S.W.A.T. Recap 11/9/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “Cuchillo”

S.W.A.T. Recap 11/9/17: Season 1 Episode 2 "Cuchillo"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, November 9, 2017, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below.  On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 1 episode 1 2 called, “Cuchillo” as per the CBS synopsis, “Hondo and the SWAT team spread out across Los Angeles to capture four escaped convicts, including a violent criminal Jessica helped bring to justice. Meanwhile, Hondo’s role as team leader is questioned when Street displays a flagrant disregard for SWAT protocol.”

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Tonight S.W.A.T. begins with the team making entrance into a residence, Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) informs base they have found a meth lab, after taking down three suspects, Jim Street (Alex Russell) chases the fourth but he gets shot with an arrow on his helmet and is told by Mumford (Peter Onorati) to always keep his head on a swivel. Hondo looks up at the camera as Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) and Jessica (Stephanie Sigman) look on.

After the training exercise, Hicks says their entry was fine but the team lost cohesion and they paid the price. When the roles were reversed, Mumford’s team didn’t suffer any casualties so they won today’s exercise. Victor Tan (David Lim) blames Street for him losing 100 bucks on a bet to Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.). Hondo tells him to never break rank as they all move as one and orders him to cut the lone wolf crap; S.W.A.T. moves in a pack and if he wants to be a hot dog he can work elsewhere.

A bus arrives at East Los Angeles Courthouse, the guards escort four inmates in an elevator upstairs, as they exit the elevator a man in a guard uniform shoots them and hands one of the inmates a gun. He says there is no time to cut the cuffs, so stay close and shut up. They manage to shoot all the security on the way out and escape via a brown van.

Hicks talks to Deacon (Jay Harrington) about promoting Hondo, revealing he promoted him for optics to lower the racial temperature in the city and now that the temp has dropped, he will have to prove he deserves to be there. Jessica informs Hondo he needs to get more out of Street and fast, but he’s more interested in what the big boss is talking to Deacon about. Alarms go off and the SWAT team is off.

Hicks and Jessica inform them that Cuchillo is the brains behind the operation and was busted out by Ramon Reyes, his cousin. They learn 3 other inmates are with them, including Jamal Goines (Anthony Q. Williams), a 1-9er out of Compton; Travis Strand a Nazi and the final escapee is Daniel Wattana (Marc Fajardo) who has arrested 3 days ago, smuggling exotic turtles strapped to his legs at the airport.

Hondo finds out that Cuchillo was her last big arrest, who terrorise the neighborhood for years and is all about vengeance. She looks worried but Hondo reassures her that they are going after him now and things will be okay.

In Hollywood, a tour bus is pulled over by SWAT. Hondo asks Beth Morgan (Kim Whalen) to step out of the van as he has some questions about her boyfriend, Jamal. Sh swears she hasn’t heard from him, admitting she met him at a club as Hondo says this chump is only using her and wants to know where he would go. She said off to Little Red, and they are never up to anything good. Hondo orders her to stay away from him as Street gives his number to one of the women on the bus.

At a cabin, in the middle of nowhere, Ramon and Cuchillo have changed out of their uniforms and prison garb, when Cuchillo picks up his blade that he loves so much. Ramon jokes how twisted it is that he paid a coyote to take them South. Cuchillo says they are not leaving tonight, as he has two pieces of business to finish first.

Jessica goes to see Sofia (Gloria Garayua) and her children, informing her of what is going on, she promises that he won’t come back to hurt them nor their mother. Deacon tells Hondo they have eyes on Little Red but no sign of Jamal and if they bust in and Jamal isn’t there, they ruin their only lead. He suggests they wait. Hondo asks Chris (Lina Esco) who says she will take the overtime, but Street doesn’t want to wait. When Deacon again says they should wait, Hondo shakes his head and says they are going in.

Hondo asks where Jamal is and they will leave, pretending they never met. He admits that Jamal called and he was supposed to drive him to Las Vegas. Hondo tells him to call Jamal, on speaker. Jamal says he got the car but then shouts that the cops got him and tell him not to come near him and throws the phone as Chris arrests him.

