Star Recap 1/11/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Next of Kin”

Star Recap 1/11/17: Season 1 Episode 3 "Next of Kin"

Tonight on FOX their new drama, Star from Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels airs with an all new Wednesday, January 11, 2017, episode and we have your Star recap below.  On tonight’s Star season 1 episode 3 as per the FOX synopsis, “When someone close to her is in jeopardy, Carlotta (Queen Latifah) shifts into protector mode, while Jahil’s (Benjamin Bratt) efforts to raise money for a recording session land him in trouble. Simone’s past returns to haunt her and Star does her utmost to be sure her sister stays safe.”

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FOX’ Star begins tonight with Carlotta (Queen Latifah) praying to God that Simone (Brittany O’Grady) was too young to die. She is wheeled into the hospital where there is no pulse, her pupils are reactive. Simone sees a light, seeing her mother and sister, Star (Jude Demorest) singing for her to come back. Simone sings to the vision of her mother, saying she just wants her mother’s love again while Star sings for her to come back to her. Simone is clearly struggling in her subconscious about who she needs to be with, her mom or her sister. She is shocked back to life.

Star and Alexandra Crane (Ryan Destiny) arrive at a club and when the bouncers discover she is Roland Crane’s (Lenny Kravitz) daughter they let her in immediately. Alexandra meets with one of her father’s friends, Big Boi telling him she is doing her own music and Star jokes that her sister isn’t there because she is at church praying for them to get a Grammy Award.

Alex tells him that they need his help with a demo. He says he is leaving town tomorrow and Star tells him that is great they could do it tomorrow because they are on a deadline. She takes a selfie with him and Alex explains about the contest they plan to enter.

Back at the hospital, Cotton (Amiyah Scott) tells Carlotta that Star won’t call her back because Star thinks Carlotta is mad at her. Everyone from the salon is in the waiting room and one offers to call her instead. The doctor asks if Carlotta is the mother, she explains that Simone was in cardiac arrest but they were able to resuscitate her.

Carlotta thanks Jesus and the nurse wants to know when she can see her, she is told the next 24 hours are critical and is being admitted under observation and a nurse will let her know. After she asks where Simone could have gotten the drugs, Carlotta says she will find out. When the doctor leaves, she says if she ever brings that garbage into her house again, she is done.

Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) comes to see an old friend, a producer telling him he has a girl group, a new act who is going to be huge. He tells him if it hasn’t happened for him yet, it wasn’t going to happen. Jahil hands him money and asks for his help. He agrees saying he has a client who only works in the daytime, so him and the girls can take the night shift tomorrow night. Jahil shakes on it and leaves.

At admitting, Carlotta is filling in paperwork when the clerk tells her they need to know if this was an overdose or attempted suicide. Cotton cuts in and says she’s been waking up from nightmares, screaming and stuff. Carlotta informs her she doesn’t have insurance. The clerk tells her the ER alone is going to cost $5000 and Obama care has some very affordable options for low income families. Carlotta asks her who said they were low income?

The clerk looks down and Simone’s phone rings, it is Star sharing their exciting news about Big Boi and when she learns about what happened to Simone. Star and Alexandra rush to the hospital; the doctor tells her that she is back in a room but she cannot see her and that their mother is there. Without thinking Star blurts out they don’t have a mother.

Simone wakes up to Star singing to her in her hospital room. It is a song Mary used to sing to them both and Star sang to her when they got a little older. Simone calls her name and Star begins to cry.

She tells Star she saw their mama and she was ready for her, and she didn’t want to come back. Star asks her why she came back, she said for her. Simone says their mother told her to take care of her. Star gets angry saying their mother was a junkie and died because of it and if she keeps doing it she will die too. Star tells her it took her so long to find her, Simone cuts her off and tells her they can be be those real life stories that inspire people. She asks Star to tell her about the contest.

Star tells her there isn’t going to be a contest. Simone asks if it is because of her and she isn’t going to stop because the song is really dope. Star snaps and yells at her saying she just OD’ed. Simone takes off her oxygen and begins removing all the wires, worried that hey will figure out who she is and what they did. Simone asks Star if she really thinks no one is going to come looking for them.

