S.W.A.T. Recap 11/30/17: Season 1 Episode 5 “Imposters”

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, November 30, 2017, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 5 called, “Imposters” as per the CBS synopsis, “When a series of home invasions are committed by SWAT imposters in an upscale neighborhood, Hondo and the team suspect the burglarized families are all hiding something. Also, when Deacon and Luca are assigned to protect a visiting professional hockey player who is receiving death threats, his penchant for trouble becomes a complication.”

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[2017-11-30, 7:33:21 PM] Cristie Grx: S.W.A.T. begins tonight with a family discussing breakfast when SWAT busts into the house placing the father, mother, and daughter in zip-ties. The father is yelling that they have the wrong house and this is a mistake; they realize something is wrong, when one shouts to get upstairs and get the stuff while one takes the mother’s wedding rings; even after they get the right code to turn off the alarm, two of the intruders, who are dressed in SWAT gear, take the teenage girl named Desiree away. Security arrives at the house, reporting that it is probably another false alarm; as he approaches the house, one of the men walks out and shoots him but he manages to escape. Shortly thereafter, SWAT is called in.

Daniel ‘Hondo’ Harrelson (Shemar Moore) and David ‘Deacon’ Kay (Jay Harrington) inform the team of their plan as they race to the scene, reminding them to be prepared. Jim Street (Alex Russell) says he got it, joking that they should shoot at anything that moves. They enter the house and the zip-ties are on the floor, they go up the stairs, where Hondo takes down the father who begs them to leave his family alone. They find the mother and daughter, who is holding a knife not sure if they are the real police, but Desiree is sure they are SWAT and runs into Christina ‘Chris’ Alonso’s (Lina Esco) arms.

When Hondo and the team question the parents, they said everything was a blur and says Desiree saw even less than they did, but when he looks at her, she lowers her eyes to avoid eye contact with him. It is clear they are hiding something as they know Desiree’s zip-ties were cut, even though the parents insist she slipped out of them. SWAT is getting ready to leave but Desiree asks if Chris is staying; when everyone refuses medical attention they go outside.

Hondo, Deacon, and Chris all feel this looks like a sexual assault occurred and there is a connection between Chris and the girl; Chris tries to go talk to her. Street has buddies who would know something about the stolen jewelry; Hondo tells him to check it out but to make sure he doesn’t regret this. Hondo is concerned that civilians are going to come at them with guns soon because they can’t trust them being the real police; Captain Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) asks how the victims are.

Hondo says Donovan and Trisha Watson, the victims are lying like they don’t want them to catch whoever did this. Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) wants updates for the Chief as soon as they have something. Jessica reminds Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Deacon they have the security detail that comes from the top, and they cannot stay on this case.

Victor Tan (David Lim) tells Hondo there is a couple in the neighborhood that just hired a company for 24-hour security against home invasions. Hondo goes to visit Jake Kemp (Cory Blevins) who says he read an article that spooked him into hiring them. He notices their door their door is damaged but Jake won’t offer any information, saying they are remodeling. Both Hondo and Victor notice a family photo with a teenage daughter and the mother wearing expensive jewelry around her neck.

Outside, Hondo is sure the same thing happened there, Victor says it doesn’t make sense if someone broke into his house and tied up his family, he’d beg the police to look into it. Hondo calls Chris, suggesting that Desiree may know Jake’s daughter. Desiree says she doesn’t know Laura Kemp (Catherine Davis) but says this is the kind of thing that shouldn’t happen to anyone.

At the arena, Deacon and Luca are on the assignment of protecting a professional hockey player, who is getting death threats after hurting a home team player. They are introduced to Bobby, who can’t wait to hear about some SWAT stories but doesn’t take the threats seriously; his agent warns them that he is a little bit “off”.

Jessica is confronted by Lacy Webb who is from the city council. She is not impressed that SWAT is not doing patrol until they find the imposters. Jessica says having money doesn’t buy them special treatment. She says it’s not her fault she is giving substandard treatment to south LA and she expects better.

In interrogation, Hondo confronts Felix Biederman (Amol Shah) who sold the SWAT uniforms. He said the guy buying them said he was making a web series; just then, Street gets a message that someone is trying to fence some of the stolen jewelry. The street is told to take care of his “boy” who is chasing the guys with a gun, while Hondo and the rest of the team chase the suspects. He shoots at Hondo and Victor but Street drives around the corner and hits him with the door of the car. He opens the bag and its the stuff stolen from the Watson’s; they lost eyes on the other suspects.

Hondo asks Will, Street’s “buddy, about the surveillance and he reveals it is on the cloud and can get it for him, also informing them that the same guys were there last week selling stuff. He said they would be back tomorrow with more stuff just before he pulled out the shotgun, meaning they had another home invasion planned.

Chris watches Desiree for a little while, then tells her she knows she isn’t telling her the whole story. She reveals that when she was 15, some guys grabbed her, tied her up for hours before they realized they had the wrong girl, but it was hours under their control. She was scared for a long time after that and mad at herself for not being able to get over it. Chris finally asks Desiree if the men hurt her or touch her this morning; Desiree swears they didn’t rape her.

The two men are stuffing everything they can into bags, when a third man arrives, furious that they are packing up. He tells them they have another job but the one protests saying the police have TC. He insists they have one more job worth more that one hundred grand, enough to expand production into 3 different clubs. He is told to stop smoking his own supply, when both men refuse, Matt pulls out his gun and shoots and kills the one, saying they are doing the job together.

