S.W.A.T. Recap 11/16/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Pamilya”

S.W.A.T. Recap 11/16/17: Season 1 Episode 3 "Pamilya"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, November 16, 2017, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 3 called, “Pamilya” as per the CBS synopsis, “Newcomer Jim Street jeopardizes his spot on Hondo’s team when he agrees to do a favor for his incarcerated mother that endangers his SWAT career. Also, the SWAT team searches for the ruthless mastermind behind a drug trafficking ring that forces immigrants to be mules.”

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S.W.A.T. begins tonight with the team following up on Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson’s (Shemar Moore) CI’s information about a heroin drop location. There are supposed to be 3 or 4 guards but David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) says they should be ready for surprises; everyone says a little speech, then Jim Street (Alex Russell) says “SWAT is about saving lives, not kicking ass!” He smiles, asking if they all think he doesn’t listen, but Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) says he hasn’t been around long enough to quote scripture.

Victor Tan (David Lim) shows them a picture of Luca sleeping on the couch again with all his stuff. Hondo says once they get this drug op down, he will deal with sleeping beauty. Altogether they say FILL THE GAP, STAY LIQUID!! They breach the apartment, and take down several of the men inside, one manages to get out of the apartment, while Street protects two girls in bikinis, Chris (Lina Esco) attacks the last gunman and captures him; Street announces that Chris took the rabbit. Inside, there is no sign of the “H” and they wonder if the CI was right until they hear a noise; the team unlocks a door and finds several people in the room, learning they are mules and call for several ambulances.

At the hospital, the man Javier Sanchez (Darion Basco), who almost died from the Heroin packets inside him, is recovering. The Doctor says she wants them to wait to speak to the “mules” until all the drugs is out of their systems as she needs them to stay calm and not get agitated. Father Alex Guzman (Mig Macario) says these people are his family, and most immigrants don’t know their rights and are taken advantage of and he makes it his business to make sure that doesn’t happen. He is persistent that someone forced them to swallow the drugs but they are in the US legally.

Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) doesn’t feel it is his call to make whether these people help the police catch the drug dealers or not. Hondo says they will be back when they are well enough to talk and they can be friendly witnesses or charged as drug smugglers and he will leave it up to him to explain that to them.

Back at the base, Jessica informs Hondo that Dt. Sal Marcus (John Marshall Jones) wants to talk to him about this case; neither are sure what he has to do with all of this. Street’s phone vibrates and he leaves the room to go answer it; it is a call from his mom Karen Street (Sherilyn Fenn), who is prison. Marcus informs Hondo that homicide found 3 gutted Filipinos in the past few months, they thought it was some sicko but now he thinks it might be connected to the mules he found. All their victims, alive and dead were Filipino nurses, there legally. Jessica says if you are an immigrant and want to work legally in the country, you need a sponsor and that is where they should start.

Jim Street goes to see his mother, at first they joke but then he gets sad saying she shouldn’t be there. She says he is always looking out for her. He doesn’t want to talk about the abuse from his father but she said it was urgent; she informs him a friend of hers is getting out next week and her ex-was a hitter, like his father. She asks if he can go by and warn her ex, showing him that Jim is a cop that he will stay away from him. He feels she has every right to ask him anything because he owes her everything; reminding her that everyone turned their backs on them and she did what was necessary to save them. He demands to know the guy’s name.

Luca is looking for a place to stay because apparently, the rule is every time he gets kicked out, someone from the team has to take him in until he gets on his feet; he says it is S.W.A.T. code. Hondo returns and reveals the sponsor’s name is Robert Miller (Larry Sullivan), who owns an employment agency to recruit workers for nursing homes around town. Chris and Street are told to interview some of the employees and residents. Miller reveals he is just the middle man and Julio Arvado (Anthony Martins) is the one who deals with the recruits face to face.

SWAT go to Arvado’s house, there is no sign of him but there are condom balloons and duct tape. Hondo says take photos and document but leaves it all there so they don’t spook the guy. While they document everything, everyone on the team talks about how horrible of a house guest Luca is, as he pleads for one of them to come through for him tonight, there is a knock at the door. Ross Martin (Jesse Luken) asks through the door for a couple of bags for twenty bucks, Hondo opens the door and when he tries to leave Deacon brings him in from behind; he is told to start talking about Arvado.

Marcus takes the photo to see if any of the recruits recognize Arvado but tells Chris and Street, they have to talk to James Traylor (Tom Fitzpatrick) who insisted on coming with the manager to talk to them. Street asks Chris to cover for him for about half an hour, she tells him he is on the clock. He says it is for his mom, she refuses but he leaves anyway. Chris goes to meet Traylor, while Street goes to see Trey Smith (Jonathan Camp); he says he is there about Deidre and tells him he needs to stay away from her for good. Trey wants to know what SWAT has to do with it. Trey takes a photo of Jim, saying this is insurance and says he doesn’t think Jim is there as a cop. When he reiterates for him to stay away from her or he will regret it, Trey shoves him and Jim gets into a physical fight with him.

As Hondo, Deacon, Victor, and Luca interrogate Ross, Hondo gets a call and they learn Street just got himself arrested. Deacon says they got this and Hondo leaves.

