The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 2/6/17: Season 15 Episode 6 “Bon Voyage”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap 2/6/17: Season 15 Episode 6 "Bon Voyage"

Tonight our favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice with new host Arnold Schwarzenegger returns with a whole new Monday, February 6, 2017, season 15 episode 6 episode called, “Bon Voyage,” and we have your weekly The Celebrity Apprentice recap below. On tonight’s The Celebrity Apprentice season 15 episode 5 as per the NBC synopsis, “The celebrity teams must create in-home demonstrations. Later, they’re enlisted to produce an ad campaign, host a party and stage a variety show for Carnival Corporation. Appearing: Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks and Curtis Stone.”

The show airs tonight from 8PM – 10PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and fighting. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our The Celebrity Apprentice recap. While you wait for our recap make sure to check out all our TCA recaps, pics, photos, spoilers & more, right here!

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The New Celebrity Apprentice begins with Boy George returning to the other celebrities, where they are all in shock that both Carson Kressley and Lisa Leslie had just been fired; leaving Boy George, Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Charvet and Matt Iseman as the last 4 standing. When George learns that Matt hasn’t been sent to the boardroom, he says, “You’re next bitch!” they all laugh it off.

The following morning they meet at the Annenberg Community Beach House, where Arnold Schwarzenegger is with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jessica Alba (Founder of The Honest Company) and Chris Thorne (chief marketing officer at The Honest Company) Immediately Governor puts Brooke and Boy George together, so the teams are even.

Jessica tells them their task is to convince potential Honest customers that the products are right for them. With the products they choose they will have to create demos that show what makes them unique and why they should live an Honest life. Chris tells them they will be judged on creativity, alignment with brand principles and overall execution.

Patrick and Jessica are the boardroom advisers for this task. Team Prima’s project manager is Boy George and Team Arete’s project manager is Laila Ali. The winning manager will receive $50,000 for their favorite charity and Laila promises to come out swinging. Both teams are given a staged, single family home for their in-home demonstrations.

Brooke immediately wants Boy George to sing, but he wants to step out of the box. Brooke fears it could turn a lot of people off as he is busy chanting. In the Prima war room, Boy George is worried because he hates rules and knows nothing about cleaning products. Brooke is going to allow him to deliver his whole message, with the window cleaner, about the window to the universe and the reflection of it all spiritually.

Laila and Matt arrive to their war room, where she feels she has the advantage because she already uses the Honest Company products. There is over 100 products but they can only choose 3, Laila is thinking only about demos. Laila loves that Matt is so nice and organized.

Jessica comes to see Laila and Matt who suggests the more the personal the story and if it genuinely comes from her, the customers will connect with it. Laila now knows Jessica really wants this a personal story, unlike the way Matt wants it to be more of a sales pitch.

Patrick visits Brooke and Boy George, and Brooke admits that she is the only one organized and Boy George admits he is angry because he wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t smart and calculating. Patrick jokes about how different the two of them are.

Matt returns from his shopping run and Laila tells him to start working on his script but admits she hasn’t even started hers because she can’t do two things at once. Matt is frustrated that she is focusing on the graphics, which he thinks is the wrong area. Matt offers to help her, but she refuses. He feels the live demo is far more important than a pamphlet and poster because if they don’t like them, what they are selling won’t matter.

Chris, Jessica and Patrick arrive for the Prima presentation, but they only have a rough idea of what they are going to do, not even rehearsing it even once. Boy George blows people away about Buddhism and the metaphor of the stained mirror. Brooke looks at Jessica Alba, who doesn’t look impressed with them.

When Chris, Jessica and Patrick arrive at the Arete presentation, Matt is the showman while Laila does the demos. Matt screws up a little bit when he mentions his girlfriend and her rashy hands. Matt feels they may not have delivered the “knockout punch”.

At the boardroom, Arnold jokes about the two beautiful women, the gay one and the guy who can’t get a date. He says he loved this task because he loves removing all the chemicals and toxins from products; making the environment better.

Boy George says Brooke is bossy and she says at first she felt he needed to be managed a lot, that he was unorganized but today, even though he was a bit out there with his Buddhism but it just worked. Brooke jokes that their presentation was a bit like I Love Lucy episode, with the skit, song and a dance. Jessica says it felt like it was an in-the-moment vibe. Patrick admits it was very risky.

Laila felt the task was perfect for her. Matt praises her for the leadership, and he was the one who threw all the crazy ideas out and she is the one who decided which one to use. After Laila spoke to Jessica, and that changed their demonstration towards authenticity.

Jessica says Team Arete has a concise presentation that she loved. They did a good job hitting all the products values and they had a real strong tangible take away there. The negatives, they missed the creativity and it came off as an infomercial.

Team Prima: She really liked the song, even though it was super risky. She was biting her nails through the demos, but in the end it worked. The negatives were they didn’t give the people a more tangible take away, and isn’t sure if they got the “meat” of why Honest is different than other companies.

The winning team is Prima and Boy George is getting $50,000 to his favorite charity of Safe Kids Worldwide. He cries as he explains why this money is so important.

