The Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap – Carnie Wilson Eliminated: Season 15 Episode 1

The Celebrity Apprentice Premiere Recap - Carnie Wilson Eliminated: Season 15 Episode 1

Tonight our favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a whole new Monday, January 2,  2017, season 15 episode 1 episode called, “In Here You Call Me Governor; Your Smile’s Gonna Knock Them Out,” and we have your weekly The Celebrity Apprentice recap below. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice premiere episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Sixteen celebrities create a 10-minute beauty experience in the Season 8 premiere. Later, they must produce an original song and video for Trident. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes control of the boardroom. His advisers include Tyra Banks and his nephew, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.”

The show airs tonight from 8PM – 10PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and fighting. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our TCA recaps, pics, photos, spoilers & more, right here!

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The New Celebrity Apprentice begins its 15th season with Arnold Schwarzenegger taking over for Donald Trump. He will have Jessica Alba, founder of the Honest Company, Warren Buffet a business icon, Steve Ballmer, owner of LA Clippers/Microsoft and Tyra Banks helping him decide who is the new celebrity apprentice.

This season’s contestants are Laila Ali (Boxer and TV host), Brooke Burke-Charvet (TV host and model), Eric Dickerson (NFL running back), Boy George (Culture Club singer), Matt Iseman (TV host and comedian), Carrie Keagan (TV host and actress), Carson Kressley (Fashion designer and TV personality), Lisa Leslie (WNBA player), Jon Lovitz (Actor and comedian), Vince Neil (singer for Motley Crue), Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (reality TV personality), Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) star and actress Chael Sonnen (MMA fighter), Porsha Williams (Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) and Dish Nation co-host), Ricky Williams (NFL running back and ESPN Analyst) and Carnie Wilson (Singer in Wilson Phillips and TV host).

All the contestants arrive one by one waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to appear. He comes down the walkway appearing very intimidating to the new contestants. He greets everyone telling them he plans to be tough but fair. He acknowledges the big change of the show now being in California, everyone cheers.

He goes on to tell them that his dreams came true because of California and they now need to fight like hell to make their charities’ dreams come true. He says that his job is to terminate them one by one, everyone smiles. Arnold starts right away separating them into teams of Men and Women, he sends them off to their war rooms to decide what their team name is going to be; after that they are to meet him in the board room to learn about their first task.

The men are trying to choose a name thinking to use one of Arnold’s movie titles as their name when Ricky Williams brings up a Greek name Arete, not only does it cause the other men to pause and realize that Ricky has smarts, they all decide it is the perfect name. The women are putting names out there and Snooki observes that the women are very powerful and she doesn’t want to remain too quiet. She suggests the name vagina, the women dismiss her and decide on Lisa’s choice of Prima.

Arnold introduces his advisers to the teams, he begins with his nephew Patrick Schwarzenegger who is the top lawyer for celebrities and his other adviser is Tyra Banks the mega-super model and ground-breaking business woman who just introduced a new beauty product line. Her introduction is what inspired the first challenge.

Their first assignment is to create a Tyra Beauty Experience. They need to do a 10-minute presentation and she will choose who will win the first task. They will be judged on their live presentation and on their overall knowledge of the Tyra Beauty Brand.

The Prima team gathers to choose their first project manager and no one volunteers to do it because no one wants to put their butt on the line so early in the competition. All the women pressure Porsha Williams into being the project manager. The Arete team are also struggling to choose their first project manager but they quickly nominate Boy George as their manager since he defines makeup and glamor.

Tyra meets with the women first to give them information about her Tyra Beauty line. When Tyra meets with the men, Caron Kressley asks her to give him a makeover so the rest of their team can see what she is doing. Boy George loved her pitch but worries how he can top that and the rest wonder how they are going to make this happen with all men. They suggest that they use the most manly men apply makeup, to make it feel like if they can do it, anyone can.

Tyra’s brand is supposed to be about doing your own makeup, so they decide that the models should put on their own makeup. Brooke and Carnie are responsible for the graphics. Kyle is in charge of the décor. Carrie wants to know what their presentation actually is. Carrie puts herself as Porsha’s assistant who tells her to call the hotel to find out what kinds of meals they have.

