Somewhere Between Recap 9/12/17: Season 1 Episode 9 “Ghost”

Somewhere Between Recap 9/12/17: Season 1 Episode 9 "Ghost"

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Between premieres with an all new Tuesday, September 12, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 9 “Tom comes to Laura with his own plan to save Serena, but a double cross turns deadly, and the identity of the real killer is exposed. Meanwhile, with Danny’s execution just hours away, Nico and Laura have to race to try to save him and Serena.

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In the trailer, Serena Price (Aria Birch) wakes up and peeks through the newspaper to see what is going on outside; when her abductor notices, he covers the hole. Laura (Paula Patton) rushes into Captain Kendra Sarneau’s (Samantha Ferris) office and drops the file about the man who has taken Serena, saying if they don’t find this man, Serena will be dead by tomorrow night; she advises her to be careful who she talks to. Laura tells Sarneau is all she has to rely on.

Jenny (Carmel Amit) tells Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa) the crazy dream he had is all happening. She tells him the governor is meeting with the victims of his brother, Danny (Noel Johansen) and the victims of the first3 to be executed. Nico tells Jenny he is going there to, he kisses and thanks Jenny.

Tom Price (JR Bourne) learns Nico didn’t give her the jewelry and that Jesse Reid (Drew Tanner) didn’t die in a car accident, he was murdered but before she can get any more information he hangs up on her. Nico arrives at the Governor’s compound and his wife, Colleen Dekizer (Rebecca Staab) gets him past security saying he is welcome there. They are interrupted by Logan (Matt Visser) and Madeliene Dekizer (Lina Renna), who reminds him of Serena. Colleen excuses herself and when Logan asks if he has children he says he has a niece and an 8-year-old. Nico continues to have flashbacks and before he is to meet the Governor, he walks away again.

Tom calls pleading for more time; Nico calls saying its to be only him and the man with the tattoos at a meeting place, but it has to be only him or it won’t happen. Meanwhile Serena has dinner with Kyle (Greyston Holt), he doesn’t speak a word as she mocks him for thinking its tough when he doesn’t say anything. His phone rings, and he answers it. When he hangs up he tells Serena she is going home.

Sarneau gives Laura a little update but nothing that makes sense. Nico returns to Jenny’s house; he is looking for something old and pearly. She tells him about the film she found in Danny’s old camera. She says if it wasn’t for him she’d be dead with a needle in her arm and if he is going to do something insane, she is doing it with him. He tells Jenny to keep the real jewelry safe and if he doesn’t come back to give them to Laura as she will know what to do with it. Jenny pleads that there has to be another way; he tells her to text him what is on the film.

Kyle tells Serena not to move until he tells her to. Nico wants to see Serena; both men put their arms in the air as Kyle orders her to stand where he can see her. Kyle approaches Nico to get the bag of jewelry; Nico jumps him, telling Serena to run and hide until he comes to find her; another car arrives and they attack Nico. Serena watches from a distance, Nico tells her to run and get help as the man tells her to come out or it will end badly for him. Nico tells her that her mom wants her home now but the man says if she doesn’t come out, Nico dies.

Serena shouts for them to stop, begging them not to kill him if she comes out. She comes out but reminds them she promised. Kyle grabs her as she tells him, “I love you Captain Nico” and he tells her he loves her too. The main man tells them guys to keep Nico and when they get instructions to follow them. Serena tells Kyle he is lucky those other guys showed up or Nico would have kicked his ass. He asks if her mother knows she talks like that and she asks him if his mother knows he kidnaps little girls.

Someone arrives at the trailer, and Serena realizes it Kyle’s mother, as she hugs Kyle goodbye she realizes his mother is Colleen, the Governor’s wife. She hides in bed, saying she is going on a hunger strike when Kyle offers her cookies.

Laura sits at a bar, where a contact meets her saying the man she is looking for is a “ghost”. He says the guy’s parents died when he was young but one day when he broke into a house, instead of charging him, the family took him in. He won’t reveal who the family is nor his informant’s name but tells Laura if this man had his daughter, he would be praying.

Somewhere, Between Season 1 Episode 9 ‘Ghost’ Recap Part 2

Colleen goes to see the Governor’s assistant, Richard saying if this jewelry comes to light it will rip open Danny’s case and she will not see her boy in prison. She says she did a big favor putting Danny in prison 10 years earlier. She says they wouldn’t be there if he would have taken care of Tom the second he sent a picture of the scarf; she orders him to call Tom. He tells him if he wants Serena he needs to get the jewelry, step back from the jewelry and Serena comes home. He tells Tom he has two options either grieve his wife or his daughter; revealing Laura rented a motel room with Nico Jackson a few nights earlier.