Laila says she didn’t expect this as they are told one of them will be fired. Laila blames this on Matt because he acted very unattached to the product. Matt feels Laila was the one who stopped him on the creative side. Ultimately, he feels she was the one who failed as project manager and should go home. She says if one of them should go, it should be Matt.

“Laila, you’re terminated!”

As Laila hugs Matt goodbye, Patrick says it could have been either of them going home, but with Laila it was too little, too late and Matt has been consistent the whole competition. Laila is sad that she was fired with only one task to go.

The 3 remaining celebrities are about to go home when they are called back into the boardroom. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger informs them one of them will be fired, as there are only 2 for the finale.

They have all won $100,000 for their charities. Matt had 7 wins 4 losses, Boy George had 7 wins 3 losses and Brooke has 5 wins 6 losses. He says he is proud of all of them but asks them why they should be the top fighter and be in the finale. He tells Brooke she wasn’t noticeable in the beginning, he is proud of her, she is a huge star but…

“Brooke, you’re terminated!”

Boy George and Matt Iseman are congratulated on being the 2 finalists and tomorrow is their next task. The madness will continue, they will need the energy and the power and the fire in the belly to slug it out to raise as much money as they can for their charities.

Matt and Boy George meet with the Governor, Tyra Banks and Arnold W. Donald (Chief Executive Officer of Carnival) on the docks beside the beautiful Ruby Princess Cruise Ship. They are about to be assigned their final task called Judgment Day. At the end, one of them will be the New Celebrity Apprentice and walking away with $250,000 for their favorite charity.

Arnold informs them Carnival has over 100 cruise ships, taking nearly 11 million guests per year everywhere in the world. Their task is to share the incredible vacation value of the cruise experience. They need to produce an ad campaign and a party with a 15-minute variety show.

Tyra Banks says the ad campaign needs to highlight all 4 of the well-known cruise lines (Carnival, Holland America, Princess & Seabourn). The party and variety shows needs to highlight only 2 lines. They will be judged on overall brand integration, creativity, guest experience and the amount of money raised for their charity.

Once they arrive on the Ruby, Matt finds his team includes Carnie Wilson, Kyle Richards, and Carrie Keagan. He is excited but has never worked with them before. Arnold Donald comes to visit them and explains how the 4 cruise lines differ from each other.

Boy George arrives to see Laila Ali, Carson Kressley and Porsha Williams on his team and right away he says he is not disappointed. He wants to incorporate his charity values into the campaign; mainly about child safety on the cruise. Arnold Donald comes to see them and is impressed that Carson is very knowledgeable about the cruise lines. He admits he would like a theme song.

Team Boy George has Laila and Carson scouting for shooting locations, Porsha is doing the shot list and George is working his contacts to get more singers for the variety show. He is a little concerned that a lot of his contacts are unavailable but says he will find someone.

Team Matt are taking a lot of photos but he is worried they are not very creative. Boy George knows Carson’s strengths but wants to oversee the rest of the shots. They are getting angry that Porsha and Laila are taking too much time getting ready.

When Carson asks where he wants Porsha, Boy George mutters that he wants her on a plane back to Atlanta! George is getting pretty bossy but it’s because this is his big shot, and needs to be in control. Carnie overhears Carson mentioning their theme and tells Matt and Kayla about it.

Boy George’s team meet with Chef Curtis Stone, and do a photo shoot. He gets Porsha and Carson out of the dining room before they can drink too much alcohol. George is happy they got what they came for. Matt continues to struggle with creativity but tells his team he is open to suggestions.

In the morning, Boy George wakes up to a text from a friend wishing him a Happy 8th Birthday, he has been 8 years sober. He takes a moment to have a little cry, but it gives him the extra motivation he needed. He emails people, asking them to donate for his big milestone.

Matt creates the tagline “One destination that takes you everywhere.” After he said that, everyone got some crazy ideas. They suggest renting animals like Penguins and Kangaroos.

Carson takes control, when they arrive at the space they are using for their variety show. Laila is responsible for food and beverage and Porsha needs to work on furniture and design. their theme is on deck kind of cocktail party. Boy George is left to focus on the actual variety show and writing original songs.

Matt tells his team they need to finish their ad, as that is their main priority. Carrie is to focus on going through the photos and choosing the best one. Kyle is responsible for the party layout and their different spaces. Carnie is in charge of food and entertainment, suggesting Wilson Phillips will be performing.

Matt is working on the fundraising, strongly believing Boy George will easily blow past $500,000. He wants to prove the Governor wrong, who feels Matt won’t be able to raise the funds. He also worries about letting down his charity and promises to give it everything he has.

Carson is working hard on finishing the ad campaign with the tagline “Tan lines? Yes. Buffet lines? NEVER!” The keyboardist arrives to work with Boy George composing and writing two songs. He is getting frustrated that he isn’t playing what he needs to play and giving it too much personality.

He stands up and walks out of the room, telling the producers the keyboardist needs to go and they need to replace him. He is being a DIVA saying he can’t be wasting time right now. He begins to yell that he is not going back into the room to have a row with the guy for their pleasure and orders them to get him out of the room or he will leave the show. Porsha is asked to remove the keyboardist and she does.

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