The Good Doctor Recap 10/2/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “Mount Rushmore”

The Good Doctor Recap 10/2/17: Season 1 Episode 2 "Mount Rushmore"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airswith an all new Monday, October 2, 2017 episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 1 episode 2 as per the ABC synopsis, “Shaun’s (Freddie Highmore) first day at St. Bonaventure Hospital is complicated by his attention to detail. Meanwhile, Claire learns a valuable lesson about honesty when confronted with a difficult diagnosis for her patient.”

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As Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) sleeps the night away on a blanket on the floor; an alarm wakes him up and he does various exercises; his life is planned through various alarms from his phone, reminding him to shower and even brush his teeth. He gets on the elevator and when the other patron asks where he is going, he says to the San Jose St Bonaventure Hospital but the man tells him he meant which floor. He proudly reveals he is taking the bus from the ground floor.

Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) and Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) are interns working with Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), when the patient asks if he will ever walk again, Dr. Shaun Murphy says he there is no chance he will walk, but then is told he wasn’t talking about “walking”. Shaun says he will not be impotent either. Melendez chastises him for being late but he says it was the bus that was late; and fails to convince Shaun that he was wrong, they are interrupted be an emergency consult in the ER.

They look at the woman’s CT scan and Shaun says it’s very big, as the others review what it could possibly be Shaun figures it out in his mind and says it’s a malignant tumor; she asks if its killing her and he quickly says yes as Claire says not necessarily and they are speculating right now.

Outside of the room, Jared tells Shaun he scared her and there was no need to be so blunt. Shaun asks them why since it is terminal if not treated soon and isn’t that scary? Jared is excited that they are finally going to dissect a real tumor and says it’s okay since this manner outside the door is different than bedside manner. Shaun says it is exciting because they will be saving a life and learning too; Jared is disappointed when Melendez chooses Claire to be his second. Melendez tells Shaun he can do everything that his surgeons hate doing and he will handle it for them.

Shaun chases after Melendez, asking if he is being punished for something, when he tells him no and Shaun accepts he wants to know why and Shaun says arrogant people don’t need to lie so this must be a teaching tool and happily leaves to do it all. Shaun does his work a little too thoroughly and won’t discharge patients without checking them over himself; refusing to let a patient go who came in with an ear infection, ordering an MRI and other tests.

Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) sees Shaun sitting with a patient and when he asks what he is doing, Shaun says he is waiting for her to “fart” and chose that would to make it more casual. Aaron is upset that Melendez feels this is the most useful thing he could be doing but doesn’t say anything else other than welcoming him to surgical residency. The patient insists she farted but Shaun sniffs around and says he doesn’t think so and will wait a little longer.

Dr. Browne explains the procedure to their patient, but she asks if the surgery can be held off for a few weeks because her son is getting married in a couple weeks. Claire says recovery is fairly easy and she could be okay in a few weeks. Claire tells her she isn’t going to die and she will be at the wedding, looking beautiful. Jared gives Claire problems for making promises like that, he doesn’t understand how she can be so caring for patients but he can’t get her to care for him.

Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) rushes into Melendez’ office, pulls up an MRI screen and asks why the scan was done. He has no idea about it but since someone on his team ordered it, it is his fault. Andrews says it is his job to know these things so Melendez then asks him, since he works for him, isn’t this all his fault?

Dr. Murphy is checking a young patient, whose parents are wondering how much this is going to cost them since she only has a belly ache; Melendez comes in and speaks with Shaun in the hallway. He lectures Shaun on running unnecessary tests and when the nurse smiles, he lectures her but tells her that she is now Shaun’s boss and he needs to listen to her.

During break, Aaron sits with Melendez, talking about Shaun is there to be a surgeon and not a glorified orderly. He reminds Melendez that Shaun earned every right to be there and had to get people like Melendez and their prejudices and Aaron encourages him to teach him. Melendez says he will teach them both, at the same time that he doesn’t belong there; Aaron says this is his hospital but Melendez says it’s his team and he can’t tell him how to run that team.

Claire comes to Shaun who wants to know what the point of sarcasm is. He feels it’s just like lying and he isn’t good at lying. Shaun flashes back to a time he lied in order for him and his brother to have money for food. Claire encourages Shaun to not talk to Aaron and their job is pretty much to do whatever Melendez asks them to do. She is paged to the OR and begin the surgery on the mother who has the malignant tumor.

Shaun continues to try to do tests on patients but the nurse keeps stopping him. Every patient he sees, he is not allowed to do any tests and says he is sending a patient home; but when the patient asks if he is okay, Shaun pauses and then tells him according to all hospital rules and guidelines, technically yes. During surgery, Melendez is struggling with getting to the tumor as it’s so massive and cannot find her aorta.

Shaun is in a room, looking over his tests from the little girl with the bickering parents, the nurse is surprised since she thought they sent her home 4 hours ago. Dr. Browne runs in and tells Shaun that Melendez needs him in the OR, he smiles and rushes in. Instead of allowing him to scrub in, Melendez tells Shaun to get to the lab and move along the biopsy results; he is told to go back and wait his turn for the results.

