The Amazing Race 29 Recap 4/27/17: Season 29 Episode 5 “Double U-Turn Ahead”

The Amazing Race 29 Recap 4/27/17: Season 29 Episode 5 "Double U-Turn Ahead"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Thursday, April 27, 2017, season 29 episode 5 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. On tonight’s season 29  episode 5 called, “Double U-Turn Ahead” as per the CBS synopsis, “Several teams come together and target one set of Racers at the double U-turn in Italy.”

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The race continues from last week with seven teams remaining. Liz and Michael were the last team to check in at the pit stop but it wasn’t really a pit stop and they received another clue. The next leg of the race involves taking a plane to Italy. Tara and Joey, then Redmond and Matt, Becca and Floyd, Vanck and Ashton, Brooke and Scott and Logan and London leave in that order. Liz and Michael are arguing badly but finally hug it out. There will be a double U-turn this leg and the teams start talking about who they should use it on. Everyone find Ashton and Vanck the most annoying and agree they will be the ones to U-turn.

Tara and Joey are in first. Michael and Liz are able to pass Ashton and Vanck and move into second place after the plane lands. The teams face a road block and Tara and Michael take it on for their teams. They must eat a meal while riding on a train looking for clues. Scott, Redmond, and Vanck are on the second train. Logan is forced to wait for the next train. The teams are amazed at the scenery and the food. Tara finishes first and the clues say they must head to Lake Cumo. Michael finishes next. Vanck only got two clues and has to rife the train again. Scott, Redmond and Floyd also miss one word and have to ride.

Tara and Joey get tickets to the first boat on Lake Como. Vanck, Scott and Redmond finish on their second try and head to the Lake. Landon and Logan finish and are in last place. All teams get tickets for the boat ride in the morning and eat a huge meal then sleep.

Joey and Tara arrive at the double U-turn first and decide not to U-turn anyone. They then face a detour. They must choose between make a mold or grab ahold. In make a mold they must make a mold of a ghost. In grab a hold they must climb 90 feet above ground to get their next clue. Tara and Joey decide to build a mold. Liz and Michael U-turn Ashton and Vanck and decide to do grab ahold. Becca and Floyd, Matt and Redmond and Scott and Brooke pick grab ahold. Vanck and Ashton struggle to find the clue box at the U-turn.

They finally find it and see that they have been U-turned. Matt and Redmond are in first and head to the pit stop. Becca and Floyd are right behind them in second. Logan and London start the mold it challenge. Floyd and Becca run passed Matt and Redmond and come in first place. They win a one week trip to Argentina. In a very close second place are Matt and Redmond. Brooke is half way up the mountain and starts to cry that she can’t do it but with Scott’s encouragement she gets the clue.

Ashton starts the climb and quickly gets the clue. Tara and Joey reach the pit stop in third followed by Liz and Michael in fourth. Scott and Michael come in fifth. Logan and London check in at sixth. Ashton and Vanck complete both U-turns and are the last team to check in at the pit stop. They are eliminated from the race.