The Originals Recap 3/24/17: Season 4 Episode 2 “No Quarter”

The Originals Recap 3/24/17: Season 4 Episode 2 "No Quarter"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, March 24, 2017 season 4 episode 2 called “No Quarter,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “After being cured and woken, the Mikaelson siblings join Hayley in an effort to rescue Klaus from captivity, but face Marcel in the process. “

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The Originals begins tonight with a prisoner running through the woods, you then see a whole prison work crew lying dead at the side of the road next to the Mikaelson siblings; Rebekah (Claire Holt) tells her sister, Freya (Riley Voelkel) this is necessary if they are to return to New Orleans full strength.

Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) is enjoying the chase while Elijah (Daniel Gillies) holds one of the dead prison guards. Freya says there is some sort of cloaking spell, but she knows Klaus is in New Orleans but to find exactly where, she needs to be there.

Hayley says the city is crawling with vampires that want the Mikaelson’s dead, Freya says she only wants to go back long enough to save Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Kol suggests they draw that moppet out of town; Hayley says she has been away from her daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana) long enough, asking if Kol is afraid?

He is right that they are in danger until Freya can make enough cure from the werewolf hostage, Marcel Gerard (Charles Michael Davis) can chew through their throats. Elijah says they are rescuing Klaus today, even if he has to burn the whole city down.

Marcel learns from Sofya (Taylor Cole) that Keelin (Christina Moses) is alive and if Hayley made contact she could make a cure from all 7 packs, and have the cure to wake the Mikaelson clan. Vincent Griffith (Yusuf Gatewood) informs Maxine (Karen Kendrick) that he has contacts in the NOLA PD who told him there is no sign of her son, Adam (Alkoya Brunson).

Vincent learns that lately the police haven’t seen anything but have heard that at some of the “haunted houses” there has been broken glass and strange noises. Maxine gives him a protection rune she made when Adam was born, he takes it and heads off to the house.

Josh Rosza (Steven Krueger) and Eddie (Keahu Kahuanui) are about to kiss when Josh senses something and excuses himself, promising to text him. After Eddie left, Rebekah and Elijah come down the stairs. Josh asks them to tell him what they want to get this over with.

Klaus is laying in the dungeon have subconscious moments with Camille “Cami” O’Connell (Leah Pipes). He smiles at her and tells her he misses her, and feels ashamed that she sees him like this because she believed he could be a light in his daughter’s life. Outside the walls of the dungeon are vampires who wish him dead, and a man he considered a son, left him there to rot.

Cami leans in telling him that he is the reason his family is alive, his torture gave them enough time to be woken up, and he can feel it, the link is not broken. Klaus says they cannot come there, they will all be caught and Marcel will kill Elijah; Cami tells him then it looks like he has to find his own way out of there.

Freya, Hayley and Kol are in the bell tower were Freya is doing her locator spell, while Rebekah and Elijah argue over her going to see Marcel alone. Elijah catches Josh with his phone saying he was just going to order a pizza; Elijah says perfect because he still has a murderous hunger.

Rebekah says that since Josh knows so little about Marcel, she is going through with her plan; just then Elijah’s cell vibrates and Freya has found Klaus. She tells Elijah to go get their brother and she will handle Marcel.

Rebekah is at the crypt and Marcel meets her. He admits that he knows about her link to Klaus. She asks him if that is the reason he held off killing him, for her? She tells him that if he loves her and if she ever meant anything to him, to let her brother go.

He asks what if he refuses? She says her family always gets what it wants; no matter how long it takes, she asks if Klaus is really worth that trouble? Marcel says he is worth the trouble because he is a trophy to prove he got the monster, he is also valuable if any of his guys get bitten by wolves. He says Klaus deserves it. Rebekah says everything he said is rubbish and the man she loved would understand that it was war.

Josh closes up the bar, giving Elijah, Hayley, Freya and Kol access the tunnels behind his bar, which would be the perfect place for the dungeon Marcel has Klaus in. Kol stays with Josh as the others go in the tunnels.

Back in the dungeon, Cami suggests he pull out the blade like his father Mikael (Sebastian Roche) could. Klaus tells her not to invoke his name, she then suggests Hope, who is out there. For 5 years, he had to stay there to protect his family, but now he can be free and refuses; she believes it is not the blade that is the issue.

Cami taunts him, pushing him saying that maybe he doesn’t want to see his daughter because now she is old enough to see him. He says when she sees him, she will run into his arms and look at him and know he loves her and would do anything for her. Cami realizes his fear is he doesn’t want his daughter to turn into a monster; and down in the dungeon he is a myth to her, who sacrificed himself for his family. He screams for her to go away, and when he opens his eyes again, she is gone.

