Shameless Recap 12/17/16: Season 8 Episode 7 “Occupy Fiona”

Shameless Recap 12/17/16: Season 8 Episode 7 "Occupy Fiona"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, December 17, 2017,  season 8 episode 7 called, “Occupy Fiona” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Ian tests Fiona’s patience with an “Occupy Fiona” protest; Lip tries to get Professor Youens to court for his DUI trial; Frank searches for a job; Carl gets a feisty new rehab client with a plan to help him get the rest of his tuition.”

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Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) dumps ice water on his sister Fiona (Emmy Rossum) as she sleeps, who shouts at him that she isn’t doing this again with him today as they are both adults. In the kitchen, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) tells Debbie (Emma Kenney) they are not going to do anything, because Fiona is the ice queen and should be able to handle a little icy water. Their father, Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) sides with Carl, telling them squabbles between siblings are as old as time and they shouldn’t interfere.

He asks Carl to iron his suit jacket for a job interview, denying he got fired. Frank tells Carl how proud he is for taking the initiative with his “detox” program and rushes off with Liam (Christian Isaiah) before Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) can “pour pathetic sauce” all over them.

Veronica (Shanola Hampton) comes into the living room asking Kevin (Steve Howey) to grab some toilet paper as they are out. He points to the laptop, asking if that is what she is talking about when being dominated, as it looks painful. She questions if that is what he should be watching XXX hardcore with the little girls? She says she simply wants him to be in charge, but he still asks her what she wants him to do or buy.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) finds Brad in his underwear on the kitchen floor, sobbing that he is a piece of crap for not remembering it was Cami’s (Melissa Paladino) birthday. Lip says they need to get to court first, then he will take him to Zales to get her something. Carl is in the basement with the junkie JJ dropped off, who refuses to reveal her name, nor what drug she is on or her pain level. Meanwhile, at the diner, Brad feels like a jerk for not remembering Cami’s birthday. He tells Lip he is not going to lie about the attendance of AA meetings, they don’t get a chance to eat when Lip get a call and they have to dash.

Debbie was a no show and no call at work, but is able to get one more chance at keeping her job. Frank has his job interview and hands him a piece of paper, saying he is worth the amount is written. He is told that the only job he has available is graveyard shift and the minimum wage; Frank informs him that his collar is white and the offer is declined.

Fiona and Nessa (Jessica Szohr) are still renovating the apartments when they see her brother Ian eggs the windows, but things take a turn when Trevor begins to spray paint the sidewalks.

Lip and Brad find Professor Youens (Alan Rosenberg) laying drunk and in his vomit on the floor. Lip tells him they need to get up and get him in the shower. He reminds him there is a big difference in 3-months in County and 10 years in the State Pen.

Outside, Fiona tells Ian he is vandalizing city property, but he informs her that he is renting the vacant lot and suddenly brings over several homeless people, who are able to pitch their tents. He tells Fiona that he has access to a very large lot but she understands his point but begs him to stop as she has an open house for prospective renters, but he doesn’t want to listen and only wants her to smell their feces.

Debbie has a difficult person go through her parking booth and she is forced to let him through paying next to nothing when he revs his engine and causes Fernie to cry.

Youens vomits all over Brad and Lip tells him to find something that fits as they don’t have time and they have to get to court, ordering him to hurry. Ian screams out using his bullhorn saying “Occupy Fiona”; Trevor (Elliott Fletcher) comes over and isn’t please that Ian is using his “kids” for his family issues. Meanwhile, Frank continues to be rejected interview after interview.

Veronica comes home to finds Kevin in all leathers and a paddle in his hands. She is all excited, giving her a safe word; but before he can begin he is worried about scaring her, she gets excited but he hesitated again.

Fiona finally meets Ford (Richard Flood) who is surprised she wants to remove a 19th-century pocket door, Victorian cherry, hand carving and probably only 3 or 4 dozen left in Chicago. The shouting from Ian and the kids continue and Ford tells her he cannot let her do it. He will fix it for her instead, offering to do it for free. She begins to rant about the situation of raising her siblings and this is the payback she is getting for it. He doesn’t say anything, other than he is going to get his tools and leaves.

Lip comes to Cami’s house, who is furious that Brad is there. Lip begs her to just let him shout Happy Birthday from there, just so he won’t screw it up for Professor Youens. Carl is back in the basement with all his addicts, when one asks what he is doing this for. He says it is for money from his grateful families. Kassidi (Sammi Hanratty) tells him he could make that in an hour if he just applied himself. She tells him to give her a few grams of coke, they can make a ransom video and ask for the amount he needs for military school and her dad will pay since he is very rich.

Brad, Lip and Professor Youens arrive at court and are ready to appear before the judge. Youens knows what he needs to say but Brad still insists he is not going to lie. Debbie gets the same dick that was at her booth earlier, she makes him wait until a minute goes by and tells him that he owes her more money, he gets out of her car and breaks the gate, gets back in his car and drives off.

In court, Judge Hara (Bertila Damas) listens as the victim recounts as Professor Youens drove into her house; then Brad takes the stand, who finds it very difficult to lie. During recess, Youens says he is going to “take his last leak as a free man!”

