The Bachelorette 2017 Premiere Recap 5/22/17: Season 13 Episode 1

The Bachelorette 2017 Premiere Recap 5/22/17: Season 13 Episode 1

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, May 11 season 13 premiere and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 premiere episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Season 13 begins with Texas attorney Rachel Lindsay getting advice from some close friends who appeared with her on last season of “The Bachelor,” before meeting 31 suitors eager to impress her and receive the coveted first impression rose.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 9 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette begins tonight with Chris Harrison announcing how much love has been shown for their new bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay; who after much skepticism fell in love season 21 of The Bachelor; after much heartache she felt she could find love again.

Rachel Lindsay, who is 31-years-old comes from Dallas, Texas. She feels that if she just acts as herself, it will be different. She says she is sweet, a little sour, sassy and classy. She is a trial attorney for civil litigation and feels her dedication to her work has caused her to neglect other parts of her life. She shares falling in love with Nick Viall, but took too long expressing it to him causing her to lose him.

At the “After the Final Rose” happened, she learned she was the new Bachelorette but was shocked to know it was starting right at that moment. She is driving, excited to have this opportunity again feeling if she can just be herself and keep it real, nothing can go wrong for her. She expresses her appreciation for all the support from fans all over the world.

She arrives to her new home with her dog, Copper. She thinks its crazy that one of these guys she is about to meet could get down on one knee and says her finger is ready. She wants to focus on the part of her life she has been talented at neglecting. Rachel is about to meet the eligible bachelors and Chris tells us a little about them.

Kenny, 35 is a professional wrestler from Las Vegas; claiming he has won all kinds of championships but is coming to win her heart. Kenny is a single dad to his 10-yr-old daughter, Mackenzie and swears he is ready to bring the right woman into Mackenzie’s life; hoping that is Rachel.

Jack, 31 is an attorney from Dallas, Texas. He was an only child, who was close to his mother, who passed away from cancer when he was in highschool; revealing how tough that was for him. It taught him that he wants to have a very big family someday and believes after seeing Rachel in Nick’s season there was something really special about her.

Alex, 28 is from Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan and feels people have a misconception about him; that he isn’t a beef head but actually a huge nerd. He is an information systems supervisor who spends time with his mother who feels the girls on the show fall in love way too fast. His parents are his role models and have a great relationship, which is exactly what he wants.

Mohit, 26 from San Francisco, California who is a project manager whose greatest accomplishment was launching his startup. He claims to be very busy with work but always makes time for his family as they are the focal point of his life. He loves to Bollywood dance and has done it for over 20 years. He sees his cousins marrying and having families and that is what he wants for his future.

Lucas, 30 from Woodside, California is very charismatic and feels Rachel will get his sense of humor. He is all about the Wahboom and says he is coming for her; he is very eccentric.

Blake 31, is a sports trainer, nutritionist and aspiring drummer from Marina del Ray, California. He speaks of his previous sexual relationships and how he is glad because he went from a high school degree to a PhD; mentioning how amazing his peeney is. He says sex can’t be the center of the relationship as you need to spend the other 23 hours a day with the person, so that needs to be gold too.

Iggy, 31 is from Chicago and is a senior inventory analyst. He says people like his digs and currently owns 575 pairs of sneakers. He is very passionate about fashion. He says he thinks Rachel is great and has a cute smile and goes out on a limb saying they would have cute kids.

Josiah, 28 is a prosecutor from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His parents describe him as hardworking and driven, loving and caring. He shares he was really close to his older brother Sam who was bullied in school for being over weight and ended up hanging himself in the backyard and Josiah, who was 7 at the time, was the one who cut him down from the tree.

He longed for an older brother and turned to the streets and ultimately got arrested at 12 for burglary. The judge took him aside and told him he had the best grades and he wasn’t a thug. Josiah looked up at the judge and told him he wanted to be just like him; he now works at the same State’s Attorney Office that saved him. He says he is head over heels with Rachel and is coming to LA to make her his wife.

