The Bachelorette 2017 Finale Recap 8/7/17: Season 13 Episode 11 “Winner Revealed”

The Bachelorette 2017 Finale Recap 8/7/17: Season 13 Episode 11 "Winner Revealed"

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, August 7, 2017, season 13 episode 11 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 11 Finale as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel struggles to decide between Bryan, Eric and Peter, when she finds herself falling in love with all three of them. At the rose ceremony, she sends one heartbroken bachelor packing. Next, she goes on one last date with her final two men as Season 13 concludes.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette Season 13 finale begins tonight with Chris Harrison greeting the crowd to the 3-hour finale of The Bachelorette, live from Los Angeles. Tonight’s finale is different than any other season before because Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is there; she is very excited and nervous at the same time. She will watch it with us together, walking and talking us through it; this is her first time watching it too. Bryan, Eric and Peter are also there and Rachel will see them all before its all over; she jokes, asking if she can leave.

As we begin tonight Chris Harrison announces that former Bachelor Season 18 alum, Juan Pablo Galavis married Osmariel Villalobos earlier today in an intimate ceremony. He returns to Rachel and where we left off on her struggle with Peter, that they had gone so far and he continues to want to be in a relationship but not proposing yet. Rachel admits she saw a change in their relationship in Geneva and was still trying to ride it through with him.

In Rioja, Spain, Peter asks her what happens if he isn’t ready to propose, she tells him honestly that she still wasn’t prepared to hear the actual words and when she did she didn’t realize how deep her feelings are for him. She admits she is worried if she agrees to being girlfriend/boyfriend with him will it be the same as her previous relationship that stayed at that stage for 5 years.

Peter feels this is truly worth pursuing and hopes his stance is not going to come between them. Rachel says they are really falling in love with each other and feels there has to be a way to fix this and make it right; she doesn’t question his feelings for her but he is just fighting it and they just need more time to sort this thing out. She hands him a note from host Chris Harrison offering them the fantasy suite if they choose to do so. Peter wants to spend as much time as humanly possible with her and agrees to the night.

Rachel worries this all sounds too familiar like the long term relationship she had before. She is at a cross roads and knows she simply has to be true to herself and know what is in her heart and hopes things will be more clear in the morning. They wake up to church bells, Peter says his doubts are not gone, but fading. They enjoy breakfast together and Peter tells her he feels great about them but Rachel feels they are still on opposite sides when it comes to the proposal and is concerned about picking someone who doesn’t want to propose to her.

In Rioja, Spain Bryan greets Rachel with a passionate kiss, she admits she missed him. They are going to explore the vineyards today on horseback, and he hopes they continue to be together with the ease and fun they’ve had since the beginning. Its been a while since he’s been this happy and feels like its a fantasy and a dream. He has blind faith and confidence that he is the one, he loves Rachel tremendously.

They talk about family week and hometowns; he feels it went pretty well and he handled himself pretty good. Rachel says there is nothing she would change about her date with Bryan but Peter messed with her mind and she’s struggling with the decisions that are coming. He admits he is leaning on the strength of their relationship but its tough to think about her and the other two men. He finds she is distracted but feels only time will tell where they truly stand.

Rachel says this was a rough week for her and for the first time to compartmentalize what she has with each guy. She felt bad that Peter got into her head and she couldn’t shut down what she had with Peter and what she had with Bryan that day. Rachel admits that she was right there, about to send Peter home without going to the fantasy suite. She was ready to send him home but chose to see it through.

Bryan is nervous about going into the night date because she was distracted and there is something to that. He wants her to know that he is in love with her and is the guy at the end of this for her; but at the same time, he doesn’t want to get hurt either. He worries that leaving Rachel behind would make him sick and he doesn’t want it to happen.

He admits to her that he was confident this whole time, but it was tougher today because it was “off” and he felt a different energy from her. He says its a vibe that he didn’t feel she was “all there” today and feels he needs to be honest and open with her. He asks if there is something bothering her and knows its a tough week for her. She is glad he is able to read her so well but feel bad that this is taking away from her time with him. He says he needed to get it off his chest and felt a little down because of her mentality.

Rachel hands him an envelop offering him to be as a couple in the fantasy suite. He says 1000 percent and they leave. Rachel loves that he isn’t just physically passionate, but also passionate in just the way he is with her and what he says. He says he loves her and is in love with her and wants to be with her forever. Rachel feels their relationship is moving forward in a very good way.

Rachel tells Chris it was completely eye opening for her when Bryan confronted her about not being there 100% with him and she felt it wasn’t fair that she didn’t give him her full attention. She said overnight dates, she went into them with a list, questions she had and concerns her family had like in true lawyer fashion. Rachel says the rose ceremony was extremely hard for her and Chris acknowledges that she was a mess that day. Rachel admits that the overnights gave her clarity that she needed.