Veronica returns home and finds a note “Come upstairs please” Kevin tells her to come upstairs, telling her to undress, lay on the bed and pour it on her but when he drips it on himself, he says it hurts. She calls out the safe word before they even begin, clearly disappointed in him again.

While waiting in the halls of the courthouse, Brad tries to get Lip to understand that Professor Youens is going to prison, and you can’t teach a dog new tricks. He has had 4 DUIs and was lucky he didn’t kill someone. Fiona talks to Ford, who says it is going to take a while to get the place done. Veronica comes to see her, telling her to stop this bullshit with Ian; they are interrupted when a fire marshall shows up after they received a call that the building has fire code violations and he needs to look around. She realizes it was Ian and runs to the window, shouting “Game on!” Frank is walking down the street when he sees an elderly man being treated horribly at a restaurant.

Lip takes the stand, saying he would like to talk on behalf of the Professor, telling the courts that it was Youens who got him into rehab and took him to his first AA meeting when he got out. He insists this accident woke him up and begs the courts to give him the chance that he was given. When the courts call Professor Youens is called to the stand, he is clearly very drunk, even flirting with the judge.

Ian leaves for work and Fiona rushes over and tells them there is pizza waiting for them in the party, even bribing them $20 each to go over there to eat it. Geneva (Juliette Angelo) only leaves after she pays her $60, and the second she leaves Fiona brings in her people to clean out an entire lot of the tents and everything on the lot. Frank is shocked to learn the manager’s line is lined around the building and when he tries to bud in, they are not kind to him and tell him to walk to the end, behind at least 50 men.

Kassidi and Karl begin their ransom video after she gives him the instructions to make it believable. Frank goes to Veronica and Kevin’s bar where he complains about being fired and how he is a 50-something, white male and the only thing available to him is a minimum wage job. He complains how the America they knew has ditched the party and turned the lights out and left the white guys in the dark to fight each other over the few crumbs left behind by our masters.

A patron tells him he is being deported next week, after living there for 25 years. He was a translator in Iraq during Desert Storm and now they are kicking him out because of a speeding ticket. He tried to flee to Canada, but they wouldn’t let him in. Frank thinks getting into Canada is a piece of cake; he is told maybe it is if you are a WHITE guy. Frank goes over and introduces himself and praises Allah.

Debbie finally gets back to the doctor who has been a dick to her at the parking booth. He comes down to his car and discovers a dumpster has been welded to his Porsche. Nadine comes into the booth asking what is going on, Debbie says she is fired but it was 100% worth it and she will be back Friday to pick up her last check.

Carl waits at the train station as Kassidi’s father leaves the briefcase. He takes off with a hit, thinking he is in the clear. He opens the case, is thrilled to see the money but her father is standing behind him and wants to know where his daughter is. He tells him that this is what girls like Kassidi does; that she is a Venus Fly Trap and can’t tell him how many time she has done this. She is just like her mother. Carl refuses to give her location but her father gives him more money and asks him to tell Kassidi to be at the club on Friday for her sister’s birthday and to be in the blue Chanel dress she ran off in last week.

Fiona looks at the empty lot where Ian and Trevor are standing. She just wants everything to be over. Fiona finds them another place across town and even had first and last wavered, but he isn’t interested, which makes her question if Ian is off his meds. He says he is on his meds, but is just angry and is allowed to be angry. She tells Trevor it is a good building and asks him to look at it after Ian storms off.

Frank says he will bring the patron and his family across the border and into Canada safely; as more people find out he is going up to Canada, more people want things that are cheaper there. Lip comes to visit Professor Youens in prison to make sure he is okay. Sentencing is in August, but he doesn’t want Lip to call anyone. Lip says they were going to take it easy on him and wants to know how he got booze in a courthouse. Lip is upset but Youens says life is a bitch. Lip says he wanted a drink all day too but he didn’t. He is told to keep it down but Youens says he appreciated his help but never asked for it. Lip bows down his head and asks if he cares about anything. He says he chose booze a long time ago and if he doesn’t like what he sees, don’t look!

Ian comes to see Trevor who says he went with Fiona to see the place and signed a lease. Trevor says Ian is not himself lately and wonders if he is taking care of himself. Trevor says it is his job to do what is best for those kids. Ian tells him to get off his porch and walks inside, closing the door behind him.

At home, Kevin is angry with Veronica because she used fabric softener in the kids’ laundry, she tells him to keep going and tell her what else she has done to be a bad girl as she quickly undresses. Meanwhile, Carl goes to the basement and shakes Kassidi awake. He unlocks her chains, saying she is free to go telling her the party she has to go to for her sister. She begs not to go, but she refuses to say she will not go back and begins to kiss him, yanking down his pants saying he wants her to stay.

Lip and Brad make sandwiches and talk about AA meetings in the morning. Lip says they will get him that 30-day chip and he will be home with Cami and the baby before he knows it. He thanks, Lip and they finish eating in silence. Fiona comes to see Ian in his room, saying she wants things to be okay between them. He assures her things are fine and won’t be dumping ice on her. He says he shouldn’t have wasted his time on that, when there are larger concerns. He doesn’t reveal anything else, and she simply says good night and that she loves him. Frank gets into his car, with a Canadian flag on his car window and takes off North.


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