Shaun remembers when him and his brother, attempted to scam money from a stranger and when the man called them a moron his brother threw a rock through the window and told Shaun to never be afraid. He tells the lab technician if she doesn’t give him the results right now, he will throw a rock through her window; she tells him that isn’t necessary, the results will be up in 15 minutes.

Jessica Preston (Beau Garrett) comes to see Dr. Neil Melendez, after he says he doesn’t have a problem hiring an autistic doctor she forces him to acknowledge that he just doesn’t want one working for him. He is upset that she is accusing him of prejudice, she sits down and says they need to make this person. She asks him if it bothers him that it looks like he is on the wrong team.

Shaun returns to the room with the results, Jared says it sucks and Claire says she will wake her up, let her know she has 3 months to live and then palliative care but Shaun begins to visualize everything, saying surgery isn’t impossible but just difficult. They can remove her healthy left kidney, which is in the way of removing the tumor. He says it’s quite possible that she will die anyways but rushes off saying he has a boil to lance. Claire says its brilliant but a terrible idea.

Melendez feels the idea is insane, but Jared tells Claire that it’s all about her telling the woman she will survive and be at her son’s wedding. Melendez says she is compromised and can’t stay objective now. Melendez says they are doing the surgery and Jared will now be his number two. During the procedure, Claire is commenting about them clamping the life out of a perfectly good kidney and Melendez isn’t pleased with her.

Dr. Shaun Murphy walks with Dr. Aaron Glassman who introduces him to Trevor, the patient he sent home. Trevor had come to see the President of the hospital after he believed Shaun sent him home, even though he believed he was sick; both men want an explanation. Aaron says he reviewed Trevor’s chart and with all certainty he can say he is in peek health. Trevor leaves as Aaron teaches him how to gauge people’s reactions.

Shaun brings down the little girl’s bloodwork, asking Carly (Jasika Nicole) to run them, she says those are a lot of tests and he could get into trouble.

Melendez removes the kidney, and they are able to see the tumor as Dr. Murphy gets the blood work back and Carly says everything looks to be in normal range, he says normal should be lower for her; he figures out what she has a rushes off, saying thank you. Shaun takes a taxi to the parents’ house but panics when he reaches the door and is afraid to knock, remembering as a little boy how he couldn’t knock.

He begins to pound on the door, when the father answers he begins to blubber out medical terms that he thinks his daughter has; when the father says for him to call in the morning, he says she may not be alive in the morning. He slams the door saying he will be calling his boss in the morning. Shaun knocks again, asking if he was sarcastic, and then reveals he is weird and will continue knocking until he knows she is okay; they cannot wake her and there is vomit all over her bed.
Shaun goes with the parents in the car back to the hospital. Shaun remembers running down the street and Aaron finding him and revealing his brother is in terrible condition. Shaun begins chest compressions and begs the father to hurry to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Shaun continues to ride the gurney and give her compressions, and she’s needing an ultrasound.

Jared takes the praise for Shaun’s idea about removing the kidney to remove the tumor. Shaun does the ultrasound and visualizes the organs, revealing where the problem is. He says she needs surgery right away, the nurse says he cannot make these kinds of calls on his own. Shaun says a part of her bowel is shutting down and killing her and since it is after midnight, it is tomorrow and she is no longer his boss. Shaun calls and prepares an OR for surgery.

In the operating room, Shaun calls for her scalpel but before he can cut her, Dr. Melendez comes in and says he is taking over. Shaun asks about his other patient and he says Jared had an excellent idea and she will be all right. Melendez says this surgery is basic and he can go home and get some sleep but Dr. Andrews orders him to let him stay, and says he will treat him like any other resident. Melendez says he is back on suction and congratulates him when Andrews leaves.

Claire refuses to go for a drink with Jared. He suggests she could learn something from him and she asks like what? Stealing someone else’s credit and make yourself a hero with Shaun’s idea?? Jared says she would have let him take the fall if it failed. Is it fair if it was his idea if it failed and Shaun’s idea if it succeeds. He dares to her tell the truth about what happened and see how she reacts.
Aaron confronts Andrews about his plan to screw up Shaun; he tells him he is wrong about Shaun and he will handle anything he throws at him. Andrews doesn’t care because is he succeeds he is the guy who just backed him and if he fails, Andrews becomes President. Their patient wakes up, learning there were complications and she doesn’t care how she did it, they saved her and that is all that matters. Claire says she is going to be a beautiful mother of the groom.

Aaron finds Shaun watching the little girl and her parents; he tells Shaun to go take a bow but he doesn’t understand why it matters who gets the credit? He says it matters because those who get the credit don’t have to do “scout” work. He walks in and her parents hug him, very thankful.

Shaun returns home and crawls on his mattress in the middle of the floor of his place and sleeps.


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