Marcel and Rebekah argue in the cemetery, as Marcel tries to leave, she pulls out the blade with the same hex that nearly killed her. She says she will use it if she has to.

Klaus cries out for Camille, she says she’s not going to stick around if they are just going to argue. She tells him she cannot pull out the blade because technically she isn’t really there. She tells him to face his fears and he admits he never wanted to be the father Marcel has come to loathe and believes he is better as a myth.

She comforts him that all good parents are afraid of screwing up and Hope needs him now more than every. He says Hayley will protect her, Cami agrees she would but Hope deserves her father. She does warn him that history could repeat itself but he owes it to his daughter to try and change it.

Marcel realizes that this isn’t about him and Rebekah at all, and her siblings are on the way to save Klaus; before she can stab him Sofya shoots her twice in the back. He orders no one to lay a finger on her and leaves to go kill her brother. Elijah and Freya find Klaus in the dungeon, Freya says the spell is strong and she can brute force and uses Hayley to channel.

In the bar, Kol looks at a picture of Davina (Danielle Campbell). Josh wants to know what will happen to this city, Kol says nothing, they just want to get Klaus and get out of this filthy place. Josh encourages Kol, saying over time it does get better.

Kol intercepts a coded message to Josh from Marcel; he demands what it means. Josh reveals its a code for him to let everyone know that the bad guys have arrived and its war. Kol snaps his neck saying he is lucky Davina liked him.

Vincent arrives at the house calling out for Adam, he finds his flashlight. Meanwhile, Freya and Hayley continue to break through the dungeon; Elijah orders Freya to keep going with the spell no matter what. He follows one of the tunnels and greets Marcel.

Vincent calls for Adam and the winds pick up in the house, slamming doors and Vincent into the wall. A ball of light travels towards Vincent, even harming him until he pulls out the protection rune and it completely disappears. He says its about a mother’s love for her son, and demands it shows itself, and a symbol appears on the wall.

In the cemetery, Rebekah wakes up a little and Sofya stabs her with another arrow. Her companion suggests they could get a pretty penny for Rebekah Mikaelson; Kol rips his heart out; warning Sofya she won’t be keeping anyone either. Kol removes her arrows and Kol begins beating all the men to death; he asks her if they can leave the city now, she asks where Elijah is?

Elijah is fighting with Marcel; Elijah says Klaus has suffered enough and he is leaving today. As Freya continue to chant and the salt separates, Hayley leaves to help Elijah defeat Marcel. Hayley jumps in the middle and says this is her fight because her daughter needs her father.

Freya fights with Klaus to wake up while Cami subconsciously tells him to pull out the blade and he can do this. He can pull out the blade, and he screams as he does it.

Hayley begs Marcel to let them leave; he says they were his family too but Elijah torn his heart out and threw him off a bridge while his brother watched. Marcel let’s out a scream while Klaus stabs him with the blade. Elijah hugs him and they all run out of the compound.

Rebekah calls Elijah who hasn’t returned as promised. She is with Kol, who says they should go; she says they are not leaving their family. Rebekah thanks him for coming to get her. The entire family is together when Marcel appears out of nowhere.

Vincent tells Maxine he felt something, and had to cleanse himself from what it was. She is scared for Adam; he promises he will bring Adam back but whomever had him right now is using some very dark magic, and pleads with her to stay away from it.

In the woods, Klaus tells Marcel he can enjoy the city as his own. Klaus is offering him peace instead of having another war; saying that one day if he ends this generation of Mikaelsons, then his daughter will come back for revenge and her daughter after that.

Marcel scoffs saying Klaus still has some nerve like this is his choice. Marcel says the other truth, that despite being raised by them, he is nothing like any of them and he is proud as hell that he isn’t a Mikaelson; and they can leave knowing that for their rest of their lives it was Marcel’s mercy that saved them.

Marcel talks with Sofya, saying how impressed he is that she is still alive because most people who stand up to Rebekah end up dead. He says all he wants to do is celebrate their victory.

Vincent uses some of his blood to open a safe, calling Marcel, warning him that the city and everyone in it is in danger and might just be his fault. He pulls out a card with the symbol on it, that he saw on the wall and one Hope had drawn at home.

Eddie arrives at the bar to take Josh home; Josh shares that he hasn’t miss anyone this much in a long time. Kol is holding the picture of Davina and crushes it with a shot glass.

They arrive home and Klaus says 5 years never felt so long and thanks his siblings for not abandoning him. Rebekah says the vote was close, kisses his cheek and walks away. Hayley is at his side comforting him, she asks if he is ready to see their little girl.

They both go into her bedroom, where she is sleeping. Hayley offers to wake her, but Klaus says its best to let her sleep. He just stands in her room, watching her sleep and smiles.