The Good Doctor Recap 11/20/17: Season 1 Episode 8 “Apple”

The Good Doctor Recap 11/20/17: Season 1 Episode 8 "Apple"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, November 20, 2017, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 1 episode 8 as per the ABC synopsis, “During a robbery at the grocery mart Dr. Shaun Murphy is shopping at, his communication limitations puts lives at risk. Meanwhile, after Shaun’s traumatic day, Dr. Aaron Glassman worries that he isn’t doing enough to help Shaun.”

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The Good Doctor begins tonight with Dr. Shaun Murphy’s (Freddie Highmore) alarm going off and his going through his daily routine, same as Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff). Aaron arrives at a track and field track and sits in the stands as Shaun dresses and grabs a yogurt and apple from his refrigerator; but before he can take a bite, his neighbor, Lea (Paige Spara) comes in, takes his apple and complains that the power was cut from her apartment for over 15 minutes because her music is too loud. She says a normal person would knock and complain but Shaun says she should get headphones. She puts the apple back on the table and angrily suggests he help the super write the eviction notice.

Shaun goes to the grocery store, checking out the apples; a couple grabs two bottles of water, wondering if it is too hot for a hike when a gunman comes in and orders everyone to put their hands up and give him their wallets. Shaun continues to hold the apple as the gun is right in his face and the man yells at him.

At the hospital, Dr. Claire Browne (Antonia Thomas) joins Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), Dr. Jared Kalu (Chuku Modu) and Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) rush out to meet the ambulances where Avery arrives with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen and Shaun comes in the other ambulance with another patient who has a blunt force neck injury and trachea is crushed, as airway is not secured. Brandon (Zachary Gordon), sees Shaun standing in the ER hallway and demands to know what he is doing there, saying this is all his fault!

A police officer informs Melendez that the gunman came in, shouted out orders and his doctor didn’t comply. Apparently, the girl got shot and the store clerk clocked the gunman with a bat and that is all they know. Melendez tells Shaun that police want to talk to him and then he can go home; Shaun says his shift is just starting but Melendez reminds him he was just at a shooting and he doesn’t have time to hold his hand. Shaun says he doesn’t like to have his hand being held.

Once Shaun confirms that he is okay after the trauma of what happened today, he informs Shaun that he is working with him today. Shaun is told to get the ultrasound ready to see what is going on inside. Claire cuts off the gunman’s shirt to find a swastika tattoo on his chest; and when they learn there is only one OR available, Claire immediately tells them to take it but Dr. Lim tells them to hold off as her patient’s airways are so damaged she can’t get a good look, and has 5 minutes until he is brain dead. She tells Claire she is scrubbing in with her.

During surgery, Lim warns Claire, saying it is a slippery think letting her feelings about a patient cloud her medical judgment. Claire defends her actions but Lim tells her she was wrong and to simply own it; Claire challenges her, then Lim orders her to scrub out and leave her OR.

During surgery, Jared wants to know why Brandon thinks Avery’s shooting is Shaun’s fault, but before he can answer the alarms go off and Melendez says he can’t sew “ground beef back into steak” and she is going to have to live without her spleen. Dr. Shaun Murphy shows his magic to the surgical team, as he sews her up, stopping the bleeding and stabilizing her as Melendez says they can move onto the perforated bowel.

Dr. Aaron Glassman rushes in to see Shaun, thankful he is okay. Shaun assures him that he wasn’t injured. When asked what happened this morning, he tells Aaron that Lea ate his apple; but when asked about the store. Shaun explains that his hands are where the gunman can see them, but his wallet is in his pocket so if he goes to get them, he won’t be able to see them. The gunman asks him if he thinks he is a hero and Shaun says he is a surgical resident. He is told to shut up and this isn’t a game. Shaun begins to pace as the others plead with Shaun to do as he is told. The gun misfires and he shot the woman, Avery, while distracted, the clerk bashes the gunman.

