Somewhere Between Recap 8/22/17: Season 1 Episode 6 “Madness”

Somewhere Between Recap 8/22/17: Season 1 Episode 6 "Madness"

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Between premieres with an all new Tuesday, August 22, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 6 “Laura heads to Spanish Harbor with Nico to track down the identity of the killer, and Tom, desperate to get Serena back, sends the police after them; a witness leads Nico to confront Danny, who reveals the shocking truth about Susannah’s murder.

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Somewhere Between begins tonight with Tom Price (JR Bourne) scrambling through his home looking for his daughter, Serena’s (Aria Birch) time capsule. Meanwhile, Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa) and Laura Price (Paula Patton) discuss what all the things mean and how they are connected. He tells her that Susanna’s (Hilary Jardine) father, Simon is not someone you wake up at 4 in the morning; so until 10 am they need to check into a hotel. Laura talks about how she didn’t know the day would end with her breaking up her marriage and how much it will hurt Serena.

Captain Kendra Sarneau (Samantha Ferris) meets with Tom, learning Laura isn’t well and took Serena and denying him contact. She’s doesn’t have a good feeling about her being with Nico; she tells him she will do a BOLO (Be On Look Out) but he says he simply wants them back.

Nico walks into a store, pays for the gas and some snacks and sees the BOLO inside the police cruiser outside. The officer comes out and hands Nico the flashlight he forgot inside and uses it to warn Laura to hide her and Serena; the suspicious officer looks behind and sees nothing and wishes Nico a good night. Laura says they have to be careful and hide from the police because she is telling a story about them; Nico says phones, cards and anything they can trace needs to go.

Nico takes Laura and Serena to his brother’s old club house in the middle of the woods while two omen continue to search them. Laura sees a photo of Danny Jackson (Noel Johansen) holding Ruby (Imogen Tear), and he asks her if she thinks he put his brother on death row for the fun of it; she suggests maybe one of the men in the photo killed Susanna.

Nico tells her the whole story of the murders and what the police found; making it a mock tour. When she asks what happened that day at the lake, he explains how he was out with Cupcake (Daniel Bacon), talking about how he was going to propose to Susanna, the girl he loved since he was 7 years old.

Nico says Susanna’s house wasn’t far from there, and Danny had lit it on fire before he took the body and has a flashback to when he Danny laid Susanna’s body on the ground saying he killed her and dropping a camera. Nico is sure there is a connection to Serena and she reminds him nothing is a coincidence and everything is connected. The men chasing Laura, Nico and Serena hog tie the clerk at the gas station and after viewing the tape they go in the direction of Nico’s car.

Tom talks to Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll) claiming he is close to discovering something and needs to know where Nico is. She wants to know more but he says he can’t help if he can’t see Nico. She says her son is not afraid to see anybody and just because she is poor and desperate doesn’t make her stupid. She says she can see the desperation in him and if he wants her to find Nico he needs to call his office and reopen Danny’s case and on speaker so she knows who he is talking to.

Cupcake gets a call and says he still doesn’t know where Nico is and as Cupcake begs, the caller says he isn’t going to hurt his boy they are just saving him from himself. They tell him its a good idea for him not to hold out on them after they ask where Nico would hide out.

Serena wakes up and Laura tells her they are going to be in disguises when they go to town for her story so no one recognizes them. Serena asks to be the headless horseman, but Laura says the point is to not be noticed and suggests they go around like tourists. With hats and sunglasses.

They walk to where the tattoo shop after they see the exact spot the photo was taken but quickly discover it is boarded up but everything is still inside. Nico is searching the files when Simon comes into the room threatening to shoot them, demanding to know what is going on. Nico said the place felt like home after he put the gun down when Laura said her daughter was there.

She shows him the photo and he raises the gun when he sees Susanna in the photo; he agrees to help after she says he could save the next victim. He looks through the files and says there was a break in around the time Susanna died and now he knows the only things that went missing are the names of the people who were there that day. Simon looks at the photo and says it looks like the bad luck club, the one man died yesterday, Susanna is gone and there is Blake and Jason Tanner; Blake killed himself but Jason set the family home on fire. He has no idea who the 4th man is.

Cupcake tells Nico to come in because he is playing with fire but Nico tells him to find him Jason Tanner. Cupcake hangs up but Nico tells Laura to take in the scenery as he gives Cupcake 90 seconds to call him back. Jake is in a secure psychiatric facility and tells him to not go there nor get involved but does reveal the hospital’s name and location; Laura freaks out saying fate cannot make her visit her mother, who is in the same facility.

