S.W.A.T. Fall FinaleRecap 12/21/17: Season 1 Episode 8 “Miracle”

S.W.A.T. Fall FinaleRecap 12/21/17: Season 1 Episode 8 "Miracle"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, December 21, 2017, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 8 called, “Miracle” as per the CBS synopsis, “Hondo and the SWAT team are forced to work over their Christmas vacation when a drug cartel is out for blood after their cache of gold bars is stolen. Also, Jessica draws the attention of Michael Plank, president of the Police Commission, when she approaches him with her ideas on how to improve the SWAT division.”

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S.W.A.T. begins tonight with SWAT enjoying a Christmas party while across the city an underground bar is going on as two waitresses are offering shots and lines of cocaine. When they notice something is going on but the new girl is told it is best not to ask what is going on when a man is dragged away.

The two men at the bar wait for their opportunity and bring their bag to the back where they are told no customers are allowed, but tasering the man, walking past piles of cash and after digging through several boxes rush out; but not before shots are fired and people shouting they are thieves. One manages to escape, while the other has to fight off the police and the cartel inside.

Back at the party, Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) complains to Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) about Sgt. Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) sucking up to the President of the Police Commision. Hondo tries to tell her how sexy she is but she tells him not until the party is over, teasing him that there is nothing underneath it. Hicks walks over with Commissioner Plank (Peter Facinelli) who acknowledges Hondo suggesting he would like to talk him into trying for Captain one day but Hondo says he has his dream job already. Hicks offers Plank to come see what SWAT really does.

Suddenly, half the room is alerted that an officer is in trouble and the teams head out. Sgt Jeff Mumford (Peter Onorati) says the gangbanger guards in these places are mean sons of bitches, so they need to go in heavy. Hondo says this is Mumford’s party, he is just there for the ride. The shootout is in full swing when SWAT arrives, they secure the officer as Hondo comes in from the other side and they secure the situation as Mumford wonders what the hell these clowns had to die for? Hondo shows him a brick of gold.

Hondo informs Hicks and Plank that Mumford’s team is working the witnesses but says these are signs of a casita robbery gone bad. Hicks explains it is an underground bar, that is cash only, drinking, drugs, and gambling. It is a poor man’s Las Vegas. Hondo is guessing it is run by a drug cartel as the shooter had a bag full of gold and this casita is a weigh station before the cartel could move the profits to Mexico. Hondo informs the Commissioner that the cartel does not like to be ripped off and there will definitely be payback. Hicks tells him to call him his team to help Mumford, just as Hondo says his team is supposed to down for the next few days and Mumford says they can handle it; Hicks says that cartel is looking for blood and they need all hands on deck.

David “Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) is at home, who is determined to get his son Matthew the toy he wants for Christmas but suddenly gets interrupted when his phone goes off and he is called in. The kids give him a hug as he leaves.

At the precinct, Hondo says they need to move fast as the Deacon suggests contacting a CI who used to run with the Mexican cartel, Hondo tells him to take Victor Tan (David Lim) and Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson). Jessica informs them that Joaquin and Diego did the job, they took down Joaquin but Diego is the one that escaped.

One of the DOAs was a gang member from the 28th Street Diablos; they also believe a girl who worked at the casita named Reya Montoya (Marisol Sacramento) was an accomplice; she was injured in the robbery but was seen talking to the suspects just before the shooting started. She disappeared, but no local hospitals reported her. Hondo says they need to find Diego and Reya before the cartel does.

Jim Street (Alex Russell) says his plans are screwed as Luca says Mumford’s team was, not them. Hondo says Hicks wants to impress the Police Commissioner, he says they are going to play “SWAT TAG” and the price is that two team members will go to New York City to advise the NYPD on security for the Grammys, get an all-access pass to the green room, face-to-face with the stars! Christina “Chris” Alonso (Lina Esco) explains the rules to Street; just as he brags about how good he is, Deacon tags him for his arm patch being crooked and takes his golden card.

Chris, Hondo, and Street come to see Chris’ “street” doctor, who says her only patients now are animals. She suggests they can find this guy Tommy’s EMS van parked behind the gun joints by the 110. She says he stitches up drunks on his downtime.

Jessica asks Plank how he enjoyed his SWAT action. He asks her to call him Michael, saying SWAT definitely lives up to its reputation. Jessica talks about the charity event and how much money they raised, asking if he had any thoughts on her policing proposals; he informs her that he never received anything from Sgt. Hicks. He is impressed, saying it is usually like pulling teeth to get police officials to talk about these topics and likes to skip the middleman and tells her to email her proposals directly to him.

Street says he doesn’t like hip-hop because its just people talking about music in the background and even he can do that. Hondo says that has got to be the whitest thing he has ever said! Hondo says various music is his favorite but suddenly Chris sees Reya and they order her to get out of the van. They arrest her, saying she should thank them for finding her before the cartel did. Deacon informs Hondo that the word is out that someone hit the casita and a huge bounty for anybody involved but no word on which cartel is involved.

Deacon is upset that he can’t find the toy his son wanted; Chris tags him for having a couple open buttons and tells him, the game is on. Deacon and Hondo go to interrogate Reya, feeling she was in on the robbery, telling her that one of the guys is dead and they can pin it on her. She says she cannot speak to him, Hondo whispers to Deacon about her bracelet and then leaves the room.

Deacon asks her about it, talking about how he hated mass but now that he is grown up, he still takes his kids to church. She tells him she went to college and came to LA with a good plan but trusted the wrong people and it messed up her life. He reminds her that when she does good without the reward, that is when she finds grace. She reveals that she was lying for the cartel count. She tells him Diego’s last name, in hopes that they can take the cartel down; Deacon assures her she did the right thing.

