Star Recap 1/4/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Devil You Know”

Star Premiere Recap 1/4/17: Season 1 Episode 2 "The Devil You Know"

Tonight on FOX their new drama, Star from Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels airs with an all new Wednesday, January 4, 2017, episode and we have your Star recap below.  On tonight’s Star season 1 episode 2 as per the FOX synopsis, “A producer’s revealing secret threatens the trio’s opportunity for a chance to perform at a music festival, forcing Star to undertake extreme measures and a career-ending risk to put things right. Carlotta (Queen Latifah) and Jahil (Benjamin Bratt) square off in efforts to keep their secrets buried as a life hangs in the balance.”

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Star begins tonight with Star Davis (Jude Demorest), her younger sister, Simone (Brittany O’Grady) and Alexandra Crane (Ryan Destiny) meeting with Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) who shows them the video of their debut performance. He says he put his balls on the line for them taking a big chance. Alexandra gives him a dirty look telling him he booked them at a house party, its not like he got them meeting some record executives.

Star tells Alexandra to let the man talk. He says there is a music festival coming and he wants to book them a stage to reveal them to the whole world. Star tells him to book them, but he says there are steps to this thing. There is a radio contest and they have to book a demo and the deadline is in two days, he asks Alexandra if she is ready for that.

She responds with a yes but asks him if he has got enough money, or if he knows how expensive that is. He tells her he knows and she should just worry about the music. Star tells her to have faith. Alexandra gets up and says she is going to see Derek (Quincy Brown), Jahil asks her who he is and she tells him it’s none of his business. Star tells her to not be late to the salon because she doesn’t want to hear Carlotta’s (Queen Latifah) mouth. Star says they need to go too and when Simone tells her she isn’t done eating, Star drops her chicken on her plate and tells her she can bring it with. Star blows a kiss at Jahil.

Alexandra just finishes having sex with Derek and asks him how he learned to do all that, he says he watches a lot of porn. He has his arm around her and tells her he likes her but who is she? She admits she ran away from her father and it was a bad situation but she doesn’t want to talk about it, saying her mother is dead.

Derek tells her that his mama died when he was 7, but now they have something in common. He says his dad was his hero, he was a cop who died in the line of duty when he was 12. Alexandra is disgusted with herself and lays down beside him until she hears someone, it is his grandmother demanding to know who is in there with him. He tells Alexandra that she is making him fall in love with her. She gets dressed and comes into the salon.

Star is telling everyone who works at the salon about the contest they have to enter. Carlotta isn’t happy asking if this is more of Jahil’s mess. Star tells her about the gig at his godson’s house. Carlotta gets up, grabs her purse and keys. Star tells her they need to work out whatever they have to work out, Carlotta tells her to stay out of her business and get back to work. Carlotta leaves.

Simone is worried and tells Star she is concerned people may be looking for them. She continues to say she keeps seeing them coming for them, Star says she killed him and no one will come looking and to stop talking like this.

Jahil is on the phone with his mother, upset that his $200,000 is gone. He hangs up the phone after snorting a line of cocaine. Carlotta knocks on his door, when he opens it she punches him in the face, Jahil pins her against the wall after she reminds him she told him to stay away from the girls. He says his godson is worth $20 million a year and he can help launch their career. He says the girls need him and she asks him where did that get her and Mary.

He punches the wall and says she lost those girls and do they know why she lost them? He wants them to choose what they want. He says Star is just like Mary and nothing is going to stop her. Carlotta says unless he gets her hooked on drugs like he did to their mother Mary and warns him she will tell them everything he did to Mary.

At the salon, Alexandra hears a song and says it is her song, she has flashbacks to dancing in the limo for her father, Roland Crane (Lenny Kravitz) and her mother, Rose Crane (Naomi Campbell). When Rose got into the limo she tells her to stop dancing like a monkey, who tells her mother she is dancing like Madonna. Some of the staff at the salon begin dancing and after Alexandra performs her father and mother arrive telling her to get off the floor.

