The 100 Premiere Recap 2/1/17: Season 4 Episode 1 “Echoes”

The 100 Premiere Recap 2/1/17: Season 4 Episode 1 "Echoes"

Tonight the Season Premiere of the CW series The 100 airs with a Wednesday, February 1, 2017, season 4 episode 1 and we have your The 100 recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “Echoes” as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke reunites with her mother along with Kane, Bellamy, Indra, and Octavia. Yes, they were able to destroy the City of Light, but they’re immediately faced with another problem: what to do with the 1,000 angry Azgeda warriors that are still within Polis. The fact that Clarke hasn’t even told them about the world ending is only making matters worse.”

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The show starts with people wailing everywhere. Octavia finds Indra tied to a cross and takes her down. She asks if Pike and Alie have been defeated. Octavia assures her they were. Clarke and Bellamy talk about when they should tell the world that while they have defeated Alie they will all die within 6 months due to the leaking radiation. They decided to wait to see if Alie was telling the truth and if so, to see if they can figure out a way to stop it.

Everyone who has been released from Alie’s grip is now feeling the pain she saved them from and starts to surround Clarke and Bellamy. Jasper and his friends drink and listen to music celebrating the defeat of Alie. Jasper apologizes to his friends for everything he did while under Alie’s control. Raven works to get their computer back online. Raven reminds Jasper that feeling pain reminds them that they are alive.

When no one is looking Jasper sneaks a gun under his shirt. Raven is overcome with pain in her leg. She tries to reach Bellamy and Clarke on the radio with no luck. Phelonious, Abby and Marcus walk thru Pol and see all of the people in pain. It seems all the people blame the Skycrew for the chip and the return of their pain. Abby and Clarke find Roan and realize his is close to death. They try to help him but his people say they will take him to their healer.

Echo declares to the crowd that Azgeda is now in charge of Polis. A bystander in the crowd declares that Polis will be ruled by a coalition until King Roan recovers. Echo cuts her head off and declares the city of Polis under the Ice Nations rule.

Phelonious tried to help a woman and her baby but she spits in his face. John approaches and tells Phelonious that dead are on him. John finds Emori loading up on supplies. She tells him she has to leave because it is not safe there for her. He tries to convince her to go with him to Arkadia and she agrees. They continue to gather supplies for the journey back.

A group leaves to return to Arkadia but Abby, Clarke and Marcus stay barricaded in the temple. Indra and Octavia arrive and let them know that there are 1000 Azgada warriors in the city of Polis and the only way to get them out is war. Indra lets them know several of the other clans will join them. Clarke tells them all that they don’t have time for a war. The remaining nuclear reactors are melting down and they all will be dead in six months if they can’t figure out a way to stop it. Clarke says their only hope is to surrender to Azgada.Phelonius brings a dead

Phelonius brings a dead Ontaria to Echo. She tells her guards to beat him. Marcus and Indra surrender to Echo and she demands to speak to Bellamy. It turns out it was Octavia and not Ontaria in the body bag and she kills the guards and lets Clarke and Abby in to try to help Roan.John and

John and Emori join the group with Marcus. Bellamy goes to speak with Echo. Abby and Clarke work to help King Roan. Bellamy tells Echo they will surrender if she recognizes the 13 clans including Sky Nation. She refuses and tells him to give up or die. She puts a knife to Bellamy’s throat and tells all of Sky crew to lay down their guns. The guards return to the King and find Abby and Clarke. Echo raises her sword to kill Clarke but Roan awakens and tells them to stop. Echo urges Roan to kill Clarke and take her power.

Back at Arkadia Monty and Harper are in bed together talking about how great their sex was. Monty tells her he wants a relationship with her. Raven breaks in and tells them they are all going to die. Jasper leaves a note for Monty and puts the gun to his head but is stopped by Monty who comes to his room. Monty and Jasper go the meet Raven. She tells the group that the reactors are melting down and they will be dead in 6 months if the radiation levels keep rising.

Echo tells Roan that the Sky crew is locked up and that they must kill them to prove his strength to their people. Roan asks her who she is loyal to. She tells Roan that if they take out Sky crew and Trikru they can rule over everything. She tells him he must bring honor to his grandfather’s crown.Clarke cries over

Clarke cries over Ontaria’s death as Echo enters the prison and takes Clarke away. She is brought to King Roan and he orders that everyone leave. Clarke tells Roan about the radiation coming. He says his ancestors survived before and they will again. His tells her if he lets he leave he will be dead in 6 days. Clarke offers him the flame for her release.

King Roan addresses his people and tells them he will not kill Clarke, that he is now the keeper of the flame and that they will all recognize Sky crew as the 13th clan. Echo tells Bellamy that they will be protected by Azgada and she welcomes them back to the coalition. Clarke and Bellamy leave to return to Arkadia while the rest of the group stays to work with the king.

The show ends with two people walking in the desert until a wind begins to blow causing their faces to melt away.