The Good Doctor Recap 10/9/17: Season 1 Episode 3 “Oliver”

The Good Doctor Recap 10/9/17: Season 1 Episode 3 "Oliver"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airswith an all new Monday, October 9, 2017 episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 1 episode 3 as per the ABC synopsis, “A patient isn’t honest with his doctors, and this may cost him his chance at life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Claire must learn how to communicate with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) as they race back to the hospital with a donated organ..”

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The Good Doctor begins with a man getting on his motorcycle, while he is looking at some pretty women walking down the sidewalk he rides into the street and directly into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is sitting inside his house, taking in all the sounds when a knock on his door reveals one of his neighbors who is in need of some batteries as her controller died in the middle of her game. He says he lives in 33, and she lives in 34; he tells her he works at a hospital, she says that is cool and he goes to get her some batteries.

At the hospital, Dr. Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) takes a call and rushes to Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) to tell them they have a liver; he asks for the longevity of a liver transplant, when he is given the answer, Shaun questions if he knew the answer. Melendez puts Claire and Shaun on liver pick up while Jared preps their patient for the transplant.

Dr. Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) is scrubbing in for a breast reconstructive surgery when Allegra Aoki (Tamlyn Tomita) comes in to talk to him about his 4pm patient. She wants aces on this because the patient is really close to making the foundation his tax relief. She is looking for a fail safe on his procedure and wants him to make Dr. Melendez his second. He is shocked that he is doubting his abilities and reiterates she needs everything to be perfect.

On the roof, Claire asks how Shaun is doing with all the noise, he says he likes helicopters but admits he has never been on one; there is 7 hours and 44 minutes left for the viability of the liver as they are situated into the helicopter. Claire is upset that Jared gets to do the surgery while they get “pizza delivery”; but Shaun isn’t really listening as he is visualizing how the helicopter really works.

Jared is questioning Chuck about his activities and how he is feeling. In the middle of their review, Chuck gets a call from his daughter, saying he needs to see her. Dr. Brown and Dr. Murphy arrive at the other hospital and learn the liver has been out of the body for over 3 hours, Shaun takes the liver out of the cooler, sees there is nothing wrong and replaces it back into the cooling unit. Claire calls Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff) tells Claire not to try to think about what is in Shaun’s mind. He tells her if she wants to connect with him, she will have to find her own way in.

With only 4 hours 45 minutes left of viability, they walk back to the helicopter and Shaun says they are not leaving. The pilot walks towards them saying the clouds are rolling in too quick and it could be an hour or three, no one knows how long. Claire says they will need another ride. At the desk, Claire works on a police escort to get the liver across town to their hospital.

Dr. Andrews wants to see his patient alone. He admits he hasn’t quit smoking but complains that he can’t enjoy a drink of scotch with a huge hole in his mouth. Andrews explains he is going to graft from his leg to form a new cheek but admits it won’t be cheap.

Shaun and Claire are still at the hospital with 4:14 remaining. Shaun tells Claire to tell Dr. Glassman that he might be late for their lunch together. When she hangs up, she asks how he knows about the weather but before he can talk too much about it. The police escort arrives and he stalls when he sees the lights, making him flashback to when he was placed in the back of a police car, where he is hitting the barrier saying, “he promised me!” Claire comes back to him, asks the police to turn off the lights and Shaun recovers, carrying the liver. He wants to know the name of the donor and Claire says its Oliver.

Melendez comes to Andrews office, who offers to make time to help with the free flap; but Andrews says he is the chief of surgery. He says it’s not a coupe but to ensure the hospital is first on his donation list. Andrews is aware of the stakes but Melendez says it doesn’t make him any less of a surgeon if he is there; Andrews refuses his help.

Jared returns to the lab, and there is alcohol in Chuck’s system; he insists they run the labs again. Claire and Shaun are 17 minutes out when Shaun looks at the x-rays. He tells Claire he has a girl neighbor but doesn’t reveal anything else. Suddenly the temperature is going up and Claire says its urgent for them to find ice now!

Jared comes to see Chuck who admits 3 days ago he had a drink at his daughter’s graduation. He wanted to feel, just for that day, to feel normal so he had a glass of champagne. Claire and Shaun find a store but their ice machine is broken, she begins to pack in frozen vegetables as Shaun is fascinated by the slushie machine. He remembers when the police gave him one as he wanted for child services. He turns to Claire saying the frozen vegetables will not work but blocks her out again.

