The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 6/27/17: Season 13 Episode 6

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 6/27/17: Season 13 Episode 6

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, June 27, 2017, season 13 episode 6 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 6 as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel sends one man home from the two-on-one date. After the rose ceremony, Rachel and the remaining bachelors travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, where a group of guys take part in spirited Viking-style games. Later, Rachel takes one lucky suitor on a day trip to Sweden, before she and the men travel Geneva, Switzerland.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette continues with its 2-night television event as Rachel has a decision to make when Lee has told her that Kenny is aggressive, violent, threatening and he pulled him out of a van. Kenny was just as shocked as Rachel was. She still isn’t sure who to send home, so it boils down to who she trusts.

Kenny returns to the chairs and tells Lee he is grasping at straws and says, they never need to talk but it must feel terrible that he has to lie so terribly. Lee denies saying Kenny pulled him out of a van and Kenny says he can call Rachel a liar to her face and if he had ever been physical with him, he would be bearing the scars. Kenny calls him all kinds of names and when Lee tells him Jesus loves him, Kenny says Jesus doesn’t love Lee.

Rachel returns and Kenny helps her to her seat. She tells them today has been really informative and she had very detailed conversations with both of them. She appreciates the honesty and openness but trust is important to her and with both guys having completely different stories it will come down to who she believes and trusts at this point.

She holds the rose saying after today she doesn’t trust Lee and is sending him home but she is not ready to give Kenny a rose, saying she wants to spend more time with Kenny tonight. Lee tells Rachel that Kenny came back cussing him out and threatening him, she just wants it over and says goodbye to Lee, walking away with Kenny. She just doesn’t trust Lee but isn’t sure what she wants to do with Kenny either.

Kenny leaves the helicopter, telling Rachel he needs to say goodbye to Lee. Rachel watches from the chopper, saying this is so stupid and she feels stupid; she is super annoyed. Kenny tells Lee that inside him there is a decent guy and says one day he will understand. He returns to the helicopter and they leave Lee behind.

The guys are talking about the situation with Kenny and Lee. Bryan feels if Kenny gets his chance to say his peace, she will keep him around; most agree that Kenny can make his case better than Lee can. All the men smile when they see the concierge taking Lee’s luggage out of their suite; glad Rachel saw Lee for what he really was.

Rachel feels the two-on-one was hard on her and is frustrated that Kenny went back to talk to Lee after they left him. She doesn’t question whether Kenny is there for her, she just isn’t sure she can really trust him and she needs to figure out if Kenny is someone she wants as a husband.

She really likes Kenny but doesn’t get what he did. Kenny explains he is a verbal person and he realized a long time ago he needs to let things out, not bottle them up and to let it go. He reassures Rachel he doesn’t have a short fuse, but she worries about him going “off” on her in their relationship. He will be emotionally vulnerable with her and vice versa; and the reason he is here is he is honest and genuine. He admits he is a hopeless romantic and he is looking for love.

Rachel trusts him and loves how devoted he is to his daughter and that he took the time to build a friendship without diving in head first. She believes he has been open and honest with her and knows how genuine he is about her and the journey. She says sincerity is a huge thing for her and a great attribute in him.

She leans in and grabs the rose, telling him she can tell he is there for her, she likes him and wants to see where it will go; he accepts the rose with a kiss. He feels validated and vindicated and the potential impact Rachel could have on him and his daughter is the reason he is still there.

Kenny returns to his room and calls his daughter, as soon as she tells him she misses him, he begins to cry. She tells him its okay and to not cry and its okay to like her. He wants to be with his daughter but feels his time isn’t done there yet.

The guys prepare for the night’s rose ceremony. She feels tonight is going to be a challenging rose ceremony as there are 8 guys without roses and honestly she has a connection with every one of them. She is evaluating who she sees a future with and who could be a potential husband. The men enter the room and there are 6 roses, meaning two will be going home; Josiah is overly confident that he is staying.