Bryan says it was incredible having that alone time with Rachel with no camera; she admits that it definitely brought them closer. Bryan says they are back on track, their chemistry is hotter than ever and any reservations they had about each other were answered that night. Bryan is confident he will get the final rose at the end of the day.

The rose ceremony begin as one bachelor is about to be sent home from Spain forever. Rachel says it all feels so surreal as this is the final rose ceremony and she is at a cross roads and this ceremony is extra hard on her because this was the rose ceremony when she went home; she knows what its like to have those feelings of love and then find out they are not reciprocated.

Rachel tells the 3 men that coming into this week she was hoping to gain a lot of clarity but right now she is more confused than ever and she doesn’t like being there. The only thing she knows is to be true to herself and she wants a proposal, she didn’t come to date or have a boyfriend but to cultivate a relationship with the common goal of marriage. Peter is already shaking his head as Rachel picks up the first rose. Bryan is called first and accepts her rose. She struggles between Eric and Peter because she feels Eric may love her but isn’t ready for marriage and Peter is ready for marriage but isn’t willing to propose at this time. She needs to follow her heart and her gut. She asks Peter to accept the second rose and he does.

Rachel sits with Eric on a bench, holds his hand and says its hard to say goodbye when she has such strong feelings for him but she simply has stronger feelings for the two men that are there. Its important that she loves him but isn’t in love with him. Eric wants her to know if she stays open in her life she can experience some amazing things and thanks her for being open and allowing him to get what he needs and he promises she will get what she wants – a husband. He will always love her.

Rachel walks him to his vehicle. She says he is such a beautiful and amazing guy when he walks away with not anger or bitterness; but this is also why she hasn’t felt completely confident in her decision and worried she may have made a mistake. In the car, Eric says he is going to miss her, happy to experience life with her and is excited to see who will be the next person for him.

When Rachel returns, Bryan hugs her and comforts her. He knows that he is there for the proposal and Peter isn’t; so now its a battle of who can win Rachel’s heart. Peter comforts her and wonders what is holding him back but has one more date as he isn’t ready to lose her.

Rachel says to see it play back, was really hard because she really cared about Eric and knows exactly what position he is in. Her biggest fear was that she would send someone home prematurely and she felt that way with Eric and didn’t know if she should run after the car and say she made a mistake. She admits it was very intentional when she looked into Peter’s eyes and told him she expects a proposal.

Rachel is very scared, excited and nervous about seeing Eric for the first time since the emotional goodbye in Spain.Rachel is happy to see Eric but anxious. Chris Harrison welcomes Eric to the stage, he hugs Rachel then sits beside her. Eric only saw this for the first time too and he asks Rachel how she is feeling. He asks how her heart is and she says its good. She admits it was hard to do and she had to do it. She says she is very happy and he looks phenomenal.

Rachel is happy to see Eric but anxious. Chris Harrison welcomes Eric to the stage, he hugs Rachel then sits beside her. Eric only saw this for the first time too and he asks Rachel how she is feeling. He asks how her heart is and she says its good. She admits it was hard to do and she had to do it. She says she is very happy and he looks phenomenal.

Eric says it was magic to hear Rachel say she loved him, but the next day was very confusing. He says that was tough, but they had to move forward. He admits he never told a woman he loved her before and it was him getting in his own way. He says he was absolutely ready to propose to her. Rachel says its hard because the progression of their relationship was beautiful, but she felt it wasn’t right to string him along if she had deeper feelings in the other relationships. She said if it was a different setting, it might have worked for them.

Eric thanks Rachel for the experience and says he came into this as a boy but now he is a man. He is full and feels he can live a complete life now. Rachel tells him she said goodbye not because she didn’t love him but she needed to compare what she had with the other two men. She thinks the journey they had shows he will be so great for someone else. She is glad America got to see him like that.

Rachel says its beautiful to see the change in Eric and its very humbling that she was the one to make Eric say “I love you” for the first time.

Rachel begins her final date with Bryan, to see if it gives her the clarity of what she truly needs. She knows that Peter isn’t in the same place Bryan is but she is drawn to him in ways she cannot explain. She feels its crazy she is only days away from something she always wanted for herself; its scary and exciting at the same time.

Rachel leads Bryan to a hot-air balloon, he has never been on one and both look forward to it. Rachel is glad there is no rose on this date, so they can focus on each other. Rachel says its like a dream and he says they couldn’t have asked for better scenery but he is focused on what is right in front of him and has no doubt that he will propose to her at the end of this and is only scared about what her answer will be. She fears at the end of this she is going to make the wrong decision and her mind is still not made up.

Back at the hotel, Rachel tells Bryan has been the great surprise for her because he has been exactly who he says he is and had been the most constant factor for her the entire journey and she’d be lying if it didn’t scare him because she is so used to saving and fixing.