Rachel returns to the mansion feeling a bit surreal, as she reunites with her friends from Nick’s season seeking some crucial advice from the women who really know her. Rachel is nervous about meeting the guys and giggles about possibly meeting her potential husband tonight and she will be the one handing out the roses. They advise her to give all of them a fair chance and not judge him by his cover, but they all feel she is a good judge of character but she needs to take off her lawyer hat.

Rachel leaves to get dressed, climbs into the limo, excited and nervous about who she is about to meet tonight.

Rachel exits the limo and welcomed back by Chris Harrison. He reminds her that the whole goal is for her to find the man of her dreams. She believes it can actually happen or she wouldn’t be there. Chris says let the journey begin…

Peter, 30 a business owner from Madison, Wisconsin comes first. They joke about their hands shaking and hopes he will be a good Wisconsin guy for her. She says he is cute and they are off to a good start.

Josiah arrives, telling her she looks stunning. He is convinced that at the end of the process she will have no reasonable doubt that he is the man for her; they both laugh at the legal term.

Bryan, 37 a chiropractor from Miami, Florida approaches her next. He tells her in Spanish how spectacular she is and cannot wait to get to know her better. He gives her brownie points for understanding some of what he said. She admits she has never dated a Columbian before. He promises her trouble and she tells him she looks forward to it.

Kenny hugs her, asks how she is feeling, she says she is doing okay and together they dance out the wave. He kisses her hand, hugs her and says he will see her inside. She laughs about Kenny with the dance moves.

Rob, 29 a law student from Houston, Texas arrives as the men inside discuss how she is the triple threat with the brains, the beauty and personailty.

Iggy, 30 consulting firm CEO from Chicago. Bryce, 30 a firefighter from Orlando, Florida literally sweeps Rachel in his arms and admits he could never dream of someone more beautiful.

Will, 28 is a sales manager from Miami, Florida arrives pretending to be Steve Urkel and Rachel chuckles. He quickly emerges again from the limo. Diggy comes out of the limo telling Rachel he hopes he can teach her how to diggy.

Kyle, 26 is a marketing consultant from Los Angeles, California. He says he wanted to show her his buns, she says there is nothing wrong with that and he produces a basket with buns and cheese in it; they both take a few bites. Rachel is thrilled the guys are exceeding her expectations.

Blake K, 29 US Marine Veteran from San Francisco, California. He shares words of encouragement that his grandparents married only a few months after meeting and they recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary; she loves that he has such great examples to look up to.

Brady, 29 a model arrives with a sledge hammer and smashes the ice, saying he just had to break the ice between them and she laughs. He tells her she looks amazing and she appreciated the corny joke.

Inside, all the men are sizing each other and so far they are being respectful and it seems to be an even playing field with no one hoping that will change.

Dean, 25, a startup recruiter from Venice, California who had already met Rachel before. The first thing he ever said to her was he wanted to go black and never go back, and he wanted to know what she thought about that. She jokes asking what clever line he has this time, and he tells her he didn’t think it was possible that she could look better than the first time they met. She says the line was cute, she loved it.

Eric, 29 holds her hands and says he just keeps seeing her and she jokes that maybe it means something; they dance a little. The men inside who have just met her for the first time are a little upset about the men who are meeting her for the second time.

DeMario, 30 executive recruiter says he looks forward to many more “firsts’ with her. He looks forward to speaking to her more and he was happy she remembered him. He sees himself with her for the rest of his life, acting overly cocky with the other men.

Rachel watches as a brass band comes up the driveway; all the men come out to see Blake E, 31 the aspiring drummer. She says it is good to see him again and loved that he was a little drummer boy. She claps and said she was impressed.

The men are now feeling the game is on and they need to step up their game as Blake E just brought it!

Chris Harrison learns that Rachel is impressed and the men brought their “A” game. He asks her about what she thinks and admits that although she has heard some negativity, she likes to make her own decisions; she returns to the driveway to greet the next group of men.

Fred, 27 an executive assistant approaches Rachel. He shows her his 3rd grade picture in his yearbook and wants to show her who else was in it. She laughs when she is shown her grade 8 picture in the same yearbook. He hasn’t spoken to nor seen her in 15 years and is very happy to see her again. She knew who he was and said he was a very bad kid.

Jonathan 31, tickle monster who wants to make Rachel laugh. She opens her hands and closes her eyes. He tickles her and she can’t stop laughing as she is super ticklish. She was impressed with his surprise.