Rachel tells them tonight is the hardest decisions for her yet but she knows what she needs to do and focus on relationships that she feels could last forever and in this room she sees her future; apologizing to those who are going home admitting she doesn’t see them as her husband.

She picks up the roses and hands them to Dean, Eric, Peter, Alex, Adam and the final rose goes to Matt; sending Josiah and Anthony home. Josiah feels there is something wrong with Rachel’s brain and is thoroughly shocked she didn’t want to keep him around. He thinks she makes poor decisions. Rachel says she has her reasons for letting certain people go and she has taken a hard look at herself and what she has with each man, knowing she had to say the hard goodbyes to get to where she wants.

The group travels to Copenhagen, Denmark, where Rachel is excited to get things started. She had a difficult night sending Josiah and Anthony home but she is at the point that she needs to get deeper into these relationships and there are still a couple of guys she needs to give more attention and time to. She just decides she needs to let herself fall and is liking the way she is falling.

They are all staying at the Marienlyst Beach Hotel, the perfect place for a storybook romance. Rachel feels it is the perfect setting, her view is the castle that inspired Shakespeare to write his play Hamlet. The men are happy to be there although Kenny feels he is lagging behind the other guys and the only way to make up that time is a one-on-one date.

Date card arrives saying, “Eric, I’m cOPEN to love… Rachel.” Eric feels he has momentum now; Kenny is disappointed to not have that private time with Rachel as Eric leaves with excitement. He has been patiently waiting for this date and hopes Rachel will give him some clarity on the two of them.

Rachel arrives by boat, after they kiss she reveals they are going to explore the city together. She wants to know if Eric is cOPEN to love like she is. Eric hopes to make his mark today, looking forward to miracles. Rachel opens up saying she loves sports and enjoys going to a bar with friends to eat, drink and watch sports; Eric says he is the same, wanting the simple things in life.

Rachel reveals she wants to have four kids and when Eric says he wanted ten, she tells him they are done. He says he just wants the setting of a big family, as he didn’t really have that growing up. Rachel jokes that she will be adopting. Eric says they are having a great time and it is just effortless between them and can see himself falling for her; thinking they can fall in love in Copenhagen.

In the middle of the city there are hot tubs with several people in them. Eric asks Rachel if she wants to get in one; she agrees, as they drink and enjoy the hot tub together. She is so glad to be with Eric today as he is happy, free and fun; someone who really just enjoys life. Eric feels it was the best day ever!

At the hotel, a date card arrives; Peter reads it to the guys, “Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter and Adam” are on the card. It says, “I’ve taken a Viking to you guys – Rachel.” This leaves Will to have a one-on-one with Rachel.

In the evening, Eric and Rachel arrive in Tivoli, the second most visited amusement park in the world and before they go to dinner, they can spend some more time playing together. Rachel feels Eric came out of his head and loves that they got to play around and enjoy each other, like a good old high school romance.

At dinner, Rachel admits she knows Eric in the present but wants to know the man sitting in front of her. She wants to know what he means when he says, “everything I’ve been through.” He reveals he never had love in his childhood and when he got into relationships he didn’t know what to do because his mom never loved him, so these feelings he has for Rachel are unfamiliar but he knows he is falling for her and it feels right.

He says he is learning to let go and just let things happen; she struggles with the same thing. Rachel really likes the place she is in with Eric, as he expresses how she makes him feel, allowing him to let go and just feel what he feels.

She picks up the rose on the table, saying their paths have led them together and because of what he has shared with her, she doesn’t question where she stands with him; he accepts the rose. Rachel feels she has gotten to know Eric on a completely different level and can’t wait for another date with him.

The 7 guys meet Rachel in Roskilde, Denmark where she is excited, hoping to push these relationships forward. They are going to explore the sea the Vikings’ way on a Viking ship. As the men row, Rachel laughs at them; Kenny is stressing about not spending time alone with Rachel while Adam feels he is falling for her and ready to take on today full steam ahead.

