The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/31/17: Season 13 Episode 10 #MenTellAll

The Bachelorette 2017 Recap 7/31/17: Season 13 Episode 10 #MenTellAll

The Bachelorette 2017 airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, July 31, 2017, season 13 episode 10 and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. On tonight’s season 13 episode 10 as per the ABC synopsis, “Rachel and her most memorable men return to discuss their experiences. Included: Lee and Kenny set the record straight about their volatile relationship; Blake and Lucas come face-to-face; and Adam talks about being sent home before the hometown visits.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette 2017 and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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Chris Harrison arrives on stage as we prepare for the men to tell all for The Bachelorette season 13. He announces they had to beef up security tonight because of all the hostility and conflict that happened between the men this season.

Tonight he begins with the most memorable moments from the men tell all history; beginning with with Kasey from ‘Ali’s Men Tell All’, Kailon from ‘Emily’s Tell All’, and when the Kaitlyn’s Men needed to explain their friendships. Andi’s Men Tell All, when Chris Harrison reveals the lie detector tests she threw out as well as Hanging Chad from Jojo’s Men Tell All. The Most Memorable Moment ever was when JP and Ashley reveal the sex of their baby.

Jamey, Diggy, Blake, Iggy, Anthony, Lucas, Fred, DeMario, Alex, Jonathan (Tickle Monster), Lee, Jack S, Josiah, Will, Matt, Kenny, Adam and Dean are all here tonight. A few of the moments each men spent with Rachel and all the tension is replayed to remind fans of what happened; especially everyone’s issue with Lee and Kenny. Kenny stands as everyone chants his name; Chris says he will get to Kenny and Lee but wants to talk about Blake and Lucas first.

Lucas says he was there for Rachel and to enjoy his time there; but Blake quickly cuts him off. Lucas says he was enjoying his time with Rachel and clearly Blake was obsessing over him. The other men felt Blake was more focused on Lucas than his relationship and they felt Lucas should have just been gone; too focused on his WaBoom.

DeMario then says that Lexi was just some random chick who called saying she was his girlfriend. Chris says they have proof of his and Lexi’s relationship, he insists he knew the girl but she was only a side-chick. Chris feels he is trying to distance himself from Lexi then DeMario wants to know if there are any photos that prove they dated. Chris tells him he has on tape when DeMario admits to dating Lexi.

People want to see the video but DeMario compares it to Clinton having sex with Monica. Lucas shakes DeMario’s hand saying its tough and he has his back. Jamey mocks that its the two worst men on the show who are banding together; DeMario calls him irrelevant and Jamey says he is only relevant because of all the crap that happened. Adam said this caused Rachel to have an even higher wall around her heart.

Iggy says he was trying to just be honest with Rachel and he would do the same thing again; Josiah calls him the “rats of all rats”. When Lucas calls Iggy a joke, several of the men tell him he cannot call anyone else on this stage a joke. Lucas tells Dean to shut up and Kenny jumps up jokingly waving his finger.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison asks Kenny what it was about Lee and the two of them. Kenny says he was there for Rachel and the men had agreed early on they would play a gentleman’s game and respect each other, even though it was a competition. He never intended to carry on with Lee and had tried to move passed it and was more sick of living it than viewers watching it.

Will says you could feel the tension in the house and as it progressed people were trying to give the benefit of the doubt, even talking to Kenny and Lee separately and because of the misunderstanding between them and it moved into a direction that nothing good would come of it and it ruined the other men’s time with Rachel.

Dean says Kenny was probably the most liked guy in the house, so it was hard when there were 30 men on one side and Lee was alone. Dean said he will forever have Kenny’s back in the situation because Lee made it a point to badger him and took away from Kenny’s and several other men’s experience. Adam says Lee was a liar when it came to Kenny supposedly pulling him out of a van when he was already in a car with Adam.

DeMario says he was cut early but when all this happened with Lee, he was confused because all he knew about Lee was he was a genuine, helpful guy and says he isn’t sure what changed; Will agrees that it was jarring to him because everything was great before South Carolina. After reading stuff on social media, Will sees Lee as two different people. Kenny says it didn’t feel so much as racism as Lee was just out of his league when it came to most of the men there. Chris promises there is more to come as he wants to talk to them individually and hear their sides.

