The Originals Finale Recap 6/23/17: Season 4 Episode 13 “The Feast for All Sinners”

The Originals Finale Recap 6/23/17: Season 4 Episode 13 "The Feast for All Sinners"

On the CW their drama, The Originals airs with an all new Friday, June 23, 2017, season 4 episode 13 finale called “The Feast for All Sinners,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Season 4 ends with the Mikaelsons out of options as they face the all-powerful and indestructible entity known as The Hollow. With Hope’s life at stake, Vincent proposes a final, desperate plan; one that will force Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah and Freya to make the greatest sacrifice their family has ever endured.”

So make sure to bookmark this spot and come back between 8 PM – 9 PM for our The Originals recap.  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our The Originals news, spoilers, videos, pics & recaps, right here! Tonight’s The Originals recap begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

Tonight’s The Originals recap begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

The Originals begins tonight with Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) explaining to the Mikaelsons how they can save Hope (Summer Fontana) and her father, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) wants to know how; Vincent tells him they are not going to like it.

He tells them step one is to pull the Hollow (Blu Hunt) out of Hope and step 2 is to find a safe place to put it, placing it into something powerful yet eternal. Freya (Riley Voelkel) cuts in saying he needs a vampire, upset that he says he needs 4 of the Mikaelsons to do it explaining that there are 4 sets of bones from 1500 years ago in different locations and that is how they defeated the Hollow then and how they will defeat it now.

He also tells them they will need to go their separate ways and stay separate for all time in order for it to work; they can never see each other again. Klaus says if that is what it takes to save his little girl then so be it.

Hope stands before the Hollow’s followers, and she resurrects a dead Dominic (Darri Ingolfsson) who tells them to remember this is the power of the Hollow the power to transcend death and destroy all who stand against them; everyone kneels for Hope.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) slices himself telling Rebekah (Claire Holt) that Vincent needs their blood; she is upset that he needs all 4 of their blood and she can’t reach their other sibling, Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic), who has finally found happiness and now they are demanding him to return home to play host to quarter of a demon.

Elijah says Hope is all that matters but Freya protests saying this isn’t happening and she will find something in their mother’s grimoires in the Bell Tower. Rebekah says for centuries they have vowed to stick together and now to be eternally separated feels like torture.

Josh (Steven Krueger) texts everyone Hope’s photo and they are told to scour every inch of the city; but before everyone can leave Dominic arrives and throws Josh across the room, he makes all the vampires fall to their knees and demands to know why noble witches would stoop to get in bed with these parasites. He encourages them to pledge their allegiance to the Hollow if they crave true power.

Rebekah is shocked to hear that Elijah is willing to walk away from the woman he loves, Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) so his brother, Klaus can remain together with her and their daughter. She says without Elijah around surely Klaus will go mad.

Hope wanders down the French Quarter as Dominic shouts to the witches of New Orleans to join their one true savior and to pledge their loyalty to her; several run away and Hope smashes the street lights around them but Hayley finds her, calling for Hope and begs her to fight the Hollow, refusing to let the Hollow take her. Hope brings her high into the air and snaps Hayley’s neck; Dominic is pleased.

Hayley wakes up as Vincent tells her its okay and he is working on trying to get the Hollow out of Hope. He tells her about the ritual he arranged with the Mikaelson siblings. Meanwhile, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Sofya (Taylor Cole) arrive at the bar and find Josh who explains Dominic has been resurrected and attacked him.

Sofya suggests they all escape before the Hollow unleashes on all of them but Josh says they should align themselves with the crazy powerful, unbeatable family who also want to kill the Hollow.

Hayley is told to pack up things and find a way out of town for just her and Hope because the Hollow knows about Hope’s power and once it is inside the Mikaelson’s she is going to want her powers back so she cannot be near any of the Mikaelsons again, she will never be safe around any of them. They both know Klaus will not be okay with that but she needs to take her and run like hell when this is done.

In the Bell Tower, Freya is frustrated; she calls Keelin (Christina Moses) sharing she is losing her mind because her family is about to be torn apart and she can’t do anything. She cried that she really needs her.