Lee, 30 is a singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee who sings a song for Rachel, making her laugh with his lyrics. He gives her a flower and she says she loves what he did tonight and looks forward to talking to him tonight.

Alex arrives with a vacuum, joking that he is with the cleaning crew and tells her to look for him by the fridge later. Milton, 31 is a hotel reservation supervisor from North Bay Village, Florida; he takes a photo with her and tells her to keep it with her to remind her of him.

Adam, 26 is a real estate agent from Dallas, Texas who arrives with a dummy on his arm; she thinks the doll is scary; he says this is Adam Junior and she gets 2 for the price of 1.

The men are talking about personalities coming out when the next one arrives in a penguin suit. His name is Matt, 31 who is a construction sales rep. from Meriden, CT. He knows she has a thinks for penguins and talks about how when they find their mate, they mate for life. He hopes that will be her and him.

An ambulance arrives where Rachel is greeted by Grant, 29 an emergency medicine physician from New York. He says he is there to rescue her from boredom. Anthony, 26 an education software manager from Chicago. He says he is there to commit to learning all about her and sharing with her.

Jamey, 32 executive sales rep from Santa Monica, California approaches Rachel and tells her the dress she is wearing is ridiculous, she thanks him as he enters the house. Jack, 31 the attorney from Dallas, Texas is pleased to meet her and looks forward to talking to her inside. Rachel questions how many men she is meeting tonight when Mohit greets her. He wants her to know this will be the only time he will have the upper hand in their relationship.

Jedidiah, 25 an ER physician from Augusta, Georgia shares a biblical story with her and she loves it. Mike, 26 a professional football player from Chicago offers her a brownie saying the blacker the brownie, the sweeter the dude. She thinks that was very cute. As he comes into the mansion the men joke, asking which one of them is crazy.

In the limo, one men uses a megaphone announcing his height and weight; then tells her he has one testicle larger than the other. She says that is good to know. He claims to be her future husband and comes out introducing himself as Lucas from Whaaboom. He jokes that he doesn’t know who she is and tells him to go back into the limo. He says he doesn’t want to stand out, he wants it to be about their connection. Lucas comes into the house and everyone agrees that he is the crazy one!

The men talk about meeting Rachel, saying it was like meeting a Disney princess. She is so sexy, she looked amazing and her voice was so sexy. They feel in a few weeks there is going to be problems as everyone is smitten with her. Josiah says Nick made the dumbest decision in his entire life by not choosing Rachel.

Rachel comes into the house, feeling like it is a crazy, surreal time for her. She thinks it is mind blowing that all these men would pack their bags and come all the way there just to see her. She reminds them she knows their emotions as she was in their shoes not to long ago and thanks them all for being there. She wants them all to keep it real, be themselves and have fun tonight.

Several of the men are frustrated that Josiah would scoop up Rachel and lead her outside to talk. He shares his story about his youth and how he came full circle. He was happy they have so much in common; the others feel since he was the first person to grab her, he is going to feel some hate.

Dean goes outside with Rachel and suggests they build a sand castle; she smiles saying she can’t remember the last time she did that; he admits this is the first one he has ever made. She feels tonight is very humbling for her but there are certain guys she is really excited to talk to.

She admits nothing has changed; she wants to marry and have children. She has reached that point in her life where this is what she wants. She says if she loves someone she is going all out; when asked what love is to her she says it is sacrifice, commitment and an unexplained energy that you just feel with someone. She is looking for something she gets from one guy that she doesn’t get from the others.

The guys talk about Adam’s doll saying how creepy it is and if it turns into Annabelle they will burn it themselves. Rachel sits down and calls Adam over, telling him that the makes her nervous and she is scared of him and has a thing with dolls. He promises the dummy won’t always be around.

Rachel sits with Fred, remembering how bad he was as a child and she was his camp counsellor. She says she gets that he is a grown ass man now but its still crazy. She says he is very attractive but she can’t get past him being the 3rd grader she used to discipline and not in a good way.