As they come up the beach they see two men fighting with swords, Tom and Morton are Vikings fighting instructors who know a lot about Vikings game and fighting. They said Viking fighting is about honor and they are going to teach them to fight like Vikings. They will compete and whoever is the best will compete against each other at the end of the day.

The guys dress in their Viking clothing and Rachel thinks they all look very regal. They all scream to show they have the Viking spirit. The first game is called “Grease stick”, the woman holds it and if the Viking can get it out of her hand, the man could marry the woman. After that is done, all the men are in the center of the circle and they are to push everyone out of the circle and no arms are allowed.

Rachel loves how much effort the guys are putting into the games and Tom and Morton announce Kenny and Adam are the final two who are to fight with Shields and swords, whoever gets the other out of the circle wins. They both throw out their swords and say they are going to fight to the death; both men end up with the others shield in their face and are bleeding. Kenny is the winner but is still looking for alone time with Rachel.

Rachel and the guys sit around having drinks, cheering them for pillaging her feelings and raiding her heart. It was a great day but Kenny isn’t where he wants to be. Bryan escorts Rachel out of the room and he kisses her right away. Bryan says each time they talk they will peel back layers and can imagine how magical its going to be with her.

She shares that she is thinking about the bad stuff that could happen. He says he is ready and once she is 100% ready, there will be nothing like it. He tells her his family is very open and anyone who loves him they will accept her totally. Bryan accepts her flaws and all and doesn’t scare him and he isn’t going anywhere, Rachel admits she has never had that before.

Will talks to Eric about his one-on-one, admitting he typically dates white girls. Eric says sometimes people have stereotypes and Rachel doesn’t fit into any stereotype. Will shares that where he grew up there wasn’t a lot of black girls but Rachel is a “catchfly” by every definition of the word. Will knows tomorrow is the most important date of his life and is confident Rachel will want to keep him around.

Rachel likes where her relationship with Peter is moving as she never has to question or wonder where she stands with Peter. Meanwhile, Kenny talks to Matt about where they are in this competition; he has no problems with it going further if it is genuine. Matt understands that Kenny has more riding on this than any of the other guys but reminds him that reality is most of them will not be going to the end.

Rachel loves that tonight the guys have been so open and vulnerable, feeling at this point she has a connection with everyone but some of them are moving at a faster pace than others. When she sits with Matt, she asks about Kenny who shares that Kenny is physically okay but emotionally he isn’t doing so well. Kenny is missing his daughter terribly but every time he sees Rachel, he can picture her in their lives.

Rachel asks Kenny how he is doing, he tells her it is getting more and more difficult for him but the balance is their conversations and potential future. He admits the past few weeks haven’t been the greatest and he isn’t 100% comfortable in where they are at. Kenny feels since the two-on-one, he feels they haven’t grown in the past few weeks and its the things that are unsaid that make him think about her.

He doesn’t know what is lacking, he wants them to be there, but he isn’t sure they are. There is no doubt in his mind that her and his daughter would be amazing but he is super protective and defensive of that. Rachel likes where they are now but she has questions and concerns and maybe they aren’t where they should be. She feels she couldn’t keep him there if she wasn’t sure. She feels he should go home, they hug and she walks with him to the car.

After they drive away, she cries saying he was such a good guy. Kenny calls his daughter saying he is coming home, saying they really like each other but Rachel understands its too hard for him to be away from her. He says if she grows up to be a woman like Rachel, he knows he did his job.

Rachel returns to the guys revealing she sent Kenny home feeling it wasn’t right to keep him there when she has so many questions and concerns and he has an amazing daughter sitting at home. She feels they left things very respectful and mutual; they thank her for sharing. She picks up the group rose and hands it to Peter, she feels good about the connection she has with the men. Tonight showed her that there are going to be harder goodbyes coming up.

