The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 6/5/17: Season 13 Episode 3

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 6/5/17: Season 13 Episode 3

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, June 5, 2017, season 13 episode 3 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “Six lucky guys go on a group date to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” where they strip and dance to raise money for charity. Later, Rachel takes one bachelor on a horseback ride down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to go shopping; and Rachel’s friends surprise her with a mud wrestling competition between eight bachelors in front of a rambunctious crowd.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 9 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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The Bachelorette begins tonight with all the remaining men grouping together when they learned that DeMario has returned to speak to the Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. They were all furious, suggesting they should escort him off the show. Chris Harrison brings Rachel to the gates, where she wants to hear an explanation. Chris asks security to give them some space.

DeMario admits he screwed up but he cannot let her go; meanwhile all the men stand back and watch as Chris and security told them to give them some space. He hopes she will give him the chance to redeem himself and hopefully give him a rose; some feel she should just let him go while others suggest she may be vulnerable or made a snap decision to let him go, then he could very easily sneak his way back in.

DeMario continues to plea his case and Rachel says what he is saying could be true but he needs to understand that she needs a man when confronted with a difficult situation won’t start lying about it. She needs someone who owns their mistakes when presented to them; she gave him time after time to explain himself and had he admitted it, he could still be in the mansion right now.

She says she saw a boy in the gym and she is looking for a man and she has plenty of great men inside. She is glad he knows he needs to move forward, but he will not be going forward to the mansion and tells him to find joy somewhere else; she thanks him and returns back to Chris where she tells the men it was so sweet that they were all there for her. They were all impressed that she isn’t like high school girl but is a strong woman who takes no nonsense.

Inside the mansion, the men talk about how well she handled the DeMario situation and bounced back; they are impressed and she gained new respect when she turned DeMario away for the second time, agreeing you can’t pull the wool over her eyes because she is an extremely smart woman.

Jonathan joins Rachel, making her laugh with the huge hands he is wearing. He says he loves their laughs together but wants to have a more serious conversation with her. She puts on the huge hands and loves how Jonathan cane make her laugh; admitting she has no regrets letting DeMario go as she has some great guys in the competition.

She then sits with Alex who is doing the rubix cube the entire time they are talking. She feels intelligence is super sexy but she also loves a man who can be in touch with his own feelings. Kenny shares his family photos with her and she feels every time she is with him, she peels another layer back of him with more and more beauty. She admits it doesn’t go unnoticed that they are always upbeat, positive and outgoing time together. She kisses him as they laugh together. She hopes the night is going to just get better.

Lucas hugs Rachel when they meet, as Blake continues to feel Rachel is too smart to be dubbed by Lucas; that the show is about finding love and Lucas isn’t there to do that. He hopes Lucas goes home tonight but can’t assume she will believe his truth over her own feelings.

Lucas tells Rachel he doesn’t understand Blake’s attitude towards him, suggesting Blake might have feelings for him, explaining a private moment Blake was having with a banana over Lucas’ bed. Rachel doesn’t know if they love or hate each other and decides to talk to Blake again tonight confronting him about the banana incident.

Blake kind of giggled and says its not true as he doesn’t eat carbs but as far as standing over him when he sleeps, its ridiculous as she sleeps in a room with at least 10 other guys and if someone saw it, they surely would have called him out on it. Blake says once again, Lucas is simply just wasting time. Chris Harrison enters the room, telling Rachel it is that time again.

Rachel returns to the room for the rose ceremony, thanking them for the week and apologizes for the DeMario situation and it taking away from their time with her. She thanks them for having her back and for those going home she appreciates them but unfortunately for her, she doesn’t see a future with them.

Bryan, Bryce, Eric, Anthony, Will, Jonathan, Jack, Matt, Alex, Adam, Kenny, Brady, Lee, Iggy, Fred, and finally Diggy all receive roses meaning Blake, Lucas, Josiah, Dean, Jamey and Peter are sent home. The feud between Lucas and Blake was in the flashbacks the whole time; Blake felt shocked that he is going home with the clown, feeling Lucas ruined it for the both of them.