Pastor Harris (Tyrese Gibson) sees Carlotta sitting in church and asks how Simone is. She tells him she is good and he wants to know why she is so sad then. She says the girls have no roots, they have no religion and she can’t undo all of that. He reminds her they didn’t have roots either but they somehow found their way. He advises her to go easy on them and give them a minute. They share a gentle kiss and she says she needs to go back to the hospital.

Hunter Morgan (Chad James Buchanan) come to the salon looking for Star. He is warned to stay away from Star because she is too complicated for him. He is told Star is at the hospital with her sister. Star is ready to take Simone home and the psychiatrist tells Carlotta and Star they are placing Simone on a 72-hour psych hold. Star is furious, and lashes out at Carlotta for not being there. Carlotta says she is doing what’s best for Simone. Star tells her she was their mother’s best friend and she should have been there for them then.

Jahil calls Star saying he booked them for the demo and Star asks if they can do it tomorrow. He tells her to be there for 8pm and he will show up later. He warns her not to do anything. Hunter comes to the hospital with flowers for her sister. He tells her most girls come to him when he calls. She tells him she isn’t most girls and it will take more than calls to make her come. He asks her out and she says maybe; thanks him for the flowers and leaves.

Pastor Harris comes to visit Simone in the hospital. He asks if it is true she tried to kill herself. She tells him they are wrong about her. He says he believes her. She continues to tell him she thinks she believes in the whole white light thing because when she went to the other side, she saw her mom. She believes in angels but she doesn’t know if she believes in God.

He tells her God saved his life like he saved hers and just when you hit rock bottom that is when he shows up the most. He tells her God showed up and kept her alive and asks her to just talk to somebody, and it doesn’t have to be him but somebody.

Alex is in bed with her boyfriend, Derek (Quincy Brown) talking about Simone and addiction. She tells him people have to want to get better and helping them, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Derek encourages her to go back to Julliard because Star and Simone are going to mess her up and turn her out. Alex is upset because she thinks he believes she can’t handle herself. He tells her she is completely wrong.

She asks him how does he know if he has never heard her sing, he says its because she turns him down every time he asks. She complains that he thinks she is sheltered and he tells her there is nothing wrong with that. Derek wants to make sure his kids are sheltered from all this mess, she asks him what mess? He says he is a black man in America. He has to keep his head down, his mouth shut and his hands out of his pockets just so he can make it home alive. Star knocks on the window calling Alex to her.

Star tells Alex that Simone is climbing the walls in that place and she needs to get her out. Alex disagrees saying Simone needs professional help. Star says she only needs her and she is going to bust her out. Alex wants to know what she is going to do and how she is going to get Simone past Carlotta.
Star grabs a stone and throws it through the window setting an alarm off.

At the hospital, Cotton is upset with her mother for claiming to be Simone’s mother. She even accuses Carlotta of wishing Simone was her own daughter. She admits that she does because then she could have given her a normal life.

Cotton reminds her that she is her daughter. Carlotta says she named her Arnold after her father. Cotton wants her to accept that Arnold is dead and informs her that she is getting the bottom surgery. Carlotta is upset asking her isn’t it enough with the boobs, the hair and the makeup? Cotton tells her she needs to look the same on the outside as she feels on the inside. Carlotta tells her it isn’t right to mutilate what God gave her.

Cotton says, “God gave me, ME!” continuing to tell her that its not mutilation and she found a doctor to do it. Carlotta is upset when she learns Cotton didn’t get all that money from answering phones. Carlotta’s phone goes off and she returns home to a broken window. She asks Derek what is going on, he covers for the girls. Carlotta manages to sneak in wearing scrubs and gets Simone out of the hospital before the doctor and nurses are able to stop her.

Jahil stops on the side of the road calling Star wondering why they are over an hour late to the studio. He gets out of his vehicle and sees several young girls and women in the back of the van. He backs away saying he agreed to a smuggling job but not a trafficking job.

