Somewhere Between Recap 9/5/17: Season 1 Episode 8 “Destiny’s Child”

Somewhere Between Recap 9/5/17: Season 1 Episode 8 "Destiny's Child"

Tonight on ABC their new crime drama Somewhere Between premieres with an all new Tuesday, September 5, 2017, episode and we have your Somewhere Between recap below.  On tonight’s Somewhere Between season 1 episode 8 “Laura is betrayed by Tom and learns that Serena is at the TV station and fears her daughter will suffer the same original fate she did. Meanwhile, Nico tries to get his hands on evidence that could help save his brother.

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Somewhere, Between begins tonight with Laura Price (Paula Patton) being escorted in the psychiatric facility her husband, Tom Price (JR Bourne) put her in; as Nico Jackson (Devon Sawa) leaves her a voicemail having no idea where she is. He says fate can paint his butt with honey and give it a big old kiss because this time Mara (Erica Carroll) and Haskell (Aaron Craven) are gone and she had him; so her daughter, Serena (Aria Birch) isn’t going to die. He hangs up the phone but keeps an eye on the tracker he placed on Serena.

The psychiatrist says Laura has had a busy few days mentioning the impromptu trip to Hawaii, then stabbing a man with a pen; the following night dressing up as a sex worker and then talks about her killing Haskell. She feels Laura may be a bit delusional like her mother after she talks about the trained assassins that came to the facility her mother is in. Laura says if she can spend the day and evening with her daughter she believes she can become centered enough to do the work they want her to do; the doctor initially declines but when Laura persuades her, she says she needs Tom’s consent.

At home, Tom tells Serena her mother is where she is so they can figure out everything that has been going on with Laura lately. He suggests giving Laura that anniversary gift early and asks Serena where it went; Serena says she didn’t see it just as Tom receives a call from the All Souls Hospital and he excuses himself to talk to the doctor. Tom tells Laura he doesn’t feel good about this but Laura tells him about the time capsule, he makes her swear she won’t do anything to upset and he agrees to speak to the doctor.

Nico arrives at a lab, giving his contact the pin with the killer’s blood as well as the jewelry Laura left with him; he says he is doing this to save the State from executing an innocent man, his brother Danny (Noel Johansen). Tom returns to Serena’s room, who excitedly gets ready to visit her mom. Nico sees that Serena has left and wants to know why she is there.

Laura hugs Serena, very happy to see her but then has flashbacks to when they found her body and she is wearing the same shoes and the sweater that she had thrown in the trash. Laura learns that Jerry returned them to Tom and starts to panic, telling Serena she cannot wear that today; both Tom and the doctor feel the visit may be premature and Laura says she wants to speak to him in private while the doctor watches Serena.

Laura explains that the same way she knew where the victims would be killed, she knows something will happen to Serena. On her birthday, when it all happened, she tells him their marriage falls apart, and she tries to kill herself still having the stones in her pocket. She says he is supposed to give her the benefit of the doubt and let Serena stay with her because its the safest place for her. Tom says Serena’s safety and sanity are more important to him than the jewelry Laura found. Laura snaps when the orderlies take her away and place her in the room to strap her into a chair as Tom takes Serena away.

Tom holds a sobbing Serena in his arms promising her mother will be okay, that she just needs time. Tom gets a message and says he needs to go see the governor of California; he promises the visit will be short. Nico stops at an intersection, just as Tom turns the corner; he sees Serena in the back and gives chase.

Tom arrives with Serena at the Governor’s house, who tells Serena about a time when her father was an intern and nearly sunk one of his billion dollar deals. Serena tells him about how she feels about selling land; Colleen Dekizer (Rebecca Staab), shakes her hand and says she’s happy someone else feels the same way and encourages her to tell the Governor, her husband why she feels that way because maybe he will listen to her.

Outside, Nico drives by as security keeps an eye on him. Serena goes to read a book while Tom speaks to the Governor, who feels his associate Richard feels Tom is the perfect person to attend a function that evening, in order to soften the blow on his decision on the death penalty; to sweeten the deal they tell him to bring Serena along too. Serena tries to call her daddy over; she reminds him that mommy said not to go to the station and will be more upset if they go there; he convinces her that this is very important and about the society they live in. Tom shakes the Governor’s hand and agrees to help him.

Nico keeps Laura up-to-date with voice messages, saying its an hour to the time she was killed and she is safe at home and he’s still watching her; but wonders where Laura really is. Serena doesn’t want to go but Tom assures her it is only for an hour until Barry picks her up. Nico attempts to call her phone but Tom sees who it is and blocks the number.

Nico runs to his vehicle only to find it has a block on the wheel, yelling that fate is doing this and tries to convince her he is literally trying to safe someone’s life right now. She won’t take money from him and says she will gladly wait there while he calls in his payment. Meanwhile, Laura wakes up in her room, discovering its night time and pleads with the nurse that she needs to use the phone but is told her doctor needs to approve that and she is gone for the day. Laura turns around and sees that Tom will be on the news next; she shoves past a doctor when the door is open and races around the hospital.

Nico is screaming into his phone for Serena not to go there when he sees her tracker at the station. Aaron (Adam Abrams) asks Serena if she is okay tonight, and she says she isn’t supposed to be there. The show begins to air with a debate on the death penalty between Jack Evans (Taylor St. Pierre) and Tom Price. Aaron tells Serena to get her things together as Barry just called him and is parked downstairs.