Nico tells Laura that her mother being in there is a gift because she can’t just walk in there asking to see a violent patient. Laura tells him what life was like as a child with her mother and father; she loves that everyone thinks she is suffering and she won’t go there and watch it. Suddenly there is a car and Nico grabs Serena telling her to take her mother so they can wash their faces.

Nico calls one of the cell phones that is inside the bunker, the men follow the sound and he locks them inside; yelling to Laura and Serena that it is time to go. The men calls 9-11 while Nico and Laura steal a car; when the men are rescued they tell them about the man with the woman and girl saying they were interested in some WWII relics.

At the facility, Laura is told she needs to submit a request in writing, after her attempt fails she comes out asking who wants to see grandma and both Nico and Serena raise their hands. Laura says Nico is working on a story with her but her mom ignores her complaining how she worries about Serena living in the industrial place they call home. Her mother accuses Laura of taking Serena on the road with her “bed boy” and they bicker about their past.

Laura says she needs her help, explaining she needs her to get into a secure wing; he mother whines saying she hoped she only came there to see her and Serena asks why her mother always makes her cry. After some convincing, Matthew, her therapist brings them into the wing and tells them where to go.

As Laura goes in to see Jason, the two men arrive at the facility, showing their credentials saying they are there to see Jason Tanner. She asks who the man is in the photo and he becomes hysterical. She comforts him, asking him not to scream. Nico recognizes the one man at the door, and when he says something to the orderly she goes running down the hall. Jason won’t reveal the man’s name but Laura sits with him assuring him he is safe with her.

Nico pulls the man into a room and learns they knew where he was from a private contractor. They physically fight as Laura shows Jason a photo of Serena says she is crazy over Jesse Reid and that someone who has the same wrist tattoo he does, if she doesn’t stop him, Serena dies. He gently touches the photo and lays his head on Laura’s lap. Jason looks at the picture again, as she says the names of who she knows. He tells her to turn off the lights and there is a drawing of a woman, under the stars holding a knife over a body.

Jason keeps saying “Five” but before Laura can figure it out, the other man attacks her, attempting to strangle her with a towel. Jason bites his ear and Nico arrives to finish him off. Nico sees the drawing and says its Susanna’s murder; he witnessed the murder but when shown a photo of Danny he shakes his head that its not him but keeps saying FIVE!

Serena tells her grandmother that her mom has been acting strange, explaining that her parents are mad at each other and no one will tell her what is going on. Laura says she is doing a story and they go to the strangest places but never home. She says her mother loves her more than anything and whatever is going on, some day she will find out it was all for her. Serena says right now it feels like a stupid game and she doesn’t want to keep playing it.

Both men clean themselves up as Nico and Laura tell Serena they need to go, but Serena protests as Laura explains there are people there who know about the story and they need to go. Her mother hugs her and laughs at Laura saying all these years she has underestimated her; Laura thanks her for watching Serena and she hops on Nico’s back but they cannot leave as the men are on the floor. Laura’s mother runs out calling them saying they are in the room.

Laura smiles at Nico as they walk out the building, hearing her mother rambling in the background. Tom Price is on the phone learning Laura went to see her mother and left more chaos in her wake and the caller says they hope they don’t need to ask him twice to take care of this.

At a diner, Serena goes to the restroom and Nico explains the stars were for Susanna’s 21st birthday and the drawing is of her and her house. He admits his mother is right, the killer isn’t his brother as the knife is in the right hand but his brother is a lefty. She thinks Jason could have drew it wrong but he feels its not a coincidence. Someone is scorching the earth to keep someone’s secret and its not for someone on death row.

She wants to know why Danny would say he did it when he didn’t as Nico explains its the same person who is paying to keep Jason at the expensive facility, as his parents could never afford it. Nico says Danny is going to tell him the truth or he is going to carve it out of him.

At the California State Prison, Nico comes to see Danny confronting him on throwing his life, their mom and Ruby’s life away on a lie. He shows him the picture, Danny says he doesn’t know who they are but he took the picture. Nico says that isn’t true since the camera was broken that day and shows him the photo again screaming for him to tell the truth. Nico says that’s fine because the real killer is out there and will kill Nico when he gets the chance.

Danny says they did bad things when they drank. He says Nico got drunk and didn’t know what he was doing and it was him. He saw him kill her through the window, he ran away but when he saw the house burning he went in and saved her and he is saying he did it because Nico loved Susanna and would never hurt her on purpose.

Nico grabs his brother’s face and wants to know if he killed the others but before he can get an answer Nico is pulled away by the guards; Danny cries out that it was Nico!!