SWAT surrounds the house and breach the door, after searching the entire house. Hondo shows white fresh paint and dust on the wall, suddenly shots are fired through the wall, Deacon falls to the ground, he is alive and kicking but has taken two slugs to the vest; behind the wall is Diego and the remaining gold from the cartel.

Luca walks down the hallway asking Street if he thinks Beyonce will take a selfie with him; Street asks him about his obsession with her as Tan steals Chris’ golden card for slacking. Deacon says he is okay as he makes a call for the toy for Matthew. He call his wife, saying he just needed to hear her voice, but still searching for the toy for their son, He tells her he loves her and has to go.

Hondo asks him how he is doing but Deacon says he will probably get away with a couple bruises and his wife, Annie stopped worrying about his bruises years ago. Hondo feels this is his fault and should have pulled the team, knowing it was a false wall when he saw the paint, Deacon reassures him that he would have made the same call.

Mumford brings in Enrique Flores, who admits his gang worked the casita that got hit but he had nothing to do with the place getting jacked. Hondo suggests he talks before he catches the blame for this. Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) is told to give Enrique a tour of their facility as he has some outstanding warrants. Mumford says Manuel is dangerous and doesn’t usually stick his head above grounds as he is usually busy ordering executions there and in New Mexico. Chris comes with a new video text message on Reya’s phone; her friend is seen crying, saying they want their gold back of they will kill her.

Jessica and Hicks want to use Reya in a sting operation, but both Deacon and Hondo feel it is a bad idea, reminding them that they almost lost Street while he was undercover. Mumford says if they don’t have a lot of time to plan this out, he doesn’t want to have two dead civilians on his hands and tough questions to answer; Hicks says he is leaving it in Jessica’s hands. Jessica asks if there are any doubts, Hondo wants to know if Reya is up to it; Deacon goes to talk to her, wanting her to do the right thing. He promises if she says yes that he will protect her with his life!

Michael comes to see Jessica at her office, informing her that some of her proposals are simply unrealistic in scope and too expensive to implement. The police accountability and anti-bias training programs could really work and he was impressed with them, but won’t make most cops happy. He says the proposals would have to be completely rewritten if she wants the board’s approval. She promises she can do both and have them ready in a few weeks. He wants to know what is behind all the ambition; she shares she wasn’t born in the US, and her parents sacrificed to give her more and she wants to pay them and the city back. She believes these projects can make a real difference. He tells her this isn’t going to be easy but she promises she is ready to do the work.

Hondo informs the teams that the kidnappers answered the text and agreed to meet and they hope Manuel shows up with Lupa, Reya gives them the gold and both women walk away. They are to meet at the chapel, as the SWAT team talks about going in blind, Hondo tells them to stay sharp, the camera is ready and eyes in the sky is ready to take off. They prepare to set the trap, as they are dressing Chris catches Victor wearing blue socks and takes his gold card; he warns her to watch her back as the game isn’t over.

Deacon talks Reya through the plan, she tells him she is scared and he admits he knows the feeling but tells her that when he is scared he puts his faith in the plan and in his teammates and agrees to say a prayer with her. She reveals her real name to him, which means “miracle” and together they say the Lord’s Prayer before they leave; Hondo saying “Amen” with them at the end.

A drone flies over the cemetery, directed by Street. Deacon has visual of Reya but they have no idea who is all inside of the chapel, they have heat signal inside and movement. They take Reya inside, and Deacon is ordered not to fire. Street tells them they are talking about the gold and must have believed her as 6 people are heading to the doors, 2 hostiles are with the two women heading for the bait car. Deacon shoots the hostiles when they raise their guns to kill the women. Luca searches the chapel and confirms that Manuel is gone, confusing them as there is no way he could have gotten past them.

Victor tells Hondo that the heat sources are heading away from the chapel towards the crematorium. Hondo realizes they are underneath them in the service tunnel for the cemetery and tells them to find the blueprints; he is approaching them and tells Victor and Jessica to alert the team of their location. SWAT is able to catch the last two men and Jessica tells them, they did a great job.

Reya runs up to Deacon hugs him as he wishes her good luck with her new life, reminding her that God loves her, saying forgiveness starts with forgiving herself and that he will be praying for her. Hondo tells his team that the case is closed. He wants to know who got the golden ticket. Luca and Chris got the golden tickets and are thrilled to be going to New York. Deacon admits his head wasn’t in the game and he has less than 10 hours to find that toy for Matthew. Hondo says it is the season for miracles. He tells them he is really proud of them, that is has been one hell of a year and promises if they stick together, the reward is one kick-ass family!

Hondo tells them “Happy Holidays!” and they may find something by their lockers. They have Christmas stockings. Deacon finds the toy he was looking for and the note says “It pays to have high friends in low places. Luckily, I had a favor to cash in with the toy king of Compton. Merry Christmas, Hondo!”

Hicks calls over the Police Commissioner as Hondo comes to see Jessica, who tells him that Michael Plank read her proposals on anti-bias training and police accountability and wants her to implement them. Hondo thinks that is amazing but she isn’t sure how Hicks will feel about it but promises to tread lightly. She tells him to come over later and to forget the bells and bring the mistletoe. Plank congratulates Hondo on capturing the cartel leader, then asks him about Captain Cortez as a boss. Michael is quite impressed with her, saying she could really help the city and believes she is destined for greater things than just SWAT. Hondo didn’t like that comment but leaves when he sees her with Hicks and Plank.

Deacon returns him to Annie who is happy to see him home safe and able to give Matthew what he was praying for; they kiss beside the Christmas tree.


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