At the psychiatric facility, security is still searching for Laura as she wanders into the elderly section, she takes the remote from one of the patients and switches it to her television station. Laura dumps her purse and calls Serena, it comes through as an unknown number and Serena says her mother says never to answer them as Aaron walks her out of the building.

Nico arrives at the tv station but there is a huge crowd of protesters outside. Serena says that is Barry in the car and Aaron wishes her off, standing at the door while she walks alone towards the vehicle; there is a strange man hiding behind the wall between Serena and the car. Laura calls Aaron who says he saw Serena a second ago but him and Barry realize that she is gone and never reached Barry; Nico grabs the phone and says he will find her. Laura tries to leave but a security guard walks in, she ducks down in time but she can’t escape.

A call comes in and Laura realizes its the killer; Tom rushes off screen to find her as Laura races out of the building. Nico stops every car as its driving then suddenly hears Serena scream “help me” from a white van; he sees the man’s face but is unable to stop him. He manages to get to his vehicle and starts to follow him; Laura unfortunately runs right into two security guards and attempts to escape.

Nico almost kills someone with his car but continues to drive as Laura manages to dodge the guards and get out of the building. Nico thinks he is around the corner from Serena but when he almost hits a homeless woman, he sees Serena’s sweater with the tracker on it on top of her cart and now has no idea where she went.

Laura arrives at the station by taxi, Tom is watching the video of Serena leaving the building; Laura tells them to let the tape run and Tom frets that their baby is gone. Laura continues with the building’s cameras when Tom goes to the stairwell to take a call; he pleads with the man not to hurt his 8-year-old daughter; he promises not to hurt her as long as he gets what he wants.

Laura storms into the stairwell yelling that she told Tom not to come there, she begged him. Tom says “they” want the jewelry or they will kill their baby; Laura demands to know who they are. He admits that he knows who they are but won’t tell her because she has already messed things up more for him. He tells her it was her running around with Nico Jackson that brought this upon them and they will be calling him back in one hour. Laura slaps him and goes to her office.

She calls Nico and says they can save Serena by giving them the ring and earring; Tom walks in while Laura is on the phone with Nico who agrees to meet her in 45 minutes with the jewelry. Tom demands to know where the jewelry is, she wants his keys but he wants to do with her but she refuses saying she doesn’t trust herself enough to not kill him. He gives her the keys and she rushes off.

Ruby (Imogen Tear) calls out for her grandmother, Grace Jackson (Catherine Barroll), telling her that someone called in the news and took Serena; Grace sits with Ruby as they listen to the live call. The Governor says he now has to execute Danny Jackson, not for the sake of justice but because he is being forced to do so; either way, the man wins. The Governor’s daughter says there is another way, capture him and return that little girl, Serena to her daddy. He agrees and doesn’t want to have to name a birdie sanctuary in Serena’s honor but if they execute Danny Jackson, are they saying “go ahead, hurt her; we dare you!?” His wife stands up and says Logan is right, all they can do is stay the course.

Serena sits in the back of the van, terrified about what will happen. She wants to know where they are and says her dad is the district attorney and they go to church every Sunday and if the cops catch him, he is dead; even saying other criminals don’t like criminals who hurt kids. She cries out for help but as he shuts the trailer door, its clear there is no one anywhere near them.

Grace and Ruby watch as the Governor announces this man took Serena as a challenge to him, and as a father he will rise to the challenge and as of 4 pm the following afternoon the death warrant for Daniel Jackson will go into effect. Nico learns Haskell’s DNA was on both pieces of jewelry but asks if the hair was a joke? She tells him the hair he gave her if that of a supposed dead military man and he is about to walk out sarcastically saying he is chasing a ghost but she hands him a file on the man.

Ruby calls Nico saying her grandmother, his mom, is sick; after hearing the governor say they are killing her dad, grandma fell, she’s making sounds but not moving. She’s called 911 but Nico says he is on his way. Laura is left waiting while Nico rushes home and learns she had a moderate to serious heart attack and he tells her to listen to the paramedics and Danny would want her to take care of herself.

Ruby says a heart attack is because she has a broken heart and Nico confirms that is true. He promises Ruby and his mother than he will be back with them soon as Ruby cries saying if her daddy dies and grandma dies she will also die of a broken heart; he says everything will be okay because she is the strongest woman they know. He kisses her forehead and takes off.

Serena attempts to fight off the man, but he pulls out duct tape and ties; he calls her a tough cookie and she tells him to never forget that. He proceeds to make them mac and cheese. Meanwhile, Nico finally arrives at the pier to meet Laura, she runs and hugs him. He says he has the jewelry but when she sees his face she knows something is wrong. He tells her they are killing his brother tomorrow, and his mother had a heart attack when she found out and if she dies Ruby loses both her father and grandmother.

The jewelry proves his brother didn’t kill those women. The jewelry reopens the case but she says the jewelry saves Serena; he knows that and gives her the file of the fourth man, saying if they find him she will find Serena. Nico tells her the DNA report alone will not help Danny; without the jewelry test and retest, no one gets saved. She pleads with him not to do this, she refuses to take the file and Nico drives away as she screams chasing his car.