Outside Blake goes up to Lucas calling him a piece of crap, he was there for the wrong reasons and he got dragged into his crap; he saw right through his reasoning for being there and it kills him. He says Lucas was only there to be on television and had he not been there he could have had a real chance with Rachel.

Lucas says its not about winning, its about the world and he has no idea what the world needs; Blake calls him the whaaaboom clown. They continue to argue outside as Rachel cheers the remaining men for the great week and for what is to come.

The next day, Chris Harrison meets with the guys saying there will be two group dates and 1 one-on-one date that he promises they can literally only have there in Los Angeles. He reminds them roses are up for grabs on all the dates and leaves the first date card behind.

Iggy reads out the card calling Bryan, Jonathan, Peter, Alex, Will, Fred; the card reads, “Lights, camera, action. Come join me on the set of Ellen!” They all feel they will have to dance on the Ellen Show. Rachel says there is no better way to start the week with a bang than on the Ellen Show. She loves everything Ellen is and craves her insight on the men; they men have no clue they are going to be part of the show.

Ellen says she doesn’t like the Jonathan came out tickling her; she feels it is a horrible thing and wants to know why he is still there. Ellen says she really likes Rachel and hopes she finds love; they go out to greet the men back stage. Ellen informs them they will be on the show and says she will see them later on.

Ellen introduces Rachel to the live audience as the men are not sure what they will have to do but figure they can roll with it. She admits to kissing and it swept her off her feet; Ellen jokes the others are freaked about it and have to work harder now. Ellen calls the guys out; Jonathan asks when it is his turn to kiss her; Bryan says she is a great kisser, and jokes that Kenny got his sloppy seconds. Ellen makes them all laugh because she says that Bryan kiss and tells and shouldn’t do that.
The guys are told they are removing their shirts and go dancing in the audience. The crowd went crazy as Ellen jokes that tickle guy (Jonathan) doesn’t dance well. Fred says Alex could be his biggest competition; Ellen and Rachel can’t stop laughing and she thanks Ellen for finally allowing her to see all the men without their shirts.

They play “Never have I ever” asking questions like who hasn’t thought of having sex with Rachel? Who peed in the mansion pool? Who has taken a nude selfie? And of course, who kissed Rachel?

Fred plans on stepping up his game saying he needs to show a more romantic side of him and possibly kiss her after he learns how many have already down it. He feels his connection with Rachel should be deeper than with the others.

Rachel shares the best part was watching them take their shirts off and dance. They are at the Hudson loft where she feels is the perfect ambiance for tonight. She needs to know with whom she has a strong connection and with who she doesn’t.

Alex says he didn’t own it today but Rachel objects. He says with her he is still so nervous and she tells him he shouldn’t be; but he says the butterflies are a good thing as he hasn’t felt like this in a very long time. He says he loves when she talks to him, looking into his eyes as the left eye is the emotional side as the right is the logical side. She says Alex is a rare breed, as he is sexy, smart and funny. They kiss.
She kisses Kenny and Bryan. Bryan says every time he is with her, h wants to give her his all; she encourages him to continue. He wraps her legs on him and they become very passionate. Fred says he is super impatient and antsy about his time alone with her as he has been waiting to kiss her for 20 years and doesn’t know when the time will be right; knowing the kiss will decide whether they are good together or not.

He shares he is surprised how many guys kissed her; he says its not out of jealousy but a matter of timing. He has been waiting to kiss her and wants it to be a special moment, he asks her if he can kiss her and she admits she now feels awkward because no one has asked her, they just do it. He moves in and kisses her saying he wants her to know she might feel something. They hug as he feels blissful imagining him in a tux and her in a white gown. He believes she feels the same.

She calls Fred out of the room, carrying the rose. She admits she has been trying not to see the boy she knew. She says the kiss was evidence that she was right and cannot reciprocate his feelings. She tells him the truth and its not fair to keep him around when she isn’t feeling the same way. She apologizes and she offers to walk him out as the guys watch her hug him goodbye.
Rachel returns to the room where the men are waiting with the rose in her hand. She says tonight she is giving Alex the group date rose; he hugs her and accepts it as Fred feels sad that she didn’t feel the same.