In Helsingor, Denmark Rachel says she had a heartfelt conversation with Kenny and although it was hard, she needed to say goodbye to him. She is in wifey mode now and is looking at the men for a potential husband. Will is a handsome, confident, outspoken guy but when he is around her, he clamps up and she is determined to know why. She reveals to him they are going to Helsingborg, Sweden for their one-on-one.

They show their passports and are welcomed to Sweden. She loves the romantic architecture in Sweden. A street performer plays music as they dance; they then play a Viking game in the park. Will loves that he gets to relax and be himself, a romantic at heart and he wants her to fall in love with him, they sit and talk with a couple who have been married for 35 years, as they kiss the husband tells them romance is very important.

Rachel feels Will is fun and engaging but there is something missing between them. Will has only held her hand and nothing more. She was hoping exploring the new city would bring something out of him; she thinks she might be hoping for something that just isn’t there. Rachel is flabbergasted that they are in the perfect setting for romance but something is holding Will back. It is hard on her that things didn’t go well during the day and if things don’t go well tonight she is sending him home.

When the night arrives, Rachel and Will are back in Copenhagen where they go to Visit Carlsberg. She had a good time with him but something is missing, a lack of romance and she doesn’t know what happened. She doesn’t want to say goodbye to him and if they can create the romance tonight she will be happy.

He thinks this is an incredible date and tonight’s rose is the most important rose to date, and if he gets it, it will validate him. Rachel asks him what kind of girl he likes and what is he looking for. He admits he typically dates white girls; Rachel says she was brought up the same way but has predominately dated black people. Rachel goes silent as she thinks about what he’s said.
The guys learn Will has mostly dated white women and that Eric reveals he encouraged him to tell Rachel that. Dean feels it shouldn’t be an issue as he has never dated a black woman before; Eric says its important because Will is a black man and she is a black woman. They question whether Will is attracted to black women?

Will says he is very caring and attentive person, he is always a passionate person with physical intimacy and feels he has done too much of that and maybe not enough of the verbal affirmation. He shares a story of his previous relationship, and how clicking with someone is important and when that relationship failed, he was eager to feel that again.

Rachel is disappointed that she doesn’t get any of the physical intimacy like that. She picks up the rose, saying she was attracted to him from the very beginning and that starting last week she is taking a hard look at the relationships she has and what she can build on.

She felt giving him a one-on-one was important, sharing they had a good time but at the same time something felt off to her. They have a good solid base for friendship, but she isn’t look for friendship and honestly didn’t feel like he wanted her. When he said he was like that in other relationships and he wasn’t like that with her, she wanted to know why.

He admits he got caught up in the moment, a little scared and nervous. She feels at this point in the journey it is important for her to get the passion from him. She thinks he is great but doesn’t think they can get there. She doesn’t give him the rose and offers to walk him out. She feels she had no idea she would be saying goodbye to Will tonight; they hug as she tells him to take care of himself. Rachel doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, she is just doing the best she can do by following her heart and her gut. She knows its only going to get harder.

Rachel is in Helsingor feeling sad about saying goodbye to Kenny and Will, underestimating how hard this was going to be. She now has to go to another rose ceremony and say goodbye to another man. She arrives where the men are waiting for her. Rachel tells Chris Harrison it is hard but knows what she has to do.

She enters the room where there are 4 roses on the table. She tells them she hates to show emotions and Denmark has been monumental to her. It was the perfect setting to evaluate what she has with each of them. She attempts to say what makes tonight so hard but walks out in tears; several of the guys feel for Rachel and how hard this must be.

Rachel returns saying she had a couple tough goodbyes this week and the goodbye she is saying to the man tonight is the hardest goodbye she has to say. She apologizes and offers roses to Bryan, Matt, Dean with the final rose going to Adam. She is sending Alex home. Chris apologizes to him and tell shim to take a moment to say his goodbyes; Rachel walks him out.

Rachel is sorry she had to say goodbye; she has a strong connection to Alex and deep feelings but its just not at the level it is with the other guys. She cries as he is driven away. She is there to find a husband and to find the one but is terrified it might not happen and may regret a decision on sending someone home.