Nico wakes up from the beating, calls Laura saying he almost had her. He tells her Serena is okay, he tells her where the jewelry is and he is turning himself in for Danny’s crimes; insisting it will buy time and Serena will be safe. Tom calls her saying its Serena for the jewelry or no Serena at all; he reminds her that Nico and her have pissed these people off and they will only deal with him now. He tells Laura to get the jewelry and meet him at Nico’s place.

Serena wakes up and notices Kyle is sound asleep, she tries to open the door but when he realizes she can’t escape she eats a cookie and he sits up when she admits they are good cookies.

Laura cleans up Nico and he tells her Serena looks strong and good; Tom arrives wanting to see the jewelry. Laura wants to know who they are giving it to, he takes a picture and Nico demands to know why his hand is shaking and Laura refuses to hand them over until she knows all of it. Tom reveals everything about his blackmail with the scarf and jewelry, saying he has this want in him that he needs control. Laura says if he knew enough to blackmail a Governor than Jesse knew who killed Susanna and that is who took Serena and she demands to know his name.

Nico rips his shirt open and reveals he is wearing a wire; the men rush in and Tom offers to make a deal and gets a bullet in his head instead; they shoot up the whole place as Nico and Laura manage to escape. The men find them running and follow them into a parking garage, they get into an elevator where Nico hard wires it. Laura is in shock that Tom is dead and she wonders if he was always someone who could do something like this. Laura realizes that Kyle is the boy the Governor family raised. Laura says what they just did made everything worse thinking everyone dies, including Tom and Serena.

Nico figures out that the copper key chain he got Laura that said “I tolerate you” is made of copper and they are able to get the elevator working. Nico says they need to run to jenny’s. Laura wants to know what she is to tell Serena about her daddy. Nico gets a message that if they don’t return the jewelry, they will go to the police but Nico says that isn’t true, the cops are coming for them.

Richard calls Colleen and tells her that Price is off the board and they have the jewelry. He says they will not go to the police as long as they still have Serena; she hangs up saying she needs to figure out what to do. She redresses, putting a safety pin in place of the button.

Kyle notices Serena’s backpack and asks if she likes Jesse Reid, she sarcastically says that she doesn’t like him. Kyle begins to sing a song that he claims Jesse wrote for him, he shows her the tattoo saying they went to college together. She realizes that Jesse did have the tattoo, always covering it. Kyle shares that Jesse helped him with his stutter by making him sing until he no longer stuttered. Kyle says Jesse was a good person until he wasn’t; he tells her to get some sleep and she asks him to sing to her for her to sleep.

At the prison, Danny is brought clothes and asked what he would like for his last meal. He wants real oatmeal with honey and butter, like his mom used to make for him and Nico as kids.

As the men scour Nico’s office, one of them sees Jenny’s card and before Nico and Laura could escape, they begin shooting through Jenny’s windows. They throw a grenade in, but Nico catches it and throws it back at them. He yells for Jenny and Laura to go, he carries Jenny who has been shot and they rush off in Jenny’s car.

Ruby (Imogen Tear) talks to her grandmother, Grace (Catherine Barroll) in the hospital room. Ruby says she is going to see her dad and she should stay at the hospital to get better. Nico calls and says he is trying to fix everything; Ruby grabs the phone and Nico tells his mom to be careful and hope for a miracle.

Nico carries Jenny onto a gurney and tells the hospital to take care of her. Laura looks at the pictures, telling Nico the differences; they look at the picture and discover the 5th guy is Logan, the son Nico met the night before.

In the trailer, Serena talks to Kyle asking if he was born bad or just ended up that way; he shares his life story but refers to himself as the peasant boy. He says Serena’s grandmother is wrong, it was the prince who was the evil one and it was the peasant boy who took the blame for it all; even as adults the peasant boy kept protecting him because the prince was his brother. Kyle agrees with Serena and says he doesn’t like this story.

Outside, Kyle teaches Serena how to defend herself; Logan watches the video, asking his mother if Kyle is running a daycare center. She says nothing is ever going to hurt him, they are interrupted when Madeleine invites her down for pancakes. Logan continues to watch as he rubs where his tattoo is fading.


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