Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Recap 12/13/17: Season 35 Episode 13

Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Recap 12/13/17: Season 35 Episode 13

Tonight on CBS Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers airs with an all-new Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Season 35 Episode 13 and we have your Survivor recap below. On tonight’s Survivor season, 35 episode 13 called “Not Going to Roll Over and Die,” as per the CBS synopsis, “The castaways battle to win individual immunity and earn a spot in the final five.”

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The tribe returns to camp after Tribal Council, six are left, who will be voted out tonight and join the jury? Night 33 at Tribe Solewa, everyone feels it was a crazy tribal council Mike says that is how you play an idol and it was even better than his idol play.

Ben leaves to get some water and everyone agrees that he definitely needs to go next, no matter what. Devon feels that was definitely a move by the Survivor Devil as Ryan can’t get over how amazing that move was and is completely floored. Chrissy says no matter what, one of them needs to win Immunity. Ben returns and Devon says he should have voted him out because he won’t let him win Immunity.

Ben wakes in the early hours of Day 34, saying that traditionally once an idol is played, it gets introduced back into the game; everyone is still sleeping, so as he gathers wood he looks for the idol. Chrissy lets Mike know that Ben has been gone looking for the idol for at least 45 minutes.

Jeff greets the tribe for their reward challenge. They are to be divided into pairs, that will be attached to a rope, woven through a series of obstacles. On Jeff’s “go”, they will race through the obstacles, to the finish and then attempt to land 5 rings on a target. The first pair to finish wins the reward.

The winning pair will be taken by helicopter to a resort, on a private island, where they will enjoy, lamb, chicken, lobster, cocktails, chocolate mousse and even spend the night, sleeping in a bed. The random draw of pairs occurs are the teams are: Ben and Ashley (red). Chrissy and Devon (yellow). Ryan and Mike (blue).

Ashley and Ben have a huge lead as Chrissy and Devon are in the second stage. Mike and Ryan are finally through the first stage, and are barely still in the game but Chrissy and Devon are quickly making up some time, figuring out how to work the rope and have a good rhythm going. All 3 teams are at the end and begin tossing their rings. Devon has the first ring on the target, quickly Ben ties it up 3-3 and Ryan is able to get 2. Devon and Chrissy are able to do it with 5 rings, Ben and Ashley had 4, while Ryan and Mike had 3.

Jeff tells Devon and Chrissy they get to pick one more person to join them for the reward; they pick Ryan. Ashley says this is a shocking decision from one of them but not so much from the other; Ben feels it is perfect that Ashley is angry because now he can stir things up. Back at camp, Mike is also furious that Devon and Chrissy didn’t pick him, considering he is in the middle and his vote would be needed; worried that Devon could be the deciding factor in him winning a million dollars. Ben feels he can use their emotions to his advantage but knows he has a lot of work to do to keep his butt in the game.

He begins to work Ashley, saying Chrissy and Ryan are gunning for her and Devon. He realizes he can’t talk to her as she isn’t receptive to him. Ben leaves to get water, searching everywhere for the idol. Meanwhile, Chrissy, Devon, and Ryan are thoroughly enjoying their private island and food; they begin to talk strategy, agreeing they need to get rid of Ben. Everyone agrees that Mike is being underestimated, and could be playing them all. Chrissy says she wants to go to final 3 with them; Devon agrees with the alliance as Ryan nods, saying it would be cool!

Day 36 begins with the Immunity Challenge. Jeff greets the Tribe, where Ashley gives back the Immunity necklace. For today’s challenge, they are to race through a series of obstacles, through a sack of sandbags, then toss a bag into a basket that will release a set of ladder rungs. Climb up and throw a ball to release another set of ladder rungs, get to the top and solve a cog puzzle; the first puzzle to solve the puzzle, spinning it and raising their flag, wins Immunity and a guaranteed spot in 1 in 5 shot at getting to the end, the loser will be the 6th person in the Jury.

It is neck and neck, as all six put the pieces together; Chrissy puts the pieces quickly together and spins as fast as she can and wins Individual Immunity for the second time in this game. Jeff congratulates her and tells all of them he will see them tonight at Tribal Council. Chrissy says it is her time to be in control of the game, as she wanted to go into Tribal Counsel either Ashley or Ben would be available to be voted out.

As the Tribe makes their way back to camp, everyone calls Chrissy the “Puzzle Master”. Ben says this one hurts because he needed this one and is 100% sure he is targeted and going home tonight. He is going to hunt for the idol; Ashley is worried about who Ben is voting for since although she doesn’t think he has an idol, it is scary that he might find one. Chrissy doesn’t want to listen to Ashley’s split between Ben and Mike, but likes the split vote but not Mike and Ben. Devon doesn’t like that she is thinking of using Ashley instead of Mike.

Ben finds the clue that the hidden immunity idol is under the Tribe’s shelter. He is nervous that it is in plain sight of everyone. Time is running out as everyone is beginning to back up for Tribal Council; he refuses to leave until he finds the idol.

That night everyone gathers at Tribal Council, along with the Jury of Desi, Cole, JP, Joe, and Lauren. Ben says nothing has changed since last Tribal Council, saying Devon and Ashley are tight as well as Chrissy and Ryan, which leaves Mike just the swing vote. Jeff laughs when five of them say they have “final 3”. How will they vote now that Ben pulled out the hidden Immunity Idol and used it on himself once again? Ben tells Ashley to vote for Mike, if she wants to stay in the game next to him; he tells Devon the same thing. Jeff tells them it is time to vote, beginning with Ryan.

Jeff goes to tally the votes, reminding the Tribe that any votes used against Ben will not count. Votes are in: Mike – Ashley – Ashley – Ashley – Ashley. That is four votes, ASHLEY is the thirteenth person voted out and sixth member of the jury. She brings Jeff her torch.