Scorpion Recap 2/13/17: Season 3 Episode 16 “Keep It in Check, Mate”

Scorpion Recap 2/13/17: Season 3 Episode 16 "Keep It in Check, Mate"

Tonight on CBS their hit drama/comedy Scorpion airs with an all-new Monday, 13 February 2017, episode and we have your Scorpion recap below!  On tonight’s Scorpion season 3 episode 16 as per the CBS synopsis, “Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Sylvester go undercover as competitors at an  international chess competition in order to extricate a U.S. spy from a foreign country before her identity is exposed.”

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Happy and Cabe are playing chess on the rooftop. She’s giving him a butt whooping! Happy’s dad arrives. Cabe breaks the news that he wanted to see Happy’s dad to get him to talk to the FBI about the death of a man named Sunny. Happy is surprised. Cabe wants him to testify against Sunny. Cabe worked out a deal for Happy’s dad. He turns himself in by midnight, they bring him to jail, transfer him out of state and release him with a new identity. Happy is angry. She thought Cabe and her were friends.

Meanwhile, Sly and Walter are fighting each other via their robot hands. Sly’s motor blows up. Ralph comes in. He is distressed. Two girls invited him to the Valentine’s Day dance. He is torn. The guys try to give him advice until Paige comes in. Paige wants to know what’s going on. They won’t talk. She twists Sly’s ear – he spills.

Cabe comes in. They have a case. A CIA agent was murdered. The team needs to play in a chess tournament to save the life of a professional player whose life is in danger. Who on team Scorpion will join the team? It is a challenge given the guys are super competitive. Sly and Walter prep for the big game and both win wild card spots. They leave to Sardovia where the tournament is. Happy stays behind with her dad to try and figure out a solution.

The team walk to the event. They see the agent who gave them the case. He is being arrested. Now what are they going to do? Walter declares that they will have to take on the case on their own. Cabe instructs them to grab pro player Natalia and get to CIA headquarters. Paige plans to get her alone at some point when she goes to the ladies room.

The guys enter the event. Natalia is introduced. Sly and Walter will play her in the finals. Meanwhile, Paige and Toby scope out the women’s room to see where they can get Natalia out of there once they meet her in the ladies room.

The tournament begins. Sly and Walter are holding their own. They quickly rise up the boards. On break, Sly and Walter exchange some competitive words. At the same time, Toby and Paige are putting together something interesting. They begin pouring bags of ingredients into the outside dumpster. They are creating a fluffy muffin like landing.

Sly and Walter compete against one another. One of them has to be the loser and forfeit so they can get to Natalia. Neither one of them wants to be the loser. Sly wins the table.

Happy is looking at a blueprint of the prison with her dad. She has a plan. He isn’t happy. He thinks he should do what Cabe says.

During their fiery competition, Sly wins against Walter. He gets up, dancing with excitement and disrupts the board. He is disqualified. Walter lost, he is also out of the game. How will they play against Natalia to get her a message of a threat against her?

They are going to use high-frequency waves against the man competing against Natalia. They sound out the sound waves and send the man running as he throws up everywhere.

Happy’s dad wants to turn himself in. Cabe comes in and cuffs him. Happy says her goodbyes while whispering plans for her dad to get away.

Walter is chosen to play Natalia. He is having trouble getting the message to her since they both have microphones on in front of the crowded room. Walter manages to use the chess table to send her a single to go to the water closet. She wins and asks to go to the ladies room.

The authorities arrive as they try to get Natalia. Paige is alone in the bathroom when Natalia comes in. They help her escape. They have to jump into the dumpster if they want to get out. They manage to land safely. Toby drives the getaway dump truck. The cops pick up on their trail. The team puts their heads together. Happy thinks they need to go under the border. They just need to slow the cops down. They manage and get ahead. Toby runs off by foot. The authorities shoot at the dumpster. When they open the dumpster it’s all bread!

The girls and Toby are underground. Natalia thinks they are the oddest bunch of agents. She tells Paige about why she stayed in Sardovia – for her dad and to finish his mission, spreading the truth.

Happy watches the prison cameras. Her father doesn’t follow the plan. She is angry, crying. Cabe comes in. She yells at him – you got what you wanted. He apologizes, explaining that he did it for her. He is so sorry.

The team is back together at the warehouse. Ralph needs advice. Paige leaves to let the guys give him the advice he needs. They tell him that he needs to appreciate his mom, show her she is still his first love. They all eat Valentine’s desserts. Toby offers some to Cabe. He doesn’t want to eat. He is upset about Happy. Toby explains that sometimes there is pain. There is nothing you can do about it. Happy has Cabe, he can step up as her father.

Ralph asks Paige for help dancing. She is thrilled. Sly and Walter have one more big game!