Return to Amish Recap 5/21/17: Season 4 Episode 4 “From Here to Maternity”

Return to Amish Recap 5/21/17: Season 4 Episode 4 "From Here to Maternity"

Tonight on TLC Return to Amish, the Breaking Amish spin-off airs with an all new Sunday, May 21 season 4 episode 4 called “From Here to Maternity,” and we have your weekly Return to Amish recap below. On tonight’s Return to Amish episode as per the TLC synopsis, “Tensions settle down as everyone makes up in Florida; Jeremiah and Carmela meet with a specialist to see if they’re able to have a baby; Mary throws a baby shower for Sabrina, who goes into labor a month early.”

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The problems began on the boat. The same boat that Jeremiah booked for all of them to enjoy because they were supposedly family however, Abe and Rebecca had gone off to one corner of it by themselves and had ignored everyone else. But Jeremiah had tried to tell them that what they were doing was sort of rude. They were ignoring everyone and had their backs to them almost as if they were pretending that the others weren’t there. So Jeremiah had asked what the problem was because he didn’t understand why they had their backs to his wife which he found insulting. And so that kicked everything off.

Rebecca felt like she didn’t need to talk to anyone because she was enjoying some private time with her husband. However, Jeremiah had also gotten upset when she said that because he wanted to know who had even invited Rebecca. He said that she had her chance to come down and enjoy herself yet she had wanted to stay at first and the rest of them had had fun without her. So Jeremiah got offended, lost his temper, and it was only afterwards, that he realized that he might have taken things too far so he had tried to the couple again. He told them that he didn’t want to start anything and that he simply stated what he and his wife felt.

Except Rebecca didn’t believe him. She said that he was starting sh*t because he sometimes tends to start sh*t for his own amusement. Yet, Mary had later asked both couples to meet her at the beach and Rebecca had gone because she had wanted to know what Carmella truly felt. She thought that Jeremiah was making stuff about and that maybe Carmella didn’t have a problem with them on the boat. So she had surprised when Carmella said that she felt some tension. Carmella had said that no one talked the moment they got on the boat and that the silence itself felt awkward like there was a genuine problem.

Though Rebecca said she didn’t know that was how she was making Carmella feel. She had truly thought that Jeremiah was blowing smoke until she heard it from Carmella that there had been a problem on the boat and so that caused Rebecca to have an anxiety attack. She had apparently hated making someone feel like and that had taken it to heart. Which Mary believed was a good thing. Mary felt that Rebecca didn’t understand how her personality could be off-putting and she had hoped that Carmella’s honesty with Rebecca would help her understand how she distances herself from everyone.

So the only one that didn’t find a problem with Rebecca’s behavior had been Abe. Abe had taken his wife aside when she saw how she was having a panic attack however he hadn’t wanted to apologize or acknowledge that he might have been with everyone else because the first thing he said to his wife when they were alone was that they should have went home right after the boat. He said that they shouldn’t have stayed around and that they the sooner they would go home the better. Yet, Rebecca had gone back to the join the others eventually and she had apologized and was comforted in return.

Carmella also didn’t like hurting people or making them upset and therefore she had been quick to forgive. However, Jeremiah had admitted in his confessional that he thought Abe had been acting that way because Rebecca make him do whatever she wants and he had repeated that at Sabrina’s baby shower. Sabrina had had a baby shower for her second baby and everyone had been invited though Abe and Rebecca had been clear when they told Mary they weren’t going. They had cut Sabrina out of their life and they meant it even as Mary said that they should all come together for Sabrina as she was going through a difficult time.

Sabrina had her parental rights terminated by the courts for her firstborn and that had made her question whether or not if she should keep her impending second child. Yet, Rebecca and Abe just hadn’t cared. They had distance themselves from Sabrina after they had tried to help her back when she was struggling with her addiction and they said that they didn’t want to stay around her if she was going to keep struggling. So they had cut her off and Abe had only gone to the shower to drop off his mother. He didn’t go in or even said “hi” to anyone. And so the fact he talked to Jeremiah was pretty much down to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah had later gone out to the car to try and convince Abe to come in, but Abe refused to because he couldn’t forgive Sabrina for how she treated Rebecca back in New York. That was when Sabrina had called out Rebecca for how she’s been treating her and had accused Rebecca of being manipulative. Though the part Abe truly hadn’t been able to forgive had been Sabrina making his wife cry. She had pushed Rebecca to tears and Rebecca had been forced to leave the apartment because she had been having another anxiety attack. Only Jeremiah didn’t believe that Rebecca’s tears were genuine.