Kenny is the first one in the hot seat and we are given quick flashbacks of his time with Rachel. Kenny felt it was important for him to have a friendship with Rachel first and just when their relationship was turning to corner is when everything happened with Lee. He assumed they were friends and when he pulled Lee aside for what he did, it all went downhill from there.

He talks about when Lee called him “aggressive” and because he is a father he needed to be responsible for what he said and did, there was nothing Lee or anyone could have done that would have made him do something wrong. Everyone agrees that Kenny wasn’t aggressive with anyone. When it came to the lie Lee told about Kenny pulling him out of a van, Lee pipes up and admits Kenny never did that and took the high road a lot and Lee feels he should have done that too and been a better friend and he apologizes.

Kenny says he is going to step on his apology and explain why. Kenny says all the guys were looking for love with Rachel and all Lee did was say he was going to screw with the dudes, ruffle their feathers. Lee again says he should have been more considerate of the others. Kenny has no ill-will towards Lee but doesn’t know if he could ever kick it with Lee.

Chris Harrison surprises Kenny by bringing out his beautiful daughter, Mackenzie, she brings him a single red rose and joins him on the couch. She admits she was excited that her dad was going on the show but didn’t like that he was leaving her for so long. Kenny tears up and says everyone can see how amazing his daughter is and his goal was to find someone as equally special to compliment the special young lady he is trying to raise. Kenny is wished a Happy Birthday and sends them off to Disneyland for his birthday.

Lee joins Chris in the hot seat. Lee admits he is anxious and that he made jokes when he was in an uncomfortable situation and has learned that sometimes it doesn’t come off as right; its something he learned about himself on this journey. Lee says he should have been a better friend and when he looks back on his actions he is embarrassed.

Kenny asks him if his goal was to come on the show and be authentic and genuine; what was his deal? Diggy says what makes him mad, is that him, among others, is that Lee stayed longer than some even though he said he enjoyed ruffling feathers. He finds it interesting that everyone had a common enemy and that was Lee. Dean confronts him about promoting his actions, even when the episodes were airing on his social media and now that he is in the hot seat, he is apologizing but not a moment before this. Dean and Kenny say as a man he needs to claim ownership for his words and actions.

Chris Harrison shows a few of Lee’s tweets including this one – ‘Women were meant to hang around for a few seconds these days, dogs are meant to stick around. Get a dog boys. Get a dog’. ‘Guys… When is the last time YOU actually saw a pretty Feminist? There is a reason for this.’ and the third tweet that’s been talked about a lot ‘What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? One has a sense of shame t o cover their racist ass faces.’

Chris says it makes him feel uncomfortable and Lee says seeing that makes him feel like he has a lot to learn in that area. Kenny says people are only sorry when they are caught; and if he wasn’t caught would he be sorry. Josiah sits on the couch beside Lee and asks why he would come on a show where the Bachelorette is an African American woman and why is he trying to date someone who looks like him and the ancestors the KKK killed before him?

Will asks him if it hurt him when it came out or that he said it. Lee says he denounces those racist tweets. DeMario asked if he denounced it right away or waited a year and a half later and is now saying it? Iggy wants to know what he intended the tweets to mean? DeMario says its disrespectful to compare the KKK to the NAACP, its racist and stupid.

Lee says he was being irresponsible and he never felt that way and its only half of a tweet; Josiah heads back to the stage. Chris asks Lee how it feels how everyone is speaking of him; he says it hurts a lot and he needs to learn from his actions. He apologizes again if he disrespected any of them.

Anthony says they want to forgive him but he is still motivating his actions of racism and he doesn’t even recognize this is imbedded into his personality. Lee says since then he has learned a lot, he was lacking and did things that were wrong. Chris asks if he recognizes the racism and sexism that was there. Chris asks if he was or is still racist and Lee says he is grateful that he has people in his life now that make him not make a racist comment anymore. He denounces that tweet and that Lee, saying he wants to learn.

Iggy says he has the opportunity to absolve himself and wants to know what he is sorry about and why. Lee says he is sorry for saying things for being uneducated and ignorant on those subjects. They all thank him. Lee admits the tweet was racist and he denounces it. Anthony accepts his recognition as to where he’s at and he will help him out too.

