”

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Prison Break: Resurrection begins tonight with Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), Whip (Augustus Prew) and Fernando Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) whistling for help from their raft somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea; after Posiedon aka Jacob Anton Ness (Mark Feuerstein) had the cargo ship they were on bombed.

As they travel, Michael has a flashback to six years earlier when Jacob met with him as a CIA operative and Michael shared information with him wanting to know more about their targets as he didn’t want any surprises. Jacob tells him, together they are changing the world.

Jacob noticed that Michael had some new tattoos but he insisted it wasn’t a new plan, he was just tired of looking at empty skin. Jacob admits it was the ink he had in Fox River than intrigued him the most and he had to know everything about the man who wore his escape on his own skin. Jacob tells him the secret to real power is to never betray your intentions, to wear nothing on your sleeve and to never let anyone see your face.

Once they are in a secure location, Michael says he wants to bring someone on board with their plan. He admits the last thing he wants is to suck someone else into this thing but with David Martin “Whip” covering his back, it increases his odds. Michael says Whip doesn’t have family so he can be easily manipulated but Jacob tells him if he is planning something, he will always be one step ahead of him.

Jacob says he can see everything in Michael’s eyes and Michael tells him, “it’s what’s behind the eyes that count!” Michael asks if he is going to wait another year, or is he going to get him a partner so they can get on with changing the world? Jacob nods and says “done.”

Back in present day, their boat arrives in Marseilles, France; Whip and Sucre immediately search for food while Michael reveals to Linc he got a message from Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies). He figures out something is wrong when Sara replies that her and Mike Jr. love him and will see him soon. Sara had always promised she would never call their son “Junior”. Lincoln says Jacob played him and it worked.

At home, Jacob tells young Mike (Christian Michael Cooper) that he dropped his mother, Sara off at work while he was at school; he notices Mike is drawing a pirate ship but Mike explains the ship isn’t just a ship, its a treasure map for his friend. He innocently explains to Jacob how he put codes inside the drawing; Jacob tells him well done.

Michael tells Lincoln he needs to get home because Jacob has his wife and kid; he can’t wait another 2 weeks on a ship. Lincoln decides its time to share with Michael the last 7 years of his life. He shared how Sara left Panama but Linc and Sofia stayed behind, opened a dive shop but soon she split and everything went to hell; he started to do odd jobs like moving things around for some bad guys. He looked inside the shipments and found boxes of pills that were killing people, he dumped them and is now the dealer, Prince is looking to kill him but that may be a way to get them back to the US real fast.

Lincoln calls and reveals where he is, saying he has the money in his hands. He wants to pay him to get off the hook but reveals he needs to sneak into the States like his pills, but he needs a few seats to return to the US; his contact says he will make a few calls to see what he can do. Michael assures Lincoln he isn’t do this all alone this time.

Whip and Sucre are eating something they are not sure what it is when Whip notices a story on the news about them being terrorists. As police drive by, they quickly sneak away and reveal their faces are on the news and they need to move now. Lincoln gets the call he is waiting for and they have a flight back to the US.

Van Gogh (Steve Mouzakis) and A&W (Marina Benedict) get confirmation that Kaniel Outis/Michael Scofield is still alive from Posiedon but want to know why he would return to the States as he is wanted more in the US than anywhere else in the world. Jacob reveals Michael wants to kill him because Michael believes Jacob stole his life. Jacob agrees to be the bait so they can take him down finally.

Thoreau (Devin Mackenzie) arrives in the office to show the pictures of Michael that were sent to his friend Blue Hawaii. He shares how incredible the encoding was inside Michael’s tattoos on his hands. The Arabic in the ink reveals the photos into the murder Jacob committed, but made it look like Michael did it. Jacob tells Thoreau he did great work but is hoping Michael will reveal his intentions before the truth comes out.

Jacob feels he has Michael off his game now; causing him to play his cards too early. Theodore T-Bag Bagwell “Teddy” receives a letter from Michael as does C-Note (Rpckmond Dunbar); at the airport Whip is told he needs to go to Chicago to learn why he is his whiphand.

Jacob feels Michael made a mistake by turning off his phone at the airport at a certain time, 20 minutes before a flight left for NYC where A&W and Van Gogh are sent to get him; he powers up the phone and they feel they found him; Van Gogh is furious saying it looks like the game is still going as Sucre smiles when they find the phone.

Michael and Lincoln arrive in Willmott Airport in Upstate New York where Lincoln says Michael told him not to give him the 100K because it is blood money and he agrees. Lincoln says he doesn’t have the money, when he orders his guys to take the brothers out back and kill them; Michael points to C-Note saying he is an DEA informant who is in their pocket and surely he doesn’t want murder added to his arrest warrant.

He tells him to forget Lincoln’s debt; he pulls duns on the brothers trying to call Michael’s bluff but 3 black vehicles show up as the men take off. Sheba (Inbar Lavi) is one of the drivers wearing a DEA hat and is pleased to meet the famous Michael Scofield. C-Note is happy he is back but is told his part of getting Posiedon back is over since his face is a liability to him and his family and Michael won’t risk that.