Aaron orders Shaun to take the day off, saying it was a traumatic event, Shaun says it was not his fault and that Melendez wants him to monitor her. Claire approaches Dr. Lim, apologizing; Dr. Lim says he survived and Claire is going to make sure he stays stable by babysitting him all night in the ICU because she lipped off in the operating room and tells her that he better be breathing in the morning.

Aaron goes to see Melendez, who says he assessed Shaun and it seems that nothing impacts him and since his photographic memory is a plus, he is also adding cold-hearted into the plus column as well; Aaron isn’t convinced. Shaun goes to see Dr. Mohan, who tries to assess him, promising to have apples the next time they meet. She asks if he regrets anything from that morning, he says it already happened and cannot do things differently. She asks if it is upsetting him, and what he is thinking about right now? He says inflammatory response syndrome.

Dr. Melendez meets with Brandon, explaining Avery’s condition and that the next 24-hours is critical. He asks Brandon to get her next of kin in as soon as possible, he admits he doesn’t even know her last name as this was their first date, and met on a dating app so she wasn’t carrying ID or her purse. Melendez says then he doesn’t need to be there, but Brandon says he doesn’t want her to be alone, Melendez says he will get a social worker to try to locate her family.

Claire goes to see her patient, and see that he has needle tracks in his arms, he says he needs fentanyl but she says the worst thing she can do is feed his habit. He says she now that she has seen his tattoo she wants him to hurt. When she refuses to give him the drugs, he throws his food tray at her and security cuffs him to the bed.

Dr. Glassman meets with Dr. Mahon who agrees with Dr. Melendez, saying that the case seems to be Shaun’s primary focus and maybe his condition is a blessing in this situation or his obsessing over Avery’s health is helping him ease a guilty conscience. She says Shaun has a unique mind and very introverted nature, Aaron stands up but is frustrated that she doesn’t have any real answers for him.

Claire talks to Melendez, asking him to tell Dr. Lim to back off; he tells her that she needs to shut up and do exactly what she is told to do. She is about to protest but decides it’s better to be quiet. She then sits with Shaun, suggesting they swap spots and watch each other’s patients; he refuses. Claire asks if he is okay with everything that happened and all he can talk about is Lea eating his last apple after she was upset with the landlord. He thinks she left angry because after he gave her advice she left without saying goodbye. Claire advises him that when it comes to women he should just be there to be supportive.

Claire is summoned back to ICU by her patient, all his struggling pulled out his IV. He calls her incompetent, talking about “her people”, saying most technological advances are behind a Northern European. She says she doesn’t like violent punks, thieves, racists but she still treats them; he asks her about her mother, suggesting she only got into school because she cried to the Dean about her crack whore mother… she stabs him with the IV needle and he says they are all violent punks!

Shaun comes to see Avery and Brandon tells him all he had to do was give the gunman his wallet. Shaun realizes her urine outtake is low and rips off her blanket, when Brandon attempts to stop him, he says she needs dialysis as her kidneys are failing fast as this is the first stage of total organ failure.

Melendez rushes in and helps Shaun there is fluid building up in her chest and is in pulmonary failure too. Brandon watches as Shaun puts the needle between her ribs and they are able to drain fluid and able to stabilize her; Melendez says to watch her ventilation pressure like a hawk and if anything changes to page him. He tells Brandon he doesn’t even know Avery, so stop trying to be her hero and stop berating Dr. Murphy as he doesn’t even know him either and orders him to go home.

Claire comes to see Dr. Lim and says she is done, as the patient is a foul mouth bully, she mocks her saying she will ask the concierge find a patient more to her liking. She tells Claire she doesn’t care and asks her if she really doesn’t see the problem there. Lim says she is confronting her in front of two nurses and questions whether she would do that to Melendez, or would she wait 5 minutes? Lim says she has dealt with men undermining her, her entire career and women shouldn’t be doing it to each other too, and orders Claire back to take care of him like any other patient.

