Somewhere Between Finale Recap 9/19/17: Season 1 Episode 10 “One Must Die”

Somewhere Between Finale Recap 9/19/17: Season 1 Episode 10 "One Must Die"

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Betweenpremieres with an all new Tuesday, September 19, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 10 “In the first-season finale, the reason for the vast conspiracy is uncovered by Laura and Nico, who might be too late to stop fate from fulfilling its promise as they race against the clock to try to save Serena and Danny.

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Somewhere Between, season 1 finale begins tonight with Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa) asks Laura Price (Paula Patton), as they are driving towards the Governor’s place what they should expect regarding dogs and guards.

Meanwhile, Logan (Matt Visser) frets to his mother, Colleen (Rebecca Staab) whether his “brother” Kyle (Greyston Holt) is capable of protecting them and do whatever it takes as he plays house with a little girl – Serena Price (Aria Birch). Colleen wants Kyle to feel loved and trusted but Logan reminds her that he faked his own death to get away from them. Logan tells her he is either going out there to take care of it himself of she can get Ruskin (Serge Houde) to do it; saying he will take himself out before they take him to prison. He pulls out a gun and she agrees to call Ruskin.

Nico and Laura break into the house as a delivery arrives at Ruskin’s house. He says he is joining the Governor (Michael St. John Smith) in an hour to witness a live execution. Nico and Laura hide in the kitchen when the housekeeper comes into the kitchen and Nico jumps Ruskin with a blade to his throat just as Colleen calls him; he lets the housekeeper go home and Nico demands to know where Serena is. Laura and Nico question him about Serena and how he got a confession from his brother, Danny (Noel Johansen).

Colleen informs Logan there is a firewall and she cannot contact Ruskin’s people directly; she says they will go talk to Kyle, as a family and when they have Serena her mother will be called. Governor Preston Dekizer interrupts them, asking his wife is she would like to be by his side or just watch. She turns him down saying the public needs to see him as a governor and not a husband nor father. He kisses her and says he loves them and leaves. Colleen tells Logan they are taking 2 cars, she will deal with Kyle while he takes Serena to the marina. She removes the safety pin on her shirt and pins it to his sleeve, where a button is missing too.

Laura and Nico figure out the area Serena is being kept in as Kyle continues to watch over her. He praises her as a warrior for giving herself up to the enemy to save a comrade. He presents her with a wreath he made of flowers and tells her to stay stuff and she will get through this. She says she would rather go home that wear stupid flowers and asks if he will use these flowers when he kills her. He tells her he wasn’t digging a grave, its for septic. When he leaves, she puts on the flowery crown and he returns, they exchange smiles.

Danny sits with his mom, Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll) and his daughter, Ruby (Imogen Tear) admitting he lied, that he never killed anyone. He says the killer will not be who Nico says it is; she shushes him as they share their final moments together.

Serena shows Kyle that she made a bracelet that matches his tattoo; when he looks upset she asks what is wrong but is interrupted by the sound of vehicles approaching. He tells Serena to go into the trailer and not peek outside, when she hesitates he shouts orders to her.

Colleen and Logan says they cannot reach Ruskin and this might not be a safe place; Kyle wants to know the new location and he will take her there. Kyle is concerned for her safety after his mother lied to him about no one hurting, the now dead, Jesse Reid (Drew Tanner). Colleen says the evidence was bad for them and would have reopened Danny Jackson’s case, and that was why Jesse was killed for going to the DA Tom Price (JR Bourne).

Logan approaches the trailer and Kyle refuses to let him take her; he hugs Kyle saying he loves him and cannot afford to lose him again. As he hugs him, he asks if Kyle will let them take her, but he is prying his gun out of his back pants; when Kyle refuses he shoots him in the back of his knee. Kyle pulls out his knife and when he lunges towards Logan he fires again, into his lower abdomen.

Logan and Colleen see Serena looking at them as Colleen says this is the river she did not want to cross and Logan says they have no choice. Colleen tells him not until they have Laura and Nico because they would want proof of life. Logan tells his mom to stay out of it and wit for Ruskin to send help as a helpless Serena looks on. Ruby and her grandmother sit in the chapel at the state prison, where Ruby says she is talking to herself as there is no one listening to her.

Laura and Nico arrive moments later seeing fresh tire tracks, he rams the gate open and Laura freaks out as she sees blood on a wooden bench; inside the trailer Kyle is stitching himself up. He tells them Serena is alive but Logan took her. Kyle reveals following Susanna (Hilary Jardine) that night and calling his brother. He says the weapon is locked in the top cupboard, Laura finds the laptop where the evidence is on and Laura confirms there is a video and tells Laura to watch, not Nico; he begs for Nico not to watch as the guys follow her into her house and harass her, when she rejects Logan, he stabs her.

Nico snaps on Kyle that he knew and wrecked his brother’s life. Laura stops him from killing Kyle saying they need him as a witness and he has to go with them. As Logan drives, Serena starts kicking his seat, and grabs his hand, causing the car to crash after he tells here that Kyle is surely dead by now.

Serena escapes the car and places the wreath back on her head; but as she runs the wreath falls on the road. She hides behind a bush and dials 911 but stops when she remembers her mom saying they can’t trust the police right now. She tries to remember her mom’s phone number but she calls Ruby instead. Grace grabs the phone and she says the man who kidnapped her wasn’t bad, he was just sad. She says the Governor’s wife killed Kyle and she escaped and the only number she could remember was hers. She reveals she is at Echo Falls and Grace says she will be there as soon as she can.

