Ray Donovan Finale Recap 10/29/17: Season 5 Episode 12 “Time Takes a Cigarette”

Ray Donovan Finale Recap 10/29/17: Season 5 Episode 12 "Time Takes a Cigarette"

Tonight on Showtime Emmy Award-winning drama Ray Donovan airs with an all-new Sunday, October 29, 2017, episode and we have your Ray Donovan recap down below.  On tonight’s Ray Donovan season 5 episode 12 finale episode called,  “Michael” as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ray goes to New York to arrange an illicit surgery that will hopefully save Smitty, as Season 5 ends. Sam agrees to help, but only if Ray commits a brutal act. Meanwhile, Daryll struggles with his loyalties as Mickey tries to get himself out of jail by turning the tables on Ray.

Tonight’s Ray Donovan season 5 episode 12 finale is going to be exciting.  So be sure to bookmark this spot and come back from 9 PM – 10 PM ET for our Ray Donovan recap.  While you wait for our recap make sure to head over and check out all our Ray Donovan news, recap, spoilers & more!

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Ray Donovan begins tonight with Ray (Live Schreiber) driving along the coast, he stops as he sees Abby (Paula Malcomson) standing off the road on the hillside. He walks towards her, but suddenly she falls backward into the rocky grass below. He stands off in the distance, at the funeral. He continues to see Abby fall off the cliff.

After the burial is done, Doug Landry (Michel Gill) rushes his wife and children into a waiting car. Ray walks with Sam Winslow (Susan Sarandon), who is displeased that Doug didn’t shed a tear for his child nor Natalie James (Lili Simmons). Ray needs a favor regarding Dr. Bergstein (Kim Raver); Sam says she will get back to him and leaves in her car. Ray gets a call, demanding the gun that killed Frank Barnes ((Michael McGrady) or charges will be brought back on his daughter, Bridget (Kerris Dorsey).

Mickey Donovan (Jon Voight) tells the DA that he is not an innocent man, he has done a lot of bad things, but he has nothing to hide. Mickey says he didn’t do the crime they arrested him for and could tell him a lot of things, plus who killed Frank Barnes only if he lets him go. He says Sully, Cookie Brown, the poor girl and Frank Barnes were all killed by his son, Ray Donovan.

Ray arrives at the bar and bunchy (Dash Mihok) gives him a drink; Ray asks Daryll (Pooch Hall) where the gun is. Daryll says he can’t do this to their father and he is going down to the police station and tell the truth. Ray orders him to go to the precinct and say Mickey killed Barnes. He says Mickey is a rat and always has been; he takes the shot and walks out. Bunchy tells Daryll to throw the gun in the river and Ray will have to figure something else out for Bridget. Bunchy says don’t do it for Mickey, no gun and there is no murder charge.

Mickey informs the police that Frank Barnes was on Ray’s payroll. Frank got greedy and started selling the drugs from a bust using Avi (Steven Bauer), but when Avi became a liability and full-blown drug addict, Barnes needed Avi dead. Ray was loyal to Avi and killed Frank Barnes instead. Mickey tells him to check out the scene where they killed him, in case there might be some blood or something. He is told if this sticks he could be let out.

Terry (Eddie Marsan) is on the phone, talking about Jacob “Smitty” Smith (Graham Rogers), who starts to vomit again. Terry gets off the phone and says he needs to go back to the hospital, Smitty asks him to put his hand on his head and begins to cry; he lays his head on Terry’s chest as Bridget arrives.

Dr. Bergstein is leaving the building when Ray stops her saying he needs her help. He says Smitty isn’t going to make a week without the surgery. She says it is illegal and immoral what he is asking her to do, as someone always knows. He gives her his number, telling her to take it for when she changes her mind.

Ray goes home to see everything being moved, except for the bed that has a sign on it to remain there. Ray looks inside the box and finds a photo of him as a child, he recalls trying to wake his mother in her bed. He puts the photo in his pocket as his son, Conor (Devon Bagby) says the house looks weird empty. Conor reaffirms that he wants to join the military and serve his country; Ray agrees.

Daryll stands on the bridge, about to throw the gun when Jay White (Brian White) calls him, saying he needs him by his side.

Ray signs the papers to enlist Conor in the US Marines; Ray wants to go out for a bite with Conor, who just wants to get back to school. Conor wants to know what Ray thinks of him feeling his dad thinks he is an idiot nor does he respect him, thinking he is weak. Conor says after the Marines, Ray will see and walks away.

Daryll comes to see Jay, who says Daryll is a producer for Whitehouse Production and can’t have him sitting in some cubicle. Daryll protests, but Jay says he knows stuff about him and needs to keep him close. Jay asks Daryll to testify against his father and to tell Jackson Holt (Derek Webster) what he needs to know. Jay says Mickey comes along and turns everything upside down, he pressures him to tell the truth and all this – the office and job is Daryll’s.

Bunchy is sitting in the bar looking over paperwork when Teresa (Alyssa Diaz) arrives with their daughter. She informs him that she called the landlord and let the lease go and they can leave next week. Bunchy says he is getting things in order for Ray as Teresa promises they can work it out, pleading with him to leave LA and all the crap behind. Bunchy only says he will make them some lunch and leaves the table.