After the hockey practice is done, Bobby wants to go to the bar and talk “SWAT”; Deacon says the itinerary is to bring him directly to the hotel. Luca wants to call his agent but Bobby takes the card and eats it, saying he will be right back.

TC requests a lawyer and Hicks reminds Hondo to handle the case with care. Jessica talks to Hicks about her meeting with Lacy Wells and wonders if she is part of the problem or has they just gotten too used to the way things have been and can they do better by everyone. Hicks says these situations are like political opportunities and tells her to throw the woman a bone and get her off their backs.

Chris tells Desiree they have caught one of the guys and will find the other 3 and then it will be over. She wants to know Desiree why she is still scared. She wants to know if there is anything on him, like his phone, what will happen to it. She admits to Chris that after they tied up her parents, two men took her upstairs, they started to video her on their phones and made her take off her clothes and told her they would kill her parents if she didn’t talk on camera about the dirtiest thing she had done or thought about doing. She did, and if they did anything to help the police, they would put it online and if anyone googled her name, it would haunt and follow her forever.

Hondo comes to see Jake and confronts him with the jewelry, saying the inscription proves it is theirs and tells him to get real, informing him of the video the intruders made of Desiree. Jake says he is trying to protect his daughter; Laura comes in and agrees to help them saying she won’t let it happen to anyone else. Hondo and Chris show both the girl’s photos, and both are able to identify a man named “Cash” who were at little clubs and dealt Molly out of them. They said the only other girl that Cash paid attention to was April (Hana Hayes), and SWAT promises to find her before Cash does.

Deacon and Luca arrive at a bar, where the patrons boo him, telling him to get out. Bobby continues to be cocky with them and Deacon looks at Luca and says he might kill Bobby himself as patrons ask them why they are defending him while wearing their city’s emblem on them. Hondo comes to see April, who says Cash and TC have been to her place before, partying. She is home alone and says Cash wouldn’t come after, but says they can watch the place as she goes to her friends for a party; Hondo says she needs to cancel her plans.

Bobby continues to drink, as they keep chanting that he is “dirty.” He continues to antagonize them and Luca is forced to take two of the patrons down as Deacon looks on. April is in the kitchen texting, seemingly unfazed by what is going on. She attempts to sneak out of the house, but Hondo catches her. She tries to lie and he grabs her phone, asking if he searches it if he is going to find the videos of Desiree and Laura?

April is in interrogation, saying she wasn’t part of it, thinking maybe the girls were just attention whores. April claims she didn’t know anything but Hondo believes she did it over a grudge. April asks if they got a hold of her mom yet, as she will take care of all of this. Desiree is surprised she was still mad about that, as it wasn’t her fault, lots of kids had the photo. Street says April is a psycho living on a different planet, but Victor says she lives on the same planet but different tax bracket as she never had to pay for the consequences of her actions.

Hondo asks Laura and Desiree who else April might be after and then Desiree asks her if she is the same Laura that Corby (Darren Barnet) was flirting with? He was April’s ex, he dumped her the night after he flirted with Laura. They strongly believe that Corby could be next; when they try to call him, his cell and house phone go straight to voicemail. The imposters start shooting at the police, panicking, wondering what to do.

Meanwhile, at the bar Bobby smirks, asking Luca to teach him those moves as Deacon says there is nothing funny about this. Bobby says they had this coming. Deacon gives him hell, and they talk about hockey and how he played in college but wasn’t good enough to go pro. But he plays hockey and always wished to be a cop/ When they get a call, he wants to ride shotgun but Luca turns him down, when he turns to sit at the bar, Deacon invites him to join them.

At the scene, Bobby asks for a vest, and when they show him the back of the cop car, they shove him in and Deacon says he gets 2 minutes in the box for being a pain in his ass all day; reminding him this isn’t a game. Inside the house, Luca is able to get a visual where they are talking about killing the dad to show they are serious; when the imposters are distracted by the camera, SWAT breaks in the windows and realize the intruders are upstairs. They are able to get the family out and begin to go up the stairs.

The one imposter surrenders, as the other is shot and killed. He attempts to run, but Luca and Victor grab him as Bobby shouts from the backseat that his “ass is going down”; he asks if that is Bobby and says he hates that guy!

Hondo comes to see Jessica in her office, saying the survivor is going to give up April. Jessica wonders who turns teenage grudges into home invasions and humiliation videos. He says they found the videos and assures her they won’t get out. He says her mouth is saying “good work” but her mouth is saying something else. She says it bothers her that this was solved but the double murder in South LA remains unsolved, yet no one has called to complain. She wants to know how to deal with a community who doesn’t get outraged by something like that anymore. He says the day is over, and the only SWAT out there is the real SWAT and they should at least take a moment to enjoy that victory. He promises they will change things for the better and they are only getting started.

Bobby wants to drive the truck and thinks he can make it up the guys as he only has them one more day. Chris is wrapping up Desiree’s hands and begins teaching her self-defense, saying its more therapy for her. Hondo smiles as he looks on.
The next day, Bobby brings Deacon on the ice as Hondo, Luca, Street, Victor look on. Bobby checks him into the boards and Hondo says that isn’t okay as Luca shouts that this is getting him into hockey!!


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