He tells her he is confident that he can make her the happiest and it would be a mistake for her not to choose him and he will be devastated and heartbroken if he lost her. Bryan presents her with a gift the “Bryan and Rachel Spanish Dictionary” including a cheat sheet teaching her words like “husband” and “wife”. He is terrified as he said everything he could possibly say to her to reassure her he is the one who is right for her.

Rachel tells Chris she felt Bryan put everything out there, and that was one thing true to Bryan, she knew where she stood with him but didn’t think she was in that head space at that point. Rachel goes on her last date with Peter.

At the Monasterio de Valvanera, Rachel anxiously awaits for Peter as their last date made it very clear that Peter was on one end and she is on the other when it comes to him proposing. She has no idea how she is going to interact with him and she struggles greatly with the unknown. The moment they are together she starts to forget how in her head she is, and they are very much wrapped in each other in the moment.

She feels this is a good change up for them, it is gorgeous and serene. Today they are going to explore the monastery. Peter is feeling insecure and unsure about where he is at with Rachel, she made her point very clear that she is here for an engagement. He has been thinking about what she said at the rose ceremony and what to do with those words. A monk arrives and brings them to the statue of Our Lady, and tells them the story of the 19th century statue.

Peter struggles with wanting to only propose once in his life. The monk asks if they are promised as a couple, Rachel says not married. When he asks “sometime?” Rachel says maybe and Peter says if he asks Rachel to marry him it will be a major leap of faith. Peter tells the monk that marriage is a massive and most important step in someone’s life. He advises Peter and Rachel to not give importance to things that truly aren’t that important because some couples separate over little things that aren’t important. He wishes them both the best.

Peter knows he wants to pursue a relationship with Rachel and is falling in love with her but he just needs to know if its true love and if she is THE one; he doesn’t know that yet. All he knows is he isn’t ready to say goodbye. Rachel admits that she felt if she was putting herself out there so would whoever is at the end.

Peter says he isn’t running, he is there and can move forward, he can see the football games, farmer’s market; the little things he wants to share with her. He says he has no fear of marriage, but the thought of multiple marriages scares him. He takes a deep breath and says the hardest part is seeing someone he loves and sees as his one and only, and make the decision in 24 hours is very scary to him. Rachel doesn’t respond as they just cuddle.

Rachel says after her date with Peter she didn’t get any more clarity as she did going into it. Its sad and so hard; its messing with her. All the future talk, she feels like she is forcing something to happen and he just doesn’t want her in that way but she gets confused when he says how they will be spending their life together but he won’t take the steps with her to get to forever.

Later that night, for their final night is for her to find out where she stands and where he stands. She says she was honest in the rose ceremony and wants to know where he is at after what she said. He says he is in love with her and it became very clear to him today but the feelings are so recent but he doesn’t feel he is ready to ask her to marry him tomorrow but he doesn’t want to stop being with her.

Rachel says she is so confused by him and his words. When it comes to the reality of right now, steps are skipped. He wants a future with her, but in time. She doesn’t want to repeat relationships she’s already had because her past has shown her their relationship may not leave that stage. She fears Peter doesn’t have the same level of commitment she does. He is sorry it took him so long as he cannot act on impulse.

He wants to build a relationship with her, but can’t do the instant thing that she wants. She tears up and doesn’t know how many times she can say that she wants someone who wants what she wants. He asks if Rachel knows right now if he is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with; she says she cannot answer that question, as they both tear up. He asks if he can’t, is she walking away?

Rachel asks where to go from there; she wants to take the risk and he doesn’t. He wants to give tomorrow a chance, she wonders what is the point. She feels if he does it now he would do it for her because he doesn’t want to lose her; to prove to her that he wants the relationship.

She doesn’t want him to do it out of peer pressure; he confronts her, saying he will make a sacrifice if she wants him to and she says she wants him to do it because he wants to do it. He thinks tomorrow is not the correct time but he thinks she is the correct person. She tells him not to do it if its not what he wants, and he tells her that losing her hurts more.

He says he will give her an amazing life but if she wants, she can go be with someone who will give her a mediocre life. She says he doesn’t know what he wants to do and he says he doesn’t know about tomorrow. She says she can’t do it if he is only going to be her boyfriend; and he says then let it go and they are both going to regret this decision. Rachel says no but Peter says he will.

He helps her put on her jacket and escorts her out and they kiss goodbye; Peter says he loves her and she says she loves him too; she doesn’t want to say goodbye and Peter tells her to take a chance and she says that won’t change her mind. She finally releases his hand and leaves him crying and heartbroken asking himself what is wrong with him?

Chris says he has seen a lot of breakups and its hard to understand what everyone just saw. It was frustrating and incomplete; she compares Peter with her former relationship and doesn’t understand how someone can be in a relationship but not step further. Chris reminds us that they never ended it completely and Rachel jokes that she cried her eyelashes off over that night.

Peter is emotional and back stage, Rachel says she isn’t ready to talk to him but she doesn’t have a choice.