Sheba says they don’t know her face and its the punch they don’t see coming that knocks you out. C-Note tells Lincoln to take care of her but she jokes that its the other way around.

Jacob gives orders to A&W and Van Gogh as they leave, Van Gogh wonders why it doesn’t bother her what they just saw of Sara in the basement; a woman Jacob claims to love. A&W tells him to stop but he says he is out from 21 Void when this is done because all he wanted was to get Gaines’ killer and this is something much sicker and personal.

He says they could disappear after this, if she wanted to; but she feels there is no getting out. Jacob watches the exchange from inside. Now that Lincoln’s ruse was discovered; Prince orders his men to find him and put a bullet in his head.

In Chicago, Whip climbs into a cab, gives him the coordinates and learns they are in the middle of Lake Michigan. Whip sits back confused. Back in New York, Sheba, Linc and Michael come to the Ness house; Linc feels no one is there but Michael believes that is what Jacob just wants them to think. Michael gets out, Lincoln follows and tells Sheba to be ready to get them out as fast as she can. Sheba tells him to be careful.

Michael stops, and sees in the sewer grate all the origami pieces he sent her in the mail through the years; realizing Jacob had thrown them out and that is why Sara never responded. He now knew Jacob knew his secret way of communicating too.

Michael enters the house and sees all of Mike’s drawings while Lincoln searches the rest of the place. Michael is deeply affected by all the family pictures of Jacob with his wife, Sara and his son, Mike. Michael texts Jacob pretending he thinks it’s Sara. He asks where they should go and Michael asks her if she remembers the dinner he owes her. He said it is the right answer so Sara is with him and still alive; Michel sets up the meet.

Van Gogh calls Jacob saying he doesn’t see Michael and Jacob reveals he is the first piece/pawn on the board that needs to be played. A black SUV shows up saying they are car service and Van Gogh tells them to hit the road. Lincoln now knows Van Gogh’s face and now they are playing a game; he orders A&W to take Linc down.

She raises her gun and reveals she lost him in a parking garage; she has no signal and rushes back to Jacob, who says she fell right into his trap and has marked him; he speeds off. Michael watches from the top of the building, revealing Jacob is driving a black sedan heading West.

When they pull up beside him, Jacob is about to shoot the driver, but it is Sheba, who Jacob doesn’t know. Sheba is angry but glad she finally knows the face of the dog destroying her country. She chases after him with Lincoln by her side. Linc tells Michael they found the car abandoned, they look in the trunk and see blood and scratch marks all inside. Michael is furious and scared for Sara.

Michael asks if there was anyone in the back seat and Sheba says the windows were blacked out and they couldn’t see. Michael finds the drawing Mike made, saying he is good and believes Mike left something encoded in it because its in his DNA. He thinks Sara revealed he was coming and hid something in the picture for him to find. As they stand there, Lincoln sees one of Lucas’ guys watching them.

Michael figures out that Mike showed him where they are going. Linc tells Sheba she needs to go back to Buffalo to take care of the refugees, when she protests and says she is a part of this, he kisses her saying he could never forgive himself if something happened to her. He gets in the car with Michael and leaves her behind.

Whip comes to the lake asking if he can rent a boat when Teddy “T-Bag” arrives. He makes a recording that he feels the old T-Bag is coming back and this won’t be the work of a cold-blooded man or for sin or hate. He says if there is blood on my hands it will be for love; just as Whip opens a can with blood inside. He stops the recording as he watches Whip.

Mike is sitting at a table hating the lakehouse and wanting to go home. He asks if his mom is okay and Jacob says she is just under the weather and resting, promising life will be back to normal soon. Jacob looks through the open door and notices his mother’s back as she is sitting in a chair, not moving.

Jacob gets into his car and leaves the lake house, as Michael watches from the bushes. Lincoln sits in the car and tells him to go get them and he will be ready. Whipe returns to the docks and is asked by T-Bag what kind of name is Whip? He says he is asking because he was dragged into this by destiny. Whip says only one person calls him that and it isn’t him.

T-Bag says no one calls him Whip and mentions Kaniel Outis and Michael Scofield; sharing they all have titles. When he calls Whip by his real name Daniel Martin, he demands to know why and T-Bag gives him a letter saying all his answers are right there. He tells Whip about a fling he had with a hot waitress, who stopped responding to him after a while.

Whip looks shocked at him as T-Bag says Michael was looking for a specific person he knew could handle himself and reminded him of someone he already knew. They all wanted to know if he learned his criminal behavior or if it was ingrained in him and it was definitely ingrained in him, and he got it from him, his father!

Michael sees Mike inside the lake house and calls Linc saying he is there. Linc gets out of the car but sees Jacob is coming back. Michael is so happy to see him but when Mike goes to see Sara, Michael realizes something is wrong; Lincoln tells him to hang on but Michael says he is going in. Lincoln says its not Jacob, its clear and to go get his family; the car reverses and it is Lucas who shoots multiple times at Lincoln.

Mike comes to Michael saying he got his map but Mike says he didn’t draw a map; its revealed that Jacob drew the map. Mike says they need to go now and it turns out the woman in the chair was not Sara but A&W. A shot is fired and blood explodes on the window.