Boy George is happy with the men that were chosen for the makeovers. They are practicing applying the makeup so the models don’t look like clowns during the presentation tomorrow. Eric Dickerson, Hall of Fame NFL player admits that he is uncomfortable having to apply makeup. Boy George encourages the team but is worried about going up against the 8 women.

Before the women have to do their presentation, they gather and say a prayer together. Porsha is taken back when she sees that they are presenting to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his nephew, Patrick too. The women finish the presentation with everyone saying different things, Carnie thinks it was a mistake and grabs the microphone and “terminates” Arnold. They seem very confident.

Jon Lovitz has been applying makeup to several people but admits he is out of his comfort zone. Matt Iseman took the time to study her products and he is everyone’s hero. He was smart, he joked and he played along, even ending it with a ballerina bow. Vince Neil was next and make it fun. Ricky Williams practiced the previous night and did a great job. Jon Lovitz was the comedian he always is, even Eric Dickerson did a fabulous job. Boy George found the whole presentation sexy.

Prima and Arete meet back in the boardroom, where Arnold joins them. He says the presentations were fantastic and entertaining but there was one clear winner. Boy George says he was very proud of the guys and the challenge was to get these regular guys into that mode. He says they did it and were incredible and really got into the detail of the product, saying they were a team!

Carson agreed that they were a great team, especially since they worked using their strengths. When Arnold asks Jon Lovitz why he wasn’t project manager, Jon calls him “Arnold”. He is then told that even though they know each other very well, “in here, you call me Governor”.

Porsha then says that as the first project manager she was elated with their work. She says they accomplished everything that needed to be done for the presentation. Brooke says that she was perfect for the makeup task. Carrie says she was Porsha’s assistant and she ensured that the nothing fell through the cracks. When asked if anyone else led with her, Porsha says that Laila was definitely her silent adviser. She says that every lady came to her throughout the process and they worked it out together.

Tyra says the ladies’ presentation was like walking into her brand, admitting there were areas that needed improvement, the biggest problem being there were 8 famous faces who didn’t use their faces to represent her product. She says they are undervaluing what they have and that is the whole reason they are on Celebrity Apprentice.

Tyra then turns to the men and tells them on the positive, their knowledge on the product was far better than the girls. They took the time to say what was in the product and how their presentation was impressive and she feels she has a new way to sell Tyra Beauty. She tells them it was well done.

Arnold asks if they are ready to see who won this task. The men’s team won and Arnold congratulates them and Boy George’s charity Safe Kids Worldwide receives $50,000.00, he begins to cry and thanks everyone. Arnold tells the men to go join some champagne and turn on the TV to watch the women battle it out. He tells the women to stay there because he has a very important decision to make.

Back in the boardroom, Arnold demands Porsha to tell him what happened. Porsha tries to explain her reasoning but he wants to know if she used everyone on her team, when no one responds, Patrick asks Nicole “Snooki” what her contribution was. She admits that she didn’t really have a job, but she tried to help wherever she could. Patrick asks her if Porsha would bring her back in the boardroom, who else should she bring. Nicole is a bit hesitant then says she can’t say.

Porsha is asked who he should fire, she begins to cry and says she cannot say who he should fire. Arnold says they are ducking more questions than congress. He turns to Carrie and asks her who was the weakest link.

Carrie says that everyone did what they were told, he sarcastically calls her Porsha’s assistant and if she should bring her back? Carrie says no, then he wants to know which two people should be brought back. Carrie says Porsha. Patrick asks her if she is saying Porsha should be fired? Carrie says that since she was project manager, it falls on her shoulders. Porsha fights it saying that its not necessarily on her. Patrick asks her who was laying low or not pulling their weight.

Porsha says that it is Carrie and Nicole who didn’t start at the beginning. Nicole tells her to just say it and bring them back. Carrie says no. Arnold turns to his nephew and says, in German, “She never stops talking. It’s unbelievable you know.”

Arnold tells her to stop talking and to give him two names to bring back. She says Carrie and Nicole. Arnold dismisses the other women leaving Porsha, Carrie and Nicole behind. Porsha continues to complain to Nicole and Carrie about the situation. Arnold calls them back into the boardroom.

He tells Porsha that he admires people who go all out and take big risks, but she has two people on her team who under performed and asks her who he should fire. She chooses Nicole who tells Arnold she thinks its bull crap and turns to Porsha that she literally just called her her sister, saying she doesn’t take fakeness very well. Porsha cuts her off.