Ray comes to see Dr. Brogan (C. Thomas Howell), admitting he isn’t taking the Zoloft and his face got hurt from an accident in the yard. Brogan reveals he was in the military for 21 years and asks how Ray felt about Natalie dying. He says she was young and the Dr wonders if the funeral made him think of Abby. Ray says no and the Dr asks how this being their last session makes him feel.

He wants to speak freely with Ray, saying he is a severely traumatized person who blames himself for the trauma inflicted on him by others. Dr. Brogan reveals he has PTSD, it is destructive and destroys people and it needs to be treated. He says this is something Ray needs to work on his entire life with medication, therapy, and group therapy. He says he needs this to forgive himself. Brogan tells Ray to trust him and he suddenly flashes to a priest who tells Ray to trust him, then lifts up his frock and reveals his genitals to him. Ray tells Dr. Brogan he is good and needs to go, saying he has his anger under control and thanks him for the help.

Ray returns to his office where Lena (Katherine Moennig) is watching TV as the reporter announces that Ray Donovan’s career in Hollywood is over as his client list is coming forward saying he preyed on their worst fears. Lena informs him about his clients that said they were leaving today. Daryll comes into the office and gives Ray the gun, saying they are all going to hell.

Dr. Bergstein calls Ray, demanding to know what he did as she is being asked to give up her chair and people are threatening to defund the program; he tells her there is a way to stop that. She calls him the devil, he cuts her off saying he will have a car pick her up and hands up. Ray tells Lena he needs her to fly to New York as they are going to get that kid his surgery. Ray calls Bridget saying he is sending her an address and for her to get her friend there.

Ray gives Holt the weapon and returns to the empty house, calling the dog to go with him. He turns off the lights and leaves. He comes to the bar with the dog, he tells Bunchy he changed his mind about the bar. He is going to call Harriet and tell her to put it in his name. He gives it to him for nothing, informing Bunchy he is going out of town for a few days and needs Bunchy to look after the bar. He leaves before Bunchy can finish saying he never looked after a dog before.

Teresa is surprised to hear Ray gave him the bar, wondering about them leaving town. Bunchy takes his little girl in his arms, telling Teresa he wants her to leave and leave their baby with him.

Mickey learns Mr. Holt is there to see him. Mickey says he wants to go somewhere quiet, somewhere like Montana that is good for his writing. Holt informs him they have a statement from Daryll and the ballistics match the gun he gave him. Jackson tells him to make a full confession to the murder of Frank Barnes, confess to extorting Jay White and he won’t go after the death penalty. If he makes a full confession he will let him live out his life in the elderly wing in one of their finest state prisons. Mickey tells him to screw himself and do his worst, he goes back to his cell.

Ray is flying in Sam’s plane. Sam says he must love his daughter to do all this, she asks to see what he was looking at. He takes the photo out, asking if it is him. On the back of the picture, it says, “Forgive yourself!” She says good luck with that, she tried forgiving herself but at a certain point she realized she really didn’t want to forgive herself as they are only alive for so long and they should take what they want, stop waiting for permission.

Bridget holds Smitty’s hand as they shave a part of his head. Sam tells Ray she misses New York as they drive towards the medical clinic, he thanks her for doing this as she says they are friends and that is what friends do. She shows him where Landry stays when he tells the board he is taking over her company, then tells her driver to move on to the next stop.

They are greeted by Lena as Dr. Bergstein and her staff prepares for surgery. Bridget hugs him and thanks him for helping Smitty. Sam is introduced to Bridget and Terry and before she leaves the room she tells Bridget that not everyone is lucky to have a father like hers. Sam tells Ray not to worry about what it took to make this happen and leaves.

Bunchy rocks the stroller as the Beckett (Ryan Radis) arrives; he says they are making some changes in the bar, including entertainment and pinball. He enjoys a drink, saying he has the money and can bring in some machines.

Dr. Bergstein does the surgery as Ray, Terry and Bridget wait. Terry tells Ray that Abby was so far gone and so much pain and he didn’t mean for things to get so messed up. Ray leans forward and asks Terry if he will stick around for Bridget. Terry wants to know where Ray is going but gets no response.

Ray walks the streets of New York, going into the building that Doug Landry is staying at. Ray gets off the elevator as the actress who is replacing Natalie James leaves the suite. Landry throws a condom in the garbage as he fills a bottle of champagne, talking on the phone with his mother. He talks about his wife and the kids, chatting about a fundraiser they had the previous week. He says how proud he is of his wife as Ray approaches him with a towel; when he hangs up the phone, Ray strangles him.

Dr. Bergstein tells Bridget that Smitty is out of surgery, they met all their markers and likes what she saw. She gives her a list of the medications and what she need to watch for as Smitty will need several days of home care. She hugs Terry.

Landry is hanging from the ceiling in his suite, looking out on the city. Ray walks down the street as Bunchy rocks his daughter with the dog lying beside him. Daryll looks around his new office with a worried look on his face. Terry walks into the boxing gym and sees Damon (Dominique Columbus) training with his father in the ring.

Ray walks to the waterfront where he sits on a bench and takes a deep breath. Mickey looks frustrated in his jail cell as Ray is still sitting at the water when the sun comes up. He pulls out the pack of cigarettes that were in Abby’s box and looks over, seeing her sitting on the next bench. She lights up a cigarette and walks off as he follows her into a parking garage. Ray walks up several flights of stairs to the roof, where Abby stands on the ledge. Ray stands on the ledge next to her, holds her hand, touches her face as she falls off. Ray jumps off after her and sinks down into the depths of the river.


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