At the studio, Alexis trying to run the show and Big Boi is impressed saying Julliard must have paid off. She smirks that she never needed Julliard and she is that good. He says he is happy she isn’t using her dad. Simone sings a little bit and Big Boi asks why she sounds like High School Musical. He looks at Alex and says, “We will see,”

Carlotta calls Jahil saying she is with the police and wants to know where the girls are; telling him one of the sisters overdosed and the other throw a rock through her window to bust her out. She demands to know what studio they are at. Jahil orders all the women to get out of the van. He tells them to tell the police they were taken against their will and don’t have passports. She turns and tells the rest of them, in Spanish, that Jahil is a good guy.

Alex, Star and Simone perform at the studio, everyone in the sound room is poppin to the beat. Carlotta arrives at the studio demanding to turn off the machines. She tells them that Simone is underage and almost died last night. Carlotta tells Star she is selfish to put her career over her sister’s health.

Star throws it back in her face that it is between her and Carlotta; saying she looks and sounds like their mother and it kills her because just like her mother, she is young, sexy and more talented than Carlotta ever did. Carlotta tells her she didn’t hate her mother, she watched her die and she isn’t about to watch Simone do it. Simone tells them both if she wants to smoke weed, sing a song or kill herself she will. Big Boi says there is too much drama and he is out. He hugs Alexandra and leaves.

Carlotta tries to take Simone by the arm but she brushes her off saying she wants to go home. Carlotta says she can’t. If she isn’t back in the hospital in half an hour, they are calling the police and she can’t do anything to protect them and she will end up back in the system. Simone leaves with Carlotta.

Jahil calls Hunter and tells him to punch him in the face because he is in a bad situation. Hunter says he can’t, his hands are his money makers. Jahil gives him something and Hunter slugs him in the face. Jahil meets with the man who set the whole trafficking ring up, telling him the shipment he lost cost 2 million a year. Jahil tells him a story about some man who took the van. He is told Maggie will be furious; Jahil covers his tracks saying maybe he was set up so he could get the girls for free.

Simone throws a pillow and throws it and Carlotta tells her to think about this next time she wants to take a fistful of pills. Simone says she didn’t do it on purpose, Carlotta reminds her that her mother would have said the same thing. Carlotta tells her that her mother used to read poetry to her when she was in her belly. Simone asks if she still had the poetry and Carlotta says she lost it. Carlotta tells her if she is going to continue down this path she needs to leave her house; Simone says she isn’t going to continue down the path.

Carlotta pushes Simone about her past. Simone admits the foster father used to abuse her foster mother but he was real nice to her. She finally tells her that he used to keep her home from school to have sex with her. She continues to tell her that her foster mother knew about it and liked it because the more he messed with Simone, the less he messed with her. Carlotta grabs her hand and tells her it is going to be okay and promises that man will never hurt her again. Alexandra hears the entire conversation.

Jahil arrives to see Star and she tells him a bad liar when she sees his eye. She said as a manager he needs to be a good liar, but he has a bigger problem, believing he doesn’t want to win. Jahil asks why she wants him as a manager. She tells him because he would knock over his mother to get to the top and she likes that. She admits she trust him as much as she trust anybody. He wants to know why she didn’t tell him about Simone. He says she is a mess and needs professional help but as her manager he insists she is an anchor weighing them down. He says he has big dreams for her and not the other girls. He tells her to let her loose, she tells him she is not going to drop her sister and every plan he has needs to include her and Alexandra and if he doesn’t get that he doesn’t get her.

Jahil says they need to get a new plan because they missed the deadline for the festival.Star comes close to him telling him he isn’t playing to win again, they have two hours. He smirks and says that she should be in the loony bin. She says that is a good idea and they should bring the mountain to Muhammed.

Star comes close to him telling him he isn’t playing to win again, they have two hours. He smirks and says that she should be in the loony bin. She says that is a good idea and they should bring the mountain to Muhammed.

Pastor Harris comes to get Carlotta from the hospital when Simone appears to be sleeping. Alexandra, Star and Jahil bring in the equipment and they record their demo in the hospital bathroom. When they are done, Jahil sends in the submission with 3 seconds to spare. There is a knock at his door and it is the woman he saved earlier from the van