Star confronts Alexandra about her lies, showing her no sympathy for her. Alexandra stomps away and her father says, “so that’s the white girl.” Simone laughs saying she IS white! Roland orders her to pack her things and come home, she says she is 19, he adds that she is still using his credit card and trying to contact his friends to see if Jahil is legitimate. She asks him if he checked out the manager. Her mother admonishes her saying she goes away for 2 weeks and she pulls this. Alexandra accuses her of drinking again, and her mother blames her.

Star makes fun of Alexandra and her having a maid, and Rose tells her she has bad roots and she is an hussy. Carlotta returns demanding to know what is going on, Rose asks her if she always takes little girls into her house and Roland says they are taking her home. Alexandra tells her father she is not going home with them and he orders her to be on that plane. Rose begs her to come and leaves while Carlotta asks her to explain. Star chases after Alexandra’s parents.

Star tells Alexandra to get smart and she doesn’t understand this. Alexandra says he wouldn’t help us because it would cost too much. She tells Star to stop throwing her sorry-ass fostercare story in people’s faces. Star is angry and tells her she wants to lie about a dead mom and then flip the scripts? Alexandra tells her to figure it out for herself and tells everyone she is a fake ass.

Cotton (Amiyah Scott) says she is a fraud and tells Derek her father is Roland Crane. Derek is angry and calls her a liar. She calls after him knowing he is right.

Jahil goes to see his godson Hunter Morgan (Chad James Buchanan) asking him to invest in the girls. Hunter and his mother Arlene tell Jahil that every time they give him money it goes right up his nose. Hunter’s phone vibrates and it is Star calling him. Arlene tells him if the girls are so special he should have no problem getting the money.

After Jahil leaves, Hunter says he could be right about it and his mother tells him white girl could sing R&B and a mediocre one could go platinum. She tells him to spend time with her to see if she is worth it.

Carlotta worries and says Jahil reminded her about losing the girls when Mary died and admits she isn’t sure she is ready for this. She is told to give it to God. She says if they continue to work with Jahil they will get hurt, she is reminded they won’t because they got her. Carlotta is told the best thing to do is tell the girls the whole truth, she says Star isn’t the listening type but she is told to be honest and what Jahil did to them and why she doesn’t like him.

Roland is on the phone with Alexandra telling her he needs her to come home because she is the only one who can handle her mother and it is only getting worse and she needs her. He tells her he has listened to her songs and gives her advice telling her to change it a little bit and it would be dope. She asks about Star and Simone and he tells her she doesn’t need that trash. Star overhears it when Alexandra says she will think about it. Star leaves.

Star meets Jahil and informs him that Alexandra is ready to leave to be with her parents. Jahil is confused since she said her mother died. Star tells him that her father is Roland Crane and Jahil hops out of his car as Star tells him that her father wants to produce her solo record and tells him he has to do something or she will leave. He says to forget about her, that he only wants her anyways, suggesting she drops both girls.

Star says she will not drop her sister and they are a package deal. He says he doesn’t believe that, she starts her car and says she will ask Roland Crane to see if he is willing to help. As she drives away he says he got it and begs her not to do it but she is gone. Jahil calls someone named Maggie.

Alexandra meets with her mother who wants to know why she told people she was dead. She says she may as well be and Rose tells her she left Roland. Rose asks how Alexandra met Star and she tells her Instagram. Rose says she is repulsive and Alexandra tells her they are making good music there; her mother says good music is made everywhere and suggests she return to London with her where her father can set her up in a studio.

Alexandra asks her if she ever considered had she followed her heart she would be a model. Rose admits she would be a much happier person and starts to bash Roland although he loves his daughter very much, she begs Alexandra to come back again.

Star meets with Roland, telling him all Alex wants is to be in the music business and why doesn’t he help her. He says he doesn’t want her in the business. Star says that is too bad because Alex is fire – they are fire. She suggests that he just produce their demo and he says that everyone wants to be a star. Star smiles and says people are beginning to notice them. Roland turns around and people are taking pictures of them. He asks “Us?” She says they should probably get out of there. She walks out in scanty clothing and he follows.