Jessica reprimands Hondo, who admits he screwed up, feeling that the meeting Hicks had with Deacon has him making moves he shouldn’t be doing. Jessica tells him to stick to his list and she will keep him off her back. Hondo reveals he knows she had a single mother testify against Cuchillo when no one else would. She worries because she promised to keep them safe but the agency won’t offer extra protection; he says he will swing by as a professional favor as he doesn’t know what their personal relationship is these days. He says its a stupid policy while she says it is dangerous.

Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Victor share what they have learned about the “Lizard King” Danny Wattana, who traveled every month and will be contacted if he shows up in the garage he has as an address. Hondo tells Street to grab the GPS, he is upset that he is an errand boy and Deacon pretty much confirms that is what he is.

As soon as he leaves, the team talks about Street; Luca reveals his mother is doing 25 to life in prison, for killing his father after dozens of domestic abuse calls to 911 she shot and killed him and the arresting officer was Buck Spivey (Louis Ferreira). Chris says it explains a few things when she learns he has bounced around in the foster care system since then; Deacon says it was a tough hand but doesn’t give him a free ride with SWAT. Hondo informs them that Buck was the one who chose him to join the team when he got fired.

Mumford continues to compete with Hondo, as his team has retrieved one of the four convicts. Hondo and Jessica go to see Sofia, she shows them that the day after she testified against Cuchillo, the neighbor burned RATA into her young son Casper’s (Clinton Valencia) back. She never regretted testifying until right now. Hondo shares a story of his childhood and how his mother stood up to a bully, reminding her that her kids have a brave mother and if more people like her don’t take the risk more people will get hurt. He promises to have two of his team detail them until they catch Cuchillo. Jessica says that Hicks won’t agree but Hondo says sometimes following the rules and doing what is right are not the same thing.

Outside, Hondo tells Chris and Street they are going to park there and look after Sofia and her kids, but Street is not impressed that he needs to babysit; but then agrees he’d love to haul his ass in. Hondo says he is relying on her to keep an eye on him since he is the black sheep of the team right now, she promises to do what she can. The garage technician calls Luca, saying Lizard King just showed up. They barge into the garage, but he has a huge Albino Burmese Python wrapped around him, he raises his hands swearing he was going to turn himself in, but they haven’t been fed in a week. Hondo tells them to call animal control and Luca to get the snake off him.

Back at their base, Hondo brings up the tension between them; Deacon says he will honor Hicks’ decision as Hondo says he should have listened to him earlier and it was his fault for wanting to prove he knew better. He wants to be more like Buck and wants to know how Deacon would take Jamal down; he suggests taking another run at Red. Deacon and Hondo meet him in interrogation and feed off each other, lying through their teeth to see if he breaks. He falls for it and wants to know about Donna, his half-sister. He says they are “cold” when he figures out they were lying to him.

It is announced over the radio that they have Jamal in custody, Street complains they are missing all the action. Chris asks him what he is doing on his phone. He reveals he seen her on the dating site Bumble; she says she is deleting her profile after he says what he read. Chris reveals Luca got his jacket and they found the file on his mom; she apologizes for everything he has gone through that, asking how he got through that.

The kid on the bicycle continues to circle the street in front of the house, ringing his bike bell and Street wonders what is up with him; Casper overhears Street asking him if Cuchillo is really coming there. Street sits him down, saying his mom is scared and he is the man of the house and he needs to keep her calm. He takes off his watch saying he got the watch from a police officer named Buck when he was 12, and he met him when he was really scared. He hands it to Casper, telling him he should have it; showing him how to slow his breathing and get to a calm place.

Jessica and Mumford come out to meet Hondo and his team who brought in Jamal, who is in their trunk because he is hopped up on something. Everyone backs up, Hondo loads up and they pop the trunk, he comes out running and Hondo tases him, the rest carry him inside. He says to Mumford it is now 2-1.