Shaun looks through the food trays for an apple, Aaron tells him to forget the apple and asks to speak to him in private. He doesn’t want Shaun to get defensive and asks him to retell him what happened that morning. Shaun explains how his pacing did not cause the shooting, but when Aaron keeps talking, Shaun thinks that he believes it was Shaun’s fault too. Aaron says it was the shooters fault but Shaun’s actions could have contributed to it and some of his behavior is in his control and therefore is a bit of his fault and also maybe Aaron’s too.

They sit down as Aaron says he convinced himself that things were great but he informs Shaun that he needs guidance, much more than he can give him. Shaun says he needs to be with his patient as he is supposed to watch her like a hawk and walks out.

In Avery’s room, Brandon says it is his fault because he didn’t like her because when he met her this morning he didn’t like the way she looked and wanted to blow her off, so he said he forgot to water, and without his wallet and her purses, they can’t go hiking without water. He says “No harm, no foul!” Brandon cries and says Avery is here because of him. Shaun says it is not a causal relationship, lying doesn’t cause shooting. The alarms go off on her machines and Shaun says she is dying and to page Melendez.

Claire comes to see her patient and learns her patient is having trouble breathing, she removes the bandages and sees his neck and throat are super swollen. Melendez says Avery is in end-stage organ failure; Jared suggests it could be a bleed and not her heart at all but Melendez isn’t sure her body could handle another surgery. Melendez chooses to go with Jared’s suggestion over Shaun’s as her alarms sound again.

In the OR, they are going to open her up from chest to pelvis to find the bleed. Shaun visualizes everything, tells them to stop, and tells them to cut her between two ribs, remembering where the bullet hit her and followed her injuries.

The patient begs Claire to save him but passes out before Dr. Lim arrives. She asks for a procedure tray, she has never done it before, asks for a scalpel and looks for where she needs to cut, Lim comes in asking for an update, she is surprised Claire did it there and tells her this is why they need to watch them so closely 24 hours after surgery and asks if she minds if they finish this in the operating room?

Shaun tells Melendez where to go, he is able to find something and Avery’s stats also go up and they are able to save her. Shaun says he was wrong but Melendez says he was, but he just made up for it. Shaun tells Jared he was right and “good work.”

Claire’s patient wakes up, she tells him he was right that her mother had problems so she couldn’t expect everything to be handed to her or whatever is holding him back but she worked her ass off to get where she is. She leaves the room as a police officer stands outside his room.

Avery’s parents arrive as Melendez informs them she isn’t out of the woods yet but he does expect her condition to improve day by day. She wakes up, joking that she won’t be hiking anytime soon. She catches Brandon before he sneaks out. She thanks him and apologizes, saying she was wrong about him, admitting she was hoping he was trying to ditch her. He says when she is feeling better, he would like a second chance at a first date.

Claire comes into the OR and apologizes to Dr. Lim, saying she was right and that since she publicly disrespected her it was only right for her to publicly respect her, saying she is grateful to get the chance to learn from her. Dr. Lim tells her she is glad she had this victory and saved a life today, too bad it was a Nazi! Claire smiles and leaves.

At the field, Aaron sits at the track and is met by Jessica Preston (Beau Garrett), they talk about how his daughter used to always took Lane #2 and always snuck up behind her; saying it was 13 years ago today and she misses her too. He talks about how he gave her space but no matter what he did, he did it wrong; Jessica assures him that he did his best. They talk about when they were teenagers and if he was home more, and stayed on her more, things might have been different. Jessica tells him to be there at Shaun.

Shaun is watching TV when there is a knock at his door, it is Lea. He apologizes, explaining what Claire told him about supporting her even if she is wrong. She doesn’t accept the apology, admitting she overreacted and that he is brutally honest and asks him to never change that because he is the only honest guy she knows. She hands him an apple and wishes him a good night and promises to try not to keep him up with her music. He takes the apple in both hands and knocks on her door, saying he made a mistake today and someone got hurt; she hugs him and he lets her do it but doesn’t hug her back.


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