The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Monday, September 25 – Eric’s Declaration Shocks Ridge – Katie Predicts Brooke’s Future

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Monday, September 25 - Eric’s Declaration Shocks Ridge – Katie Predicts Brooke’s Future

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers for Monday, September 25, tease that Eric’s (John McCook) anger will finally start to subside. He was furious when he realized Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) betrayed him with Quinn (Rena Sofer). It was tough blow and Ridge didn’t know if he could ever come back from it.

Eric was fed up enough to disown Ridge, but it looks like he’ll take it back in Monday’s new B&B episode September 25. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Ridge and Eric will share a warm moment. Perhaps Ridge will allude to the disowning incident. It broke his heart, but he’d love a chance to start over.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Monday, September 25 - Eric’s Declaration Shocks Ridge – Katie Predicts Brooke’s Future

Ridge will likely get his wish if Eric keeps this up. B&B spoilers say Eric will regret being quite so harsh. He’ll point out that Ridge is his son and nothing he could say can ever change that. Eric will probably hate that he pulled the Marone card. Ridge may not have Forrester blood running through his veins, but that doesn’t matter. Eric will want to make sure Ridge understands that.

Ridge will be pleasantly surprised by his father’s new attitude. He’ll thank Eric for his kind words on Monday. Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is still scheming, so let’s hope she doesn’t do anything to jeopardize their healing relationship. Meanwhile, Bill (Don Diamont) will hope to mend his relationship as well. He’ll finish his speech to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and seek a new beginning.

When Bill senses that forgiveness isn’t coming, he’ll insist that he’s not going anywhere. Bill will refuse to give up on the life they’ve built together. He’ll think they can be the couple they were meant to be if Brooke will just open her heart again.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Monday, September 25 - Eric’s Declaration Shocks Ridge – Katie Predicts Brooke’s Future

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Brooke will declare that the answer is no. She’ll state that actions have consequences and Bill will just have to live with what he’s torn apart. Elsewhere, Katie (Heather Tom) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) will compare notes. They’ll continue to mull over what caused all the “Brill” friction.

Wyatt and Katie won’t be able to crack the case just yet, but they’re getting there. Katie will wonder how all of this is going to turn out. She’ll suggest that Ridge might have a shot at getting Brooke back. The loser of this love triangle is always waiting for a do-over.

It sounds like things are looking up for Ridge, but Bill will face more sorrow. We’ll give you updates as other B&B news comes in. Stick with the CBS soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, updates and news.

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  2. Tali salman?? says:

    I think that Brook made up her mind that she dosen’t want to be a part of Bill’s life any more she dosen’t know him any more she didn’t think that Bill could go that far I would not wonder if Brook will go and have a chat with Sally and try to see if she can help her with any thing. Sally will probably tell her that Liam has been so nice to her and helped her get her building back after the fire. Every body wants to know what Bill did and how it will effect every body in the two family’s Bill brought all this mess on himself and Steffy is not acting like a good wife to Liam she is going to loos Liam very soon she is playing with fire with Bill how can people side with Bill after every thing he did? Wyatt should be ashamed of himself for going against Liam and Steffy to Kaite will know soon why Brook left Bill she will be happy that she is not merrid to him any more. I am happy that Eric will forgive Ridge with his lust for Quinn. I still think that Ridge cares for Quinn. Now Ridge will be to busy with helping Brook out with her problems he is hoping to be in her life again he dose care for her and wants to help and have another chance to be with her. I think that if Ridge is smart he would stay a friend to Brook and not expect any thing eles in return from her Brook knows that Ridge will be a good listener he is very curious to know what Bill did but he know it’s some thing very big if Brook left him. We all know that Bill’s scam will come out and every body know

    • disqus_Vf4fNFMOQf says:

      Greatly appreciate your take on the B&B circus !! i am disappointed when there are no comments so was happy to read yours. Things have definitely geared up on the show ! I do hope Brooke does forget Bill ! Both Liam and Bill will pay a price. Liam will because he did not report his knowledge of arson to authorities and Bill because he ordered the arson. It WILL come out ! I will never understand Ridge even coming close at all with Quinn but like his gentle ways with Brooke during her Bill crisis.

      • Tali salman?? says:

        It’s really fun watching the show some of the story lines have a bit of holes in them Liam sure took the low in his hands he new that a jail sell will not hold his father. Justin will come and bail him out the problem with Bill that he thinks that if he could step on people he will get what ever he wants. Liam did think to call the police but it will not help to teach Bill a lesson on how to behave I am so happy that Brook left him if she stayed that means that she agrees to what he is doing I would be a bit scared with being merrid to some one like Bill. I think that Steffy did a big mistake of siding with Bill dosen’t she know what’s right and what is wrong she is a smart woman I do know that Steffy and Bill had a thing for each other in the past but I think Steffy messed up big time when she lied to Thomas her own brother how could you do that just because she dosen’t like Sally? Really? Look at Sally now no Thomas and trying to rebuilt her business back after the fire. I liked Ridge with Quinn together two people that could not stand each other and now they are the best of friends I did think that Bell will go with the story line with them I did like Ridge’s open heart to her he is a good listener I do hope that we will see Quinn and Ridge together some time soon in the story line I think they have a very good chemistry with each other. Ridge and Brook I don’t know I know that they have a history from the past. I think that Brook and Ridge should stay friends. I think that Ridge is not in love with Brook he just loves her Ridge let her down so many times the woman that he really loves is Caroline I love those two together. I think Thorsten Kaye did wonders to the roll of Ridge he made him more carring and more loving he thinks more with his heart then with his head I am a very big fan of Thorsten he is great actor. Thank you for liking my comment.