Kyle tells Nico and Laura the entire story as Logan threatens all the guys that were there, even if they were not involved; saying they can call 911 or he can make it all go away. Ruskin, the family fixer, arrived explaining to everyone to do exactly what he said. He made them all stab her 3 times each, and filmed it. Nico wants to kill him but Laura tells him to wait to save Serena and Danny and then he can do whatever he wants with him.

Grace and Ruby arrive where Serena is and before they can return to the prison, Grace says they need to let her dad know she is okay. Grace sends a text to Tom saying if her son, Danny lives, he can have his daughter back.

Colleen arrives at Richard Ruskin’s house but when he doesn’t answer the door she walks in and finds him, tied to a chair with his hand all bloody; he tells her Nico and Laura did this. As she calls 911, he tells her they know Logan killed Susanna and they know where Serena is. Colleen hangs up the phone as she realizes he told them her location. She wants Laura’s number saying if she can control him, she will get help.

She finds Tom’s phone and wonders how Grace Jackson has Serena, she calls Logan and Grace doesn’t answer the phone saying she might figure out where they are. Ruskin orders her to give him some help but Colleen and Grace continue to text each other, until she finds a photo that gives her their location. Grace says Tom is on his way when Serena asks; Colleen orders a helicopter to take her to the location. At the prison, Danny is enjoying his last meal, the oatmeal he requested.

Logan wakes up in the car and follows the road, finding Serena’s wreath, he hijacks a car. Meanwhile, Nico and Laura arrive at the prison with Kyle; Logan goes to their news van and tells Aaron (Adam Abrams) that she is going in, and she shows him the laptop. Nico says there is no time to see his brother now, but he knows he will see him again because his fate is in their hands.

Before Nico can go in, his mother calls him saying it is over as the DA promised to reopen Danny’s case. Nico is confused when she says the DA and reveals Serena is safe and with her; Nico tells Laura that his mom has her daughter but tells her to get out of there really fast as Tom is dead. He shouts for her to go now and he will track them by the phone. Laura says she can go in and save Danny and he has to go to the cove and rescue Serena. He is shocked when she says she would stay there; she says she trusts him, they share a kiss and she tells him to go.

Nico returns to the car and Kyle is gone. In the car, Serena and Ruby realize someone is following them and they need to get away from him. Danny is being strapped to the chair when Laura walks in to the press conference. She interrupts the Governor, demanding to know if believes without a doubt that Danny is the killer and this isn’t about here daughter.

Aaron watches as she says this is the only channel she has to present the evidence and they re airing the evidence live as she tells him they got it from his foster son; the video is played for the world to see. She demands a stay of execution while they examine the tape; he agrees and Nico celebrates as he hears it over the radio. He says she got his, now she is going to get hers. Laura confronts the Governor about kidnapping her daughter but she is as startled by his reaction as he is by the questi9on.

Captain Kendra Sarneau (Samantha Ferris) speaks to Nico, who promises to send everything she has got to Black Pine Cove. Grace ends at a gate, she tells the girls they need to run as fast and hard as they can right now.

Colleen arrives at the parking garage and no one is willing to take her car as they are watching the news and the video play over and over again. Colleen begins to cry as she hears everything. Logan finds the car and gives chase as his mother leaves a message to go where no one can touch him and she is coming. Ruby and Serena are told to run towards the bay as there are boats and people; Grace stays behind as she can’t run anymore.

Nico soon arrives at the gate and races through the forest; Laura calls and says she will take the coast as its 15 minutes to where they are. Grace whacks Logan with a log on the leg, but she is too weak, he shoves her down and he continues after the girls. Nico is close behind him, he tells his mom that Danny is going free. She smiles saying he doesn‘t have to help her at all and go save Serena.

At the marina, the girls scream at a boater who doesn’t hear them. Logan grabs Serena and shoves Ruby away. Ruby beats him on the back while Logan ties Serena’s wrists with his belt. Nico punches Logan, who says this is a pathetic bluff to get him to confess, saying everyone who saw anything is dead. Nico recites some of the things Logan said on the tape and continues to beat him.

A helicopter circles above and Nico says that is the cops bringing justice; Logan punches him off and says that it is freedom. Laura races by in the car as the helicopter lands and his mother jumps off towards him. Laura grabs the gun as the men struggle and sees the safety pin on Logan’s sleeve. Serena cries out and Colleen tells Laura to drop the gun or Serena goes in the water. Ruby yells for her to let her go and shoves Colleen. Serena runs to Nico as Logan and Laura fight over the gun.

Logan shoots Nico who was protecting Serena; Nico falls into the water swimming down to grab Serena and Laura jumps in after them. He is able to untie her in the water and Laura brings her to the surface. Colleen and Logan make their escape in the helicopter. Laura brings Serena to the shore as Ruby cries out for her Uncle Nico. He sinks to the bottom but sees Susanna above him and he swims to the top; Laura lifts him and cradles him. Nico talks about fate and Laura tells him she loves him and he asks if she is sure because if he doesn’t die, she is stuck with him.

Colleen and Logan are on their plane when she asks the pilot why they are flying East, as she wants to be in Mexico and on to Honduras be that night. Logan says they are flying too low and that is when Kyle reveals he is the one flying the plane. He says its peaceful up there and suddenly Logan sees they are about to crash into the forest. He says this will be hard on dad, but better in the end. He tells Colleen he loves her and this is the only gift he could give her. Colleen holds both her sons as they brae for impact.