The Brave Recap 10/23/17: Season 1 Episode 5 “Enhanced Protection”

The Brave Recap 10/23/17: Season 1 Episode 5 "Enhanced Protection"

Tonight on NBC their new military drama The Brave airs with an all-new Monday, October 23, 2017, episode and we have your The Brave recap below.  On tonight’s The Brave season 1 episode 5 as per the NBC synopsis, “When Ambassador Charles Webb is in danger while stationed in Nigeria, Dalton’s team heads to the region to find a situation different than they expected. Jaz makes a connection with a little girl she meets during the mission; and Patricia receives some personal news.”

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Intelligence sent Dalton and his team to Nigeria on tonight’s episode of “The Brave” after they started to hear some chatter about an imminent threat against Charles Webb.

Webb was a diplomat and he had been working in Lagos, Nigeria to stabilize the region there. However, there was always a critic and this critic wanted to undo the talks that Webb put in motion. So Dalton and his team had been sent in to protect Webb and they had done so, but Intelligence had been wrong about the target. They thought the target was Webb and it turns out the target was the Lagos Palmgrove Mall. The Mall crowded during the day and Webb’s own wife had been there when the IED went off.

But no long after the explosion, armed militants released a video stating their demands. They announced that they had shut off all exits to the mall and that they had plenty of civilian hostages. So what they wanted in exchange for those hostages was their dear leader and general who had been locked up for war crimes. And so there wasn’t going to be an exchange. The Nigerian government couldn’t release their general because he was had died in their custody and Washington had too many channels to go through just to get to the ambassador’s wife.

So Campbell had had an idea. She had told Dalton’s team to keep a low profile and had tasked them with rescuing the hostages without alerting the Nigerian government. Though it was pretty hard to keep to that mandate when needed to clear away into the building and get eyes on Louise Webb. Webb hadn’t been identified as anyone important and so she had been put to the rest of the hostages yet Preach had known how to get to her. He had pretended to be a regular shopper like everyone else and had been taken prisoner which he had given his team insight.

The team found out that there had been four armed militants and that the ringleader had been Emmanuel Ade. Yet, Intelligence had figured out how to get all four close together in order for Dalton’s team to get a good shot. Intelligence had sent Ade a proof of life video about his leader and he had brought everyone together to see the video. So Dalton and his team had gotten the chance to shoot and had lost it just as easily as they got it because of a civilian tried to play the hero. The guy had pulled a gun on the militants because they had his father and so he put the mission in jeopardy.

The civilian had gotten shot and was bleeding out. But McG couldn’t leave him like that and so he had to abandon the others to treat the civilian meanwhile that little stunt earlier had forced the militants to move. Their first location had been chosen on the fly however they had gotten a chance to do some surveillance and so they moved the hostages to a more secure area. So Dalton and Jaz followed the group while Preach kept his eye on Webb. Webb’s id had eventually been found and so the militants found out she was the ambassador’s wife.

Only Webb didn’t shy away from who she was. She proudly stood up against Ade and told him that her husband was helping the country moving forward. However, Ade didn’t like that and so he sent one of the hostages outside with a message. The message was for the Nigerian Special Forces that’s showed up through his new demands were even more outrageous. Ade had believed he hit gold when he found out who Louis Webb was and so she was making demands that would see him set for life. And no one was going to accept that!

Nigerian Special Forces had believed they could get in and out. So they didn’t think they should give up even as Intelligence was saying Ade wasn’t going to back down. Campbell said that Ade didn’t have a reason to give up anytime soon and so she asked Dalton to take a risk. He and jaz were tasked with shooting through a wall to take out two of the militants and Preach were tasked with taking out a third. Though with McG still acting as a medic and Amir outside, Intelligence asked Amir to create a diversion that would draw out of the terrorists.

Amir was told to talk to Nigerian Special Forces and to get their help in creating a diversion. But the Nigerians weren’t about Americans pushing their way into a local matter. So there were some grunts and sighs yet the Nigerians cooperated and, with their help, Amir drew away Ade. Ade went to go investigate the sound coming from outside and that allowed the others to act. They took out the other three and got the hostages quickly out of the building. And so they thought that was that until they realized they forgot someone.

There had been a little girl that hadn’t been as fast as everyone else and Ade had taken her prisoner. So Jaz and Dalton went back into the building to get her and together they took out Ade while rescuing a young girl that looked up to Jaz. She had apparently come across the female soldier earlier in the day and had been amazed by a woman that was tough. And so Jaz later told her that she was tough too!

It wasn’t easy keeping her calm while being someone’s hostage, but a young girl managed to do that because she had had faith in her rescuers.


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