Back at the mansion, Eric doesn’t want to go through what Fred just went through saying he is emotionally involved. He feels uncomfortable as Rachel doesn’t feel emotionally available to him, as he’s never been in a relationship before. Bryan sympathizes with him but feels in reality Rachel has no problem with him. Eric just wants the truth from her.

Anthony is the one given the one-on-one date with Rachel and it tells him to meet her at the rodeo; of course he doesn’t realize she means LA’s Rodeo Drive and not an actual rodeo. She is sitting on a horse saying today they are going to do things they can only do in LA, including riding horses down Rodeo Drive. He admits this is the first time he is riding a horse; joking that he is as confused as the people taking photos of them as to why they would be riding horses in downtown LA.

They are brought inside the WEST store, she tells them she is used to the boots but Anthony is from Chicago and could use with a couple pairs of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat; she says she can bring him back to Texas as he now fits the part. They continue their day and she admits that Anthony is endearing and cute, feeling they are building a relationship.

They get new jackets and shirts but before they can leave the store, one of the horse’s poops in the store; they laugh it off and is happy that he just rolled with the punches. She looks forward to tonight.

They have dinner with the LA skyline behind them. They cheers at being at the top of the world and to never coming back down. He shares why he is an old soul, saying he had a priceless childhood; not that they were rich money wise, but rich in love. He admits he wants to be the same way, become a great father like his dad was and that is why he became a teacher. She thinks that is beautiful.

At the mansion a date card arrives. Brady, Dean, Adam, Kenny, Bryce, Lee, Jack and Eric get the invitation to the group date. The card says, “Sometimes in relationships, the women have to take charge.”

Anthony says he likes her, she agrees with him; she picks up the rose and says every time she hands one out there is a special reason behind it. She tells him that he was so brave in handling the new experience they had that say and how it carried into their nighttime date and open conversation. She wants that all in her life, he accepts the rose from her. They follow the music and enjoy dancing and kissing on top of the world. She says dancing in Anthony’s arms was such a fantasy.

Iggy feels it is rough being stuck in the house with no date the whole week but is interrupted when Anthony walks in with a rose on his chest. Iggy confronts Eric to everything he has been saying, especially when he admits that he feels Rachel is playing a game until she gets what she gets. Eric starts to shout and Iggy says all he was asking was for some clarity; Lee overhears.

The following morning, the guys try to figure out what the date card means or alludes to. Several women arrive with Rachel and the men realize some of them were from last season. Rachel introduces them saying they will be with them on the group date as she values their opinion; she has no idea what they have planned.

Rachel admits her girls know her better than these guys do and hopes they can figure out who is there for her and if there are any more wolves in sheep clothing like DeMario. On the bus, the girls make the men dance on the pole, all knowing its important that they can show they can be as fun and open as Rachel is.

Raven, Rachel’s friend immediately asks Bryce who is not there for Rachel; he says the least appropriate one for her is Eric. She is concerned for Rachel because she said she was most interested in Eric, but both Bryce and Lee said Eric separately to her, saying its a big red flag.

The bus arrives and when they all walk in, the guys hear several women cheering and they realize they are about to go mud wrestling. Jack feels this is for Rachel to see them out of their comfort zone, although this is pretty much what Kenny does. Kenny says they should be nervous as all is fair in love and war. The guys are getting quite physical but women are screaming for more. The final two are Bryce versus Kenny, and Bryce wins the match and belt; Rachel sends them off to clean up and she will see them later.

Rachel’s 3 friends choose Dean, 1 picks Adam; Raven admits she asked men on the bus on who was not right for her and both said Eric. Rachel is shocked that after the final rose they were all impressed with him but after today, they didn’t like him. She plans to explore that tonight.
Rachel meets the guys at the Oak Canyon Ranch feeling it was a great day as the guys embraced the mud wrestling and her friends, feeling that is very important to her. Tonight she wants to get deep with the guys and make it personal.

She sits with Kenny who admits a long time ago he was one of the Chippendale dancers in Las Vegas. He says it was more about the choreography and removes his shirt as she jokes they are going all the way. He rips off his tank top and dances around for her. She says Kenny definitely shed those layers tonight for her.