Carrie is asked if she gave enough. She said she gave 100%, he says he wants to know if she gave enough, she says she felt she did. Porsha shakes her head and changes her story saying that Carrie didn’t give her enough and that she didn’t care who did the worse she just immediately blamed the project manager. Carrie denies saying it when Patrick asks her.

“Carrie You are terminated!”

Nicole and Porsha rejoin the contestants and Nicole says that Porsha called her out. She admits she was very intimidated during the first project. Porsha backtracks and says that it just slipped out and it wasn’t personal. Matt says the good news is they start again tomorrow morning.

All the contestants meet Arnold at the El Capitan Theater, where Arnold announces that Eric Dickerson wasn’t there because of scheduling problem but he will be there the next task. He tells them the theater is special to him because it played most of his movies there. He explains that their new task is working with Trident, there they are told what their task will be.

They need to make a song and video promoting Trident’s Cherish Your Teeth campaign capturing every twalk of life type of smile. They will be judged for campaign integration, creativity and overall entertainment value. Tyra and Patrick will both be the boardroom advisers. Arnold gives them a few minute to choose their project manager.

For the women, Carnie is quickly selected. Brooke says that she could have easily been the project manager but it is easier to stay low since everything falls on the project manager in the end. The men decide that Jon Lovitz will be their project manager after he says that he is good with directing the video. Arnold tells them that the winning team’s project manager will get $25,000 to their charity, the Trident team says they would like to match that and will donate an additional $25,000; the contestants are excited. Arnold sends them off to complete their tasks.

Jon Lovitz right away offends Boy George when he suggests they do a video about the British having the worst teeth ever and he wants someone to hand him the gum. He tells the team that its not good to focus on bad teeth for this video, everyone agrees.

Boy George says the point is to cherish your smile and using the product. Jon Lovitz says he has done commercials before but Carson suggests using different scenes with little smiles. Lovitz agrees, using an open mind for people’s opinions. Matt says that if they don’t win, it will be Jon’s butt on the line. Boy George and Vince Neil are put together to write the song.

The Prima team all gather and use Kyle’s suggestion about Laila giving the knockout smile to Nicole. Everyone is excited and was on the same page. Lisa is concerned that the concept is not meeting with the Trident executives request. They want to see various smiles through life, not just Laila smiling as she knocks Nicole out and Nicole’s smile. She suggests that maybe Nicole should knockout Laila with her smile.

Most of the women head out to a gym to shoot the video, except Kyle, Carnie and Brooke stay behind to record the song. Carnie says it is insane for them to write and record a song in one day.

The Arete team is on the beach recording a video and it is utter chaos, but they are all having fun. Boy George and Vince are having a fabulous time writing and creating the son. Boy George was worried and stressed that Vince was drinking alcohol since he is a recovering addict. Vince says he likes to drink wine when he writes music, at least he isn’t on the ground out cold.

Lisa Leslie is leading the team and directing the video at the gym, everything is going smooth there. As Carnie, Brooke and Kyle are trying to put the music to the video, they discover that Lisa recorded the whole video sideways. Carnie is freaking out and tells Kyle they need to keep recording, even if it takes all night and they will edit the video tomorrow.

While the women are recording Laila at the gym, Kyle interrupts them and tells them they need to redo all the videos. Porsha blames it on Lisa and says she is now going into beast mode to get the video done.

The next morning Jon Lovitz is busy editing the video before the rest of his team arrive to watch it. Boy George is complaining about various pieces of the video. Vince jumps up and cuts him off saying Jon is the project manager; again Boy George gets offended and says he could voice his opinion after he says his. Vince tells him this isn’t England in the 60s. Boy George tells him whatever and walks away. They have an hour to get things right.

Porsha is editing the video and Carnie is telling her they don’t have time for this. Porsha brushes her off. The other women tell her that she is the project manager and she can tell her to stop but as they all watch the video they are thoroughly enjoying it. Lisa insists that it isn’t great because it totally missed the mark on the concept Trident wanted.

The Prima team video is shown first, all the women seem impressed and clap at their work, Carnie thinks they got it this week. The Arete team show their video and Boy George is worried their video was very amateurish and that it is missing something. Carson gets nervous when the clients’ faces are like stones, no emotion to them at all.