Kenny says because he is raising a little girl that he wants to be better than he is, and wants to lead by example. As man on the stage he says if he is willing to take that step and be a better person, he will stand with his brothers and help him do so; Lee and Kenny hug. Lee turns to the guys admitting he made mistakes and appreciates through it all that they are reaching out to help and sets an example for him to be a better friend too. Lee wants to apologize to Rachel too and Chris says he will get that chance as she will be there soon.

Dean joins Chris and he jokes how people like themselves some Dean. His is probably the most emotional goodbye on the entire season. He felt the disconnect in the end, in his mind was he never thought there was one. He definitely was falling in love with her and until that moment in his hometown he couldn’t reveal it.

He talks about his hometown visit and Chris respects the choice that he decided to show Rachel the real side of his family. Dean thinks if he hadn’t had those moments with Rachel and his family he doesn’t think he would have ever dealt with the feelings he had suppressed for so long. Dean says watching it all play back was very challenging; he understands the door is closed with Rachel and Chris confirms they will be seeing Dean in Mexico in Bachelor in Paradise.

Rachel arrives to The Men Tell All, she greets Chris and sits on the couch. She jokes that Chris is her fairy godmother. She says it feels good to see them guys and missed them; but then admits she doesn’t miss all of them. Rachel is smiling but admits it was very difficult to say goodbye to Dean in Dallas. Dean joins Rachel on the couch.

He says he is at a loss for words as its hard to relive it but he is confused that she said she was falling in love with him and then booted him 4 days later. He feels her saying those words were a consolation and comfort but it led him to feel more heartbroken. She says she did love him and it was real; he accepts her explanation and returns to his seat with the other men.

Chris brings up DeMario and Rachel asks who is that, throwing shade at DeMario. Rachel just wanted him to be honest but he was so shady so he just had to go. Now that she was the first black Bachelorette, Chris asks her if it was like she thought it would be. She knew it would be something to talk about but she didn’t want it to be all about race and when she was with the men, it was not about her skin color at all.

Rachel says she wasn’t in the house to see what was happening between Lee and Kenny, but it was very enlightening. She was disappointed in Kenny in the way he handled Lee and wished he could have felt it was just background noise and just focus on them.

She felt Lee wasn’t like that with her and now that she’s watched it back she didn’t want to give any energy to Lee and his opinions but she now has the opportunity to be a spokesperson for African Americans and women. He had such an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by people of different cultures and didn’t take advantage of that.

She hopes he realizes that he was part of something so great and if he hasn’t she is more than happy to meet him back stage and give him a black history lesson. He apologizes to her for taking the situation away from her and several people and being there today he didn’t realize how great the people were he was with. She accepts his apology and feels he didn’t need a playback to see how great the guys were with him. Chris says they all hope they got there with Lee tonight.

Adam asks Rachel what she would have done differently. She wishes she had more time with him and Matt. She didn’t think it was right to make it so much more intense knowing he wouldn’t be the last one standing. Matt says he tells people the same thing and did the courteous thing sending him home. She hopes the next person sees what she saw in him.

Fred says Rachel never gave him the chance, from the second he stepped out of the limo. He didn’t see her as the Bachelorette but as Rachel, the same girl who went to school with him his entire life. He admires her as the person she is and the woman she has become and he is happy and satisfied to see her so happy. She thanks him and everyone cheers him on as he gets emotional.

Kenny says they had the most mature breakup he has ever had and says if Bryan, Peter and Eric don’t work out, she has his number. Chris can’t let Rachel go yet as he shows a reel of bloopers for the audience to see. Rachel falling several times, men breaking glasses. Lighting falling in the vans and Dean taking gum out of his mouth and putting it behind his ear to continue his conversation; when asked about it he puts it back in his mouth. Josiah is pigging out on all the food in Norway. During an interview, Chris and Rachel are interrupted by a strange family walking by them. There is even a video of the men racing through a golf course and colliding.

Three men remain – Bryan, Eric and Peter and next week we will find out in the dramatic finale who will get on one knee and propose to Rachel.