She says this journey is about survival of the fittest and the guys need to take advantage of every single moment because this is such an accelerated journey. When her and Dean talk they kiss tenderly. Jack says this date was great because it loosed them all up and was great for all of them. Rachel admits she has no idea who she is going to give the rose to and she still has a few more guys to talk to tonight.

Rachel takes Eric outside feeling physically they are there but emotionally he doesn’t feel it. He admits he is vulnerable and wants to know what’s inside of her. She says she wants him to know she sees him and is happy he is there. She wants to get to know him but not rush it nor move too fast. She reveals that twice he was mentioned that he wasn’t there for her in a sense and his motives weren’t good. She says Lee and Bryce said it; he is shocked.

Eric returns to the other guys and tells them they need to talk like men; he reveals that Bryce and Lee said his motives were not real; the rest of the guys excuse themselves as the 3 of them talk. Bryce said he never said he had bad intentions and Lee said it because Eric is the one who is the least closest to Rachel. Lee says he only said what Eric said, is that he has never experienced love.

Bryce says some people will always take what he says and twist it against him. Eric says he feels that Bryce was being genuine but Lee isn’t. Lee questions him about the conversation with Iggy the previous night. Lee tells him he has so much potential and an amazing person but last night he came in the room and he was screaming, which changed his perception of him.

Lee continues to tell him he loves him to death but he needs to be straight forward. When Lee tells him he still loves him, Eric asks why he keeps saying that as its making him confused. Lee said the yelling bothered him but he isn’t afraid of him. Eric feels Lee has a lot of snake in his DNA and they both agree to figure it out later.

Rachel comes by the fire and joins the guys. She tells them she loved the mud wrestling but wanted tonight to be deeper and more intimate. She says its unfortunate she can only give out one group rose and wants to give the rose to the guy she feels that their relationship took them to another level and offers it to Eric, who accepts it willingly.

Lee doesn’t care if Eric disrespects him but this is one kid with a bad issue and there are better guys for her. Rachel tells them she will see them tomorrow at the rose ceremony; Lee feels the by her ignoring her friends information, it says a lot about Rachel. He says he is happy Eric got the rose as its good for growth, but neither one of them like to lose so its not going to be good.

Rachel arrives at the mansion, looking stunning in a beautiful gold gown. She appreciates all the open and honest conversations they all had with her and for challenging her as that is the man and husband she wants.

Iggy is mad that Eric got a rose and he didn’t, he takes Rachel aside to tell her what happened with Eric and how he questioned how real Rachel was. Iggy admits he got protective of her honor which caused a very heated conversation. He says there are great guys in the house but right now it is about who is the best person for her.

Diggy meets with her next and Iggy goes to have an adult conversation with Eric, saying he told her what happened. Eric gets very defensive saying in the house they are men, not women, and he isn’t dating them. Lee admits he is still concerned about the Eric’s screaming and he meets with Rachel next. Lee tells her about Eric yelling at Iggy and that concern is what led him to say what he said to Raven. Lee says this is drama that shouldn’t be here as this is her night.
He says Eric is naive and the thing in this is you need to take advantage when the moment presents itself. He says this is a crap talking night and it is fun, as he takes another drink.

Rachel enters the mansion looking for Eric. She leaves looking for him and Bryan says if she pulls his rose that crap is about to hit the fan. She is concerned that when she looks at Eric she doesn’t see the man everyone in the house is describing. He says a lot of people are coming at him; she says she has no problem with him ever being himself and being outspoken but her issue is when he questions whether she is being real or not.

Eric denies everything and says he feels she is genuine. She admits she felt good after last night but when she walked in today into all of this, she is questioning her decision and him. She wonders if she should have given him the rose and is confused as to why she keeps hearing about him. She tells him she is going to take what he said as true but her antennas are up. She hugs him.

Eric calls everyone in the room saying all is weak and his name is in everyone’s mouth. He tells them to not make it about him, but to make it about Rachel. He is told it is going to happen in the competition but Eric feels they said it because he is a threat to them. Lee tells him that everyone is a threat to the other. Bryan felt they had gotten rid of all the drama and Eric is told it seems he is more worried about himself than Rachel. Eric continues to rant and starts shouting at everyone about his name being in everyone’s mouth.