Somewhere Between Recap 8/15/17: Season 1 Episode 5 “Into the Fire”

Somewhere Between Recap 8/15/17: Season 1 Episode 5 "Into the Fire"

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Between premieres with an all new Tuesday, August 15, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 5 “Laura thinks Tom is lying to her, so she enlists Nico to follow him; Laura and Nico return to Spanish Harbor to investigate how their fates are intertwined

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Laura Price (Paula Patton) arrives home with a box of treats and drinks for her and her daughter, Serena (Aria Birch); her husband, Tom (JR Bourne) comes down the stairs and learns she is taking the day off but he needs to go to work for some depositions that need his attention. She agrees to going out with him later that night and Serena says no one would ever make her go to work on a Sunday.

The second he leaves, Laura searches his office for what could have possibly been delivered to him while she was out. She notices he shred some paper but finds a piece stuck in the top. Jenny (Carmel Amit) and Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa) are working when Laura calls him telling him about the piece of a photo she found. She thinks it was sent by the person who shot Haskell (Aaron Craven) and this is their way of getting back at him and maybe he got close before and that is why they took Serena before.

She asks Nico for help but when she searches for Serena she finds her sobbing in bed with the laptop open showing an article of Jesse Reid (Drew Tanner) died in a car crash. She offers to take her to the vigil that night and when Nico arrives he comforts Serena by telling her about how he felt when Freddy Mercury died. He says Jesse isn’t sad because he is in rock and roll heaven; he puts ear phones in her ears and she listens to Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time.

Nico and Laura talk about the tiny piece of the photo she found. Serena keeps interrupting them asking what words mean in the song. Nico reminds her that most of his clients never like what they find and if Tom is Serena’s moon and stars and if she pops her life, she pops Serena’s too. Jenny listens as Laura tries to rationalize everything but Jenny apologizes and tells them Mimi died that morning and Laura tells Nico to do it, because she needs to know.

Jenny in disguise texts Nico, she follows Tom in the elevator and they proceed to follow his car as he goes to an apartment complex; Nico realizes the corner of the photo is the apartment building sign. Tom has his own key to the apartment and Nico races to the door and places camera under the door, he takes several photos of Tom and the woman getting extremely intimate.

Jenny says Laura wants the truth but Nico says she cannot handle the truth. Jenny wants to know what the difference with Laura, then realizes that Laura is the one who finally broke through the ice surrounding his heart ever since Susanna (Hilary Jardine) died. He orders her to work when she says if she had a friend who knew what he knew and didn’t tell her, she would crack his skull.

Nico meets with Laura who wants to see what he has. She opens the envelop as Nico explains he found what Tom was being blackmailed for and Laura is devastated when she sees her husband together with another woman. Laura tells him its Mara (Erica Carroll), her assistant of 6 years. She thanks him and he leaves.

Before Nico leaves the building, Laura brings him back saying a week before Serena died, Mara had a bruise right where Tom grabbed her. She says if its the same blackmailers as when Serena died, then Tom knows who they are and knows who is coming after Serena. Nico says Laura should work for him, the pay is low and the hours are long.

Laura arrives at Tom’s office and demands he hang up the phone. He says he went there to tell her it was over. He calls himself weak and stupid but he loves Laura. She wants to know who is blackmailing him with it; she shouts for his assistant to get out when she interrupts them.

She wants to know who sent the pictures and who is blackmailing him; he says he has no idea who it is. She tells him to find out because their next move is to kill Serena. She tells him until he knows who they are, she doesn’t want to see him and doesn’t believe anything he says. When he leans into her, she says he hasn’t showered as Mara is still on him.

Serena talks to babysitter, who says she has a drawing in her time capsule that she wants to take to the vigil and wonders if it would be okay to open it. He tells her to do what her heart tells her as it will never lead her wrong. Serena opens the wall and takes out the capsule, placing it in her backpack.

Ruby (Imogen Tear) tells her grandmother, Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll) she knows why Jesse died because she used all her hope on her father. Grace tells her to pray for a miracle for all of them. Laura calls Barry (James Kirk) and learns he left Serena home alone with Mara; she hangs up on him and rushes home after calling for help; a motorcycle follows her.

Laura arrives home and tells Mara she can see her another time as she is taking Serena shopping. Mara says she was hoping to spend some time with the whole family, telling her to call Tom and to come home and join them. Laura tells Serena to go upstairs to get all the information for the vigil and to play Jesse’s new single so loud the floor will shake.

Mara says she isn’t going to shoot Serena after Laura says if she hurts Serena she will kill her. Laura suggests they join forces to take down Tom. She raises her gun to Laura’s face saying she is going to kill her with her but Laura says she called the police and they are probably downstairs. She calls Mara her friend and she still loves her; she asks for the gun but Mara tells her to call Tom or she will end this now.

