Teresa Giudice’s Fitness Interest Turns Into an Obsession or a Business?

Teresa Giudice's Fitness Interest Turns Into an Obsession or a Business?

When Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice was preparing to go to prison she became interested in fitness. Working out helped Teresa deal with the stress of her pending incarceration. She was facing a year behind bars away from her four daughters and her husband, Juicy Joe Giudice. While away at camp (as Teresa calls it) exercise became more than a coping tool. It became her new religion.

Reports are that Teresa has sent a new set of fit and sexy pictures to Juicy Joe. He is currently incarcerated at Fort Dix in New Jersey for fraud (the same reason Teresa went to “camp”). These photos show Teresa thinner than ever.

Teresa Giudice discovered and fell in love with yoga while she was in prison. She loved it so much she decided to become a certified instructor upon her release. Teresa also did a lot of exercise videos to pass the time during her sentence. When Teresa came home her look was lean and lithe. She is currently pursuing her yoga instruction courses and has expressed an interest in healthy eating.

Teresa said in season seven of Real Housewives of New Jersey that she wanted her family to start eating more healthy and clean. This is a concept Teresa was practicing before she went away and stuck with it while she was at camp. Teresa was already thin thanks to a good diet. She is the author of the New York Times best seller called “Skinny Italian.” Now Teresa wants to take her love of eating healthy to a new level.

In addition to her new fitness calling Teresa is promoting healthy eating products on her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Yesterday, January 14, 2017, she promoted Eden Back to Basics products on Facebook. This is one of three posts about the company in the last few days. Teresa also promoted 310 Shakes and Pranamat in January 2017.

In December, 2016 she made posts promoting Sugarbear Hair, Hello Fresh and Fab Fit Fun. The question is are these posts on Facebook and Twitter just for the endorsement payment or is Teresa also using these products? Teresa also has endorsements for products that are not fitness related on her social media pages. She is the sole bread winner for the family now. However these posts are taking over where pictures of her four daughters would usually be.

What is your take on Teresa Giudice’s new interest in fitness and nutrition? Has Teresa become obsessed with her new interest or is it primarily another income-earning business promotion ploy? Come back to CDL for all your news on Teresa Giudice!

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