Somewhere Between Premiere Recap 7/24/17: Season 1 Episode 1

Somewhere Between Premiere Recap 7/24/17: Season 1 Episode 1

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Between premieres with an all new Monday, July 24, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 1 “For One to Live,” as per the ABC synopsis, “A serial killer strikes close to home for a news producer, who gets to go back in time one week prior to the string of murders in the series premiere of this thriller about a woman trying to change fate and stop a killer.”

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Somewhere Between begins with Laura Price (Paula Patton) negotiating with her daughter, Serena Price (Aria Birch) about doing her math work but Serena wants to see Jesse Reed’s (Drew Tanner) concert.

Her father, Tom Price (JR Bourne) says if Serena does her homework right now and doesn’t lie to her mother again and ace her next quiz, they will all go see Jesse as a family in front row seats saying he will use his connections as a District Attorney to go. He says she is a kid and deserves a childhood but her mother feels she deserves to be ready for adulthood. He doesn’t want to be the bad guy and he doesn’t want their daughter to lose her wild soul; he promises they will figure things out and back her up next time.

Tom gets a text and together they watch the news about a serial killer who has now struck for the third time in 10 days. Tom says he is about to go down the rabbit hole after the Governor holds a press conference. Barry (James Kirk) arrives and Laura tells him not to go on any detours on the way to school.

Meanwhile, the news continues to explain that Danny Jackson (Noel Johansen) will be the first person executed if the ban is lifted. His daughter asks her Nana why her dad is on TV and asks if they are going to kill her dad, furious that she swore they never would; vowing she will never let them hurt her baby.

The murders are all over the news, 3 dead bodies found in dumpsters. Laura works for the news station and they notice that her husband DA Tom Price is being interviewed where he talks about prosecuting Danny Jackson 10 years prior for all 3 murders and has no regrets that if the lift happens he won’t be sending an innocent man to his death. He says he had complete faith in the competent defense attorneys that they did everything in their power to convince the jurors of Danny’s innocence.

Danny’s mother, Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll) flashes back to the trial, listening to Price explaining about Danny’s limited mental capacity but had the intelligence to wait, stalk and kill 3 women, even remembering to put on gloves. She remembers trying to give DA Price evidence that her son was framed and the obvious suspect.

Barry goes outside while Serena sits inside and colors. Suddenly a man and woman are inside the house and he says, “What’s up Tiger Lily?” as the woman pours herself a drink. Laura gets a call, she answers thinking it is Serena but it is the man asking her if her husband thinks he doesn’t have to pay; telling her to hurry up home with the $60K because Serena is waiting for her mother and tells her she has 10 minutes and no cops.

When Laura rushes into the house, she sees Serena and the man dancing and jumping on the furniture; the woman turns the music off as she orders him to get away from her daughter. Serena tells her that Captain Nico (Devon Sawa) says if you borrow money, its bad not to pay it back.

At the police station, the woman tells the police this was a case of mistaken identity; they are licensed investigators and they didn’t know the man moved. Laura says they broke into her home and terrified her daughter; Serena says she wasn’t scared and promises to save him.

After they leave, Nico talks to the Inspector Glenn ‘Cupcake’ Kupner (Daniel Bacon) suggesting this didn’t happen. The Captain comes in and asks what the former Detective is being charged with. He tells her “unlawful entry” and she tells Nico to enjoy his stay. Nico doesn’t want his cop life back and when the captain returns she tells him not to insult their distant friendship and lie that he didn’t know that was the house of the DA who put his brother on death row.

Grace sits with her granddaughter, Ruby (Imagen Tear) in their car in an alleyway while she waits for someone. She hears Jesse’s music on the radio and runs to the car; Serena offers her her Jesse backpack as Grace knocks on Laura’s car window. She attempts to hand Laura the box of files for her husband but she tells her to give them to his office and drives off. At home, Serena asks if she can call Ruby, but Laura says no, not explaining why. Serena pretends to do homework after she gets a message from Ruby on the computer.

Laura returns with a snack for Serena and finds out she snuck out to go to an art fair Ruby invited her too. The teacher thanks Serena for being the mentally challenged Ruby’s friend. Her mother arrives and admonishes her for leaving her. Laura breaks Ruby’s recorder from her dad, and drags Serena out of the school; on the way home, the tire blows on the car.

Laura gets out and there is no cellphone signal. They go inside the house and wait for help to arrive. Serena sees a photo and asks about her daughter; the woman offers to take a photo of them and when she does, she leans in and tells Laura as she shakes her hand that she will soon lose something more precious to her than anything in the whole world and water will take it away; she tells her to fight fate head on and she cannot win until the price is paid: For one to live, one must die! Nothing is a coincidence, everything is connected.

Nico and Jenny (Carmel Amit) return to the office where she says she will let him nap for half hour. Grace and Ruby arrive at Nico’s, he knows what the governor said but he tells his mother she needs to stop trying to get him to change his testimony. She tells Nico to visit Danny and he tells Ruby to come visit him soon.

He has a flash back of him and his girlfriend, Susanna (Hilary Jardine) in bed together and remembering Danny carrying her dead body, saying he killed her. Nico slumps to the floor as he recalls testifying against his own brother.

