Shameless Recap 12/3/17: Season 8 Episode 5 “The Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher”

Shameless Recap 12/3/17: Season 8 Episode 5 "The Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, November 19, season 8 episode 5 called, “The Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “As Fiona tries to raise the neighborhood’s profile, Ian helps Trevor raise money for a new youth shelter. Meanwhile, Carl loses his scholarship and gets creative with securing tuition, Lip stands up to a friend and gets hurt, and Frank teaches the parents at Liam’s school all about the working class.”

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Shameless begins tonight with Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) having crazy sex with the girl (Levy Tran) from work. They are so loud that Debbie (Emma Kenney) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan) come out of their rooms and wonder if the sex is actual consensual.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, dad, Frank (William H. Macy) is having breakfast with Liam (Christian Isaiah), saying he has moved into his 40s, as men in their 40s soar in their career and bone the parents at their kids’ schools.

Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) comes upstairs from the basement with a bucket of vomit, talking about day 4 of detox; but Frank is more interested in talking about his promotion at the garden shop. Carl says he will set the person free from the basement when he feels he can contribute to society again; Ian reminds him that could be considered kidnapping.

Debbie asks if someone can watch her daughter tonight as she has another exam tomorrow. Lip joins everyone in the kitchen as his “friend” leaves for work. His brothers joke about his marks on his face as Frank attempts to tell him about his job; leaving him frustrated that only Liam cares about it.

Ian and Carl stretch outside before they go for a run, talking first about the guy Ian is interested in and then Carl mentions that his Fall enrollment package hasn’t arrived yet. As they are running, Ian finds an abandoned church that is for sale; he quickly looks inside, then they continue to run.

Fiona (Emmy Rossum) and Nessa (Jessica Szohr) unload plants, as she talks about improving the building. Nessa suggests installing cameras but then mentions that the “church squat” is for sale. Fioan learns it is her boss’ company and wonders who she will sell it to. Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) bicker about cutting a check for the liquor; Svetlana saying that Veronica’s math is sh*t. As they review the books, Veronica discovers that Svetlana is taking 50/50 when it is supposed to be split 3 ways.

Frank brings Liam to school and runs into Bev (Ashley Wood) who asks if he is going to the PTA meeting. After they flirt a little, Frank tells Liam that women love men who they think are “teachable”, he wishes him a good day.

Ian talks to Trevor (Damien Diaz) about the church, saying he checked it out and it would be a great location for a shelter. At home, Debbie is singing away as her daughter sits in the highchair. Carl wants to know what is up with her being so happy, singing and bouncing around. She says if she passes the exam tomorrow she is one step closer to certification and real money.

Carl calls in, wondering where his enrollment package is; when he hangs up he learns his scholarship was given to someone else. He needs 12 grand in 3 weeks, he says he doesn’t need luck, he is good at corporal! He returns to the junkie, JJ (Michael Delgado) and tells him he wants him to polish his boots, so that he can see his face through them by the end of the day.

Fiona goes to see her boss about the church, saying the it is a liability and the only offer is a shelter wants to lease it. She suggests that Fiona should buy it, who says she doesn’t have the $200,000 for it. Veronica comes in complaining about Svetlana and Carl rushes in, begging for his job back to get money for military school. She agrees for him to clean the grease trap.

Back at the bar, the usual patrons are annoyed by all the Russians singing and being very loud. Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) walks in with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots and Stetson on and informs them all it is shift change; telling them that whomever is not a red-blooded American to please exit the premises. In Russian, Svetlana tells everyone to leave or the big idiot will make them pay double for their drinks. Kevin says he needs to figure out a way to get his people in.

Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) manages to stop at the diner for a couple minutes before Cami (Melissa Paladino) calls him home because her parents are coming over. He asks Lip to bring by the employee checks so he can sign them.