Jessica wants to know what Hondo’s plan is to get Cuchillo, she feels they would be halfway out of the country by now but Hondo reminds her that brains aren’t a requirement when it comes to criminals. She tells him she misses his gumbo, he says he made it for Sofia and the kids along with Street and Chris because he doesn’t know how long they will be there. She informs him that Hicks asked her to speed up the evaluations from the training exercise this morning, which is unusual and she doesn’t think it is about Street; in fact, she thinks it is about Hondo.

Chris tells Street that SWAT is a family and if she doesn’t start treating it like one, Hondo is going to bust him down to patrol. He says that is okay, he is used to people turning their backs on him. He bends down to pick up the dog feces when Hondo arrives, giving them some food for the day. Street informs him the guy on the bicycle has been cruising the block all night, and now he has a knife. Hondo asks the kid to come talk to him, he takes the knife away from his back, asking him what he is cooking.

He says he isn’t working for Cuchillo, he is waiting for him to cut him like he did to his father; slicing his finger off for scratching his car. He says his cousin, Arielle is being kept home from school until Cuchillo is caught since he has been obsessed with her for a while and now that she is 16, she will be the first one he goes to since he told her father he will marry her one day.

Cuchillo, has the father tied to a chair and is cutting his chest open, little by little. He says he has killed guards for her. She promises if he stops hurting her father, she will go with him; but all he wants is her father’s blessing. Suddenly the bike bell rings, and Cuchillo sees a police car show up outside, he stabs the father in the knee, saying he will let Arielle know what she wants under the stars. Cuchillo takes her out the back as SWAT breaches the front. Hondo learns he is taking her to a cabin where he can clearly see the sky from; the team learns his aunt owns a cabin but it is unoccupied as she is in a psychiatric hospital.

Hicks confronts Deacon about Hondo’s decision to keep Chris and Street with Sofia and her children; Deacon tells him he refuses to be in the middle of the two of them. Hicks says he would make a better captain but Deacon tells him if he wants to take Hondo down, he can do it without him. Chris and Street notice the dog barking and see Ramon Reyes approaching the side of the house, they hurry Sofia and the children into the bathroom and he reminds Casper to look at the watch and count. Gunshots are fired, and a few minutes later, Street returns to tell them they are good.

SWAT arrives at the remote cabin and Arielle’s father’s truck is there; shots are fired and everyone takes cover. Luca comes after checking everything out and says there is no clear shot without putting the girl at risk. Reyes is arrested as Sofia hugs Jessica saying Street and Chris saved them. Hondo tells Deacon over the radio he is on his way; Jessica asks him what does he need?

Arielle covers her ears and cries as Cuchillo continues to shoot at SWAT. He stops shooting and tells her, it is just the two of them and they are going to see some stars before they die. Hondo arrives by helicopter to the cabin, he tells Deacon to get Cuchillo to show his face but to be careful of the girl. He throws in a smoke grenade but they still don’t have a clear shot as Arielle is still in the way. Hondo takes a breath, doesn’t respond and takes a shot; he kills Cuchillo as Arielle cries out for them to help her. The cabin is clear and Deacon tells him the hostage is safe. Hondo gives him a thumbs up from the helicopter and says, “Let’s go home!”

Hicks just got off the phone with the mayor who sends her thanks and congratulations. Mumford says it was a team effort as Hicks and Hondo stare at each other. Hondo says what Buck always says… a notch on our belts is one they don’t have on theirs, but let’s not go patting ourselves on our backs too hard as tomorrow is another day. Mumford attempts to distract Street, who swivels his head and catches the arrow in his hand, calling Mumford an “old timer.”

Chris tells Street to cancel his plans as she is going to show him what a real family dinner is really like; her cousin owns a food truck and makes the best fried chicken ever. He refuses but she says it is Hondo’s orders.

Hondo returns home, and finds Jessica there, saying he gave up on her using his keys. She says following the rules and doing what is right are not always the same thing and makes him promise that no one can ever find out, especially Hicks. They begin to kiss and she pulls out his handcuffs as he asks if she is ready for all that.


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