Klaus is angry that he cannot reach Kol nor Hayley and when she arrives she shares that Vincent told her everything and asks if this is really happening? Rebekah says only if they can reach Kol. Hayley reveals that the Hollow is gathering a congregation at the church and Klaus wants to go get her. Hayley says Hope is possessed and surrounded by followers, so they just can’t go running in there.

Marcel says desperate times call for desperate measures as he prepares to give the Mikaelsons all the dark objects in his possession, saying they need allies. Elijah comes to see Hayley, saying he cannot under the things he has done and he can’t stop being who he is but he also can’t stop loving her so she needs to tell him what to do. Hayley stops him saying she doesn’t need apologies, he just needs her to get her daughter back.

At the church, Marcel and Sofya walk in, they are blocked by a boundary spell but he says he is there for a truce, offering them to work together to rid the city of the Mikaelsons and then they could live in peace.

Dominic lets them in and Hope demands that the King of New Orleans, Marcel, kneel before her. Marcel blows a potion into Hope’s face and catches her as she falls. Sofya stabs Dominic while Klaus tells the crowd that their master has been subdued, therefore the powers she has promised them has been revoked. He throws a sphere on the floor locking all the people inside. Elijah lights a bottle of gasoline telling them considering the structure of the church, this place would be an inferno and throws it on them.

Klaus talks to an unconscious Hope, saying he knows she is in there and can hear him. He tells her she is his daughter and a Mikaelson, she is strong and brave; unlike anyone he has ever known. Hayley listens to him talk. He tells Hope she made him believe in something her uncle once said, “family is power!”

Klaus notices Hayley behind him, she tells him he is a good father and there is something he needs to know about the ritual that Vincent kept from him. She believes Klaus would do it because of his love for Hope; even if it means never seeing her again. Klaus looks back sadly at his daughter.

Rebekah confronts Vincent about withholding that part of the ritual. He says her and her family is not his problem, he is simply concerned about Hope and the monster inside of her. Rebekah says they will do anything to protect Hope but he should have just been honest about it. He says he doesn’t need to convince them to do the right thing and if she wants to save her niece she needs to get away from him and let him do what he needs to do.

Freya agrees with Vincent but no one has heard from Kol yet and he shares that if Kol doesn’t come, they will have to use Hayley. Freya is adamant that isn’t going to happen, especially if there is another way.

Klaus meets with Marcel, revealing Vincent didn’t tell the whole ritual. He isn’t there to ask for favors but confesses he was never a good father to Marcel and should have known Marcel would grow up into a better man than him. Klaus insists that Marcel is family and it is his jealousy that kept him and Rebekah apart. He wants to set the record straight and admits he is ashamed that he failed Marcel; after he leaves Marcel tears up.

Keelin arrives to see Freya who needs to talk and shares that Keelin will not like it. She takes her hands, sharing how she grew up without a mother and she won’t do that to Hope. She says if Kol doesn’t show up, she needs to make things right revealing they need 4 vampires, each related blood related to Hope. Keelin promises she isn’t going anywhere if Freya does this.

Hayley comes to see Elijah wanting to talk before its too late, but he tells her she doesn’t need to. She wants him to know what happened in the pendant didn’t take away from what they have between them. He knows it is over and asks her what they are anyway. He insists whatever they were was doomed and could never be who she needed him to be and the best thing he could do for her is to disappear. They say I love you and kiss.

Freya chugs a glass of blood and asks Keelin if she is ready for what’s next. She injects Freya with potassium chloride but worries Freya won’t wake up. Freya says she is meant for this, coming from a long line of vampires and feels magic is overrated. Kol arrives just in time telling her its easy for her to say as she never had to live without it.

Rebekah escorts Kol into the compound where Klaus jokes that he always loved a dramatic entrance. Elijah says now that they are all here, shall they get on with the ritual; everyone nods. Klaus stops Elijah saying he was always the keeper of their bond and for that he will feel this pain the most. He begs Elijah to leave him to his fate when he returns to his mayhem and bloodshed. When the time comes, Elijah needs to let him go. They hug as he gives Klaus his word.