Carlotta goes to church and the minister is singing, he asks what is going on and she tells him about her group. He says he knew about their group and that they weren’t nobodies. She says their road ended in a bad way and she doesn’t want the same for the girls. He tells Carlotta that he loves her and wants her to invite him into her world outside of church.

Star is in Roland’s hotel room, singing in the bath. Rose comes into Roland’s room and discovers Star there, telling Roland to throw her out before she calls the police. Rose orders Star to get out of the tub calling her a slut, she just lifts her leg and relaxes and Roland turns up the volume on the TV. Rose smashes things and leaves.

Jahil sits at the strip club waiting for Maggie to get there. She hands him a cloth and tells him to wipe the seat. She complains that he stayed away a long time. He tells her he loves her and she asks if he does or if he only needs her. She hands him a baggie of cocaine and when he asks for money she smacks the table saying he only asks her for money. Maggie tells him she will give him half tonight and wait for instructions, she orders him to kiss her on the lips.

Simone is outside smoking a joint when Carlotta comes outside tells her to put it out and wants to know why she wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Carlotta asks her what she has done and she is here to help. Star arrives home and Carlotta demands to know where she was, she tells her she went to see Roland.

Alexandra comes outside after she learns that Star was trying to screw her dad. Star says her mother came in before it happened. Alexandra asks her if she is really that thirsty? Alexandra calls her an idiot and a whore and Simone tells her that is enough. Star defends her actions saying its all she knows how to do and she brought Alexandra with her to use her money but she won’t help. Alexandra said she came all the way there but her and her money are going home.

Carlotta goes into the girls’ room asking her about the contest they were entering. She tells her that she is not defending Star, but she has had it really bad and it is how they get through it that counts, admitting she doesn’t know how she would have got through it without Jesus and tells Alex to give them a try. Alexandra thanks her for being so kind and apologizes for her lies.

Alexandra is angry with Star but Star admits she never slept with her father, she was having a bubble bath, her first one ever. Star says she was going to sleep with Roland but she didn’t. Alex tells her her crazy outweighs her talent. Star tells her she is pathetic for giving up when life got a little hard for her. Simone encourages her to leave. Carlotta gets her keys as Roland and Rose are arguing in the restaurant.

Alex arrives and gives her parents their credit cards and tells them they don’t own her anymore and she isn’t going back with them. Rose begins to cry and Roland threatens her that she doesn’t have a clue about what she has just done. Roland refuses to apologize for giving his daughter a privileged life. Rose pleads with her and Alex tells her she needs help and she can’t do it. She asks Carlotta to talk to her, and she says Alex has made up her mind.

Roland begins to berate Carlotta who says he is a piece of work and before she had doubts about Alexandra but after meeting the two of them, she is better off with them. Before she leaves she tells him to stop chasing kids and wiork on his own music, which sucks! Roland tells Rose that she will be back when she figures out life is hard.

Derek comes to the restaurant and tells Alex that Star told him where she was. He says he heard she might be leaving and tells her not to leave him and he kisses her.

Simone sneaks into the salon and grabs a bottle of pills and takes them with some alcohol. Carlotta comes to look for her and Simone agrees to go to church with her. Star learns Alexandra signed them up for the contest. Star says when she went to see her dad, she was only thinking about all of them and only doing what she always does and it has always worked but she did not sleep with him but she is a whore. They laugh and she says a thirsty whore.

Alex asks her when she wants to work on it, Star says when she is done. Alex is done, but Simone is at church, so they decide to rehearse alone.

Carlotta arrives at church with Simone where she tells her she is going to school and also doing Bible study. The minister asks Simone when she is going to sing for them? She says she doesn’t know any songs, he grabs the microphone and tells her to sing anything and no one shall judge.

Star and Alexandra find cowboy boots and a hat that says Arnold on it, they wonder if that is Cotton’s real name swearing they will never call her Cotton again.

The girls sing and perform together while Simone performs in church. Star and Alexandra fall on the floor laughing at the end, and Simone passes out. Carlotta finds the bottle of pills and in the ambulance they are trying to revive her. Carlotta beings to cry saying, “Not again”.

Otis Leecan (Darius McCrary) is wandering the hospital and asks a nurse where his daughter is.