The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 1/30/17: Season 15 Episode 5 “I’m Going Full Ballmer”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 1/30/17: Season 15 Episode 5 "I'm Going Full Ballmer"

Tonight our favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a whole new Monday, January 30, 2017, season 15 episode 5 episode called, “I’m Going Full Ballmer,” and we have your weekly The Celebrity Apprentice recap below. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice season 15 episode 5 as per the NBC synopsis, “The teams must create a high-energy presentation to promote a basketball-team brand and also design a T-shirt for its fans. Later, the stars must sell fitness equipment on QVC. The advisers are Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and Leeza Gibbons.”

The show airs tonight from 8PM – 10PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and fighting. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our TCA recaps, pics, photos, spoilers & more, right here!

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The New Celebrity Apprentice begins with the Arete and Prima teams arriving at the Staples Center to meet with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Boy George is immediately put on the Prima team since it only had Lisa Leslie and Carson Kressley left.

Steve Ballmer, the owner of the La Clippers will be picking the winner for tonight’s task. The task is a high-energy, high-intensity promotion for the Clipper brand that will fire up the Clipper Nation. They will have access to the Clipper HoopTroop and t-shirt cannons to use after they create a Clippers signature t-shirt.

They will be judged on overall creativity of their presentation, how exciting the t-shirt designs are, and audience participation and excitement. Prima project manager is Lisa Leslie and Arete project manager is Ricky Williams. The winning project manager will get $75,000 to their favorite charity.

Matt Iseman does a little research on Steve Ballmer, and Arete quickly gets together and has a great strategy to use Ballmer’s own words to win over the arena. Lisa decides to take Prima in another direction, asking Boy George to write an original song that will make the fans want to rise up. Lisa offers to rap a song too. Both teams struggle with the creativity of their t-shirts.

Steve Ballmer comes to see the Arete team, when they give him a little sample he claps and says it is nice and jokes about where they got that idea. Ballmer tells Matt Iseman he is a little shameless by what he did, maybe feeling he was a little fake.

Patrick Schwarzenegger arrives to see the Prima team, he smiles asking Lisa if she has rapped before. She admits she hasn’t and won’t be touching the basketball. Patrick is surprised that the WNBA star isn’t going to do anything with a basketball, and isn’t sure a song from Boy George is going to be enough to rile up the crowd.

Game night arrives and the celebrity teams arrive to for the time out show. Matt Iseman says he is going “full Ballmer”, feeling like a rockstar getting the entire arena to respond to him. The arena repeats the words but it fades away and Ricky grabs a microphone, but they aren’t sure how well they did. Governor said it was entertaining and wants to see what the Prima team will bring.

Boy George sings his song, and Lisa gets everyone on their feet with her rap. She admits she is no Kanye but she thinks she nailed it. Carson dances over to Steve Ballmer and personally hands him a t-shirt.

In the boardroom, Arnold says he is happy that Steve Ballmer is with him today, joking that together they are worth $25 billion, Ballmer is worth $24.5 and he is worth half a billion. Everyone laughs. He immediately asks Lisa since she is a basketball expert, how does she think her team did.

Lisa feels her team was up to the challenge and they did exactly what Ballmer wanted them to do. Boy George talks about creating the song. Patrick brings up their mistake of not having Lisa do something with the basket ball as a Hall of Famer. Ballmer agrees and Arnold says she was afraid to fail, she denies it. Ballmer says it would have been special for that crowd to see her do something for them.

Ricky says they were worried about Lisa having the advantage, but her team mates evened out the playing field. Ricky feels he did a good job and his team executed it well. Ballmer felt it wasn’t super creative that they used his line in a goofy manner; he feels they “hijacked” his words. He believed it started well, but they didn’t push for the crowd to chant more and it fell flat.

The t-shirts are presented and the teams await the results. Steve Ballmer says from the t-shirts, the Prima team got it, as for audience participation that went to the Arete team. When it came to general creativity it went to the Prima team as Ballmer sang back the song Boy George created, saying he sees a future for their song.

Lisa wins $75,000 to her charity of Semper Fi Fund. The charity is all about giving funds back to the armed forces, for the troops that come back and their families. Team Prima (Lisa, Carson and Boy George) are let go to celebrate their win while team Arete remains in the boardroom to see who is fired.

Ricky and Matt both feel Laila should go home since she was sick this week and didn’t participate as much as she could have. Brooke was in charge of the t-shirt design and that was the category that lost. She tries to defend herself and he wants to know if she thinks Ballmer and him have no taste. She once again, says it wasn’t completely her fault. Ricky chooses Laila and Brooke to come back with him to the boardroom.

Laila, Ricky and Brooke sit there, they don’t talk to each other as they wait for the advisers and Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar decide who should be fired. In the boardroom, all three men feel that Laila is in deep trouble, her body language is negative. Patrick feels Ricky is the one who gets the blame as project manager.

This is the second time Ricky has lost as project manager. Laila feels Ricky should be fired but Governor says he has seen her shortcomings, she has no energy and doesn’t show any happiness and feels maybe she doesn’t have vision. She says she is a fighter, both verbally and physically. Brooke feels Ricky should be fired as well, since he didn’t give their team enough creativity.

Ricky Williams is terminated.

Laila tells Governor that she will bring the fight for him. As Ricky leaves, Patrick and Arnold agree Laila saved herself at the very last second like a typical fighter who saves themselves at the last moment in the ring.

The celebrities fully expect Laila to be fired and are shocked that Ricky was let go. Boy George jokes that they have the day off tomorrow, but recants and says they have to do this all over again tomorrow. He says there are 6 of them left and he is so close he can smell it.