Bryan takes Rachel for a walk, he tells her he is a chiropractor so he is good with his hands; she says here comes the trouble but he says he doesn’t want to waste her time. He is there for something serious; she privately admits she was smitten with him from the second he got out of the limo. He makes her repeat his words in Spanish saying, “of all the men, the one I like the most is Bryan.” He jokes that he is flattered and they just laugh both have a lot of attraction to each other. He took her in his arms and kissed her, she wasn’t ready and didn’t want to kiss anybody tonight but she loved it.

Chris Harrison walks into the room and places the first impression rose on the table and leaves; whoever gets it is safe for tonight. The claws are starting to come out and some are saying they are fighting worse than women. Josiah says mark his words, Rachel is going to be his wife. Others feel when people are outwardly confident, they are very nervous.

She likes DeMario who has a good head on his shoulders and it doesn’t hurt that he is so handsome. Some of the guys are unsure about the night ending and if they will have a chance to speak to Rachel privately. They are starting to bicker when one man is with Rachel and 5 other men are waiting in the corner to spend some time with her. She tries to respect the order of them arriving but isn’t liking the hovering too much.

The guys are not impressed with crazy Lucas doing his Whaaboom thing, over and over. He keeps using the megaphone and one of the medical professionals says they would order a psyche consult for him. Josiah jokes and asks the producers/cameramen if they drug tested him? Lucas stands in the doorway and begins to announce everything that is happening with Rachel and whomever she is with.

No one feels Lucas should be there, saying he is the guy at the family reunion who pinches your nipples or puts a whoopie cushion under you. The guys are shocked that she is with Lucas and laughing. She finds him entertaining but the guys feel his is there just to be on TV and one of them is going to call him out on it.

Jamey struggles with having private time with Rachel saying its a nightmare scenario like being at a bar with 31 guys and 1 girl. Rachel says its been a night full of surprises and as one man growls in her ear repeatedly, she is completely turned off. Rachel sees potential in some of the men but finds it hard to say she has met her husband tonight.

Lucas is confronted by Blake E. who feels he is a clown and is only there to show his catch phrase on TV. Blake says he is challenging him and in the end if the girl chooses the bad guy, he will not be backing down.

As they are sitting around, Josiah picks up the rose and places it on his lapel and some feel that is the kiss of death. He removes it, saying he is super confident he is safe. They also feel once they see who she gives the rose to, they will know more about Rachel’s taste and it will put a lot of them on notice.

Kenny sits with Rachel and shares how his life went from wrestling to being all about his daughter, ballet and tap shoes. He says he has butterflies with Rachel and Rachel understands how hard it is for him to be away from her, but he says his daughter gets it but he hopes Rachel will be the one he can bring home and hopes for the first impression rose.

Rachel comes into the room and takes the impression rose and leaves. She takes it very seriously, having great conversations with some incredible men, but there is one interaction that stood out above the rest and she hopes he is as excited as she is. She calls Bryan out of the room, putting everyone else in their place. She tells him all the things she liked about him and why he is there. She said the kiss made all the difference; she offers him the rose and he accepts it. When she places it on his lapel, they kiss again.

He realizes this is just the first impression rose and now the competition is going to get tougher. Chris Harrison arrives for the first rose ceremony and Rachel announces that she needs to go make some very tough decisions and will be back soon. The guys worry about how many of them are going home and with it being the first night, how much of a slap in the face that would be.

Rachel is confident with her decisions as Chris wishes her good luck. She thanks everyone for being patient and understanding. She says unfortunately she can’t give everyone a rose tonight and wants them to know she appreciates them.

Peter, Will, Jack, Jamey, Iggy, Eric, DeMario, Jonathan, Bryce, Alex, Kenny, Dean, Matt, Anthony, Brady, Josiah, Lee, Diggy, Fred, Adam (but not Adam junior), Blake E., all receive roses. Rachel gives the final rose to Lucas; all the men are shocked he was chosen, feeling he is an idiot and shouldn’t be there. Chris returns and tells the men who didn’t receive a rose to kindly say their goodbyes. She says goodbye as some say their heart is broken including Milton who cries over frustration.

She says tonight was crazy and she knows the struggle was real but she is glad they survived it and couldn’t be more happy with the men in front of her and looks forward to the journey ahead.