Laura takes out her phone and finds out that the affair started when Laura was in the hospital. Laura asks if they had sex in her bed but before Mara could answer Laura swings at her and the police burst in. She tells them her young daughter is upstairs and asks if they can take it outside.

After the police leave, a man with a helmet on, puts tape over Laura’s mouth, when she sees the tattoo on his wrist she flashes back to when the police said Serena had that drawing in her pocket. She is injected in the neck, Serena comes down the stairs and realizes she is alone with the door wide open, she tries to call her mother who doesn’t answer. She calls her father who doesn’t answer either, then scrolls for another name.

Nico is sitting at the table in the apartment with Serena. She brings him a sweater and places a tracker on it; he says if she takes off her sweater to put the tracker on her shirt. Just then, Tom walks in, looks at Nico and asks where Laura is. Jenny texts Nico saying they have an image; he looks at it and its a gloved hand with the same tattoo of the man who took Laura.

Tom sends Serena upstairs, sits at the table and says Laura would never walk out that door and leave Serena alone but now Nico is there and Laura is gone. Nico taunts him that he did it and Tom orders him to stay away from his wife and stay away from his daughter or he will make his life a living hell; Nico says someone already beat him to that.

At the elevator, Nico gets a message saying if he wants to see her alive he will come alone. Tom comes into Serena’s room who wants to know where her mom is; he says he did something stupid and no matter what happens or changes, their love for her will never change. She tells him about the midnight vigil for Jesse and begs with him to go; he agrees.

Nico arrives at the location and races up the stairs to where he saw Laura. Nico orders him to get off Laura and a physical fight ensues. Nico is able to remove his glove but the man tells him to stay out of this or next time he drops him; he headbutts Nico, knocking him unconscious. He tells Laura that know she knows he can get to her and tells her to stop asking questions nor dig around in things that are not her business. Laura crawls to Nico who assures her Serena is okay, she is with Tom.

Serena runs up to Ruby who is glad she made it. Laura says the guys tattoo is the same design Serena drew the day she drowned; when she describes it Nico shows her the picture and they feel if they figure out what all of this has to do with each other, they will win and save Serena. Nico suggests if they stay out of it maybe he leaves Serena alone; but they quickly agree they were the first warning and Serena is the second.

Laura calls Tom and says she will be at the vigil in 15 minutes. Laura texts Tom saying she is close and while he takes his eyes off Serena; her and Ruby devise a plan to get into Jesse’s house.

Nico calls Cupcake (Daniel Bacon) and says he found the man who killed Haskell, he tells him he will text him the address where there is bloody glove with the guy’s DNA; Nico says he will explain later but to get it now.

Inside the house, Ruby and Serena search for Vivica, Jesse’s wife so she can give her the drawing. Nico says Serena is in the house revealing he is tracking her and Laura says she did it. They see the motorcycle and Nico sees the man remove his helmet; Laura and Nico race past security as Tom explains he is the District Attorney and he is there on official business.

Ruby opens the time capsule, Nico and Laura separate to find her but the man with the tattoo is right behind an oblivious Serena. Laura finds Ruby who says Serena went to give a present to Vivica. Ruby says they were supposed to meet in 5 minutes and admits her grandmother doesn’t know she is there as she snuck out.

Laura takes Ruby with her as Nico sees a photo at the vigil of 5 men and a woman with the same tattoos on their wrist. The person with the tattoo places a white rose beside where Serena is standing and leaves just as Laura, Ruby and Nico find her.

Nico asks a bunch of men if they have seen a guy in a leather jacket with a wrist tattoo and they all reveal their tattoos. Laura says he’s dangerous, explaining its a story she is working on. They tell Nico and Laura they believe he just went out the front on his bike.

The bike is gone but Nico tells her not to be negative as they have his DNA on the glove and shows her the photo he found. He also reveals the girl in the photo is Susanna, his dead fiance and it was taken the day she was killed. Laura says it may be all 3 of them. Nico reveals it was fresh ink done by tattoo artist Susanna’s father and the photo was taken down the street from his shop. They hope he keeps records but before they can speak any further, Tom interrupts them and Nico leaves.

Laura says she is leaving and taking Serena with her. Tom says he wasn’t the one who abandoned Serena and grabs her arm; she threatens to reveal his affair and he says she really is her mother. She says if she was her mother, he would be bleeding from his crotch. Laura says they are going on a trip and Tom hugs Serena saying he will see her very soon and they leave with Nico.

Tom’s phone rings and says his wife knows about Mara; the caller says the answer is yes and he got him. He says he will bring the ring and the earring to hi, and will call him first thing in the morning. Tom rushes home and checks behind the wall, realizing the capsule is gone and freaks out.

“Cupcake” climbs the stairs and finds the bloody glove, he places it in a pan and lights it on fire.