The next day, the teams arrive at Gold Gym, where Leeza Gibbons and Patrick Schwarzenegger is there waiting for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to arrive. This is the gym he first trained at when he arrived in America. Their new task is to sell new gym equipment through QVC. Leeza will be the special boardroom adviser and is also the winner of last season’s Celebrity Apprentice.

The teams will be presented four pieces of equipment and they must negotiate for the one piece they would like to sell. They need to price their item, create their pitch and they will have 8 minutes to sell their exercise equipment live from Muscle Beach.

Prima’s project manager is Carson Kressley and Arete’s project manager is Brooke; bot have been on QVC before. The winning project manager will receive $50,000 to their favorite charity.

Both teams meet Pete McKenna who show them the four products and shares the information about the products and how to use them. They make the decisions easy by choosing two different products and there was no need to negotiate.

Carson is going to be the front man, Lisa will be the producer but they really want Boy George’s story about weight-loss to be the front story. Lisa is concerned that as a woman she won’t be in front of the camera.

Brooke says they need to fight for everything because they are dangerously close to the end. She feels her and Laila need to do this together because they really compliment each other nicely. She is very confident and puts Matt as the producer, the only issue is there will be shipping delays for their product. Brooke and Laila are shown how to use the fitness equipment.

Lisa is determined to produce the crap out of their demonstration. Boy George laughs at Lisa being so bossy and jokes that she is Lisa Leslie and not Oprah. Leeza Gibbons arrives to see how the Prima team is doing, she is impressed they are unanimous on the product and the price but is concerned that Lisa being the producer isn’t the wisest choice. Leeza is shocked at the before and after photo of Boy George, believing he may be their secret weapon.

Leeza comes to see the Arete team. She feels the team is charging too much, anything over $100 tends to be a barrier; then she learns the shipping wait is a month. Brooke now becomes concerned about the ship date. Leeza says they have their work cut out for them.

The Prima team arrives at the historic Muscle Beach, Carson is disappointed there are no shirtless men working out as Lisa preps in the bus. She is shown where to adjust things and if the call volume is good to encourage Carson.

Patrick Schwarzenegger and Leeza Gibbons are impressed that Carson jumps right in about the product but it is taking them too long to share facts about it. Boy George shares his weight loss story and the calls spike. They feel fairly good about their presentation and sales.

Team Arete is ready for their QVC appearance, but Brooke is not working with Matt at all. She wants everything to be real-time and live, so there is nothing Matt can do to help her. Leeza comments that Brooke looks amazing; Matt notices the calls are dropping.

Leeza notices that Laila isn’t there and they want to see her, as an athlete her numbers will spike. Matt says he thinks they did good but it is hard to tell, Laila just shakes her head.

Leeza Gibbons and Patrick Schwarzenegger welcome the celebrities in the boardroom. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shares that they were in one of his favorite places, Muscle Beach, Venice. He wants to know how it went.

Carson shares they had a great product that spoke to their customers. He was impressed with Lisa in the control booth and Boy George was excellent with his testimonial and he had fun showing the product. Lisa confirms their whole presentation was well thought out and worked out start to finish.

She does admit that she felt she should have been in front of the camera instead of behind. Carson defends his decision, saying he wanted someone more real that a super athlete. Arnold wants to know if women would have really listened to Carson talking to female consumers.

Leeza drops her head into her arms, as Arnold talks about Lisa looking so amazing for her age. Patrick agrees that Carson should have used Lisa in the demonstration to speak to the mothers and women wanting to buy the product.

Matt admits that they would have missed out on a huge opportunity had they not used Brooke and Laila in front of the camera. He thought it was great that he was in the booth, he shared information to Brooke and Laila from watching the call spikes. Leeza is concerned that she chose a product that wasn’t immediately available and they chose to price above $100.

Leeza reveals Prima sold 88 of their products for a total of $8,798. Patrick reveals team Arete sold 156 of their product for a total of $17,158. Brooke tells Carson and Boy George if they had won, she was going to buy a bacon double cheeseburger and just slide herself to the chopper and everyone laughs.

Brooke wins $50,000 to her favorite charity of Operation Smile. Since there are only 3 people left on the Prima team, they remain in the boardroom to see who will be fired.

Carson feels the customer didn’t respond to their product or they didn’t respond to their presentation. Leeza says they didn’t take them on a visual journey and Lisa didn’t say anything when the numbers didn’t jump up. She says the numbers didn’t move from beginning to the end, so she didn’t know where to change the script. Arnold feels when it went flat they should have changed everything and brought Lisa out.

Arnold says that Carson is an excellent sales person but a 50-year-old woman cannot relate to him when she wants to look good and feel better about her appearance and she wouldn’t feel Carson would relate to that, but they would to Lisa. Boy George was out too short with his testimonial; both Patrick and Leeza agree.

They felt that Boy George’s story was compelling but they needed the visual journey of how hard he had to work to lose that weight. Again they feel the biggest mistake was not bringing Lisa in front of the camera to relate to the women and mothers who could have bought the product.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says Carson failed and this was a major, major defeat and tonight he is firing two of them. Carson has lost twice as a project manager and Lisa didn’t talk from the truck like she should have, and this is her 5th time in the boardroom. Both Lisa and Carson are ordered to go to the chopper.

Leeza says it was a bold decision and Governor says Carson really failed today and Lisa has come back to the boardroom enough times. Patrick blames Carson for making the key decisions and he chose their roles and he was the project manager.