Fiona stops by the building, as Nessa is installing the cameras, saying she can view it on her phone. She tells her about a shelter being interested in the church as Ness suggests she ask Mel (Perry Mattfeld) who the art dealers were and if they would reconsider buying the church for their art gallery. Fioan reminds her they hate each other, and Nessa tells her to try harder. Fiona rushes after Mel, who wants her to grovel, and when she does, she wants her to apologize for being a mega douche. Fiona bites her tongue but says the words in order to get Mel’s help, but she still refuses.

Ian and Trevor go to see Mr. Fleet, explaining the finances they need upfront for the shelter and appreciating all he has already done to help. He tells them he will have Lillian’s (Vivienne Powell) assistant) wire them the money. Ian feels like he knows him from somewhere. Fiona goes to Red Caravan Real Estate office to see the agent who is selling the church and learns about the homeless shelter, pushing her, saying someone decent would want to buy it if she would fix it up. She suggests Fiona buy it, if she wants a better class of citizens in it.

Lip comes to see Brad, who is exhausted from having a newborn at home. Cami finishes breastfeeding the baby and Lip holds him. Brad tells Lip he needs to find another sponsor because he can’t be there for him at 2AM anymore and hands him a sheet with names on it. When Frank comes to pick up Liam from school, he is met by his teacher, who informs him that Liam failed his test. Frank looks over the answers as Laim used back door and penis together, instead of foyer; Frank says these questions are cultural bias and demands to know what she is going to do about his concerns.

Carl works hard to clean out the sludge from the grease trap as Kevin comes home and talks to Veronica about new phrases he learned that Southerns use. She informs him that his mounted deer came. She doesn’t want the deer in the house but he says it is going in the bar. He suggests he may have gone too far with his southern back ground as it may be more hick or hillbilly or bumkin. Veronica supports that he is going through something but tells him if this is going to go on for more than a week she is going to slap the redneck right off him. She reveals she is pissed off because Svetlana is taking half from the bar, but Kevin tells her, she needs to get over it.

Ian and Trevor arrive at the church and he realizes he knows Mr Fleet from the Fairy Tale, as he is the one who gets the blow jobs in the bathroom stall. Trevor thinks they should have asked him for more money in that case; they find Carl painting over the gang tags because Fiona feels it will make the place more artistic. Trevor looks around and says the church could work and will see the realtor tomorrow. Fiona comes around the corner with a bag full of needles, sayign she is cleaning up the joint as Trevor and Ian leave for a bite to eat.

At the garage, Lip is busy again have sex on a client’s custom chopper; when they are done, he asks her if she has ever heard of a safe word as she almost choked him unconscious. Lip talks to her about having kids and she says if she wants a baby, she will have one of her gay besties jerk off into a cup for her. He admits that he sometimes things about having a baby with a partner, she says its okay to admit if that isn’t what he wants and their normal is different.

Debbie is out with Duran (David Brackett) and Farhad (Peter Banifaz), drinking and quizzing each other; sure they are going to ace the exam in the morning. She isn’t sure she can chill out with them tomorrow because she hasn’t been without her daughter, Fernie for any extended period of time.

Svetlana, tells veronica they have a meeting in the morning, and leaves to go on a date while Veronica is left with an empty bar. Carl comes home, smelling awful; he asks Fiona about money. She gives him $150. He goes downstairs, asking JJ how much an uBer driver can make in a night shift and taunts him to comment about the smell.

Trevor and Ian talk about helping even three people, and its the stuff that keeps Trevor up at night. Trevor thanks Ian for all his help; Ian leans him against the fence and begins kissing him. Frank says good night to Liam, who asks his dad to read to him; saying other parents read to their kids. Frank grabs a book called “Roots of Strategy” and begins to read. Liam asks if they are at war, and Frank says they are; telling him that the rich, white parents at his school were once radicals, rebels and renegades, but became robots. And now they see Liam and Frank being loud mouths, anti-establishment and not afraid to confront the power structures, they feel alive. Frank tells Liam they need to take advantage of that.

Fiona says she did what she could to clean the outside, asking if she can take photos of the inside for local businesses, then asks her family if they want to buy a church. Debbie is severely hungover as Ian and Trevor come down for coffee and toast. Frank tells Liam to come with him for another day of social justice. Fiona can’t find her car keys, but finds a note that says “Need the car to make money. Thanks, Carl!”