Hondo asks Trey and Street if they are pressing charges and making this a thing; Trey says no and Hondo uncuffs him and lets him go. Hondo stares Street in the face and walks away. He reprimands Street, saying they are hunting a human trafficker and a murder suspect and Street just up and left his post. He tells Jim he is no longer giving him any excuses because of Buck (Louis Ferreira), and questions what it has to do with the visit to his mom.

Hondo tells him to choose- either he is a SWAT officer or a loose cannon. Street says it was a favor for his mom, to protect a friend of hers and how was he supposed to say no. Chris arrives and Hondo tells him that she is on his list now too because of him. Chris takes the blame, promising it won’t happen again, saying she thinks she found something on the trafficker. The retired LAPD officer Traylor, overheard some of the nurses talking, saying Arvado has something over them that is making them afraid to talk.

Back at the hospital Hondo and Chris reveal to Father Guzman and the patient that they know Arvado is threatening their families, and they also know its their family members in the US. Guzman says SWAT can’t ask them to risk the lives of their loved ones but Chris says they are trying to save their loved ones. Hondo talks to Guzman, asking him to give them a chance now that he knows his own personal gang history and mistrust of the police.

Hondo shares with the team there is a second set of drug mules being held hostage, and they believe Arvado has them. Once here, the two groups were divided and threatened if anyone from the one group called the police, the member of the other group would die. Luca and Deacon are told to take Street to talk to Arvado’s girlfriend, Leila Garcia. When everyone leaves, Jessica wants to know what happened with Street, he doesn’t tell her. He also says he cannot tell her if the kid is worth it right now or not.

Luca tries to tell Leila that Arvado is bad news and she doesn’t want to be protecting him; Deacon says they have a father who is looking for his kidnapped son and Arvado knows where he is. She talks about her drunk daddy and doesn’t really “feel” them. Street approaches her knowing that Arvado used her too; he explains that he made a mistake today and she can help him go out with a bang… one screw up to another. She says Arvado recruited her at 13 for sex; she admits she overheard him talk about a big sale tonight, unloading all of his heroin. They race off to get the rest of the stash from his house as Street thanks her.

As the team sees Arvado arrive, a motorcycle pulls up and shoots him; they confirm he is dead as the others chase the bike with their cars saying they need the shooter alive. Hondo jumps the rider and they land on the grass, he pulls off the helmet and points his gun at his head, demanding to know where the hostages are at.

Marcus joins the team, informing him the guy’s name is Murdo and he lawyered up like the other guy. Hondo says whoever is running this thing really knows how to cover their tracks and takes serious cash; they learn Robert Miller is the one who is paying the legal fees. Before Hondo leaves, Jessica shows him something on Trey Smith and Hondo says he will deal with it.

Adele Miller (Maureen Sebastian) worries about her husband being in trouble, but when Street and Chris arrive at work they learn he left a few hours ago. Chris tells Street if he would stop shooting himself in the foot, he would be really good at this job. Hondo shows Adele a photo of Paul and she offers to call his private cell to prove there are wrong. He says he is at the country club and says he will see her soon; she swears they are making a huge mistake. While they go off to the country club, the guys ask Hondo about Street, who doesn’t tell them what is going on. Marcus tells Adele that her husband is in deep trouble and isn’t so sure she isn’t involved too. She opens the safe, saying there are papers inside, she pulls out a gun and shoots Marcus, who returns fire but it seems she escapes.

Hondo says Marcus is in rough shape but alive. Chris finds, pilots logs and they realize Adele said an airport name. She tells Robert to get into the plane but SWAT arrives and gunfire starts, the whole hangar blows up when one of the men fires from inside. Hondo grabs Adele and orders her to stop, demanding to know where the hostages are. She yells for Robert to not say anything; she keeps telling him to shut up and they know she is the one in control. Robert says he will tell them where they are.

They find them and Hondo tells them, their family is safe as paramedics take them to safety and Paul (Ryan Salazar) is reunited with his father, Javier. Father Guzman tells Hondo that he has changed some minds today.

As Street is about to leave work for the day, he comes after Hondo, walks with him and says he doesn’t want to lose this job but Hondo says he needs to see improvement. Hondo says he can’t let it go without punishment and he will have to let Luca stay with him until he finds another place. The street doesn’t think that is much of a punishment, but Luca is thrilled that someone came through for him; they talk about surfing and playing video games.

Hondo goes to see Sherilyn Street at the prison, he assures her that he is fine and asks her to take a seat. He says Jimmy has the makings of being a good cop but informs her that her son isn’t going to visit her for a while. He calls her a real player and says he is not letting Jim get played anymore and the guy she sent Jim to go meet was her “go to” guy for contraband, which gave her control in prison but now he is selling to someone else in there. Hondo says Jimmy is not going to want to see her after he tells him the truth about what she did; how she used him.

She asks him who does he think he is – some black guy, some hot shot, talking to her like that. She says that Hondo means nothing to him and won’t trust him over her and she is in prison because of Jimmy. Hondo calls her a real piece of work and he wondered how he could be such a mess and now that he met her, he wonders how Jim turned out so good. She pretends to get upset and cry, pleading for her not to tell him because it will crush him. Hondo orders her not to call him anymore. He gets up and if she messes with Jim, she messes with him because Jim is HIS family!


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