Hayley holds Hope in the middle of the magical symbol on the floor. He places everyone in their position and tells them he admires them for their sacrifice and despite all their differences they were able to unite and he thanks them for that. Freya stands next to Vincent as Rebekah says the heroic Mikaelsons are ridding the world of a terrible evil and maybe this will finally hand them their redemption but both Elijah and Klaus don’t believe it.

Marcel stands back watching the ritual to make sure it works. Vincent reminds them as soon as the spell is done, they need to separate as quickly as possible and stay away from Hope. Rebekah says they had a good run and “always and forever.”
Hayley watches as the lights flicker and a wind blows the leaves. She uncuffs Hope as Vincent instructed and the Hollow flies out of her into the air, then suddenly separates into each of the Mikaelson vampires. Rebekah says she can hear it whispering and Vincent orders them to go.

Elijah and Hayley share one last glance before he leaves. Klaus begs to know if Hope is alright. Vincent promises she will be if he goes. With tears in his eyes he watches Hope wake up and asks her daddy what is happening. He tells her he loves her and dashes off. Hope cries out for her dad.

Elijah stands with Marcel, staring at their old house where it all began asking him that it felt like yesterday. Elijah talks about Klaus and what he saw in Marcel when he was a little boy. Marcel wants to know why Elijah asked him there; he says he is a danger to his family as he is blindly devoted to them all and he is at the mercy of that devotion but cannot do it any more. He begs Marcel to end it for him, asking him to set Elijah free.

Freya asks Rebekah if she is alright, ensuring her the pain of the evil entity will subside when she leaves the city and is on her own. Rebekah shares how she spent 8 months with baby Hope and asks Freya to give her a necklace and to tell Hope that her Aunt Becks loves her.

As Freya stares at the necklace she promises this isn’t forever and she will figure something out; Rebekah jokes that Freya is such a Mikaelson; stubborn until the end. She advises her that family is sacred but so is love, something it took her far too long to learn. She tells her not to lose what she has with Keelin, they share a tearful goodbye.

Vincent arrives and Elijah enters the circle saying Vincent’s power can open his mind, allowing Marcel to compel him and release him from “always and forever.” Vincent says the Hollow is too powerful and will use his mind to track down his siblings. Marcel is concerned they will create a monster but Elijah reminds him he is already a monster. After Elijah assures him this is what he wants, he agrees.

As Marcel compels him, he remembers everything he has suffered through over and over with his siblings and the ones he loves. Marcel tells him to forget the vow, the love and the family he cherishes. He tells him to let it go! LET IT GO! Elijah opens his eyes, a tear down his cheek. Marcel calls out his name but he doesn’t respond.

Freya gives Hope the necklace from Rebekah, telling her family heirlooms are very important because they remind you of where you come from and no matter where we go, our family is with us. They quickly hug and then Freya puts on Hope’s jacket, hugs Hayley, not exchanging any words as Hayley asks Hope is she is ready, holding hands they leave the compound. Freya stays behind with Keelin.

Rebekah is hailing a cab when Marcel approaches her saying she never said goodbye. She figured he was busy with his plaything Sabrina; he tells her Sofya is gone for good. Rebekah says she doesn’t care to be someone’s second best and he reveals Sofya asked him to go with her but instead he is there with Rebekah.

She doesn’t want to play this game and tells him she doesn’t want to waste a moment of her freedom. He pulls her into a kiss saying he is free too and no one is going to tell them they cannot be together. He asks her what she wants to do, she smiles.

Kol gives a jeweller in San Francisco, a huge diamond saying he wants it made into a necklace, earrings and a massive engagement ring. He turns and smiles as he receives a text from Davina (Danielle Campbell) asking him if he is almost there. He replies that he will be there soon bearing gifts.

Hayley is standing next to Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) at his school in Mystic Falls, VA for children with special gifts. He tells Hayley it looks like Hope is fitting right in. Hope always wanted to go to school and be with friends her own age. He says he spent a lot of time with supernatural people who were never comfortable with who they were, but these kids will be better. Hayley smiles as she watches her daughter.

Elijah is in France, enjoying life playing the piano in a bar. Unexpectedly Klaus walks in; Elijah looks at him like he is a stranger, which breaks Klaus’ heart.