Tom Price and his daughter, Serena sing happy birthday to Laura and present her with a cake. Serena presents her mom with a laser pen, then asks her dad where her journal is; as she rushes to retrieve it, she falls to the floor breaking a vase; her mother spots the photo of the two of them from the mysterious tea shop. Serena interrupts her mother’s train of thought when she turns up the tv and begins to dance to one of Jesse’s songs. Laura asks her for something quieter and accidentally puts the news on showing the killer has claimed a 4th victim; she distracts her by suggesting cake for breakfast.

Nico presents a wife, Anya (Sunita Prasad) with photos of her dangerous husband having an affair, she pays him $5,000. He refuses to drink, saying he gets a little unpredictable when he drinks and she says she is in the mood for unpredictable; he tells her that is revenge talking but she says he underestimates himself. They clink glasses and the next thing he knows he wakes up in bed with her.

While in bed, her husband arrives and calls Anya’s name. She tells Nico not to worry but her husband pulls out his gun demanding to know who is there; Nico is able to dodge bullets.

Laura watches the news as they announce another body found in a dumpster and authorities believe a stalker of the city streets has killed its 5th victim. Laura looks over the evidence and wants to know how he/she picks them and what is the pattern? She is suddenly notified that popstar Jesse Reed has died in a car crash; her daughter is devastated and she goes to comfort her. Serena is shaken and wants to know why people have to die and she wants to go with Ruby for the midnight vigil at Jesse’s house; when Laura says no, Serena tells her she is the worst mother in the world and she hates her.

Laura returns to work and learns there has been a 6th killing, while reviewing footage, they find a CD or DVD in the victim’s pocket. Laura says they are nailing this guy and orders for every witness, police report and every scrap of CCTV and she will get them an hour on primetime.

While Laura is busy with work, Serena says she misses Ruby, she has been good and done all her homework, asking to see her. Laura is too distracted and sends her off with Mara (Erica Carroll). Mara kisses Serena but doesn’t see who is in the car as she gets a phone call and begins to argue.

Captain Sarneau (Samantha Ferris) is on the air when Barry calls Laura asking where Serena is. A call comes in at the same time, claiming to be the killer. He scoffs them saying how horrible they are at being crimestoppers that they won’t be able to catch him with that pathetic sketch. He reveals something no one knew about the crimes in order to prove who he is. He hopes DA Price is watching and makes Serena talk asking if he is listening; saying he has his daughter and he better listen now. He says the death penalty isn’t a deterrent and asks if he is ready to have a child’s blood on his hands. Laura grabs the phone but he hangs up.

Laura and Tom watch the footage and try to see who Serena left with, Laura says she needs to talk to him and she goes on camera, pleading with him to return her little girl. She begs for him not to hurt her and have mercy on her sending her home safe and alive. She offers herself in exchange of Serena. She doesn’t care about the politics, she just wants her daughter back.

The Governor vows that this monster and all criminals like him pay the highest price. Her parents hold each other in bed. Shortly, a fishermen catches a child’s red shoe and the body is found floating. Laura and Tom say Serena didn’t draw what was found in the child’s pocket; everything else they show has nothing to do with their daughter. They are brought to the body and asked to identify her; Laura breaks down when she realizes it is Serena.

The Governor holds a news conference and instructs the Department of Corrections to start executions immediately; Grace and Ruby cry as they hear Danny will be the first one executed. Nico is devastated at the news and Grace tells Ruby that Serena will be there to keep her Daddy company; she says there is no such thing as heaven and insists that Serena is still there.

Tom begins to clear up Serena’s room and Laura says he doesn’t have the right to remove the things after 3 months and act like she never existed. Laura is wracked with guilt over letting Serena down with just her assistant; he says he hoped he could carry her through this but they can’t.

Nico gets a call that they are killing Danny in an hour, he rushes off, saying he will meet her there. He exits his office and is knocked out and abducted by Anya’s husband and misses his chance to say his final goodbye with his brother. Ruby sits in the hallway as Grace sits and watches her son being executed.

Laura goes to the water were Serena was found. She takes off her shoes and gathers rocks while Nico has cement blocks tied to his feet. Laura tells Serena she is coming, so she won’t be alone any more nor cold. She jumps into the waters below at the same time Nico is thrown in. All 3, Danny, Nico and Laura are sent to their deaths at the same time.

Suddenly Danny flatlines and Laura finds herself on the beach, coughing up water. She walks her soaking wet body back into her house and sits down as she hears Serena and Tom singing happy birthday. Serena tells her not to say anything until she blows out the candles or her wish won’t come true. Laura asks Serena if its really her, a confused Serena asks her who else would it be? Laura hugs her tightly, Tom tells Serena to get ready for school and asks his wife is she is okay?

Laura tells him this is impossible because Serena died on the 12th a week after her birthday. She stands outside Serena’s room and listens to her sing. She leans on the wall, reaches into her pocket and takes out one of the rocks she used to help her drown. She holds the stone and says whoever you are and whatever you are thank you for bringing back her Serena.

Laura cleans up and Tom asks if she will tell him about her swim; Serena rushes in and brings the present – the laser pen to her mother. She hugs her, saying she loves it. The whole day begins to repeat. Laura tells Serena to walk around the rug but she still trips and Laura says everything is the same. She turns on the TV and says it is all happening the same but when she picks up the photo from the tea shop, it is only her. She remembers the words the mysterious woman said to her.

She runs to Serena and promises no one is going to hurt her; she holds her very tight and keeps saying she will keep her safe.