Quantico Recap 4/17/17: Season 2 Episode 18 “KUMONK”

Quantico Recap 4/17/17: Season 2 Episode 18 "KUMONK"

Tonight on ABC their hit drama Quantico airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 17, 2017, season 2 episode 18 and we have your Quantico recap below. On tonight’s Quantico, Season 2 episode 18 as per the ABC synopsis, “A despondent Clay meets with the President to discuss the future of the task force, but he’s interrupted by the arrival of his brother. ”

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Owen had lost some of his instincts in the field. However, he had asked Alex to help him regain them without anyone else on the task force knowing. So Alex had been training during their off hours and she had been trying to teach him the way she herself had been taught yet Owen wasn’t responding that well to it. He wasn’t young anymore and he didn’t have the same resilience that he used to. And so Owen worked best when he was assisting others out of the field than when he was carrying out a mission outside with a gun.

So as it happens Owen later came through for everyone when the task force received five pings. The pings had come from five cities on high alert across the nation because there were just the right environment for a riot. A riot as the president vetoed the Muslim registration would indicate that her government as well as her leadership was weak. Yet, Clay for once hadn’t cared about the pings because he thought the task force should be disbanded. He thought that they were losing and so he had wanted to focus on his mother’s presidency.

Clay was looking at his mother’s presidency and he saw that Claire Haas was losing credibility on the hill so he naturally came to the conclusion that fighting the Collaborators was only making things worse. Though everybody else on the task force had thought that Clay was overreacting. They thought that they could stop whatever the Collaborators were planning on and they figured they were half there by looking at the citifies rife for a riot. So Alex had more or less taken charge when she saw that Clay was no longer fit to.

But Clay had still gone to his mother because he thought that he could at least convince her to drop the task force and so he had been surprised when he ran into Caleb. Caleb had gotten back from vacation and had apparently been filled in on everything. So Caleb had had plenty ideas on what his brother was doing wrong and he hadn’t been afraid to say so. He thought that Clay was stuck to playing by the rules and didn’t know when to change tactics to stay one step ahead of the Collaborators however Caleb had had a solution.

Caleb thought that he could join the task force and that he could even be of some help because most of the members were friends of his. However, Clay had been against the idea. He thought that Caleb would bring nothing but trouble and he had felt demoralized when his mother had surprisingly sided with Caleb over him. So Clay had done the one the thing no one had expected. He had gone to see Roarke after talking to his mother and brother yet he hadn’t exactly been ready to make a truce with a man he knew was intentionally hurting Americans to benefit himself.

Clay has gone to see Roarke in order to get a reading on the other man and that was just the right thinking outside of the box that Caleb and Claire had wanted from him. So Clay had gotten some information out of Roarke and he had used that to preempt Roarke’s move by going to Cleveland with his mother. It had apparently been one of her executive decisions that was working against a young man who he had walked in on his wife’s assault and had killed her assailant with an unregistered gun.

So the Collaborators had worked on the judge to push the case through and have the man found guilty because they wanted to reflect badly on the president, but their plan sort of fell apart when the president arrived in the city to talk to the press. Claire had explained that she went pushed the executive order through because she believed that it would save lies and keep families together. Though Claire had also said that she had never thought that the order would hurt innocent people like the defendant and that she had been wrong to go ahead with her order without fully examining all the possible consequences. And so Claire had owned up to her mistake.

But by doing that she had cut off Roarke at the knees and had stopped him from making himself the hero of the piece. So Clay’s plan had worked and it turned out to be a good thing that he had made his move because the others hadn’t faired so well. Alex, Shelby, and Raina had thought they could influence the trial and had joined the local FBI watch group there because they thought that would give them access however they ran into Miranda who refused to let them go off half-cocked again and hadn’t wanted them to hurt her second chance at her career. And therefore, Miranda had been an obstacle nearly all the towards the end when she finally came to her senses too late.

Miranda had realized that they needed to help the defendant and so she had helped the others realize that the judge had been forced to take the bribe. However, by time they did that, it had been too late because the jury had come back with a guilty verdict. So Miranda did impede them yet she now knew that they were working on something they couldn’t tell anyone and so she knew now when to step away. And she also knew that they hadn’t known that Raina and Nimah had switched places.

The twins had thought that Nimah could handle prison and interrogation better than Raina though they forgot that Raina hasn’t been with the FBI in a long time. So Raina was trying to regain most of her training along with Owen. Yet, Owen appeared to be doing better when he tackled Sebastian who had broken into the farm and had interrogated the other man to point in which he learned what Sebastian was truly doing. Sebastian, it seems was investigating the Collaborators as well and so he hadn’t killed Harry. He had just told him that he shouldn’t become involve.

So Sebastian was on the same side and more importantly he had figured out the rest of the collaborators, but there was a problem. Owen had been giving Ryan the names of the others when Ryan figured out his new girlfriend had bugged him so Ryan had tried to talk to Sasha. Though she told him that she could be helpful and had already started to investigate the names before Ryan had tracked her. And so Sasha had gone ahead with her own investigation and she had unfortunately showed her hand to one of the Collaborators.

And so Sasha’s car was bombed just as she was entering it!

But to complicate matters, Caleb was back and he was quickly making threats before long!