Brad arrives at work, asks Lip about his work on the bike then chastises him about finding a sponsor. Brad freaks out on Lip for using the wrong cleaner on the bike, but is interrupted by a message that the baby needs more diapers as he pooped all over himself. He complains that sometimes he wants to bash the baby’s head in with a hammer.

Bev comes to see Frank at work, saying they are petitioning cultural bias at the school and making sure every student succeeds act in the school. Bev seems thoroughly turned on by Frank’s dirty hands and they end up in the shed having sex. She orgasms after he reveals he only made 2 grand before taxes.

Veronica arrives for her meeting with Svetlana. She cuts Veronica off from talking and shows how much money she brings in compared to her and Kevin’s shifts combined. Svetlana agrees to stop selling drugs from the bar if Veronica agrees to have sex with her; Veronica tells her that ship has sailed but she allows Svetlana to untie her shorts.

And Geneva (Juliette Angelo) sneak into the church, where they reveal it will be the shelter and if she is good she can pick the first room. They quickly hide when someone opens the door. Fiona walks in and begins to take some pictures as Mel walks in, saying she found the art guys who do “urban work.” Mel gives her their card but she is suspicious why she is doing this. Mel says she doesn’t want a yuppy bakery moving in there and leaves.

Lip looks at pictures of Brad, he does paperwork, is about to call Sierra, but hangs up and leaves the shop instead. Veronica comes home and tells Kevin that Svetlana used sex to get her way at the bar; she admits Svetlana has some weird power over her. Kevin says tomorrow they will read over the contract together and if she uses the sex power over her, they will shut it down.

Trevor comes to see Ian, informing him they have a potential art buyer and now the realtor wants to hold out. Ian tells him to buy it, using the guy from the Fairy Tale. Debbie says she passed her exam and wants to go out of town for a couple nights but sees her daughter with Derek’s girlfriend Pippa and is furious. Debbie grabs Fernie and leaves.

Ian goes to see Mr Fleet, late at night telling him they need the money to buy the church. He tells him to run along but Ian tells him that he know him from the Fairy Tale and maybe his wife would like to know. He calls his wife, Lillian down, saying it’s the red-head from the club and he wants money. She says she is the one with the money and asks how much he needs. She heard he gives exquisite head and wonders if it goes with both genders. They invite him in, saying to do it for the kids.

Carl releases JJ, telling him to right his wrongs and go forth with courage. He thanks Carl and leaves. Lip returns and wants to know what is so terrible about having a kid. She says Brad was at the garage and now he is around the corner. She tells Lip, he should really find that new sponsor; he rushes out of the garage and finds Brad at the bar drinking. He tells Lip he isn’t his daddy, nor his problem. Lip offers for him to sleep it off at his place and tries to take his keys but Brad grabs them and leaves. Lip begs him not to do this as his kid needs him. They begin to beat each other, until Brad jumps up and drives off, leaving Lip on the sidewalk.

Debbie is high sitting with Duran, as Fernie sits in the car, and she dances outside, saying Derek can’t touch her. Frank tells Liam all the Xs has become check marks and become an A. Fiona comes down and learns Carl released the drug addict. Lip comes home saying Brad relapsed and he can’t find him, there is a knock on the door and JJ arrives with his junkie girlfriend asking Carl to detox her, giving him thousands of dollars.

Svetlana meets with Kevin and Veronica who tells her to keep her guns greased and saddles oiled. Fiona meets with the realtor, Margo and art dealers but Ian comes in with a down payment for the shelter. Fiona asks to speak to him outside, saying the place is a piece of junk and to find another place; Ian says they found it first and the art guys can find another place. Fiona says the neighborhood is against the shelter, she says she has worked too hard to lose everything for this and orders him to find another church.

Kevin returns home to find the kids in the playpen and Svetlana happy with the papers signed 50/50 and Veronica in bed.


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