Melendez and Jared talk about Chuck, and the champagne he drank. Shaun tells Claire the liver has to be submerged to cool. They begin to fill the cooler with the slushie mix but he doesn’t answer any of her questions. She realizes he doesn’t like questions, and both smile as the temperature begins to drop. Meledez and Jared realize Chuck was telling the truth and they can still work on him getting the transplant.

Andrews throws out his entire lunch and sits with Dr. Glassman asking for advice. He realizes that Andrews is upset that he is no longer the young star at the hospital but Melendez is. Glassman asks if he is a chief who wants to be top surgeon or is he a chief who wants to be president? If it’s the latter, take his ego and shove it in a cupboard somewhere and start acting presidential. He takes Glassman’s apple and walks away.

Chuck wants to know if he deserves the liver saying he has been dying for a long time, he didn’t lead a great one and he could have been a greater man and better dad. He admits drinking too much, and has an older son, he hasn’t seen in over 3 years. He sees the people waiting, knows their faces and names, they all have stories and they are all in it together; he broke the rules. Before he can continue talking, he goes code blue.

Jared checks Chuck and discovers he has blood in his esophagus. Melendez comes in and together they are able to bring his pressure up. In the locker room, Melendez says he had 3 months to live at best; he needs to get this liver or he dies.

Claire jokes that she needs a police escort every day to work. Shaun grabs the x-ray again as he remembers when he saw a photo of a liver while Dr. Glassman came to see him as a child before child services took him. Shaun opens the cooler and begins to feel the liver again; Claire says she doesn’t know what he is looking for; the scan shows no clot but Shaun can feel it. Claire confirms it must have happened before they stored it and they inform the police they need to stop right there so they can perform surgery right now.

As Shaun visualizes what needs to be done, him and Claire perform surgery on the liver to remove the clot. Right on the highway, they work together to preserve the integrity of the organ. The police officer jokes that this is better than delivering a baby in his car.

Dr. Andrews talks to his rich patient, assuring him he will be just fine. Dr. Melendez talks to Chuck and his family, saying his liver failure has progressed considerably. He says he as 2-3 months and realizes that Chuck didn’t tell his family. He says the finally decision is out of his hands but he is going to do everything he can to convince the committee that in spite of his one drink, it is up to them. His daughter runs after Melendez saying she gave him the drink and if he doesn’t get the liver, she is the one who killed him.

Melendez and Jessica Preston (Beau Garrett) hold hands as he is about to see the committee. Andrews asks if he expects them to throw out the rules. He says Chuck hasn’t earned it and this is a technicality; Jessica says if they move forward the hospital could lose transplant privileges. Glassman says he could go either way. Andrews wants to know if saving this patient is worth the risk of not being able to save hundreds of others. Melendez says he doesn’t have hundreds, only one and his name is Chuck.

Dr. Andrews thinks he is done his surgery but suddenly there are complications and is told to do things quickly as their patient is being strangled inside; he calls for Melendez. With 57 minutes remaining on the viability of the liver, Claire and Shaun arrive at the hospital. Claire is told devastating news on the phone, saying Chuck has been moved to the bottom of the list and another hospital is getting the liver.

An ambulance comes to get the liver and Shaun tells them his name is Oliver. Shaun says it’s a good day, they saved a life, just not Chuck’s. Claire nods. Dr. Melendez comes to see Chuck and his family packing up and leaving the hospital. He tells Chuck’s daughter it is not her fault; he joins Andrews and smiles as they see their patient being wheeled out of his room.

Shaun returns home, places his bag at his door and knocks at 34. He asks if he can have his batteries back that she borrowed. She says it’s insane that he is a surgeon. She says her name is Leah, and he says his name is Dr. Shaun Murphy and it’s nice to meet her and walks back to his own apartment.

Melendez stares at the ceiling as Jessica sleeps beside him. Shaun goes outside with a can of cat food for the homeless cat outside his apartment and watches from inside. At the restaurant, Dr. Glassman, moves young Shaun’s dish away from him, hands him the book he was looking at. He tells Shaun, he can stay with him tonight and tomorrow they will figure out the rest.

The next morning, at the hospital, Shaun and Dr. Glassman enjoy breakfast together.


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