The teams are back in the boardroom and greet the Governor as he enters. Arnold reminds them of the motto to crush their enemies. He wants to talk about the task, he asks the women first. Kyle tells him that she came up with the idea of Laila and Snooki in the boxing ring. He asks Carnie what she thought of the idea and admits she thought it was awesome.

When asked who was against the idea, Lisa tells them she did and that the concept wasn’t what Trident wanted but she was a team player and did what was asked of her. Snooki gets offensive and says that Lisa maybe isn’t a team player. When Arnold asks Matt what he thought the women talk amongst themselves and Arnold gives them a dirty look and they apologize and go silent. Lovitz smirks.

Arnold asks Matt if messing up his face with chicken wings was a good fit for a clean smile? Matt says it fit and it was good. Lovitz says that he was confident about doing the video because he has done many skits on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Arnold asks Boy George if there was anything that bothered him, he says he was bossy and didn’t like the fact that Vince was drinking when they were doing the video. Vince interrupts him, disagreeing with him saying that he can’t put his sobriety on anyone else and that a glass of wine in the studio will not hamper his duties.

Patrick tells the men that the Trident core team loved the message and how they leveraged their celebrity into celebrating all kinds of different smiles and staying authentic to every day smiles. What they didn’t like was the production was sloppy and didn’t like that Matt had his face all dirty which countered the whole Trident brand which was about cleanliness and freshness.

Tyra says the women’s video was top notch and the production was tight. The video was fantastic going from black and white to color, it was very creative. The negative side was they liked the concept but the plot took over the campaign message and the campaign of every day smiles. The winning team is the men’s team. Carnie begins to cry. Jon’s charity St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital will receive $50,000 and the Arete team leaves to celebrate with champagne.

Carnie is right away asked why the concept. Porsha answers that the concept was great because it was about Snooki, an average everyday woman who was able to go into the ring with a boxing champion and knock her out with her smile. Arnold says Trident felt the video was very limited and didn’t see the every day smile of every day folks.

Kyle says she still stands by her decision and Patrick says that the executives didn’t agree. Lisa says she was never on board with the idea but once everyone agreed she went along with them. Kyle jumps in saying if she didn’t agree she should have put more smiles in instead of recording a video that was sideways.

Arnold asks Lisa who is responsible for the loss? Lisa says Kyle and Carnie but it will be tough for Carnie to decide who the third person is. Porsha says whoever helped her with the concept, Patrick says so Kyle? Porsha never says but all the women are dodging the question. Nicole asks if she doesn’t answer is she fired, Arnold tells her she is at risk if she doesn’t answer. He tells her she needs to get out of her comfort zone and to stop surrendering and cowering and answer the simple question.

Carnie says she knows who she wants to bring back. She says Lisa and Snooki, Arnold tells the rest of the women to join the men, except for Carnie, Nicole and Lisa.

Outside, while waiting, Carnie says she stood by her decision, Lisa tells her it was a mistake. Arnold calls them back into the boardroom. He wants to know why she brought these two back when it was Kyle who missed the concept. Carnie says that Kyle may have given the concept but she worked her butt off and made more of an effort than the two ladies sitting beside her.

Nicole says that she did what she was told to do and did the best she could. He turns to Lisa and asks how she feels about sitting her. She tells him that Carnie was the one making the mistake. The clients loved the video, she recorded the video and it was the concept they didn’t like, which was Carnie’s decision.

She even defends Nicole saying she was in the boxing ring for 5 hours with Laila Ali. Nicole did everything she was supposed to do and the problem was Carnie brought in the wrong people. Nicole and Porsha rushed through the editing to make sure the video was done and the issue was the concept which was Kyle’s idea and since she isn’t there, Carnie is the one it falls on.

Arnold says there is no reason to fire Nicole nor Lisa, and it was a mistake that Carnie didn’t bring Kyle back so he terminates Carnie.

Hasta La Vista Baby!

Carnie leaves for the chopper wishing them the best of luck. Arnold shares that Carnie just refused to accept that she was dead wrong and thanks Tyra and Patrick for being his advisers. Carnie says getting fired sucked and she should have brought Kyle back. At the end of the day, she was the project manager and the Governor needed to make that choice.