Jeremiah believed that Rebecca didn’t like getting called out on the things she does and that she fake cries to garner sympathy. Yet, he had asked Abe if the reason he didn’t want to go to the baby shower was because his wife didn’t like it and Abe had reiterated again that he had his own reasons for not going. So Sabrina tried to get understand and she had come up with possible excuses for them. Like maybe she should have the baby shower in the morning because it would have been easier for Rebecca to make it if she didn’t have to worry about her kids getting off the school bus however Carmella hadn’t been able to lie to Sabrina.

The two had gone shopping following the baby shower and Carmella had said that both Abe and Rebecca hadn’t wanted to come. However, Carmella didn’t rule out what could happen tomorrow because tomorrow was a new day. She had wanted Sabrina to understand that Rebecca and Abe weren’t ready to be a part of her life just yet and that they needed time, but she herself got where the couple was coming from. Carmella had admitted that it must be hard one loved to watch someone they care about waste away or make so many mistakes. So she knew that Abe and Rebecca had distanced themselves in order to shield themselves from getting hurt again.

But that was something she disagreed on with Jeremiah. Jeremiah and Carmella have had their own disagreements and they have even gotten into a few heated arguments however they had shocked everyone they said they had talked about having a baby together. Both Mary and Abe hadn’t thought that a baby was a good idea seeing as the couple were almost calling it quits over their house. So Mary and Abe’s reasoning had been that the couple could be trying to have a baby to fix their marriage and Abe said that wouldn’t work. He and Rebecca were in counseling and they were still struggling to come to terms with Rebecca wanting her GED.

So the couple knew better than Jeremiah and Carmella that having a baby doesn’t just make all the problems go away. However, they had recently talked about Sabrina to their counselor and he had also questioned their need to distance themselves from their former friend. He said that they all grew up Amish and Mennonite in which they were constantly surrounded by their large families and that they must have been like family to each other when they all left home. So he wondered if it would better to talk to Sabrina and tell her how upset they are because of the things she did rather than simply cut her off.

The counselor suspected that one of the reasons Sabrina had gotten so upset with them had been because she felt like she had no one when she was at her worst. Yet, neither Rebecca nor Abe cared about what Sabrina’s reasoning could have been because they didn’t want someone that hadn’t been able to stay clean and who blamed that on them in their lives. So both were going to ignore what the counselor suggested and never speak to Sabrina again when they heard that she went into labor early. Like a month early! Sabrina had delivered her baby before she could arrange things and that put baby Ariana in some danger.

Sabrina had feared that Children & Youth Services would take her second daughter like they did her first before she had given birth and that’s why she hadn’t wanted to deliver in the hospital, but she had been forced to change her mind by circumstances caused by her health. Though it was that same fear that had pushed her into giving up the baby. She had realized that it would be better for the baby to grow up with her Mennonite parents and Mary had agreed with her. Mary had said that was the best decision for everyone. That way the baby would be with people that Sabrina trusts and Sabrina would still be able to see her daughter from time to time.

Only problem was that the baby came early and Sabrina hadn’t signed the paperwork by time she had had Ariana. So that had put the child at risk. She was born with simply Sabrina as the set guardian and Sabrina had been considered unfit already so she knew that the longer the baby stayed in the hospital was the better chance that Children & Youth Services found out about the birth however there was nothing that Sabrina could do and the baby being in NICU did eventually get around to Children & Youth Services. They had unfortunately shoved a petition under Sabrina’s door one day and it was basically them taking her to court for custody.

They still believed any child in her care whether it was with her or she was simply visiting the child in the hospital was at risk. However, Mary had believed that Sabrina had changed. She had seen the decision that Sabrina had made and had thought that Sabrina was going to need as many people in her corner as possible if she had any chance of fighting Children & Youth. So Mary had tricked Abe into seeing Sabrina again. She had told Abe that she was going to see Sabrina when in fact Sabrina was meeting with them and, well, naturally Abe had gotten upset. He hadn’t liked his mom tricking him and he had ignored Sabrina even as she was sitting in front of him with tears in her eye. And so Sabrina had tried to reach out to him.

She had apologized for anything she might have done and she had hoped for the best. Yet, Abe had told her that he couldn’t have someone like her in his life or around his children. So he told Sabrina that he didn’t see them ever being friends again though he admitted in his confessional that he didn’t believe that Sabrina wanted help and so he didn’t have the same amount of faith in her that his mother did. Mary had wanted to stay fighting in Sabrina’s corner and she had gone to see baby Ariana like everyone else did. Which includes Jeremiah and Carmella who were trying for their own child and lived in Florida.

Though Mary’s faith in Sabrina led to her wanting to be there at the courthouse for the custody hearing and seeing no signs of Sabrina!